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									TAKS Test Administrator
   October 10, 2007

Campus Testing Coordinator
                    Test Security &
               Confidential Integrity

◘ All testing personnel must be trained.
◘ No person may view the content of test booklets or answer
◘ Secure test materials, including students’ essays and open-
ended responses may not be duplicated.
◘ Each subject area in a test booklet is sealed.
◘ Revealing contents of secure assessment either verbally or
nonverbally is prohibited.
◘ Student responses may not be reviewed at any time.
◘ Do not change or ask students to change any answers.
◘ Any testing violations must be reported to District Testing
Coordinator immediately.
           Test Security &
       Confidential Integrity

◘All test administrators must be trained
annually and sign an oath for each
◘ Certified and non-certified
paraprofessionals employed by the district
and routinely works with students may test
under the direct supervision of a certified
        Test Security &
      Confidential Integrity
• All tests must be administered in strict
  accordance with the instructions contained
  in the test administrators manuals.
• No person may reveal the contents of a
  secure assessment instrument or answer
  verbally or nonverbally any question related
  to the contents of the test.
• No person may review student responses
  during or after a test administration.
• No person may change any response or
  instruct a student to do so
    Departures from Test
  Administration Procedures
• Incidents—testing irregularities
• Each person participating in testing
  program is directly responsible for
  reporting any violations or suspected
  violation of test security or
  confidential integrity to the district
  testing coordinator.
• Failure to report a violation could
  result in sanctions.
       Testing Irregularities
• Eligibility Error
  – Eligible students were not tested
  – Students were tested with incorrect
• Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  implementation issues
  – A student was allowed an unapproved
    accommodation or was not provided a
    prescribed accommodation
      Testing Irregularities
• Improper Accounting for Secure
  – A test administrator lost or misplaced
    completed answer document
  – A test administrator lost secure materials
      Testing Irregularities
• Monitoring Error
  – Improper Supervision of Students &
    Secure Materials
    • A test administrator left a room unmonitored
      when secure materials or testers were present
    • Students or secure materials were left
      unmonitored during a lunch break, a short
      break taken in the testing room, or during
      restroom breaks
      Testing Irregularities
Allowing Prohibited Items or Activities
     • A student was improperly allowed to use a
       highlighter, dictionary, or calculator in the
       wrong grade level or during the wrong subject
       area test
     • A student was permitted to place or receive a
       cell phone call or text message during a test
       administration (District Policy Handout)
      Testing Irregularities
• Incorrect Handling or Distributing of
  Test Materials
  – A student was allowed to leave the test
     area with secure materials
  – A test administrator did not return secure
    field test materials to the campus
    coordinator at the end of each testing day
       Testing Irregularities

• Procedural Error
  – Improper Distribution of Test Materials
    • An unauthorized individual (e.g., student) was
      permitted to transport secure test materials
    • A test administrator failed to issue the correct
      manipulative (i.e., charts, rulers, #2 pencils,
      dictionaries, calculators), or students were incorrectly
      allowed to use manipulatives
    • A test administrator failed to read test administration
      scripts verbatim as outlined in testing manuals
      Testing Irregularities
• Potential Referral to the State Board
  for Educator Certification (SBEC)
  – Testing personnel viewed a test before,
    during, or after an assessment (unless
    specifically authorized to do so by the
    procedures outlined in the test
    administrator materials)
  – Testing personnel scored student tests
  – Testing personnel discussed secure test
    content or student responses
    Testing Irregularities
– Testing personnel made a copy of secure
  materials without permission from TEA
– Testing personnel failed to use a test
  administration manual
– Testing personnel directly or indirectly
  assisted students with responses to test
– Testing personnel tampered with student
– Testing personnel revealed confidential
  student information
              Test Security &
          Confidential Integrity

