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					Listening & Speaking
      Level (2)
    Mrs. Amira Saleh
             Offbeat Jobs
• Focus on the topic:
• (Predicting)

• Sharing Information:
  Ranking some main aspects according to
• Background:

•   When choosing a job, people have to consider:
•   A. Salary
•   B. Excitement, safety…..
•   C. Right for you or not?!

• New Vocabularies:
• (ex: athletic, patient, artistic,……)
 Vocabulary for Comprehension
• Factory, taste, creative…………..

• Focus on Listening:
• Listening one:
• What’s my job?

• Listening for main ideas/ details/ Reacting to the
           More Offbeat Jobs
• Linking Listening one and two:
• It means to combine the two listening together.

• Focus on Vocabulary:
• Ex: Be careful- Lucky- tiring-to work

• Responding to what you listen.
• What is Stress?
• It occurs in words with more than one syllable,
  one syllable is stressed.
• Usually one syllable is longer than the other.

• Where you can find stressed words:
• A. Compound nouns = ice-cream
• B. Adjectives + Nouns = a nice woman
• Small Talk:
• Reaction or showing interest:
• When someone tells you something about
  him/herself, you have to show interest.
• Ex: A:I am not working
•     B: Oh, really??!
       Descriptive Adjectives
• 1. Verb to be + Adjective:
• Ex: Professional shopper is tiring.

• 2. Adjective+ Noun:
• Ex: I have a nice friend.

• 3. If the noun is singular, we use (a) before
  the adjective that begins with a consonant
  and (an) before the adjective that begins with
  a vowel.
• Speaking topics:
• Interview your partner.

• Research topic:
• Homework.
A Piece of the Country in the City
• New Words:
• Apartments, crowded, gardens,

•   Read the paragraph:
•   1. Urban greening programs:
•   2. Community gardens:
•   3. Empty lot:
         Focus on Listening
• Community Gardens:

• Listening two:
• Guess before you listen.
• Compare your “before” and “after”
      Focus on Vocabulary
Community Gardens.
Empty lot
Get together
Grow up
Hang around
Roof garden
Urban greening
    Past Tense Pronunciation
• 1. If the main verb ends with the sound /t/
  or/d/, we pronounce the –ed as /id/

• 2. If the main verb ends with the sounds P,
  k, f, s, sh, ch, we pronounce the –d as /t/

• 3. If the main verb ends with any other
  sounds, we pronounce the –ed as /d/
• If you agree with any positive statement,
  you have to say (too)
• Ex: I like ice-cream, too.

• If you agree with any negative statement,
  you have to say (either).
• Ex: I don’t like ice-cream, either.
            Simple Past Tense
1.Regulat past tense:
Base form + -d or –ed
2. Irregular past tense:
There is no specific rule
ex; write----wrote
3. The past of verb to be is (was) and (were)
4. The past tense doesn’t change according to subject
   except verb to be.
5. we add did +not+ main verb to form negative form
6. Except verb to be ( no need to add verb to do)
7. Past Markers: Yesterday, last month, last year……
                    Unit (3)
               A Penny Saved Is a
                 Penny Earned
•   Sharing Information:
•   Cash
•   Checks
•   Credit Cards
•   Loans
         Preparing to Listen
• History of money:
• 9000 B.C: farm animals and plants
• (the oldest form of money)

• 1995 (first electronic cash cards)
• (The newest form of money)
              New Vocabulary
•   1. a member
•   2. exchange
•   3. provides
•   4. represents
•   5. earns
•   6. spend
•   7. equal
•   8. valuable
•   9. skills
           Numbers / prices
• 14 /fourteen/
• 40 /fordy/

• Prices:
• 4.29 $ = four dollars and twenty nine
           Making Suggestions
• Let’s go the party….

• Why don’t we go to the party?

• How about going to the party?

•   Agree:
•   Ok/ All right.
•   Disagree:
•   I don’t think so.
           Comparative Adjective
• 1. One syllable Adjective:

• 2. (a consonant+ a vowel + a consonant):
•  big………….bigger

• 3. two syllable adjective+ -y:
•  funny………funnier

• 4. Irregular adjectives:
• Bad …….worse

• 5. Long adjectives:
• More beautiful than……..
                  Unit 4
            Surfing in the Sky
•   Sky diving
•   Skiing
•   Gymnastics
•   Bungee jumping
•   Diving
•   swimming
        Focus on Vocabulary
Afraid of heights
A helmet
A board
On a team
A parachute
I am_____ I’m_____ I’m not

He is________ He’s _______He’s not

They are______ They’re_____ They’re not
   Expressing Likes & Dislikes
I like sky surfing
It’s my favorite sport

I am not crazy about sky surfing
I hate sky surfing.
          Present Progressive
To talk about an event that is happening now.

Use (verb to be)+ the base form of the verb +-

after the be verb
Add (not) after the verb be
Yes/no questions
Use be+ subject+ base form of the verb+-ing

Wh questions:
Use a wh-word at the beginning of the
        Describe the Event
Where are you?

Who is there?

What’s happening? What are you watching?
                   Unit 5
               Mobile Phones
Vocabulary for Comprehension:
Save Time
illegal - Legal -Ridiculous- block.
▪ Rude
▪ Common Courtesy
▪ Pay attention
▪ Distracting
Right to
            Unstressed (t)
We usually pronounce the (t) as a strong (t)
if it comes before a word that begins with a
Ex: I hate to leave.
     But I have to go.
Verbs plus Gerunds and Infinitives:
A. I enjoy playing in the garden
(Verb + Gerund)

B. We want to relax.
(Verb + Infinitive)
C. Some verbs can be followed by both
Gerund and infinitives
Ex: I like using computers or I like to use

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