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                           Andaman & Nicobar Island

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                                         Book review

Title of the book: - The fascinating world of bees.
Author: - V.V.Rodionov & I.A.Shabarshov
Published by: - Mir publishers Moscow.
Editor: - Cynthia Martin.

Review: It’s about honeybees & bee keeping, about the instincts governing the activity of a
bee colony at different stages of its development, about the ways to the master these instincts
& how to use them in practical bee keeping.
           When a bee is collecting nectar (the sugar juice of plants which is the bees’ main
source of carbohydrates) or pollen (there fund of proteins and vitamins) ,hundreds of
thousands pollen grain that are male gametes of plants stick to be bees’ body, thickly covered
by little hairs. Upon landing on a new flower of the same species or even of another one, the
bee not only gathers pollen from this flower but she simultaneously deposits on it some
pollen from another blossom.

Summary: Unlike many other insects, honeybees don’t live as solitary individuals but in
large colonies, in communities. Consequently

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