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					                                  Port and Marine Services Group
                                          Marine Section
                                         Meeting Minutes

                                            October 27, 2009
                                                Salon 1
                                           Rosen Centre Hotel
                                            Orlando, Florida
                                              3 pm - 6 pm

1. Attendance and Introductions

Port and Marine Services Group Attendance October 27, 2009

Angela Schnepf             National Safety Council....        800-621-7615
Brian Murphy...... ..MRS-CMC                                  843-408-1829
DeWitt Davis IV.......Marine Consultants Ltd                  757-495-3524
                                                      Fax:    757-495-8211
Gunther Hoock.........Horizon Lines...................        972-813-5760
Guy Colonna............ NFPA……………………………….                     617-984-7435
Henry E. Milam........Florida Transportation Services, Inc.    954-658-4408
Ian Bennitt............... Shipbuilders Council of America    202-679-2659
James Barnes........... OSHA Training Directorate             847-759-7781
James Sammons....... Signal Administration                    757-277-6810
Jeff Facenda..............Metro Machine                       757-484-0714
Jody Roach...............Signal Administration                972-770-1648
Larry Toepper.......... Signal Administration                 972-770-1675
Lawrence Russell......NFPA                                            617-984-7950
Les Johnson...............MACOSH                              228-762-3150
Michael Crucefix… Signal Administration                        469-951-2446
Paulette Moulous......National Safety Council                  800-621-7615
Stephen Butler..........OSHA Maritime                          202-693-2151

2. Paulette Moulos National Safety Council
         Explanation of new volunteer group staffing rules
         New products in 2009
                 Defensive Driving Course 8 hours 9th Edition
                 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene course
                 Supervisors Safety Manual
                 Supervisors’ Safety Development Program (SSDP)
                 Distracted Drivers’ Program for companies free on the NSC Web page
         Marine section product ideas will have to compete for resources and strategic focus.

3. Jim Barnes OSHA Training Directorate
         Not likely that there will be separate 5400 course for shipyards and stevedore/terminals

         Tandem courses for Signal Clients with approval are possible\\

         Significant growth of 5400 course counts and all course counts in 2009
         For Example There were 209 5400 trained in 2008 and 257 in 2009 There were 754 maritime
         courses of all types taught in 2008 and 4530 in 2009
4. Steve Butler OSHA Maritime

        Technical Session Presentation at Congress outlined current lineup of OSHA Maritime products
                Maritime Webpage
                Shipyard “Flyer”
                Shipyard “Tool bag”
                Shipyard Fatality Videos
                OSHA Guidance Document for the Shipyard Industry
                OSHA’s OTE Course #2090
                National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Shipbreaking Operations
                Shipyard Hazard Information Prevention Sheets (SHIPS)
                Shipyard Industry Digest
                Shipyard Fire Protection FAQs 7 slide Presentation

                 For Maine Cargo Handling
                         Marine Cargo Handling “Flyer”
                         Long shoring and Marine /terminals “Tool shed” directive
                         Marine Cargo Gear Certification directive (29 CFR Part 1919)
                         Hazard Abatement Summaries (Fatal Fact)
                         Guidance documents Marine Cargo Handling Industry
                         OSHA’s Course #2060
                         Long Shoring Industry
Vertical Tandem Lift proposed legislation needs help.
CPL for jurisdiction between OSHA and USCG is down for the Signature by the Secretary
MOU and guidance USCG and OSHA is under review

5. Ian Bennitt Shipbuilders Council of America
        Technical Session Presentation during Congress outlined many products of the Maritime Alliance

                 Safety Alert Sheets
                 Toolbox Talks: Hearing Conservation in the Shipbuilding Industry
                 Examining Shipyard Fatality Video I Spanish version
                 Harwood Grant Developed Training videos
                 Confined Space Entry Video (for maritime)
                 Bi-annual Safety and Health Seminars (members)
                 Safety Metrics and Benchmarking (members)
                 Shipyard ergonomics video and Workbook CD
                 Shipyard Orientation Video and Workbook
                 Crane Safety Video and Work book

        Some are available free, others at some cost, others are member only.
        The Maritime Alliances should be renewed. Most likely it will be reinstated but there will be
        some delay..
        Some recent government initiatives to watch:
        New directive on checking OSHA 300 records for targeted companies
        The Protecting America's Workers Act (HR 2067)
        Worker Protection Against Combustible Dust Explosions and Fires Act (CDEFA) (H.R. 849),

6. Larry Toepper Signal Administration
         Executive/management briefing pamphlets and program
         Will appoint some one to work on Fall protection product
                  Has ten briefing programs for executive managements
                  Has completed a majority of OSHA Maritime Courses including Marine Cargo and
                  Terminal courses.

Asked if a combined 30 hour course could be done.
         Could they be taught simultaneously?
5400 should be oriented toward shipyards or stevedores/terminals. The stevedore/terminal course while
covering the same material should start out with those subjects applicable to 1918 and 1917. This can be
done with pictures, case studies and specific examples from the stevedore/terminal world.

7. Guy Colonna/Larry Russell NFPA
Indicated as part of the discussion on training

Fire Watch Training
29 CFR 1915 Subpart P
In NFPA 51B latest 2006 there is Implied Training

8 Annual report
        Midyear meeting at Hampton Virginia highlights
                Ray Blanchet Electrical safety
\               Jim Brice NAVSEA Safety initiative more to follow
                Top Three Falls
Midyear meeting possible with ASSE Baltimore 2010

9. Topics from draft agenda

Subpart F soon to be issued. LOTO to be similar to 1910.147
Hexavalent Chrome more data being collected.
Training = Self audit possible

         OSHA Training publication
         ASTD American Society of Training and Development
         New ANSI Z490.1 Safety and Health Management Training is issued.

Combustible Dust comment by Guy Colonna
                Rule of thumb dust combustible if you can’t see 10 feet
                Secondary when dust is disturbed from surface by the initial blast
The Worker Protection Against Combustible Dust Explosions and Fires Act (CDEFA) (H.R. 849),

Safety and Health training products and aids:

         Mention in OSHA and SCBA technical session listed above.
         OSHA Maritime Compliance and Standards

         Training Power-Points for 10 Maritime Hour Course are available from and OTE and OTI.
         Coastal Videos for Marine Cargo Handling and Terminal Safety available for sale.
         Virginia Ship Repair Association Employee Safety Guide. Supervisor Safety Guide available for

         NSC has a generic video for each topic of the OSHA Gen. Ind. 10 hour course.

9. Action planned:

Fall Protection product D. Davis and Larry Toepper
Proposed modification of OSHA training to be sent to Jim Barnes for approval
Update training with products referred to during discussion and the technical sessions presented.
Develop agendas of interest and attract new members.

9. Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
DeWitt Davis IV
Chairman, Port and Marine Services Group.

Will provide assistance on getting any items above requested.

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