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									                   Figleaves Uncovers Customer Acquisition
                   Strategy with Yahoo! Search Marketing
                     Figleaves, Europe’s most popular lingerie site, uses Yahoo!

                     Search Marketing to target potential customers at the very

                     moment they are actively searching for lingerie online.

                  Company Background                         search marketing campaign. Yahoo!
                  First launched in the UK in 1998,          Search Marketing is the most
                  Figleaves is the most visited lingerie     user-friendly of all the search
                  site in Europe, selling the widest range   marketing providers,” comments
                  of intimate apparel on the Web. With       Claire White at Figleaves.
                  160 brands ranging from D&G and
                  Moschino to Gossard and Playtex,           Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Auto
                  Figleaves boasts over 350,000              Bidding tool allows Figleaves to set the
                  customers in 66 countries.                 maximum price it is willing to pay for a
                                                             click-through and adjust the
                  Attracting More Customers                  cost-per-click to get the best price
                  Customer acquisition and retention         available. Figleaves pays only £0.01
                  have always been the main objectives       more than the maximum bid (‘Max
                  of Figleaves’ web site. In 2002, the       Bid’) of the next highest competitor
                  company decided to conduct a               without exceeding its own Max Bid.
                  search marketing campaign with                                                        “Leads from Yahoo! Search Marketing
                  Yahoo! Search Marketing to aid its         Results                                    convert twice as well as those from other
                                                                                                        forms of online advertising such as banners
                  customer acquisition programme,            The search marketing campaign
                                                                                                        and logo links.”
                  driving prequalified leads and new         with Yahoo! Search Marketing is
                  prospects to            deemed so valuable to Figleaves that       “With Yahoo! Search Marketing, you know
                  Bidding on 250 keywords to start           it is now an integral part of the          exactly what’s working — it’s completely
                  with, Figleaves wanted to attract as       marketing strategy, running 365 days       transparent.”
                  many customers as possible —               a year. With Yahoo! Search Marketing
                                                                                                        “Auto Bidding is a really useful bid
                  including those who knew specifically      consistently allowing Figleaves to         management tool to save time and keep
                  what they wanted (searching on terms       reach its cost-per-acquisition targets,    costs at a sensible level. Now, if more people
                  like ‘Wonderbra’) and those who were       Claire sums it up saying, “Yahoo!          suddenly bid on a particular keyword (a
                  less certain (for example, searching       Search Marketing provides new              new brand, for example), we don’t need to
                                                                                                        continuously update our bids and are sure
                  for ‘lingerie’).                           customers with higher conversion
                                                                                                        we’re not paying more than we should.”
                                                             rates and better click-through rates
                  Managing the Campaign                      than any other sales medium.”              —Claire White, Marketing Services Manager,
                  Figleaves now bids on over 6,000                                                      Figleaves
                  keywords and uses Yahoo! Search
                  Marketing’s online account
                  management system to optimise its

                                                                                                        *Nielsen//NetRatings March 2005

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