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Purpose of Report
To formally respond to DTLR consultation paper which draws up guidelines for the future appraisal
of developments at ports in the UK.

The development of an appraisal framework for ports was identified in “Modern Ports: A UK policy”
as an important plank in the application of a sustainable transport policy to ports. The intention of
the appraisal framework is to put ports on a similar footing to other modes, to make the appraisals
more consistent with each other and to take full account of the role of ports in promoting
sustainable transport.

Further clarity is required on the relationship between the government’s consultation on major
infrastructure projects and this paper. Does it cover all port projects, or are they to de designated by
criteria. The paper also refers to guidance being issued later in 2002. Such an appraisal approach
would necessitate considerable work and it needs to make clear whether this approach will be
mandatory or not. If not, as is implied, how will it be implemented on a consistent basis.
The consultation sets out a number of questions covering the kind of supporting information
considered necessary to support an appraisal. In general terms this authority would wish to be fully
informed on a wide range of issues of particular interest to it. Including, the effects on the economy
transport issues concerning modal split between public and private transport as well as surface
access; arrangements, and key information on supply and demand for port infrastructure. both
regionally and nationally.

That a formal response on behalf of Essex County Council be sent to DTLR based on the above.

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Authorising Chief Officer            Head of Planning                              April 2002

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