•Any person who violates, assists, or
solicits another to violate test security
or confidential integrity may by
  -placement of restrictions on Texas Teacher
  -issuance of inscribed or non-inscribed reprimand;
  -suspension of Texas Teacher Certificate for a set
  term; or
  -revocation or cancellation of a Texas Teacher
  Certificate without opportunity for reapplication,
  either for a set term or permanently.
        Incident Reporting
• All irregularities require:
  – Incident report
  – Statement (s) from individuals involved
• Corrective Action is required if:
  – Loss of secure materials
  – Potential referral to the Education
    Certification & Standards Division
  Statements from Responsible
• Statements should include:
  – Name & role
  – How the individual was involved
  – Description of the incident from the
    individual’s perspective
  – Individual’s signature
  – Date statement was generated
  (Statements should not be submitted using
    the Student Assessment Incident Report
Corrective Action Plans (CAP)
• If the incidents requires a CAP, the
  following should be included:
  – Brief summary
  – Description of how the incident occurred
  – Description of why the incident occurred
  (Examples on p 9 Directions for District
    Coordinator, Campus Coordinators, and
    Test Administrators Manual)
   Submission of Information
• Call District Testing Coordinator
• Incident form will be sent to you via
• Complete form and submit to
• Attach supporting documentation
      Testing Accommodations

  –Signing/Translating Oral Instruction;
  –Reading or Signing the Writing Prompt;
  –Colored Overlay/Magnifying Device/Place Marker
  –Small-Group Individual Administration
  –Large Print/Braille
  –Methods of Response (p12)
  –Tape-Recorded Written Composition & Responses to
  Open-Ended Items
  –Type Written Composition and Responses to Open-
  Ended Items
      Testing Accommodations

  –No Reading Assistance for any subject area;
  –No oral administration support for ELA test, except for reading
  aloud writing prompt upon student request
  – No Foreign-language reference materials (―Educational Materials
  Required for Testing‖ p17);
  –No Translations of test items;
  –No Rephrasing of test questions, answer choices, and selections;
  –Other accommodations that would invalidate the test.
  –For Specific accommodations not covered see Appendix D
       Oral Administrations
• Eligibility—only students served by Special
  Education or 504 or identified with dyslexia
• Allowed only for Mathematics, Science, and
  Social Studies (NOT for ELA)
• A test administrator may read aloud or sign
  test questions & answer choices
• Students must routinely receive this
• Must be documented in IEP or required by
      Oral Administrations
• Includes different levels of reading
  – Reading only a few words or phrases
  – Reading multiple sentences
  – Reading the test in its entirety
• ARD must define level of reading
       Oral Administrations
• Oral Administrators should keep the
  following points in mind:
  – Each word, phrase, and/or sentence in the
    questions and set of answer choices many be
    read as many times as necessary.
  – Test items and answer choices must not be
  – Voice inflection must be kept neutral during the
    reading of test questions and answer choices.
  – No nonverbal assistance may be provided to
  – All security measures outlined in this manual
    must be followed.
       Oral Administrations
• Oral Administrations must be indicated by
  marking the appropriate code “OA” on the
  answer document
• After oral administration, no discussion or
  scoring of test items is allowed at any time.
• Ensure that test administrators for oral
  administrations receive additional training
  in the procedures specific to an oral test
  administration (“Oral Administration”
  Appendix C)
  Large-Print & Braille Tests
• Large print &/or Braille tests may be
  ordered for:
  – students who have been identified as
    having a visual impairment; and
  – Regularly receives this accommodation in
    the classroom
  – The decision to provide these tests must
    be made by the ARD or 504 committee
    and documented in the student’s IEP
 Educational Materials Required
          for Testing
• English-language dictionaries & thesauruses
  must be provided (1 per 5 examinees)
  – No dictionaries/thesauruses for the revising and
    editing portion of the test
• English as a second language (ESL) dictionary
  with simple English and pictures to define
  words, may be provided for limited LEP
  students taking TAKS, but not for the
  revision and editing portion (p17).
 Educational Materials Required
          for Testing
• Each student must be provided with a
  graphing calculator for the entire math
  – All memory must be erased
  – No hand held digital assistants
  – Students may use their own
• Students taking the science test must have
  access to four-function, scientific calculators
  (at least one per 5 students) (p17).
  – All memory must be erased
       Student Data Elements

•Verify precoded labels for accurateness
•Hand-gridded information will override any
precoded information, other than the
examinee name and PEIMS number
•Do not interchange TAKS labels with labels
for other testing program (this will delay
processing your results).
Correct Placement
of Precoded Label
  •   Do not discard
      labels for
      students not
      enrolled in
      district. These
      labels must be
      voided and
      returned with
Submitting Answer Documents
• Submit a TAKS answer document for:
  – Any examinee who tested (precoded or
  – Any examinee who has been exempted
    from the exit level test since the last
    administration, whether or not the
    individual tested
  – Each registered TAKS OOS examinee,
    whether or not the individual tested
                         Score Code
Not to be scored:
P=Previous Pass
O=Other (illness)
C=An online version of the test
was administered

