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					Student loan and grant
Prospective students can use an
enhanced online calculator on the                                     Student Finance
Student finance England website to
work out how much they can at and
                                                                      2010/11 Entry
what bursaries and scholarships may
be available at their preferred

Links to Scholarships and Bursaries
can    also     be    found     through

Websites / info resources
Info and resources can be found on
Student Finance at:
                                          St Cuthbert's High School                Gretna Road
                                            Newcastle Upon Tyne
                                               Tyne and Wear – The Student Loans                NE15 7PX
                                             Tel 0191 274 4510
There is a helpline - 0845 300 50 90 if
you need any further assistance with
your online form.
Student Finance                          Television Licence – are all expenses       Maintenance grants
                                         that students may need to budget for.
Student Finance is now centralised,                                                  The Maintenance grant helps
and in order to apply you must first     Student loan for tuition                    higher education students, in
register           online         at     fees                                        particular     those   from    less                                                     advantaged backgrounds, with their
                                         The loan is a non-financially assessed      general living costs whilst they
Student Finance England (SFE) is         loan to meet the cost of tuition fees. It   study. 2010/11 entrants may be
the brand name for the student           is payable to the HE provider. The          eligible for a maintenance grant of
Finance Service for students living in   maximum amount of tuition fee loan          up to £2,906. Grants are free and
England. It is provided by the Student   available is always the amount of           do not have to be repaid.
Loans Company (SLC) and sponsored        tuition fees charged by the institution.
by the Department for Innovation,        The student is responsible for paying       Bursaries
Universities and Skills (DIUS).          to the institution any fees which are
                                         not covered by the loan. The loan is        Bursaries or scholarships may be
Students will be able to register for                                                available from the government. If
                                         repayable through Income Contingent
Student Finance at the same time as                                                  you qualify, you should apply as
                                         Repayment. Tuition fee loans accrue
they submit their UCAS application.                                                  soon as you have a confirmed
                                         interest at the same rate as
Once students have applied they will                                                 place on your course. Some
                                         maintenance loans.
be able to manage their own account                                                  universities and colleges administer
online.                                                                              their     own     bursaries     and
                                         Maintenance loans
                                                                                     scholarships – for others, student
What will it Cost?                       The maintenance loan is the main            finance direct handles applications.
                                         student loan product for living costs. It   Search for your university or
The maximum amount you can be                                                        college on the UCAS website to
                                         comprises      the      non-financially
charged for tuition fees for 2010/2011                                               find out who you should apply to.
                                         assessed portion, which all students
is £3,290.     Most Universities will
                                         who are eligible for the loan can
charge this amount – the course fees                                                 Disabled Student’s
                                         receive; the financially assessed
for each Degree can be found at
                                         portion, which depends on household         Allowance
                                         income. Maximum entitlement is
                                         affected by place of residence,             To help meet extra course costs
Living Expenses                          (parental home, away from parental          students can face as a result of a
                                         home or away from parental home in          disability, mental health condition or
Accommodation, Food, Study Costs,        London). Maintenance loans are paid
Social Life, Travel Costs, Insurance,                                                learning difficulty. Allowances are
                                         directly to the student in three            not dependant on household
Clothes and Toiletries, Mobile Phone,    instalments.                                income and don't have to be paid