1.    Bids are called for printing of New Brochures for SLTPB 2010 by the Chairman,
      Procurement Committee of SLTPB.

2.    Bids to be sealed in accordance with clause 4 of this ITB, shall be dispatched
      under registered post or hand delivered to the address given below, to receive
      before the closing date and time.
      Procurement Committee
      Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau
      80, Galle Road
      Colombo 03.

3.    Bids will be closed at 2.00 p.m. on 26th of May 2010 .

4.    Bids shall be submitted in one original and one duplicate. The Original and the
      Duplicate should be sealed in two separate envelopes and the two envelopes
      shall be enclosed in one envelope marked as “Printing of New Brochures for
      SLTPB 2010” on the top left hand corner of the envelope.

5.    Number of Bids- only one bid from each tenderer

6.    Cost of Bidding- entirely responsibility of bidders.

7.    Clarification of bid document- written request for clarification should be made
      before two working days prior to the dead line of the submission of bids.

8.    Amendments of bid documents – may be issued at any time prior to the dead
      line for submission of bids. Amendments should be part of bid documents.

9.    Language of document- English

10.   Bid currency – Sri Lankan Rupees

11.   Format and signing of bid document- original and duplicate of bids shall be
      typed or written in indelible ink and signed by authorized signatories. Any
      change should be initialed.

12.   Dead line for submission of bids may be extended at the discretion of

13.   Late bids- bids receive after the deadline will be rejected.

14. Opening of bids- Bids will be opened immediately after the dead line of
    accepting the bids. Bidder’s representative will be allowed to be present at the
    opening where the basic information announced and recorded.
15.         Preliminary examination- completeness and substantial responsiveness of each
            bid will be examined.

16.         Award of contract- Award will be done to the lowest evaluated responsive,
            qualified bides.

17.         Acceptation or rejection of bids- The Chairman, Procurement Committee
            reserved the right to accept, reject any bid or part of the bid submitted.

18.         Notification of award- The selected bidder will be notified by fax, telex or E-
            mail and followed by a letter.

19.         Validity period of the quotation should be 90 days from the date of opening of

20.         The price shall include printing cost, artwork setup charges, editing charges,
            providing of proofs, transportation etc.

      21.      Bidders are strictly advised to fill the price schedule annexed with here.
      22.      From printing companies who has in house latest model 4 colour printing
               presses equipped with computer print control systems(CPC) and ink density
               measuring and quality control systems.
      23.      If the Supplier fails to deliver any or all of the Goods by the Date(s) specified
               on the purchase order/awarding letter, the Purchaser may without prejudice
               to all its other remedies, deduct from the payments due to the Supplier, as
               liquidated damages, a sum equivalent to the 0.5 % per each working day of
               the delivered price of the delayed Goods.
      24.      Finished product will undergo Random checks for uniformed finished quality,
               if any defects are observed, be informed that all rectification will have to
               be completed at your expense.

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