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Diocese of British Columbia                                                      Volume 41, No 7                                                   September 2007

      CAMP                                            Environment Justice Camp ~ Mending Creation ~ participants imagine themselves
     by The Reverend Ken Gray                           as a sustainable forest with Co-Chair Peggy Wilmot (front centre) as a fir tree.
    Justice Camp was for me as a priest a
career highlight. I experience and practice
                                                               The EJC 2007 ran for six days in May with over 60 participants
priesthood through the lens of engagement.                             from across Canada and as far away as Australia.
    I develop and implement liturgical events,
where people encounter and are transformed              “Now that the camp is over, we are into
by divine presence.                                 something really exciting: the wave phase. The
    In our worship, in our study, when we           potential exists for a nationwide eco-justice
thrust our hands into the earth or salt water,      youth movement; this being a not-so-humble little
then we dug ditches or studied blueprints, we       suggestion that crept into a few conversations and
engaged in God’s mending of creation.               wasn’t chased away.”
    Those who led and participated in EJC               Anna-Maria Galante-Ward
2007 are forever changed.                               Activist & Journalist
                                                        Diocese of Nova Scotia & PEI
     So who mends creation?
     The One who created it?                            “I have been involved in a number of
     Or those who find themselves transformed       environmental organizations, however this
by it?                                              is unique because it’s the first time I’ve ever
     In truth, there is a co-operation, God with    looked at Ecojustice and spirituality together. I
human, within creation. No human can produce        plan to develop a program to educate about the
a life-giving process which mends creation;         interconnectedness of the ocean. I hope to use
we must simply stop harming that which gives        the skills I developed through the Shorekeepers
us life! God alone brings growth, healing and       program on the West coast. I feel encouraged both
wholeness.                                          as an activist and as a Christian.”
     As Walter Farquharson wrote many years             Derrick Lovell ~ Student
ago:                                                    University of Toronto
     God who gives to life its goodness …
     Give us now creative spirits,                       “I came to EJC to spend with a group who,
     Minds responsive to your mind” (CP 428)        together study and learn from one another about
                                                    our approach to environmental concerns in a
    “Mending Creation” was the sub-theme            Christian context. Connecting with others who
for Environment Justice Camp held in our            believe in faith in action is powerful, encouraging,
Diocese May 13th to the 19th. As we take stock,     nourishing. I am going home reenergized and
the question for planners is, how will such         encouraged to continue in action. I also will strive
mending occur, and were participants in fact,       to continue to work towards more sustainable
transformed?                                        agricultural practices on our farm. I look forward
    The data is not completely assembled but        to working with other Manitobans I met here at EJC
some early responses include the following:         – leadership on projects promoting environmental
                                                    responsibility from a justice-based perspective.
    “In the face of the serious challenges          The unique blend of youth and more seasoned
we all share, the note of celebration which I       participants is second to none. The immersion
carried away was the theme of “abundance”           experience is also second to none.”
– living beyond sustainability into a life of            Jan McIntyre ~ Anglican Farmer
respect, simplicity, and gratitude. All in all, a        Manitoba
stimulating and challenging week, helping me
to keep the greening of our ways at the forefront       “My activity in Environmental matters in my
of our agendas.”                                    home community will become more active. I am
    Andrew Twiddy ~ Priest                          on an advisory group on Bowen Island that makes
                                                                                                                     Three members of the ‘Shorekeepers’ group
    Diocese of BC                                                     See “EJC 2007” on Page Two...                   catalogue habitat at Cadboro Bay Beach
Diocese of British Columbia                                                          Page Two                                                                       September 2007
“EJC 2007” continued...
recommendations to the local municipal            “I want to know my environment            academic centers to re-consider the              SUMMARY
council about proposed developments,          better and discover how I can help            place of humanity in creation, and to                 In sum, the camp was not without
and our current council is interested         change the situation on a Christian           experience “earth” in a new way.                 shortcomings. I must say however, that
in green building standards as well as        perspective. During camp, my values               5. Members of the EJC leadership             as I recover my strength after what
sponsorship of affordable housing on our      on the environment took a turn and I          team will work with local First Nations,         I consider a “career highpoint” that
island. I hope to introduce a Shorekeepers    learned a lot on interdependence. My          with aboriginal leaders and teachers in          the experience, outcomes, efforts and
program on Bowen island. I appreciate         activity in Environmental matters in          programs around Spirituality and Water           celebrations of the camp leave me proud
the opportunity to participate although I     my home community will become more            and Cultural Restoration, these at the           to be Anglican. Proud to be a person of
have no organized religious affiliation. I    active. My values have changed and            invitation of Tsarlip elder, John Elliott        faith.
expect to benefit from hearing from           I intend to save more, and waste less,        and with the assistance of PhD candidate              My moderate interest in science
those who so and from the young people.       and reprimand my environmentally              Darlene Sanderson.                               grew, my social awareness was expanded,
Always great to hear from the young.”         unfriendly colleagues who waste                                                                and my connection with our global and
     Nerys Poole                              much. The information received was            NATIONAL OUTCOMES                                local faith community deepened.
