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					Avenue                                                                                Fall 2010
Coming Soon:
                                                                                 Avenue Terrace
Nearly 150 families have already contacted Avenue CDC for
information about renting at Avenue Terrace, a new complex of
144 apartment homes now under construction at 4004 Irvington
Boulevard in the Near Northside. The apartments are part of a
mixed-use development at the site of the former Fedex Freight
terminal. The 20-acre development will include an acre of parkland
with a playground and a walking trail for residents in and around
the neighborhood.
      Construction on the apartments is scheduled to be complete in
Spring 2011. The units range in size from one to three bedrooms
and will serve a variety of income levels. Amenities include a pool,
fitness center, picnic grounds, and more.

“ acre of parkland with a playground
and a walking trail for residents...”
                                                                            Toni Moreno, Jim Noteware, Ric Campo, Mary Lawler, Ed Gonzalez, Shereef Anbar, Tim
      The adjacent single-family homes will be LEED certified and
                                                                            Higley, Jason Holoubek, and Fernando Cisneroz breaking ground
will include green features designed to minimize utility costs for the
future homeowners. Utility and street paving will be completed in
early 2011, and home construction will begin soon afterward.

Northside Leaders Unveil                                                          Why I support Avenue
Planning Agreement                                                                CDC, by Ric Campo
                                                                                  Affordable housing is fundamental to a
                                                                                  thriving sustainable community. Housing is a
                                                                                  basic need that impacts the quality of life and
                                                                                  individual potential of every person. Many
                                                                                  productive people are challenged with the
                                                                                  cost of housing, and meeting our community’s
                                                                                  affordable housing needs is difficult. The
                                                      Northside resident Dora
                                                                                  shortage of quality affordable housing
                                                      Campa looks on as
                                                      Mayor Parker accepts        in proximity to jobs costs our community
                                                      the Northside Quality of    both in lower economic growth and under
                                                      Life Agreement.             achievement socially. We need to do a better job as a community to
Hundreds of residents and civic leaders worked together over a 12-                address this most basic need.
month period to create a comprehensive revitalization plan for the                      Avenue CDC enables working families to improve their lives
Northside community, and Mayor Annise Parker and other elected                    and the quality of their housing. We are fortunate to have a CDC of
officials and funders pledged their support of the plan at an October             such high caliber in Houston. The high quality of their developments
announcement.                                                                     and programs has justly gained national recognition making them a
      “These are neighborhoods and communities that are ripe for                  leader in the field of community revitalization. It’s a huge undertaking
revitalization,” Mayor Parker noted. “It’s a tough economy to do it in,           with generational impacts. Camden is currently working with Avenue
but because we have strong community partners it can happen.”                     CDC on the construction of Avenue Terrace, 144 apartment homes on
      Avenue CDC acted as convening agency for the planning effort,               Irvington Boulevard. I’m proud to be working side by side with them to
which encompasses improvements in housing, education, health care,                transform blighted neighborhoods into communities with expectations
employment, and more.                                                             for the future. Ric Campo is chairman and CEO of Camden.
Spotlight on an Avenue CDC Homeowner
Patience and Paperwork
Nick and Chona Galmiche decided to buy a new home from
Avenue CDC because they were worried about the increasing
crime rate in the Southwest Houston neighborhood where they
shared a two-bedroom townhome with their young son Jon.                “You get a lot of help from
Nick learned about Avenue CDC’s first-time homebuyer program
from a friend. He visited Avenue CDC’s Homeownership Center            the Avenue office.”
many times over a two-year period, and he toured new homes
Avenue CDC developed in the Near Northside community. The
homes were pretty, and “had a good feel,” Nick said. Finally
the Galmiches decided it was time to make the move, and they
                                                                       Paciencia y papeleo
began to work in earnest with Avenue to purchase a home.               Nick y Chona Galmiche tomaron la decisión de comprar una casa
     Buying a home took “a lot of patience and paperwork”              nueva construida por Avenue CDC. Estaban preocupados por
Nick said, but both he and Chona appreciated the time and              el crimen de su antiguo vecindario localizado en el suroeste de
attention provided by the Avenue CDC staff. Avenue’s eight-hour        Houston, donde vivían en un condominio de dos recámaras con su
homebuyer education class taught them about the mortgage               hijo Jon. Nick se enteró sobre el programa de compradores de casa
application process, and saving money for a downpayment                por primera vez a-través de un amigo que conocía el programa de
was one of the key things                                                                                   Avenue CDC. Nick frecuentó el
