Lesson 1 EQ IQ by hcj


									                              Lesson 1        EQ: IQ
Teaching Aims:
 To be able to talk about EQ and IQ
 To practise using Past Participles with various functions in sentences
Teaching difficulties:
To practise using Past Participles with various functions in sentences
Teaching Aids: computer
Teaching procedures:
Ⅰ Warming up
T: Today we study lesson 1 EQ: IQ. What does EQ stand for?
T: yes. Emotional Quotient. It tells you how well you use your smartness. Do this test
to find out your EQ. Then compare and discuss your results with a partner.
Do the exercise1.
T: How many points do you get in the EQ test?
T: Now we know the meaning of EQ. we often hear someone refer to IQ, so we are
familiar with IQ. What does IQ stand for?
T: Intelligence Quotient. Tells you how well you use your smartness.
     Which do you think is more important?    EQ or IQ?    Why?
Now read the text you will learn something important about EQ and IQ. Do the
exercise true or false.
1. The article is mainly talking about the relationship between EQ and IQ.
2. Whether we can succeed or not more depends on IQ than EQ.
3. High EQ can make people get along well with other people.
4. High EQs can make you full of confidence for life since you face many difficulties.
5. EQ is always the opposite of IQ.
6. A person can’t have both high EQs and IQs.
7. A person’s IQ can’t be improve while EQ can be changed.
Answers: 1. F       2. F    3.T   4. T     5.F 6 .F      7.T
Ⅲlistening and reading
Firstly listen to the cassette. Secondly read the text aloud. Thirdly answer the
following questions. Do the exercise 2.
Do the exercise correct mistakes
   1. It is IQ which gets you hired and EQ that gets you promoted
   2. Many quick-witted students fail exams, perhaps it is because differences in
     person’s EQ.
3. It is little doubt that those with low EQs have a harder time surviving in life.
4. They also showed better understanding of the disabled students’ feeling.
5. They suggest a link between EQ, IQ, genetics and environment.
6. The social scientists said that they were possible to improve a person’s EQ.
7. The book is very worth reading.
8. It is hoped we can win the game in the end.

Answers: 1. which 改为 that            2. because 后面加        of    3. It 改为 There       4.
understanding 前加 a           5. environment 前加 the        6. they were 改为 it was
7. very 改为 well            8. hoped 后面加 that
Do you think EQ and IQ tests should be a part of job recruitment? Why?
Do the exercise 4
ⅥLanguage points
1. talk …into doing 劝服某人做某事
We finally talked father into buying a new car.
persuade somebody to do something
We finally persuade father to buy a new car.
2. suggest        “指出” “暗示”
The police suggested that the movie for the crime was jealousy.
The look on his face suggested that he was angry.
suggest 作“建议” 解时, 后面接宾语从句用虚拟语气 should+ 动词原形,should
She suggest that we (should) start early.
3. end up        最后结局, 最后成了
If you keep your car at a speed like that, you will end up in hospital.
4. in terms of        就某事来说, 从某个角度来看
In terms of money they are quite rich, but not in terms of happiness.
5. be willing to do           愿意做某事
Nobody is willing to go out on such a stormy night.
He is willing to do anything for us.
6. there is no / little doubt that
There is no doubt that they will succeed in reaching home before dark.
ⅦGrammar:Past participles
1. Explanation:
1. The recovered animals will be released soon.
“被治好了的动物 ” 做定语表完成,表被动。
2. These are the required courses for senior high school students.
3. When he entered the room, he found the window broken.
补充说明宾语 window 的情况 window 被打碎了, 过去分词做宾语补足语,表
4. I’ll have my bike fixed while you are cooking.
补充说明宾语 my bike 的情况, bike 是被修, 过去分词做宾语 bike 补足语,表
5. The street is lined with small shops.
6 The cup is broken.
这个句子不表示茶杯被打碎了的动作, 而表示茶杯碎了的状态。
In written English, past participle clauses can be used to link two parts of a sentence.
Clauses like these can be used as alternatives to:
Reason clauses
1. He soon fell asleep, exhausted by the journey.
=He soon fell asleep, because he was exhausted by the journey.
2. Influenced by Gandhi’s ideas about peaceful protests, he organized a bus protest in
=Because he was influenced by Gandhi’s ideas about peaceful protests, he organized
a bus protest in 1965.
Time clauses
1. Seen from the hill, the town looks magnificent.
= When the town is seen from the hill, the town looks magnificent.
2.Tried in some countries in Shandong Province, the new method of farming resulted
in a marked rise in grain production.
=After the new method of farming was tried in some countries in Shandong
Province, the new method of farming resulted in a marked rise in grain production
Conditional clauses
Given more time and attention, you can do it much better next time.
=If you are given more time and attention, you can do it much better next time.
Compared to the other group, we are quite quick.
=If we are compared to the other group, we are quite quick.
2. Do the exercise 5 and 6
3. Rewrite the following sentences with the correct participles.
1. He found his phone _________ (disconnect) as he didn’t pay his bill.
2. Have you noticed classical music usually ______ (play) by TV commercials for
luxury cars?
3. The car turned away, _____ (head) for the countryside.
4. _____ (recognize) as a man of many talents, the young man has a promising future.
5. The old man looked very pleased to see that his apartment beautifully _____
6. Ways must be found to deal with the constant noise ____ (cause) serious health
7. The building ______ (destroy) in the earthquake are being rebuilt now.
8. _____ (do) well in the final exams, lucky children will be sent to holidays camps.
9. We must have our windows ______ (repair) before winter comes, or we’ll freeze.
10. _____ (shock) at the terrible working conditions, we decided to quit the job.
11. _____ (choose) from 1,500 army pilots to work as an astronaut, Yang Liwei felt
lucky and excited.
12. The flight ______ (delay) by the storm is for Xia Men.
Answers: 1. disconnected      2. played      3. heading 4.Recognised        5. decorated
6. causing     7. destroyed       8. Doing      9. repaired
10. Shocked      11. Chosen       12. delayed
1. Helen had to shout ____above the sound of the music.
   A. Making herself hear          B. to make herself hear
   C. Making herself heard           D. to make herself heard
2.____by the beauty of nature, the girl from London decided to spend another two
days on the farm.
   A. Attracting                 B. Attracted
   C. To be attracted          D. Having attracted
3. ____time, he’ll make a first –class tennis player.
   A. Having given               B. To give
   C. Giving                     D. Given
4. Friendship is like money: easier made than ____.
   A. kept                B. to be kept
   C. keeping             D. being kept
5. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see ______ the next year.
   A. Carry out           B. carrying out
   C. Carried out         D. to carry out
6. Don’t use words, expressions, or phrases ________only to people with specific
   A. Being known               B. having been known
   C. to be known               D. known
   Answers: 1. D        2. B   3.D    4.A     5.C       6.D
Talk about what is EQ and the importance of improving EQ.

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