regex-cheatsheet by charmaine6719


									Regular Expressions - Quick Reference Guide
Anchors                              Literal Characters
                                                                                                     Character group contents
        start of line
$       end of line                  Letters and digits match exactly             axB70              x          individual chars
\b      word boundary                Some special characters match exactly        @-=%               x-y        character range
\B      not at word boundary                                                                         [:class:]  posix char class
\A      start of subject
                                     Escape other specials with backslash         \. \\ \$ \[
\G      first match in subject
                                                                                                     [^:class:] negated class
\z      end of subject               Character Groups
\Z      end of subject               Almost any character (usually not newline)   .                  Examples
        or before newline at end                                                                     [a-zA-Z0-9_]
                                     Lists and ranges of characters               [ ]
Non-printing characters              Any character except those listed            [^ ]               [[:alnum:]_]
\a        alarm (BEL, hex 07)
\cx       "control-x"
\e        escape (hex 1B)            Counts (add ? for non-greedy)                                   Comments
\f        formfeed (hex 0C)          0 or more ("perhaps some")                     *                (?#comment)
\n        newline (hex 0A)           0 or 1 ("perhaps a")                           ?
\r        carriage return (hex OD)
\t                                   1 or more ("some")                             +                Conditional subpatterns
          tab (hex 09)
\ddd      octal code ddd             Between "n" and "m" of                         {n,m}            (?(condition)yes-pattern)
\xhh      hex code hh                Exactly "n", "n" or more                       {n}, {n,}        (?(condition)yes|no-pattern)
\x{hhh..} hex code hhh..

Generic character types              Alternation                                                     Recursive patterns
\d      decimal digit                Either/or                                       |               (?n)         Numbered
\D      not a decimal digit                                                                          (?0) (?R)    Entire regex
\s      whitespace character
\S                                   Lookahead and Lookbehind                                        (?&name)     Named
        not a whitespace char
\w      "word" character             Followed by                                    (?= )
\W      "non-word" character         NOT followed by                                (?! )            Replacements
POSIX character classes              Following                                    (?<= )             $n   reference capture
alnum letters and digits             NOT following                                (?<! )
alpha  letters                                                                                       Case foldings
ascii  character codes 0-127
blank                                Grouping                                                        \u   upper case next char
       space or tab only
cntrl  control characters            For capture and counts                       ( )                \U   upper case following
digit  decimal digits                Non-capturing                                (?: )              \l   lower case next char
graph  printing chars -space                                                                         \L   lower case following
lower  lower case letters
                                     Named captures                               (?<name>       )
print  printing chars +space         Alternation                                                     \E   end case folding
punct  printing chars -alnum         Back references
space white space                                                                                    Conditional insertions
                                     Numbered                                     \n \gn \g{n}
       upper case letters                                                                            (?n:insertion)
word   "word" characters             Relative                                     \g{-n}
xdigit hexadecimal digits            Named                                        \k<name>           (?n:insertion:otherwise)

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