Port of Baltimore History Curriculum by malj


									Port of Baltimore History Curriculum
Lesson 1: Geography
Trucks In, Out, and About the Port of Baltimore
This lesson provides a geographic framework for students to learn map elements and locate
places from the Inner Harbor to Sparrow’s Point. Using the Port of Baltimore’s truckers’
maps, students become familiar with maps and geographic skills and processes.

Lesson 2: Geography
Port of Baltimore Scavenger Hunt
This lesson uses photographs of the Port—past and present—to provide teachers and
students an overview of the portscape and how it has changed over time. Photographs
capture changes in cargo, technology, and land use.

Lesson 3: Geography
How the Port of Baltimore Grew and Changed Over Time
This lesson uses the Port of Baltimore timeline and photographs to chronicle the
development of the port over 300 years. Using photographs and other primary sources,
students examine geographic characteristics of the Port of Baltimore and how people lived
and worked over time.

Lesson 1: History
The Role of Citizens During the War of 1812
This lesson explores the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812, focusing on the role of
citizens and merchants who sunk their vessels in the harbor to stop the British advance.
Francis Scott Key and Fort McHenry are also featured in this lesson.

Lesson 2: History
Immigration to Port of Baltimore at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
This lesson examines immigration to Baltimore during the late 19th century, focusing on the
types of people making the journey and the community they created in Baltimore. The
partnership between the B&O Railroad and the North German Lloyd steamship line is

Lesson 3: History
The Port of Baltimore in the Nineteenth Century
This lesson examines the variety of jobs available to both free and enslaved African
Americans during the 19th century in Baltimore. Using primary sources, students will be able
to describe some of the ways African Americans contributed to the growth of the Port of

Lesson 1: Economics
The Port of Baltimore and the Worldwide Web of Spice Trading
This lesson examines how goods are produced in Maryland and shipped through the Port of
Baltimore during different time periods. Students use trading cards to simulate the worldwide
web of the spice exchange.

Lesson 2: Economics
Oral Histories and the Port of Baltimore
This lesson examines the interdependence and the specialization of jobs located at the Port
through the use of oral histories. Students gather data from a variety of print and non-print
sources, such as photographs, charts, and interviews.

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