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DATE: July 1, 2010

PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular meeting.

OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session
on July 1, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the Muskingum Township Fire
Building. All trustees and fiscal officer were present.

Minutes read and approved.   Checks approved and signed for

Jerry Miller had two estimates for paving the following roads:

    Eric Adam Drive:     Shelly Company       $15,290

                         Robinson Paving      $14,041

    Carnation Road       Shelly Company       $15,111

                         Robinson Paving      $13,860

    Southview Topcoat    Shelly Company       $32,258

                         Robinson Paving      $38,205

    McCaslin Topcoat     Robinson Paving      $18,252

                         No bid yet from Shelly

Jerry Miller stated he will get the estimate from Shelly
Company. Mike Maniaci made the motion to award the paving job
to Shelly Company for Southview Drive. And Robinson Paving to
do the paving for Carnation Road and Eric Adam Drive. Fusner
Seconded. All ayed. The estimate for McCaslin Road was tabled
pending a bid from Shelly Company.

Cecil Jordan said he will open the fence to put the dirt from
Stagecoach Road when they widen it. Mr. Jordan's only request
was to have a couple trees knocked over. Doug Davis said he will
knock those trees over and remove them with the dozer. He is
more than willing to help with this project anyway he can.

Lora Dunn wanted to know if all the tax money goes to Falls
Township Fire Department. Fusner informed residents the
benefits of contracting Falls Township was EMS/Fire Protection.
That Falls Township just purchased another squad, making three
squads and 3 fire stations.

One resident made a motion that Mr. Miller and Mr. Fusner resign
as of today.

Thelma Cohagen told residents that she would like to see this
many people at every meeting. They could be better informed if
they would attend. She further stated that the only thing these
two trustees are guilty of as far as misfeasance or malfeasance
is that they should’ve pulled the plug on this mess a long time

A female resident wanted to know if the trustees have an agenda?
Miller stated no, we do not have agendas we have old business
and that we've never had an agenda. Fusner stated townships
usually do not have agendas. She wanted to know if there was
major issues going on in the township, how are people suppose to
know what's going on. Further stated how embarrassing it was as
a resident of Muskingum Township with the fire truck with signs
and lights on during election time.

Another resident wanted to know why it took Falls township 15
minutes to find Babbs Road. She said it took longer for Falls
than it does for our Township.

John Newell asked Fusner about the comment made at a previous
meeting where there was mention of his father, Harold Newell,
trying to shut down the fire department in April 2003. Fusner
informed him he had a copy of the letter with him and Mr. Newell
could view it after the meeting. Fusner stated that Harold
Newell wrote in his letter how good of a department Falls
Township was if we decided to shut Muskingum Township down.
Steve Fusner said he was the one who didn't want to shut it

Tom Huey said he felt we should bring the fire department back
in our township.
Thelma Cohagen asked why the pharmaceutical license expired
December 31, 2009. That this is a requirement when carrying
oxygen on the first responder. Miller stated there have been
100 plus runs this year without any drug license. That we were
running illegally. Miller wasn't sure out of these 100 plus
runs how many were EMS runs because after closing down the fire
department on June 3, all records were deleted out of the
computer and all records were removed from the building.

Roger Cohagen mentioned sending out newsletters to all
registered voters in the township to make them aware of what is
going on in the township. Miller said they discussed something
like this possibly quarterly.

Jerry Miller said none of our fire trucks would've made ISO
(Insurance Service Office) rating. That both fire engines would
not pump water. Truck 704 the valve to hook up water to a
hydrant was froze up and had to be soaked for a week in oil to
break it loose and wouldn’t pump water. The other truck won’t
pump water either.

A male resident wanted to know why Mr. Maniaci voted the
opposite direction, against the squad, from the other two
trustees. Maniaci stated that he voted the opposite way,
because being a new trustee and knowing Mr. Benson for many
years before being a trustee, he felt in a period of time
whatever differences they had with the trustees that he could
hopefully reconcile. That his opinion at that time when this
was going on was to give Licking Township a chance and see how
it works. But he was out voted.

Trisha Newell wanted to know why the trustees didn’t try the 6
month squad service with Licking.

Ed Fell stated that he felt the trustees were trying to micro-
manage the fire department and removed the fire department
because of personality conflicts. Fusner said they don’t want
to micro-manage, they have roads to maintain and they don’t have
time to micro-manage the fire department. He wanted to make
sure the township is safe, it’s legal and the township doesn’t
get sued. And there were things that were occurring where this
could happen.
Mr. Watton wanted to know what happens to all of the fire
equipment. Did we give it to Falls? Did trustees have a
conversation with Falls Township to bring local people on board
so we would have local response? And why do trustees not allow
Muskingum Township volunteers to incorporate and then they
wouldn’t have to manage them.   Miller advised Watton we did not
give equipment to Falls Township. Falls will maintain it and
operate equipment. Muskingum Township will retain ownership and
Falls has the use of the Facility. Falls has submitted an
inventory sheet of every vehicle so trustees know exactly what
is on each truck. They will add equipment that is not on the
trucks to bring them up to ISO rating so they can operate the
trucks. When equipment becomes outdated, Falls will replace and
pay our township whatever the trade-in value is on the vehicle.
At that point Falls will own that new piece. But right now,
they are going to operate our equipment.