To be scored:
S=Test to be scored
The score code field must be
filled out correctly. Failure to      If student is absent during testing and
mark the appropriate score code
                                      is exempt on the basis of special
for a subject may result in a score
of ZERO for the student.              education or LEP status, the student’s
                                      code must be marked to indicate the
                                      exemption, not the absence.
   October Exit Level Retest
• Submit a TAKS exit level retest answer
  document for any examinee for whom a
  precoded label was received, whether or not
  the examinee tested (p70)
• If the examinee is exempted from the TAKS,
  the X should be marked & the examinee
  should be administered a TEKS-based LDAA.
   October Exit Level Retest
• If the examinee is administered a
  TEKS-based LDAA, the LDAA data filed
  should be completed
      October Exit Level Retest
• Other Codes
  –   Oral Administration
  –   Braille Administration
  –   Large Print Administration
  –   Agency Use (blank)
  –   PEM Use Only (already precoded)
  –   For Migrant Use Only (blank)
  –   One-Time LEP Postponement (Exit Level Only)
       • Granted by LPAC—code O
    Testing Procedures
•A test administrator who has been trained in test
administration must be present in the testing room
at all time during the assessment.
•At least one test administrator should be assigned
for every 30 students
•Each student should have enough space in which
to work.
•Place a ―Testing—Do Not Disturb‖ sign on door.
•All bulletin boards and instructional displays that
might aid students during test must be covered or
   Testing Procedures
•Highlighters are allowed.
•Students must remain in their seat during
test administration; they may not talk to
each other.
•TAKS tests are untimed; students must be
allowed to work at their own pace.
•Students are not allowed to return to a
test section they previously took.
•Each test must be administered on the
prescribed day.
   Testing Procedures

•Test administrators must give each student
a state-supplied revised mathematics chart.
•Test administrators must provide a state-
supplied science chart for each student
•Students are not allowed to use scratch
•Students must mark their answers on the
answer document.
•Unusable answer document:
  - Issue a new answer document
  -Student must start at the exact point
  where he stopped on the unusable
  - When student has finished, transcribe
  contents of original document without
  making any changes and write
  ―Transcribed by (NAME) because (REASON)
  at the top of the answer document.‖
  Answering Questions

•Test Administrators can not:
  answer any questions related to the contents of
  the test itself;
  translate test questions;
  rephrase or add information to questions or
  discuss test questions with anyone; or
  score test items or discuss with students how they
         Breaks & Lunch
•Brief breaks
   Bathroom breaks—only one student a time; students
   are not allowed to discuss contents of exam.

   Campus should decided on appropriate time to break
   for lunch.
   Collect all test booklets and answer documents; and
   monitor students closely to ensure that they do not
   discuss the contents of the test.
    Administrating the Exam

•Make sure test administrators:
  –Read aloud the materials printed in bold type
  and preceded by the word ―SAY.‖
  –The material in italics is information meant for
  the test administrator and should not be read
  aloud to students.
•Test administrators are not allowed to
answer any questions related to the contents
of the test itself.
    Administrating the Exam

•If a student asks a question that test
administrators are not permitted to answer,
they may respond, for example, ―I can’t
answer that for you; just do the best you
                  Math Exam
•Test administrator are responsible for
ensuring that students erase the memory on
their calculators after they finish answering
     Returning Test Materials

•After testing, ensure test administrators complete
the following before returning materials to the
campus test coordinator:
       - remove all answer documents from the test
       -verify that all student information on the
       answer documents is accurate,
       -use No. 2 pencil to transcribe information
       from a voided answer document,
       -verify that all test booklets and answer
       documents are accounted for,
       -organize booklets in numerical order, and
       -organize answer documents in alphabetical
    Returning Test Materials to
      District Testing Office

• Separate Scorable from nonscorable
• Scorables
  – Used answer documents
  – Voided answer documents
• TAKS answer document for JJAEP or DAEP
  should be placed behind Campus & Group ID
    Returning Test Materials to
      District Testing Office
   CAMPUS           DATE       TIME
PSJA HS         10/29      8:45 am
Memorial HS     10/29      9:45 am
North HS        10/29      10:45 am
Buell Central   10/29      11:45 am
TAPP            10/29      12:15 am

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