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					2009-11-19                                                                                                     IEEE L802.16-09/0132r1

                   IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access
                                                                                            Roger B. Marks
                                                                                            Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group

                                                                                            19 November 2009

To:        IMT-Advanced Independent Evaluation Groups
cc:        Proponents of IEEE Technology

Subject: Update on IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Evaluation Group Coordination Meeting

As you know, the details of IEEE’s Submission of a candidate IMT-Advanced RIT based on IEEE 802.16 are
represented in IMT-ADV/4. Further information was provided in IEEE’s presentation to the 3rd Workshop on IMT-Advanced.

The IEEE 802.16 Working Group would like to provide you with updated information regarding the IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced
Evaluation Group Coordination Meeting mentioned in IMT-ADV/4.

(a) In order to aid the Independent Evaluation Groups (IEGs) in their evaluation of the proposal, the IEEE 802.16 Working Group
invites them (along with other proponents of IEEE Technology for IMT-Advanced) to the “IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Evaluation
Group Coordination Meeting.” This meeting will be held on 13 January 2010 in San Diego, California, USA, in conjunction with
IEEE 802.16 Session #65. At the meeting, IEEE 802.16 members will present an overview of the proposal as well as an update
regarding the current status of the P802.16m draft standard and will be available to address comments and questions. The meeting will
also provide an opportunity for the independent evaluation groups to exchange views among each other and with members of the
IEEE 802.16 Working Group.

(b) Advance registration is required. Please take note of the 4 January 2010 deadline. Full information is available at <http://>. Approximately half of the IEGs have already registered their intent to participate.

(c) We hope to encourage a highly technical meeting in which specific questions are discussed and addressed in detail. We have now
posted the initial meeting agenda <>. We call your attention to Agenda Item 7, which is an
opportunity for your group to present questions for discussion. In order for Working Group technical experts to consider your
questions, we encourage you to submit them to us <> in advance, by 4 January 2010.

(d) If you do wish to present information regarding the status of your group, or any preliminary results, please inform us by 4 January
2010 so that we may adjust the agenda accordingly.

(e) We warmly welcome the meeting participants to attend a social reception on Wednesday evening, along with the participants in
IEEE 802.16 Session #65 and those of several related IEEE 802 activities.

The web site for the IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Candidate Proposal is available at <>. Updated
information will be provided there.


Dr. Roger B. Marks
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access

cc:        Paul Nikolich, Chair, IEEE 802 Executive Committee
           Michael Lynch, IEEE-SA Technical Liaison to ITU-R

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Description: In the past few years, broadband wireless access system has attracted widespread attention, it has a low investment, construction, fast transfer rate higher number of advantages. BWA system uses a multipoint network structure to support voice, data and video services. Typical is the LMDS system, it is a fixed broadband wireless access systems, IEEE 802 committee set up in 1999 to 802.16 working group specially developed broadband wireless access standard. Responsible for IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless access air interface standard and its related functions, which consists of three small working groups, each small work groups were responsible for different aspects: IEEE802.16.1 responsible for setting a frequency of 10 ~ 60GHz wireless interface standard; IEEE 802.16.2 is responsible for co-area broadband wireless access system standards; IEEE 802.16.3 is responsible for the frequency range of 2 ~ 10GHz frequency between the received license applications for wireless interface standard. IEE E802.16 standards are concerned with the user's base station transceiver radio interface between the transceiver, including PHY MAC specifications.