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          Port Clinton City Schools

                    Based on the…
National Content Standards for Health Education

       Mr. Patrick D. Adkins, Superintendent
      Mr. Jack Nitz, Director, Student Services
                     August 2007
          Port Clinton City Schools

     K-12 Health Education Course of Study

             TABLE OF CONTENTS

               Board of Education Approval
K-12 Health Education Course of Study Committee Members
           Mission Statement and District Belief
  Curriculum Development Process (Strategic Plan Chart)
     Philosophy Statement ( Port Clinton City Schools)
   Port Clinton City Schools' Study Curriculum Structure

                                                  Port Clinton City Schools

                                            Statement of Board Approval

                    The Port Clinton City Schools’ Grade 9 - Health Education Course of Study based on the
                        National Association for Health Education’s National K-12 Content Standards
                                was approved by the Port Clinton Board of Education, August 2007.

______________________________                                         ____________________________
David Belden, Board President                                          Barb Drusbacky, Board Vice-President

___________________________________                                    __________________________________
Michael Bassett, Board Member                                          Michele Mueller, Board Member

___________________________________                                    ___________________________________
Walter Wehenkel, Jr., Board Member                                     Mr. Patrick D. Adkins, Superintendent

                                             Jack Nitz, Director, Student Services

                    Port Clinton City Schools


                     Port Clinton City Schools’

                              Grade 9

           Health Education Course of Study Committee

Dan Diaz, Teacher                                 Seth Benner, Teacher and Department Chair

                                                          Port Clinton City Schools

                                                      MISSION STATEMENT
The mission of the Port Clinton City Schools is to inspire in every student excellence in character and performance by providing a safe, supportive
                                        and challenging environment; by using community resources and
                                              by enabling our students to positively impact society.
                                                                                                 - Strategic Planning documents 2003

                                                         DISTRICT BELIEFS
             ●      We believe that children are our most valuable resource for the future.

             ●      We believe in human dignity and the value of each individual.

             ●      We believe that everyone has qualities that makes them special and unique.

             ●      We believe that people are responsible for their choices.

             ●      We believe that parents and families have the primary responsibility for their children.

             ●      We believe that parents, family and other role models are essential in developing positive attitudes and beliefs about life.

             ●      We believe high moral and strong ethical standards are a shared responsibility of the family, school and community.

             ●      We believe that a successful community shares responsibility.

             ●      We believe that learning is a lifelong process.

                                                                                                 -   Strategic Planning documents, 2003

                           CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PROCESS
                                           Port Clinton City Schools
                                               Port Clinton City Schools
                                                        Port Po

Ohio Department of Education              Board of Education -   POLICIES           National Standards
Academic Content Standards                                                          (OCTELA, NCTM, etc.)

                            COURSES OF STUDY (Curriculum Framework)
      Aligned to Ohio’s Academic Content Standards and Integrated with Ohio’s Technology Standards
                                  Adopted by the Board of Education

                                         ALIGNMENT of District
                                  Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments
                                ● Instructional materials audit and selection
                            ● To pace the academic standards over the school year
                             ● To address the mobility of students within district

                                      Teachers and Administrators
                        (Grade Level, Departmental Meetings, Summer Institutes and
                                     Other Professional Development)

                                COURSE OF STUDY (C-I-A) SUPPLEMENT
                                  For Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

                     Instruction                                                     Assessment
  Identifying, Constructing and Implementing Best-                   Identifying, Constructing and Implementing
       Practice, Research-Based Methodology                         Research-Based Assessments - Formative and

                                 INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

         INTERNAL ACCESS (secure site)                                          EXTERNAL ACCESS
 ●Log-in to monitor data for evidence of student                    Online access for parents and community to
       progress toward indicators                                   the following:
 ●Teacher log-in access to the following: a) best-                  ●Courses of Study
       practice lesson plans aligned to standards, b)               ●Academic Content Standards
       aligned formative and summative assessments,                 ●District and Building test data
       c) aligned resource links, etc.                              ●Resources to support student achievement
 ●Teacher log-in access to documents e.g. Courses of                ●Prior used test items from state assessments
       Study and C-I –A Supplemental Materials                      ●Other

                                        ANNUAL REVIEW OF DATA
                              Evaluation of district progress as evidenced by student
                             data. Cycle begins again analyzing needed revisions and
                                 adjustments for the purpose of increasing student
                                 Port Clinton City Schools

                  PHILOSOPHY                         STATEMENT

Port Clinton City Schools believe that the acquisition of basic health concepts and functional health
knowledge provide a foundation for promoting health-enhancing behaviors among youth. We live in
a society where children and adolescents need to be wise about the influences of technology and the
media on their lives. They need to be prepared to be prudent consumers of goods and services that
enhance their health and well-being. They must possess skills in employing thoughtful decision-
making and goal-setting strategies to achieve their greatest ambitions. These skills will strengthen
interpersonal interactions that will aid the reduction or avoidance of conflict. They must be able to
passionately and compassionately advocate the best for themselves, their families, and their
communities. Port Clinton City Schools’ Health Education Course of Study is based on students’
needs for a foundation of solid values that will enable them to have a positive impact on society.

                                    National Association for Sport and Health Education’s

                                                     Content Standards
                                 Structural Framework of the Course of Study and National Academic Standards

                                                  National Association Content Standards
                                    A general, over-riding statement of what all students (K-12) should know
                                                                and be able to do.

                                                 PORT CLINTON EXIT STANDARDS
                                                 PORT CLINTON EXIT STANDARDS
         A specific statement of what all students should know and be able to do at a specified time (e.g. by the end of third grade)
                   in their schooling. Benchmarks are used to measure a student’s progress toward meeting the standard.

                                                       GRADE LEVEL OUTCOMES
                                                       GRADE LEVEL OUTCOMES
A specific statement of knowledge that all students demonstrate at each grade level. These indicators serve as checkpoints that monitor progress
                                                            toward the benchmarks.


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