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SecurityFocus Penetration Re VoIP testing Help(1)


									                             SecurityFocus Penetration: Re: VoIP testing Help

                                 Re: VoIP testing Help


From: Mark Teicher (
Date: 07/22/05

Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 13:38:49 −0400 (GMT−04:00)
To: Hazim <hazim@scan−>, Clement Dupuis <>

Assembling an arsenal of VoIP Security Tools to assess various VoIP platforms is quite cumbersome and
much different from cobbling together a list of non−commercial network security tools and commercial
network security tools. SiviUS is a nice tool but it is not quite complete, as it does not test for H.323 or SIP
transformation validation and other such features.

Being able to have a product that is capable of producing threshold index on various VoIP measurements
including a security index on the specific vulnerabilities it checks for would be a great help in accessing a
network infrastructure migrating to VoIP or reviewing a newly integrated VoIP solution.

Measurement Rating Index
MOS 1.0 −−> 200.00 1−−>5

Results accumulated by x number of endpoints, and pertinent variables: (RTP, Jitter, RTP, QOS, Frame
Compression, Payload (GSM, G711, etc), Min calls, Max calls, cycle

Includes a packet capture and playback feature (mostly likely Ethereal with statistical plug−ins)
Can be run from any platform (.tar.gz for U*nix and installshield for Windows especially for those security
consultants who are far from click here, crank there methodology.
Security Feature checking ability (oscheck for specific VoIP products, using nmap will reveal the underlying
operating system (sometimes attractive) but one is more interested in what the particular VoIP vendor
implemented on top of the underlying operating system, or if certain libraries have been removed to avoid the
"oops, can be compromised warning/red flagging" the hopped up on "RED BULL" or "CROSS YOUR
HEART: security consultants tend to point out in the fancy long−winded report.

If a VoIP assessment report is more than 10 pages without a fair amount of self−explanatory graphs, "do not
pass GO, and start again"

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From: Hazim <hazim@scan−>
Sent: Jul 21, 2005 10:34 PM
To: Clement Dupuis <>
Cc: 'Mark Sec' <>, security−,
Subject: Re: VoIP testing Help

Re: VoIP testing Help                                                                                              1
                         SecurityFocus Penetration: Re: VoIP testing Help
Clement Dupuis wrote:

>Do take a look at Cain & Abel ( they have a voip sniffer and it
>does work ver well with some implementation.
>On top of all that: it is FREE
>Have fun
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>>From: Mark Sec []
>>Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 6:58 PM
>>To: security−; pen−;
>>Subject: VoIP testing Help
>>Alo Folks:
>>Well now we have a audit over VoIP , we need whitepappers, tools ,
>>the big problem may be are the tools, for example we need "examples"
>>or "PoC like sniffing over VoIP whith tools tcpdump and Ethereal, how
>>to convert the traffic to .wav file , Which are the strings over my
>>shell use tcpdump, opensource and comercial tools.
>>thanks for all ur help :−)

Re: VoIP testing Help                                                          2
                            SecurityFocus Penetration: Re: VoIP testing Help
>>− Mark
I think Cain & Abel will have a problem with g723 codec. I've tried
sniff using Ethereal and it works well. Just that u need some additional
tools such as JmStudio and rptplay.

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