     Community Organizer                      useful and made me realize that even               1. The Justice Camp Initiative                   Camp fostered all of these
     Bowen Island, BC                         one person can make a difference and          work continues with two future camps in          relationships. Camp envirhed all these
                                              that our actions are responsible for the      the development stage, one most likely           relationships.
     “In returning home I hope to             earth’s destruction.”                         in the North around issues of Culture,                My original hope was to engage and
reduce my ecological footprint in my              Kujang Jessica Kandaru                    and one in the Maritimes around trade            draw out the next generation of activists,
community, home and church. The camp              Student & Refugee from Kenya              and economic issues and experiences.             reflectors and leaders for Ecojustice in
made good use of outside resource people;         Halifax, NS                                    2. As the General Synod will                our church and community.
especially through presentations on the                                                     consider an amalgamation of the work                  I believe this has happened in part
Salish Sea ~ a local ecological overview,         There are more testimonies but            of the Partners in Mission Committee             through our efforts these past weeks.
and a local manifestation of Al Gore’s An     these can suffice for now. What about         and the Ecojustice Committee, a new                   Profound thanks to Bishop James,
Inconvenient Truth. Reflections like “the     outcomes. Funders want measurable             generation of faith-based activists,             to the diocese and all funders for their
tree exercise” and a focus on journaling,     outcomes. Those who plan such events          academics, organizers, and reflectors            considerable support.
were very good.                               also want to track action in response         has been identified.                                  A huge thanks and profound gratitude
     My small group focus was on              to the provocation that such a camp                3. The disconnect between youth             to my Co-Chair Peggy Wilmot, advocate,
inland waters. We examined among              provides. Here is an initial list of local,   and folks in midlife has been addressed          educator, organizer and friend.
other things, Victoria’s Water service        national and international outcomes           and greatly reduced through this effective            To Stephanie, Bob, Chris, and the
system and worked with a organization         from EJC 2007.                                pedagogical model.                               incredible Margaret Gibbs who produced
called Stream keepers, a volunteer based                                                         4. Through         camp,       social       the finest “conference” food I have ever
group that gathers data and restores and      LOCAL OUTCOMES                                networking and regional strategic                seen ~ thank you.
maintains inland streams.                          1. 14 locally recruited and trained      planning is well underway and will be                 To our amazing immersion leaders
     So I was in gum boats and up to          immersion leaders have now engaged in-        monitored and supported over time                who all have day-jobs and other
my elbows in a creek measuring pounds         depth an area of special environmental        through electronic means.                        significant commitments ~ thank you.
and riffles, water quality, assessing         concern or activity on Southern                    5. Portions of the camp will be                  To all those who “dropped in” with
riparian zones, counting invertebrate         Vancouver Island.                             televised on the religion program 100            gifts of wisdom and experience and
populations. Other groups focused on               2. Through the presence and              Huntley Street in due course; there were         information ~ your words and actions
environmental construction, power and         activity of two UVic chaplains and the        small features in local media as well.           are greatly appreciated.
energy, transportation, coastal waters &      head of continuing studies at Royal                6. Articles are being written by                 And finally to all the participants,
community planning. All Fascinating.          Roads University, we have a closer            camp graduates, for both secular and             both local and ‘from away’ ~ your
     In it all, we stopped to think deeply    relationship between our church and two       church media, for parish newsletters and         presence and exuberent participation
about God’s place in all this: about          post-graduate teaching institutions.          NGO periodicals about the experience             made the 2007 EJC a success that will
creation, the land and water. Its spiritual        3. Through their involvement with        and process of EJC.                              inspire me for years to come.
