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									Press Information
March 08, 2011

Third generation Philips GoGear Muse MP4 player protects your ears
and knows your music taste

                                      Barcelona, Spain – Philips introduces the third
                                      generation of its successful GoGear Muse MP4
                                      player with new, additional sound features for a
                                      great experience on the move. The GoGear
                                      Muse comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB versions with
                                      a sleek 3.2-inch wide screen display. This large
                                      display offers a high resolution for superb video
                                      quality and crisp, vivid images, and a native
                                      16:9 aspect ratio for perfect video display
                                      without the quality loss that comes from scaling
                                      an image to fit the size of the screen. The
                                      capacitive touch screen reacts to the slightest
touch of the finger and allows easy and intuitive navigation of your media files.

The new GoGear comes complete with all the exquisite sound features we already
know from past models: FullSound, Surround for Movies and sound-isolation
headphones. The combination of Philips‟ patented FullSound™ technology and
sound isolation earphones that block out background noise provides a superbly clear
and detailed music experience, even in noisy surroundings. With Surround for
Movies, prepare to immerse yourself in the action and experience cinematic movie
sounds while you are on the go.

The outstanding sound quality of the Philips GoGear Muse was proven in recent
consumer tests, when 90 percent of people who took the sound challenge1 preferred
Philips GoGear.

But for the latest GoGear Muse, Philips has been working on new exciting features:
SafeSound, Sound Personalization and LikeMusic.

                                  Do you want to be able to completely indulge yourself
                                  in music but sometimes worry about damaging your
                                  hearing? When using SafeSound you can now enjoy
                                  an unconstrained listening experience. SafeSound
                                  technology analyzes your listening and informs you
                                  when volume levels and exposure may impact on your
                                  long-term hearing. Once warned, all you have to do is
press the „Safe level‟ button and the volume is automatically adjusted to the safe
sound level so you can enjoy your music at a safe volume– but your ears will still be
filled with crystal clear sound. In addition, SafeSound provides daily and weekly
overviews of your sound exposure so you can take better charge of your hearing

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Sound Personalization

                            The new Sound Personalization feature on the GoGear
                            Muse is an intuitive, unique and fun way to get the sound
                            that is right for you. While listening to a music track you can
                            let your finger glide over the touch screen of the Muse to
                            explore the right music settings for you. It will change the
                            equalizer settings of the device automatically in a smooth
                            way until you find the sound setting that you prefer.
                            Choosing the perfect sound has never been that fun and


                                    With LikeMusic you can now have perfect playlists
                                    created for you. LikeMusic is included in the Philips
                                    Songbird media player and makes playlists from
                                    your songs based on what fits together, taking
                                    music from your library and the GoGear device.

                                      The difference to common offers on the market is
                                      that Like Music really analyzes the music of your
                                      choice, while other similar services work with
                                      metadata that are attached to the music. By
                                      analyzing the music directly, LikeMusic ensures
that the music really fits together and is not just based on artists which are known for
a similar style. As a result, it‟s not just famous artists that appear in your playlists but
also local artists and special remixes.

Philips GoGear Muse 3 is a CES Innovations Award 2011 Winner
                                  The GoGear Muse will fill your ears with such
                                  superior, detailed sound you will feel all the
                                  passion, precision and dedication that the
                                  artist intended. For this great experience, the
                                  GoGear Muse has already been recognized
                                  with a CES Innovations Award 2011: “Philips
                                  GoGear Muse promises a sensational
                                  experience on the go with true-to-life sound
                                  performance and a remarkably intuitive user
                                  interface, all packed in a superb design
featuring real materials.”

Visit for more information about Philips range of GoGear portable
audio and video players.

For the latest news and exclusive background stories on Philips Audio and Video
products, follow Philips Pulse

For further information, please contact:
Ina J. Kruse
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Tel: + 31 610 708 393

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