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The Nod


                                                                                        The Nod

                               The Nod
 Volume 12 Issue 3                                                    APRIL/MAY 2006


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                                  LOT 24 – MARROW SCOOP,             seats;    together    with    a
NOT         ONLY,         BUT     Geo.IV silver, Exeter 1825,        matching footstool. (7) £310
ALSO…                             8¾” long. £100
Yes, I know we threatened                                            LOT 78A – LINEN PRESS,
you with a leisurely regime of    LOT         36      –      GOLD    Georgian             mahogany
an      Auction every other       SOVEREIGN, 1912; and a             enclosed by a pair of
month but things change –         Victorian gold half sovereign,     rectangular panelled doors
they have changed so much         1887. (2) £200                     over 4 long drawers (as
in fact that this month (April)                                      found). £750
we’re having a second             LOT        46A      –     MODEL
Auction - fandabbidoosie I        RAILWAYS,              comprising  LOT 152 – CHARACTER
hear you cry.                     mainly        Hornby       Dublo   JUG, Royal Doulton ceramic
       THE AUCTIONEER             including       Duchesse       of  ’Scaramouche’ [D6558] 6½”
_________________________         Montrose engine (as found),        high. £95
                                  passenger carriages & goods
                                  wagons, track, signals, level      LOT 210 – IMARI WALL
3rd June; 5th August; 7th
                                  crossing, station and more,        PLATES, a pair, 19thC
October;     2nd   December.
                                  some boxed. (qty) £130             Japanese ceramic, shaped
                                                                     rims, 12” dia. (2) £130
    Auction Reportage             LOT 50 – TRAIN SET, early
     Saturday 1st April           20thC ‘Vulkan’ [no.1402] tin       LOT 212 – CHARGER, 19thC
Another (relative) corker of      plate     with     spirit  driven  Mason’s ceramic decorated in
an Auction - well, compared       locomotive       –     comprising  the Imari palette, 12½” dia.
with 12 months ago that is.       locomotive, tender & goods         £100
It’s good to see the Trade        truck together with 6 curved
back buying a bit…and             rails, original box. £320          LOT 215 – VASES, a pair,
hearing that the Antique                                             Royal Crown Derby of footed
business      is   (relatively)   LOT 69A – REVOLVING                baluster form with covers,
looking up. Mind you we           BOOKCASE,              Edwardian   decorated a yellow ground
are all looking up from a         mahogany, bears label to           with floral detail and blue/gilt
fair way down still!              underside ‘Ray & Miles             edges, 6” high. (2) £250
                                  cabinet      manufacturers      &  LOT 227 – FIGURINE, Royal
Anyway, not to grumble we         upholsterers, Liverpool’ (as       Doulton ceramic – ‘Fleurette’
achieved      some     decent     found). £150                       [HN1587] 6½” high. £95
prices by todays’ revised
standards, as follows:            LOT 71 – DINING CHAIRS, a                     THE AUCTIONEER
                                  set of 6 (4+2) oak in Carolean
                                  style with cane panel backs &
                                                                                      The Nod
   AUCTION VALUATIONS             too long and there'll be no      only to lose out after what I
Appraisals of Antiques &           more pension money left for      consider to this day,
Collectables        undertaken     us. I wish they'd make their     to be a correct answer. The
either in your home or from        minds up. John                   question asked 'What 'C'
photographs & descriptions                                          would you associate Jeremy
sent by e-mail or post [send       'Alton Towers - Where the        Clarkson with?' to which I
sae if you require return of       magic never ends', or so the     confidently replied 'c * *t'.
photographs]                       commercial says. Imagine my      Not only was I told the
INSURANCE VALUATIONS              disappointment when it           answer was incorrect, but I
Single items to complete House
                                   closed at 7.30. Colin Hill       was asked by the holiday rep
Contents,         professionally
                                                                    to leave the premises
presented in duplicate folders
with digital images of principal   I am married to a Taiwanese      immediately. Has anyone else
items &/or overviews               lady, and people often ask       experienced such appalling
__________________________         me if she was a mail-order       treatment whilst holidaying
      TECHNO-NODS                 bride. I find this very          with one's family? Noel, Leeds
Register your e-mail address       insensitive. The Royal Mail
with us now and you too will       lose around 2 million letters    My friend's mum recently
be able to receive both your       and parcels each year, and to    pointed out that I have the
Nods and Auction Catalogues        suggest that I would trust the   same ironing board cover as
at a press of a button.            delivery of my wife to them is   her. Can anyone think of a          insulting in the extreme. She    more mundane and pointless
      visit our Web Site           was sent by DHL next day         remark to make than this?
        www.haytons-               delivery. L Palmer, London       Alun Daniel
   ____________________            The record companies would       I'll never understand my
FEEDBACK TIME>>>>>                 have us believe that the         neighbour. He has recently
Letters that the Daily telegraph   money made by CD pirates         started wheel-clamping his
didn’t print:                      goes to fund the drug            own caravan when he finds
                                   industry. But the money rock     he has inadvertently parked it
Hats off to the England            stars make from legal record     in his own drive! I wonder if
cricketers for their               sales ends up in exactly the     he is a sadist, a masochist or
achievements in the Ashes          same place. When they stop       both. Alan Thakray
this summer, which rightly         breaking the law, so will I. P
earned Andrew 'Freddie'            Boddington, Ringway              Did anyone else feel that Mel
Flintoff BBC Sports                                                 Gibson's remake of the classic
personality of the Year.           It really annoys me to see       Life of Brian wasn't anywhere
Winning a two-team                 these suicide bombers            near as funny as the original?
tournament against a nation        blowing up people as well as
with a much smaller                themselves. In my day,           On the BBC website, I read
population once in every ten       suicide was done in a more       with interest that some
attempts, then never shutting      dignified way, such as slicing   scientists in Australia have
up about it makes me proud         your wrists in the bath, or      discovered the smallest fish
to be British. Ben Hunt            hanging yourself from a door     known to exist. They've
                                   with a belt. Paul Mulraney,      obviously never been to the
The government tells us that       Belfast                          Britannia Chippy on the
we are eating too many pies                                         Gloucester Road. Alan J.,
and dying of heart disease,        On holiday a few years back,     London
then in the next breath            I took part in a quiz and
they're telling us we are living   managed to reach the final       Hats off to the American
                                                                                      The Nod
police. They arrive at Michael   With reference to that series                HOT AIR
Jackson's Neverland ranch to     "Manhunt" where ex-Special        A man in a hot air balloon
arrest him a mere six months     Forces soldiers try to hunt       realized he was lost. He
                                                                   reduced altitude and spotted a
after he admits                  down Andy McNab. Why don't
                                                                   woman below.
climbing into bed with young     the producers include a
boys on worldwide TV.            couple of Iraqis in the hunting   He descended a bit more and
Perhaps they should get          team? They found the twat         shouted, "Excuse me, can you
some faster cars. T Barnham,     quickly enough the last time      help me? I promised a friend I
                                                                   would meet him an hour ago,
London                           he played hide and seek with
                                                                   but I don't know where I am."
                                 them. Shuggie, Email
Could the Home Secretary                                           The woman below replied,
explain to me how biometric      Hats off to the witty burglars    "You're in a hot air balloon
checks on iris patterns and      who stole my entire CD            hovering approximately 30 feet
fingerprints are going to help   collection with the exception     above the ground. You're
                                                                   between 40 and 41 degrees
keep tabs on Muslim              of "There is Nothing Left to      north latitude and between 59
cleric Abu Hamza. Les            Lose" by the Foo Fighters.        and 60 degrees west
Barnsley                         I hope that when sentencing,      longitude."
                                 the judge takes into account
How come rap artist Dr. Dred     their splendid sense of           "You must be an engineer,"
                                                                   said the balloonist. "I am,"
can use the 'N' word on his      humour. Chris Scaife,             replied the woman, "How did
multi-million selling albums     Jesmond                           you know?"
and win a MOBO award, yet
when I used it                   I see on the news that Lord       "Well," answered the balloonist,
at my son's football match I     Hutton says he is "satisfied      "everything you told me is,
                                                                   technically correct, but I've no
was asked to leave the park?     that David Kelly took his own
                                                                   idea what to make of your
Once again, it's one law for     life". He may not have liked      information, and the fact is I'm
the rich and another for the     Dr Kelly that much, but isn't     still lost. Frankly, you've not
poor. Reg Ashcroft,              this taking gloating just a       been much help at all. If
Bradford                         little too far? Dave Owen,        anything, you've delayed my
The government says that                                           The woman below responded,
there are nearly 50,000          I was extremely saddened to       "You must be in Management."
people with HIV in Britain, a    hear of Richard Whiteley's
third of whom do not even        recent death. But I was           "I am," replied the balloonist,
                                                                   "but how did you know?"
know that they have it. Is it    cheered to imagine his life
just me, or is it a bit harsh    support machine making the        "Well," said the woman, "you
that the government know         famous Countdown "da-da,          don't know where you are or
and haven't told the poor        da-da, da-da-da-da!               where you're going. You have
sods? John Campbell, e-mail      Booooooo!" sound as he took       risen to where you are due to a
                                 his final breaths. Tripod         large quantity of hot air. You
                                                                   made a promise which you've
Never mind ventriloquists like                                     no idea how to keep, and you
Keith Harris and Roger           What's all this nonsense          expect people beneath you to
DeCourcey. What about            about that 66-year-old            solve your problems. The fact
Professor Stephen Hawking? I     Romanian woman being the          is you are in exactly the same
saw him on telly blathering      world's oldest mum? My            position you were in before we
                                                                   met, but now, somehow, it's
on about galaxies for hours      mum's 77. Beat that. Thomas       my fault."
and I never saw his lips move    J
once. Genius. Mike Woods
                                                                                     The Nod