dimension, its biblical foundations. I am     EJC, as many as 20 local academics,                                                                 Thanks be to God in the power of
beginning to realize that our relationship    activists, politicians, and faith leaders     INTERNATIONAL OUCOMES                            the Spirit for all goodness and grace in
with the earth is more than that of utility   are acutely aware of the church’s role             1. The Justice Camp Model will              and through EJC 2007. AMEN
and stewardship. There is a fundamental       and passion in connecting with our            likely be exported to Australia and                   Editor’s Note: Beginning next
connectedness, a rootedness. Creation         environment in fresh and challenging          elsewhere in the Communion.                      month for the next nine months there
has an intrinsic value of its own. It has     ways.                                              2. Camp “graduates” will likely             will be Guest Writers providing their
purpose. While we may think it needs to            4. Through our sharing of the six        assist with hosting the forthcoming              insight on the environment and the
be restored, renewed and sustained, the       Ecojustice principles, and through the        meeting of the Anglican Communion                planet and our interaction wth each
earth also is healing.”                       curriculum developed by Dr. Christopher       Environmental Network in Halifax, JS             through editorials. This will be in
     Peter John Hobbs ~ Priest                Lind, a model is now available for faith      during May of 2008.                              addition to the Footprints Column that
     Diocese of Ottawa                        groups, public interest groups and                                                             will make it’s return next month.

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Diocese of British Columbia                                                      Page Three                                                               September 2007

          Rosie Catt & Lyn Comben
          Grafton Diocese, Australia
     Why were two Australians present         we came into contact with Ken Gray’s       to be an active, challenging, fun filled    coming together to learn what is being
so far from home at an eco-justice camp       regular ACEN emails. When we heard         meeting with the many faces of eco-         done, to ground this in our faith and love
in Victoria, British Columbia?                about the forthcoming Environment          justice, taking time to give something      for Creation and to take this back to our
     What could we have in common             Justice Camp we decided that this          back to the communities with which          own communities.
that would draw us to this camp?              may hold the key to change so almost       we interacted and focusing on what we            It was interesting to note just how
     We are Anglicans.                        immediately committed ourselves to         could take back with us.                    much work we all need to do on this.
     We are members of a diocesan             coming.                                         Ken Gray and Peggy Wilmot both              Twice, as we traveled after the
based Environment Commission.                     The Community immersion group          reminded us that we need to work to see     camp, had Anglicans say “This isn’t the
                                              goal received from Immersion Group         inclination become reality.                 Anglican Church we know. Where is it
     We are part of a newly emerging          leader Deborah Curran just made us all          That is one of the key thoughts we     happening?”
Australian     Anglican     Environment       the more certain that this was where we    have brought home with us.                       This may not be an uncommon
Network.                                      should be.                                                                             statement about our multi-faceted church
     So, we have a lot in common.                 “To share a vision of community              Another is the need for us            but it made us even more aware of Ken’s
     In Australia we saw Diocesan             based on environmentally sustainable             to redefine our meaning of            concern that in taking back so much,
Environment Commissions established           and economically relevant principles             environment.                          we ensure that we do our best to turn an
in four dioceses in 2002. There are now       of development… through engagement                                                     inclination into action that spreads.
seven.                                        with visionary planners… youth and               The justice element is there               We met so many wonderful people,
     In Grafton Diocese this involved two     indigenous people.”                              but not explicit in the way           the music was uplifting, the leadership
parishes considering their environmental          On our first day this “camp”                 that the Canadian Church              team dynamic, the locations beautiful,
impacts and implementing a range of           concept was presented to us as a means           and the Justice Camps                 we have been given so much to bring
strategies to reduce this impact. At the      of achieving the General Synod goal              Initiative set it out in              home with us we are truly grateful to
diocesan level we produced a Green            of developing a “dynamic, national,              thought and action.                   you all.
Handbook for parishes giving in point         engaged,     Christian      community,                                                      Our sincere congratulations on
form some hundred or more practical           unapologetically faith based”.                 The Earth Bible project may be an       an excellent model that seems to be
actions we can take to reduce our impact          This suggested we might find a         Australian initiative but we had to come    going from strength to strength. It will
and contribute to a more sustainable          key to a more explicit grounding of our    to Canada to really get excited about it.   certainly influence what we do in the
environment. But we felt there was            environmental action in our faith.             The energy evident throughout           future.
something missing.                                The explanation of the camp            the camp was truly inspiring, so many            ~ Rosie Catt &Lyn Comben
     Following our study trip to the UK       approach appealed, designed as it was      people of all ages and backgrounds                   Grafton Diocese, Australia

Engaging an
Inconvenient Truth...
