Colorado Foreclosure Timeline

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					                                            Colorado Foreclosure Timeline
                                                              Concerning residential property

                                      This general information is provided for counseling purposes only.
                         It is not to be taken as legal advice. Application to your specific circumstances may vary.
                          This document is supplemental to the Colorado Foreclosure Process and Timeframes.

30 days 60 days 90 days                  120 days              150 days             180 days                                             255 days

                                              NED Filed1                                    Redemption Period of 75 days
       Warning letters
                Intent to Foreclose           Notice of Intent2

                                                                    120 Hearing 3

                                                                                    Foreclosure Sale 4

                                                                                                                             Sheriff’s Eviction5

    NED- Notice of Election & Demand for sale filed by the mortgage company’s attorney with the County Public Trustee; time varies per type of loan
    Notice of Intent to Foreclose sent by the Public Trustee; could be earlier on Uninsured Conventional loans, if not others
    Rule 120 Hearing with the District County Court- not the foreclosure sale
    Also Public Sale, redemption starts the next day
    Must follow Colorado eviction statutes; Cash for Keys should be considered prior to this action