OUTLINE JOB DESCRIPTION

TITLE: Chief Executive Officer

SALARY: c. £47,000       per annum
RESPONSIBLE TO: Chair and Board of Trustees.

Following an organisational review the new post of Chief Executive has been
created. Consequently it is important to note that this job description is: -

      indicative rather than prescriptive
      expected to encompasses the full range of normal senior
       executive functions in a dynamic organisation arising from the
       combination of existing and new duties
      subject to change in the prioritisation of the detailed day to day
      to be agreed in its final format during induction between the
       successful applicant and the Board of Trustees

 Initial key responsibilities will be to :-

   1. provide inspirational leadership, guidance and support to trustees and
      staff in safeguarding existing services and developing new provision in
      response to evidence based need among client groups and service
   2. carry responsibility for all day to day service provision including
      strategic oversight and performance management
   3. maintain a robust awareness and knowledge of contemporary domestic
      violence legislation, theory and practice and provide suitable
      interpretation to trustees, managers and staff within the organisation
   4. maintain a robust awareness and knowledge of charitable law and
      governance and provide suitable interpretation and training to trustees
   5. maintain a general awareness and knowledge of contemporary
      legislation including health and safety, equality and diversity,
      employment, environmental policies and general duty of care and
      ensure that all organisational activities and policies meet with and
      integrate with national requirements
   6. identify, develop and direct the implementation of the business strategy
      including those aspects commensurate with implementing the finding
      from the organisational review 07/08
   7. plan and direct the organisation's activities to achieve stated/ agreed
      targets and standards for financial and trading performance,
      quality, culture and legislative adherence within agreed timescales and
8. develop and implement the evaluation and development of operational
    strategy and performance in co-operation with the executive team
9. recruit, select and develop executive team members including where
    relevant short-term and long term consultancies
10. liaise with other managers so as to understand all necessary aspects
    and needs of their areas of operation, and to ensure they are fully
    informed of legislative and operational objectives, purposes and
11. direct functions and performance via the executive team but also be
    personally responsible for doing various tasks as agreed from time to
    time with the Board of Trustees
12. direct and or establish and maintain appropriate systems for measuring
    necessary aspects of organisational management and development
13. report to the Trustees on organisational plans and performance
    including financial matters
14. liaise with external agencies, stakeholders, politicians and partner
    organisations as appropriate including attendance at forums, meetings,
    and taking part in public speaking and promotion of SHDWA
15. execute the responsibilities of a chief executive according to lawful and
    ethical standards
16. to do all other tasks and carry all other responsibilities as are
    necessary to meet the spirit and purpose of the job of chief executive of
                        St. Helens District Women’s Aid

                             Person Specification

                            Chief Executive Officer

Please use this person specification when completing your application form
and continue on separate sheets of paper if necessary.

Candidates will be chosen for first interview on the basis of how closely they
match the person specification, their completed application form and their C.V.

Final interviews will be on the basis of the above, their performance at the first
interview and references.

ESSENTIAL Experience
   A demonstrably significant leadership position
   Significant experience in a senior management position which includes
    hands on line management of people and projects
   Significant grassroots relevant experience in any organisation
   Demonstrable experience of success in project development from initial
    concept to implementation
   EITHER Successful Bid Development to a range of funders eg Third
    sector, public bodies, private sector OR substantial experience of
    Supporting People contracts and funding regimes and residential
   Interagency Liaison with a wide range of stakeholders/ partners
   Team work
   Contract negotiation and implementation
   Strategy Setting and implementation
   Report writing
   Experience of Committee work and governance

DESIRABLE Experience
   Work in a domestic violence project
   Familiarity with Children and vulnerable adults safeguarding
     procedures and requirements
   Operating local authority contracts, service level agreements and value
     for money
   Budget Setting and control
   Experience of Third Sector governance and Charitable Sector
   Quality Assurance work
   P.R. Marketing and or media work
   To be in agreement with the ethos and general philosophy of SHDWA
   To be able to promote the SHDWA ethos and foster its implementation
    as well as generally encourage and support participation, meaningful
    consultation and equal opportunities ensuring compliance with all
    relevant current legislation
   To provide excellent leadership and management to the organisation
   Ability to relate well to a wide range of stakeholders including
    vulnerable clients and service users, management committee and
    external partners
   Strategic vision and implementation
   Performance management
   Strong financial literacy
   Analytical Judgement and decision making
   To work in consensus but to take hard independent judgments
   To formulate and implement policy
   Excellent communication skills and good people skills
   To be a doer not a talker

   Computer literate using popular programmes eg Word, Excel etc
   Internet competent
   Statistical compilation and interpretation
   Familiarity with employment law including recent equality and diversity
   Familiarity with Data Protection and Disclosures
   Ability to drive and use own car for work

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