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					CKT-1334 Pre-Bid Meeting                                                     07/03/2011

To:        Distribution

From:      S. Gillett Cobb

Subject: Urban Corridor Completion Projects
         Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location:             Association of Oklahoma General Contractors
                              Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Date/Time:                    December 1, 1998, 1:00 p.m.

Topic:                        Pre-Bid Meeting
                              CKT-1334 (Grading and Drainage)


Robert Schroeder - Chiang Patel & Yerby, Inc.       Craig Glover - Glover Construction
Kevin Carter - Chiang Patel & Yerby, Inc.           Paige Frix - Frix & Foster Construction
Stacey Trumbo - OTA                                 John Curtis - Sherwood Construction
Robert Burton - OTA                                 Mike Oliver - Oklahoma Excavation
Bob Gladd - OTA                                     Darrel Brack - Clarkson Construction
Frank Scerbo - HNTB                                 Dave Hoag - Gilbert Central
Ray Zimmerman - HNTB                                Chris Klaver - Klaver Construction
Joe Skeith - HNTB                                   Kem Frix - Frix & Foster Construction
John Worman - HNTB                                  Howard Ellison - W.N. Couch
Rob Ruble - Benham                                  David Moos - Chandler Materials
Michael Judd - Benham                               Bill Martin - Chandler Materials
Mel Koleber - BECO                                  David Sewell - Sewell Bros.
David Willis - Traffic & Lighting Systems           Calvin Prosser - APAC Oklahoma
Mike Pettis - Advanced Warnings                     Steve Tadych - Horizon
Gary Fick - Duit Construction                       Jim Meyer - Eagle Precast
Bruce Overton - Keck Construction                   Gregg Kessling - TJ Lambert
Mike Webb - Muskogee Bridge                         Kevin Petray - Wittwer Construction
Craig Schumann - Midcontinent Concrete              Aaron Wilcox - Jensen Construction
Mark Hodges - Flasher                               Don Hamblin - Klaver Construction
Mike Tracy - Standard Testing & Eng.                Jim Perry - Bee line Traffic
Doug Basinger - Action Safety

The Pre-Bid Meeting for the Broken Arrow South Loop, CKT-1334, was held in Oklahoma
City at the AGC office at 1:00 p.m. and called to order by Robert Schroeder of Chaing, Patel
& Yerby Inc. (CP&Y).

Robert Schroeder (RS) explained that CP&Y is the Construction Manager for the Oklahoma
Turnpike Authority (OTA) and HNTB is the Section Engineer for this project. RS stated this
meeting is for the CKT-1334, a Grading and Drainage project.

Chiang, Patel & Yerby, Inc.                1
CKT-1334 Pre-Bid Meeting                                                          07/03/2011

RS introduced the following people:

        Joe Skeith – HNTB
        John Worman – HNTB
        Frank Scerbo – HNTB
        Ray Zimmerman – HNTB
        Stacey Trumbo – OTA, Assistant Director
        Kevin Carter – CP&Y
        Rob Ruble – Beco Constructors, Performs shop drawing reviews
        Robert Burton – OTA, Utility relocations

RS stated the purpose of this meeting is to review the design and special provisions of the
project, discuss the bid requirements, update the utility relocation status, update the right-of-
way status, discuss the plans and contract documents, review the bid date and time and then
open the floor for questions from the attendees.

RS emphasized the Pre Bid Meeting is a requirement to bid this contract and prospective
bidders are required to sign the attendance list for CKT 1334.

Frank Scerbo discussed the design of the project. The contract runs approximately five (5)
miles from the Haikey Creek Bridge to just east of 177th. Each of the roads crossing the
mainline are access roads and will have detours as a part of the construction. There will be
approximately 360,000 cubic yards of waste on this project and this is noted on the plans.
Most of the waste will be generated at the East end of the project. Other than the detours at
each crossing, this contract is a straight forward grading and drainage project.

RS explained the bidding requirement for this project is A+B. A is the base bid and B is the
site rental bid and site rental consist of $5,000.00 per day. Insurance and bonding are
required as a part of the bid package. There is an alternate for the Fiber Optic Conduit which
will be added after the A+B bid.

Robert Burton (RB) discussed the utility relocation status. Special Condition page one in the
bid documents state that all of the utility relocations have been completed. This is not true,
the relocations are not complete. Provided within the bid documents is a report showing the
utilities to be relocated, the owner and the estimated completion dates of the relocations. On
page 15 of the plans, general notes 27, 29, 30, 32 state it is the sole responsibility of the
Contractor to verify the locations of the utilities.

RS discussed the Right-of-Way status. The appraisals for this project are complete as of
12/1/98. Several offers have been made to property owners and the remaining offers will be
complete by 12/15/98. No definite date exists for the completion of Right-of-Way. Some
legal entry has been acquired for construction and more will be attempted to be acquired.
The anticipated Notice to Proceed date is April of 1999.

