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Implementation of Basic Barcelona Model (BBM) within the framework of ABAQUS by msa.sid


									Implementation of Basic Barcelona Model (BBM) within the
framework of ABAQUS.
Mohammed Saiful Alam Siddiquee
Department of Civil Engineering,
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.
E-mail :


Basic Barcelona Model (BBM) for the unsaturated collapsible/expansive soil opened a vast
field of elasto-plastic framework for the further development of unsaturated soil models
within this framework. As the BBM deals with negative pore water pressure or suction as a
variable within the model, it is necessary to implement this model in such a program that can
handle coupled analysis of soil skeleton with pore fluid. The initial survey of available
geotechnical software having a capability of dealing with pore water pressure as a nodal
variable and allowing the user to write his own user-routine shows that ABAQUS has this
ability. So it is implemented into the ABAQUS as a user subroutine. While implementing it
has been found out that the nodal suction values are not directly accessible from the user
routine, rather it has to be accessed through another user routine. A new backward Euler
stress integration algorithm is proposed and implemented, which particularly suitable for this
kind of coupled analysis within the framework of ABAQUS. The results are compared with
the typical unsaturated triaxial testing results from the literature and it has been found

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