the Galmiches worked on to                                                                                  centro de compradores de casa
qualify to purchase a home.                                                                                 de Avenue CDC varias veces en
     “You get a lot a lot of                                                                                dos años. Habló muchas veces
help from the Avenue office.”                                                                               con las consejeras de vivienda
Nick said. “When you’re out                                                                                 y visitó las casas que Avenue
on our own, you don’t know                                                                                  tenía a la venta. Las casas eran
if you can trust the realtor,                                                                               bonitas y tenían buen ambiente.
you don’t know what’s going                                                                                 Finalmente     los    Galmiches
on half the time. But buying                                                                                decidieron que era tiempo
these houses is like buying a                                                                               de mudarse y comenzaron el
car from CarMax--what you                                                                                   proceso de comprar su casa a
see is what you get.”                                                                                       través de Avenue CDC.
     The Galmiches now live                                                                                      “Comprar       una     casa
in a three-bedroom, two-                                                                                    toma bastante paciencia y
bath home on a quiet street                                                                                 documentos” contaba Nick.
in the Northside, part of                                                                                   El y Chona se mostraron muy
the 22-home Avenue Villas                                                                                   agradecidos por el tiempo y la
subdivision developed by Chona, Jon, and Nick Galmiche enjoying their new home                              paciencia que los empleados
Avenue CDC. They now have the space and privacy they always            de Avenue CDC les brindaron. La clase de ocho horas que ofrece
wanted; no longer having to be extra quiet because they have           Avenue para compradores de casa les enseñaron los pasos a seguir
neighbors living beneath them, nor fighting for parking spots.         para conseguir fondos y préstamos de casa. Asimismo aprendieron
Their son attends school within minutes of their home and plays        a como ahorrar dinero para el enganche. Estas cosas fueron de
with the neighborhood children. More importantly, they have a          suma importancia a fin de poder calificar en la compraventa de una
community. The Galmiches know their neighbors, and whose               casa.
child belongs to whom. As active members of the Avenue Villas               “Recibes bastante ayuda de parte de la oficina de Avenue”
Homeowners Association, the Galmiche family work together              contaba Nick. “Cuando tu lo estas haciendo sólo [comprando casa],
with other residents to keep their community safe and beautiful.       no puedes confiar en la vendedora de casa, y no sabes lo que esta
                                                                       pasando. “ Pero comprando estas casas [de Avenue CDC] es como
                                                                       comprar un auto en Carmax, lo que uno ve es lo que uno compra.”
                                                                            La Familia Galmiche ahora vive en su propia hogar con tres
                                                                       recámaras y dos baños, en una calle calmada, y dentro de una
                                                                       comunidad de 22 casas llamada Avenue Villas. Ahora tienen
                                                                       el espacio y la privacidad que tanto añoraban. No tienen que
“More importantly, they have a                                         preocuparse de molestar a los vecinos de la planta superior por
                                                                       cada minúsculo movimiento que hagan. Tampoco tienen que
community. The Galmiches know                                          batallar para un estacionamiento. Su hijo esta inscrito en una
                                                                       escuela ubicada sólo a minutos de distancia de su casa y puede
their neighbors...”                                                    ahora jugar con los niños del vecindario. Lo más importante de
                                                                       todo es que ellos son parte de la comunidad, conocen a sus
                                                                       vecinos, y también conocen a cada uno de los niños de cada
                                                                       familia. Participan activamente en la Asociación de colonos de
                                                                       casa en Avenue Villas y trabajan juntos con los otros colonos para
                                                                       mantener su comunidad segura y bien cuidada.
Construction Underway on Senior Housing                                                     2010 CommuniTy
                                                                                            invesTmenT CounCil
                                                                                            Avenue CDC programs are make possible
                                                                                            through the generous support of our
                                                                                            Community Investment Council.

                                                                                            JP Morgan Chase


                                                                                            BBVA Compass
                                                                                            Capital One
                                                                                            Wells Fargo