       Telephone 01732-457344 Fax 01732-740763 Mobile 07778-433786

                       ANTIQUE FURNITURE,
                         & COLLECTABLES

                         SATURDAY 29th APRIL @ 10.30 am
                            CONSIGNED BY EXECUTORS & PRIVATE SOURCES,
                          ANTIQUE & LATER FURNITURE
Briefly including: an imposing French Bibliotheque, 19thC Longcase Clock, Victorian mahogany
Cheval Mirror, early 19thC gesso/pine marble top Console Table, Victorian walnut work table, oak
‘monks bench’, late Victorian mahogany extending Dining Table, Bookcase & Display Cabinets,
Shop Counter & Display cabinet, various Chests of drawers, Farmhouse Pine Dresser, Writing
Tables & Desks, Dining & Occasional Chairs, metamorphic childs’ chair, Edwardian Wardrobes,
small silverwares, selections of Ceramics & Glass, Paintings & Prints, Clocks, and among the
‘Miscellaneous Collectables’ are 2 Blue Peter Badges from the 1960’s, a series of Biggles books,
Victorian oil lamp, Georgian tea caddy, Shackleton Foden F.G.6 Tipper in box, Britain’s 155mm
field gun, boxed, Trade & Cigarette Cards, Triang railway rolling stock, 2 Microscopes, etc.
…and we start with 30 Lots of new Garden furniture – benches, hanging baskets, ornament,
            etc. to give you something to play with over the bank Holiday weekend.
                      give us your e-mail address & we’ll send you a Catalogue.
                                    VIEWING & CATALOGUES:

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