RS discussed the plans and contract documents. He stated this contract will use the 1998
OTA Specifications for Turnpike construction. The specifications are available on the

Chiang, Patel & Yerby, Inc.                   2
CKT-1334 Pre-Bid Meeting                                                     07/03/2011

internet at web site Expected publication for the specifications will be
January 1999. If Contractors want hard copies before January 1999 they will need to make
arrangements to have copies made. Special Provisions include the project site rental, fiber
optic raceway, segmental retaining wall and water line utility relocation.

RS discussed the bid date and time. Bids will be received at the OTA office until 1:30 p.m.
on December 8th 1998. The bid opening will be at the Association of Oklahoma General
Contractors office at 2:00 p.m. on December 8th. No bids will be accepted after 1:30 p.m. or
by Contractors that are not on the attendance list for the CKT-1334 Pre-Bid Metting.

The floor was opened for questions:

Q. A letter was sent to Carthal Cobb regarding the Segmental Retaining Wall design.
   No response has been returned to date.

A. HNTB received the letter and there are no objections to the sketch provided in the letter.
   The wall supplier will be responsible for the wall design and is also responsible for
   providing the Contractor with adequate information to construct the wall. HNTB will
   revise the quantities for the wall.

Q. Are the Borring Logs available?

A. The Borring logs for CKT-1334, 1335 and 1336 are available. These logs are very large
   and will take considerable time to either download from E-Mail or reproduce hard copies.
   The logs will be available at the HNTB office, the OTA office and the AGC office.

Q. Were any of the Bores taken in the cut?

A. Most of the Bores were taken in the locations of the bridge structures. Few if any were
   taken in the cut areas. The bores were limited to the mainline, box culverts and bridge

Q. Will the detours constructed as a part of this contract be required to be taken out or
   will they remain in place when this contract is completed?

A. The detours will remain in place after this contract is finished.

Q. Do you anticipate the utility relocations will be completed on time once they have
   been given notice to begin.

A. Yes, once the work order has been given they should be able to complete as expected.
   Right of Way can/will play a large role in the time that the utility relocations will be

Q. Will the OTA handle all the testing for the dirt work in regard to the QA/QC

Chiang, Patel & Yerby, Inc.                  3
CKT-1334 Pre-Bid Meeting                                                     07/03/2011

A. Yes.

Q. Is Right-of-Way available for the Contractors to come in and perform their own

A. Legal right of entry does exist for testing along the project. However, negotiations are
   underway to purchase the Right-of-Way and we do not want to interfere with the process
   of acquiring Right-of-Way. This means any Contractor that is interested in accessing
   property to perform testing is required to first contact Joe Skeith with HNTB before they
   plan to access any site on the project.

Q. Is all the Right-of-Way purchased and complete?

A. No

Q. When would a work order be anticipated?

A. April

Q. Some of the recent projects for the OTA have used the 1988 specifications and now
   some will be using the 1998 specifications. What is the rational for using 88 on some
   and 98 on the others?

A. The earlier projects were bid before the OTA Board approved the 1998 specifications.
   Those contracts will use the 1988 specifications. The future contracts with the exception
   of contract CKT-1361 will use the new 1998 specifications.

Q. Are the sites for borrow area identified? Where can we find out the locations?

A. Don Hawk with OTA should have that information.

Q. Is the 364,000 cy quantity shown on sheet 18 for waste material?

A. Yes, it is excess waste material. The addendum will have a new summary of grading

Q. Will the mitigation for the wetlands be the responsibility of the Contractor?

A. No, the Contractor will not handle mitigation. The mitigation site is to the west of this

Q. Will the fiber optics alternate be outside this bid?

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CKT-1334 Pre-Bid Meeting                                                     07/03/2011

A. Add Alternate number one (fiber optics) is subtotaled in the proposal. Next is the B
   alternate. Then the total A+B bid plus add alternate one. Please call Joe Skeith (HNTB)
   for assistance on any further questions about the alternate.

Q. The material specifications for the fiber optic conduit call for a Stainless Steel
   compression type coupling to be used to join the links of conduit. Can a plastic
   electrofusion type coupling be used in place of the coupling shown on the plans?

A. Yes, an electrofusion weld is an acceptable substitution.

Q. Can the borring logs be sent by E-Mail?

A. Yes, but the logs are all on Auto Cad and they would take considerable time to be
   downloaded. We will make them available at the HNTB office.

Q. What version or release of Auto Cad are the borring logs on?

A. Release 13.

RS stated that December 1 is seven (7) days prior to the bid date and any further questions
regarding this project need to be sent to Don Hawk at the OTA office in writing by the end of
the day December 1. Answers to the questions will be distributed to all the meeting
attendees before the bid. Meeting minutes of this meeting will be distributed to all the

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