                                                                                            ADDiTionAl FunDeRs
Construction has begun on Fulton Gardens, a complex of 49 apartments for very-low-          Amegy Bank of Texas
income seniors located in the heart of the Near Northside. Avenue CDC was awarded a         Bank of America
$4.7 million Section 202 grant for the development by the U.S. Department of Housing        Bank of Texas
and Urban Development. Senior housing is a tremendous need in Houston’s Near                Camden
Northside, where 9% of the residents are over age 65 and about 43% of them pay more         Centerpoint Energy
than a third of their income on housing alone (2000 census).                                Cohran Baker Williams & Matthiesen LLP
     Located across the street from Moody Park and on the new Metro rail line, Fulton       Conely Foundation
Gardens will provide residents with easy access to green space, recreational facilities,    Construction Supervisors, Inc.
and via transit, downtown and the medical center. Avenue CDC will provide supportive        Crosspoint Properties
services including health classes, recreational activities, and more. Fulton Gardens will   Dixie Carpet Installations, Inc.
feature barrier-free construction elements including no exterior stairs, wide doorways      Everett Interests
for wheelchair accessibility, and a community garden with raised beds for easier reach      First Southwest Company
by residents.                                                                               Four Star Environmental, Inc.
                                                                                            Georgia’s Farm to Market
  More Artist Studios                       Avenue CDC has partnered with Jon Deal
                                            in another exciting redevelopment project       Grayco Partners, LLC
                                                                                            Houston Endowment, Inc.
       in First Ward -                      in the First Ward. The former Harris Moving
                                            and Storage Building located at 1824 Spring     Hudson Housing Capital
Houston’s Art’s District                    Street (corner of Spring and Silver) has been
                                            purchased by the partnership, and renovations
                                                                                            Rochelle & Allen Jacobsen
                                                                                            Jones & Carter, Inc.
are underway to convert the space into 80 artist studios. These studios will support the    Craig LaFollette
flourishing art community developing in First Ward, where Winter Street Studios (another    Lazer Homes
Deal/Avenue partnership) already provides 75                                                Leedo Cabinetry
artist studios to 90 working artists. Artists, art                                          Local Initiatives Suport Corporation
patrons and the community as a whole will benefit                                           Locke, Liddell & Sapp LLP/
from this cultural addition to the City of Houston.                                            The Kayser Foundation
Spring Street Studios is ideally located within                                             Marek Family of Companies
proximity to Downtown and in the heart of what                                              Masram Mechanical, LP
is now being referred to Houston’s Arts District.                                           Mercantil Commercebank
(for information:                                            METRO
                                                                                            Neighborworks America
                                                   Artist Manhatten Masterson
                                                                                            Northfield Design Associates, Inc.
                                                                                            Northern Trust
                                                                                            PaperCity Magazine

   You Can Help                                                                             Power Plumbing, Inc.
                                                                                            Cynthia & George Santos
   Avenue CDC’s affordable housing programs depend on volunteers and financial              Spear Properties, LLC
   contributions from individuals and corporations. To volunteer your time,or to make       Summit Steel Fabricators, Inc.
   a tax deductible donation to Avenue CDC, please visit our website at www.                The Hanover Compnay or mail your check to:                                                     Trussway, Ltd.
                                        Avenue CDC                                          The F.B. Heron Foundation
                                        2505 Washington Avenue                              U.S. Department of Housing and
                                        Houston, TX 77007                                      Urban Development
                                                                                            UHY Advisors
                                                                                                                                                       fax (713) 864-0027
                                                                                                                                                (713) 864-8099
                                                                                                                                                Houston, TX 77007
                                                                                                                                                2505 Washington Avenue

   Permit No. 12293
     Houston, TX
      U.S. Postage

                                                                                                                                     BoARD oF TRusTees

                                                                                                                                     Timothy J. Higley

Avenue CDC’s mission is to improve our community by developing affordable housing                                                    vice President
and economic opportunities, while preserving our area’s economic, cultural, and historical                                           Deborah Tesar
diversity.                                                                                                                           Treasurer
     Avenue CDC is an award-winning non-profit with over 15 years experience developing                                              Robert J. Fiederlein
affordable housing opportunities for low-income households. Avenue CDC targets its efforts
in the Near Northside and Washington Avenue communities just north and northwest of                                                  secretary
Houston’s downtown. In the past twelve years, Avenue CDC has leveraged over $40 million                                              Janice Martinez
in investments and developed 415 affordable housing units. Our homebuyer education and                                               Marie Arcos
counseling program serves over 600 families each year.                                                                               Albert Calderon
                                                                                                                                     Hon. Jessica Farrar
                                                                                                   North Loop 610
                                                                                                                                     Gene Goins
AVENUE CDC                                                                                                                           David Jones
TARGET AREA                                                                                                                          Janet Meyer
                                                                                                          NEAR NORTHSIDE             Mark A. Parthie
                                                                                          Interstate 45

Avenue CDC targets the Near Northside and Washington Avenue
neighborhoods just north and northwest of Houston’s Downtown.
                                                                                                                                     Marcia Perry

                                                                                                                                     Dean Ruck
                                                                                                                                     Jeffrey G. Sipes
                                                                                                                                     Cassandra Silvernail
                                                     Interstate 10
                                                                                                                                     Richard Torres

                                                                      WASHINGTON AVENUE                                              executive Director
                                                                                                                                     Mary Lawler


                                                     Memorial Drive

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