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									The first ever Prime Time


                                                                                        Prime Timers
                                                                                        with Pr. Ssem-
                                                                                           pa at the

A Dream Come True                      Prime Timers‟ he hadn‟t seen in my and daddy. Congratulations the
                                       years.                               Lukwagos!
The first ever Prime Time Alumni       Prime Timers came in all categories
reunion came to pass on 5th may.       engaged, sinlge, married and preg-
All the stress that comes with orga-   nant...
nizing such events seemed to dis-      Sekayita Andrew, an engineer was
appear when I saw Prime timers all     thankful to Prime time for support-
the way from Soroti, Mbale, Apac,      ing him be sexually pure. At 28
kapchorwa, Hoima and within the        he‟s still a virgin and very single.
city show up nicely dressed, I got     When asked about finding some-
so excited. I knew this was a dream    one,       he     said     „after…..
come true!                             CHOGM…..!‟

Prime Timers numbering over 200        Bishop with Ibanda were our
gathered to celebrate 8 years of       MCs.They did a fine job keeping
transformed lives. Pr. Ssempa now      everyone lively. Bishop is now     Andrew also the Alumni
Dr. unbelievably kept time! He         married, to Fiona a Prime Timer    Chairman shares his story.
came along with his wife, Tracey. It   and in a few months will be mum-
was nice to see him reconnect with

PRIMETIMERS                 PrimeTime changed my Life wife and I are still with Prime Time
                                                                   because it gives us satisfaction to be
                             “Prime Time helped me keep the part of an initiative that is making a
                            promise to be sexually pure till my difference in the lives of thousands.
                            marriage.” Said Christine while
                            Margaret adds “It‟s nice to know Swallowship-Food time
                            that as you move from campus into
                            the field, the struggle to be sexually Many Alumni, finalists, sisters and
                            pure continues and there are people the Dr. himself showed extraordi-
                            actually winning.”                     nary skill and expertise when it
                            “It was at Prime Time that my life came to the food moment. Some
                            turned around.” says Frank. For seemed to say, It was for this reason
                            Vince and Suzan Prime Time has that we came!
                            helped them remain sexually pure
                            and Robert simply says “It made The PrimeTime Music mix
                            my Saturdays cool.”
                            Doreen now a counselor said “I Presentations from notable Prime
                            never would have known what it Timers; Ham K, Wilson Bugembe
                            meant to abstain if it wasn‟t for and Martin Sseku, were exceeding-
                            Prime Time, I'm a changed life.”       ly fantastic but it was Dr. Martin
                                                                   in collaboration with Sseku that
                            PrimeTime...                           rocked us all. We could not help but
                            .....the story continues               dance to “Kuma Obwesigwa” a
                                                                   single released on Valentine‟s Day.
                            Pastor Ssempa spoke about the con- Get your self this song, it rocks...
                            tinuing story of Prime Time, and
                            caused all of us to think for a mo-    The “carry your candle” Prime
                            ment… If Prime Time had never          Time memorial was a refreshing
                            been…? I thought to myself I           moment lighting up the dark world
                            would not be married because it‟s at   and bringing hope around us.
                            Prime Time that I met my wife,
                            Jackie. Prime Time really impacted
                            both our lives, and that is why my
„The Dr...I am committed‟
The ‘Bishops’ Mr. and
Mrs. Lukwago on their
wedding day, Vince and
Suzan are engaged and
are saving sex for
marriage. Vince hopes
to be president of
Rwanda someday.
Look out
for the;
June 9th
Alumni Love, Marriage and
touchThe dinner acquired a romantic
      feel when to the surprise of
       everyone Pastor Ssempa un-
       veiled a special diamond ring
       for his dear wife Tracey. All
Primethe ladies felt like receiving a
Time @ immediately but the guys
       seemed to say „shaa… do you
the pool
every know how much it costs?‟
urday When Pr. Ssempa asked Tracey
        at                                                                                           15yrs of faithful
MUK    to marry him all he had was his                                                               marriage. Congs
swimming and so he had longed for                                                                    Dr&Mrs. Ssem-
pool 7-such a time. They had just cel-                                                                   pa
10pm ebrated 15 years of faithful
  ing At the end of it all, a special cele-     Time did impact your life?
                                              • Do you know other Prime Time        And my biggest thanks go to God
  AIDS,Me cake was cut to wind up the                                               who brings to pass dreams!
       evening. A photo shoot-out, con-
  ntoring                                       Alumni, recruit them into the
       versations, hugs and who knows
  global                                        network, forward this email to
  leaders.... bachelor changed his status?
       some                                     them.                               Hey I almost forgot, Jacque my sis-
       That we will get to know in the next                                         ter, bride friend and wife, I love u
Be part of
       dinner.                                Appreciation
PrimeI need to sign out but before I do                                             Love you all,
Time,Make my final thoughts…Kindly
       here are
a differ- seriously consider the follow-      My big thanks go to all of you for    Sp Onaba
ence! ing.                                    making Prime Time what it is and      PrimeTime Producer.
                                              thank you for honoring our invita-
WWW. Points                                   I also want to thank all of you who
   •          Prime       Alumni net-
PRI- Join thesign up Timeon primeti-          reached into your pockets-thank       PS
     work -          now                      you a big one!                        We are waiting to hear from you.                                The Prime Time crew you are a
ME-• Become a Prime Time partner-             blast, Dr.and Mrs. Ssempa you are
     support financially.                     the best. Special thanks to Power
MUK.C your story. How Prime
   • Share                                    FM for sending our word out!
        Look out for the;                                                            .
         Next Alumni gathering                 Prime Time @ the pool every           WWW.PRIMETIME
         Finalists and Alumni                  saturday at MUK swimming              MUK.COM
       Prime Time- June 9th                    pool 7-10pm
   07124                                         “Preventing AIDS,Mentoring
16780-Sp in touch today....!
         Get                                     global leaders....                    0712416780-Sp
   07824                                       Be part of Prime Time,Make a            0782427994-Andrew
                                               difference!                             0414543765-James
Andrew                                                                                 primetime-

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