Greg Jadwin stated that 19 years ago he bought a truck to donate
to our fire department to take to the race track. Trustees
wouldn’t accept the truck at that time. He also wanted to know
if this contract with Falls should’ve been bid out to others.
Jerry Miller stated he didn’t believe it had to be bid out but
will re-verify this with Attorney Peter Griggs.

Mr. Watton feels that if it was voted on 30 years ago by the
residents to establish the fire department, that it should’ve
been voted on to abolish the fire department.

Brian Williams stated that he didn’t think it was voted on to
establish the department. That previous trustees and five other
gentleman in the township would gather for discussion and got
the fire department established. There was no voting.

Donnie Clark asked that the corporated Fire Department’s books
be audited so we as taxpayers who have donated to the fire
department would know where all the money is going. Also wanted
to inform trustees about the hole that needs fixed on his road.
Miller said the Fire Departments books were audited when the
fire department removed Jodie Armstrong from treasurer. Mr.
Clark also wanted to know who does that money belong to, does
anybody know? Fusner said probably the taxpayers, as they’re
the ones that donated. He asked Mr. Benson if he could answer
that question. Benson said the fire department is incorporated
and was incorporated by Jerry Miller’s dad Gary Miller. Benson
said the fire department has never been audited because they are
not required to be, it’s called a “financial review”. That was
done by an accountant of the trustees choice. He stated they
haven’t done it because they haven’t finished out the year.

Benson stated the other aspect he wanted to address was that
they offered to do the same thing that Falls Township is doing,
because Muskingum Township is incorporated. Write two checks a
year when the levy money comes in and they are deposited in
their account. The trustees would have nothing else to do with
the fire department until they need money for the levy, they
come and ask the trustees. Trustees did not accept the offer.

Lora Dunn said she would like to see the “purpose of the
meeting” put in the newspaper to keep the resident informed of
what is going on. She also wanted to know if she could make a
motion. Trustees advised that no, she cannot. She also asked
about viewing the contract. Miller said he will put it on the

Doug Brown from Licking Township Fire Department wanted to
clarify that the fire trucks were not ISO code and that ISO is
not the governing body for the State of Ohio fire. That it would
be NFPA code Miller said the trucks are not up to NFPA code
either. Jerry Miller brought up the issue there only being one
fire extinguisher on the new fire engine. There is suppose to
be three and that the one that was on the truck was empty.

Miller had a list of outdated fire equipment that they want to
donate to Mid-East Career Center. Fusner made the motion and
Maniaci seconded. All ayed.

Jerry Miller submitted inventory sheets that Falls Township had
given him on each individual truck.

Miller advised, according to the inventory given to the trustees
back in October from our fireman that there is still missing
gear from Troy Lowe, Mike Starling, Seth Dingey, Trent McCarty,
Brad Temple and Richard Greiner. Miller said they did get two
sets of gear from Matt Reed and Alex Hartman that was picked up
out in the parking lot by Miller. We’re missing 8 high band
radios that the EMA gave to the township that we haven’t
received back. The radio in the hallway at the fire station
that is missing Dave Holdren said it belonged to an individual,.
Dan Russo turned in fire gear, radio and pager to J.D. Johnson.
Trustees have no record that he was even on our department.

Jerry said there is still about 8 radios missing.     Mike Maniaci
has John Benson and Troy Lowe’s radios.

Maniaci said he spoke with John Robbins about making the ditch
wider/not deeper at the corner of Wilson Lane and Gorsuch Road.

Falls Township also gave Miller a list of items not working
properly on trucks 704 and 705.

    Truck 704       Main pump drain adjusted/replaced

                    Main pump packing adjusted/replaced

                    Pump primer had no oil (30w)

                    Pump Drive needs repaired

                    Rear Brakes need adjusted/replaced

                    Gauges Need Calibrated/replaced

                    Intake Valve not working/won’t open

    Truck 705       Pump Primer Stuck Open/needs replaced

                    Discharge Handle cracked/needs replaced

                    2 Gauges on Pump Panel needs replaced

                    Backup alarm not working/needs replaced

Fusner moved to adjourn.    Seconded by Maniaci.   All ayed.

                            JERRI A NEWELL, FISCAL OFFICER



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