by The Reverend Andrew Twiddy
     We confess that the Spirit is involved   St. Edmund in recent months, including         Under the local and vibrant
in the ongoing work of creation, and this     a viewing and discussion of the movie      leadership of Peggy Wilmot
has implications for our understanding        “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore.        and Ken Gray ~ the Rector of
of our relationship as humans to the               Special thanks are due to             the The Church of the Advent
world around us.                              Robert Mercer, Penny Mercer, and           in Colwood, this program more
     The topic of the environment, and        Catherine Watson-MacDonald for their       than met my expectations in
our care for it, is at the forefront of       contributions to the leadership of these   terms of the quality and breadth
popular consciousness in a way and to a       events, and to the work of greening our    of the participants, the rich
degree that it has rarely been before.        parish.                                    diversity of programming and
     No politician can afford to ignore            People are saying what do we do       exposure to and awareness
this any more.                                next?                                      of varied issues surrounding
                                                                                                                                The Reverend Andrew
     Our national church is in the process         I would like to share my recent       environmental stewardship, and      Twiddy in discussion with a
of combining its EcoJustice committee         experience of “Mending Creation: an        our responsibility for the care of
                                              Environment Justice Camp”, a week-         the planet, “this fragile earth,
                                                                                                                            fellow participant during the
and its Mission committee ~ a way of
saying that these two things are much         long program designed by the EcoJustice    our island home”.                   Environment Justice Camp
more closely related than we have said        committee of the national Anglican             There was a balance of
in the past.                                  Church, based on the UVic campus and       participants from across the country,   between those from BC and those from
     Locally, we have held two public         involving various other locations in and   almost equally divided between those    elsewhere.
forums within the parish of St. Anne &        near to Victoria.                          over 30 and those under 30, and               See “Engaging” on Page Four...
Diocese of British Columbia                                                        Page Four                                                                 September 2007
“Engaging” continued...
     There were also a few international            John Elliott, a teacher and an elder        The messages from the academics              One key learning for me was to
representatives, and a few non-Anglicans,      of the Saanich band opened the event         we had a chance to speak with are...        practice decision-making using the
in addition.                                   in drumming and prayer in the gardens                                                    triple-bottom line approach:
     For those of us in the retirement         at UVic. It was quite stupendous to be           • Climate change is already here,
belt of church life, it is so good and         warmly greeted by someone who is one               and it is going to get worse before   1.   What is the impact financially?
encouraging to see young people so             of 18 remaining speakers of his language           it gets better, and by this we mean   2.   What is the impact in terms of
actively participating in the life of          and who carries the stories of the earth           several generations.                       human and social development?
the church. In addition to the formal          on which we all in this diocese live and         • The considered opinion of the         3.   What is the impact in terms
program, there was good down time for          make our living.                                   physicist and economist we dealt           of ecological impact and the
people to network and make friends and                                                                                                       long-term stewardship of the
connections that will endure into the                                                                                                        environment?
     In the context of group presentations                                                                                                   In the face of the serious challenges
and     small-group      discussion,     we                                                                                             we all share, the note of celebration
examined various theological principles                                                                                                 which I carried away, was the theme of
of     EcoJustice,     emphasizing       the                                                                                            “abundance”. To find a way of living
interconnectedness of all things, the                                                                                                   beyond sustainability into a life of
intrinsic worth of all creation, the mutual                                                                                             respect, simplicity, and gratitude.
care offered by humans and other parts of                                                                                                    All in all, a stimulating and
the creation, and engagement in faithful                                                                                                challenging week, helping me to keep
resistance to injustice and abuse.                                                                                                      the greening of our ways at the forefront
     Work here was based on the “Earth                                                                                                  of our agendas.
Bible Project”, a forum of biblical                                                                                                          One suggestion is the signing of
study coming from South Australia,                                                                                                      petitions and contacting our elected
and emphasizing the way that the earth                                                                                                  leaders to press the issues of climate
itself has a voice in Scripture, and may                                                                                                change. And, here’s one Web site that
especially be trying to speak to us now!                An Immersion Group is engaged in discussion                                     seems to be doing influential work in
     We had lively liturgy, with strong                  on the lawn of the UVic Interfaith Chapel                                      affecting world leaders, with the specific
musical leadership from the band of                                                                                                     link to their climate change email
musicians and vocalists at the Church of           I participated in an immersion                 with was that we need to bring        petition, which I have signed is...
the Advent.                                    group which was dealing with the effect            nuclear energy back to the table.      www.avaaz.org/en/climate_g8/tf.php
     In the Eucharist, held in a circle in a   of climate change on the use of power            • Carbon-use taxation, combined
church gym, we made moving confessions         and energy. Other immersion groups                 with reduced income taxation,             This is a brand new venture in our
to our misuse and poor stewardship of          looked at the effect of climate change             would be a more effective long-       region for you to inspect as well...
the earth, and we reconnected to the           on buildings, transportation, community            term control on emissions.                     www.greeningspace.ca
earth through symbol, prayer, scripture,       development, coastal and inland waters,          • There are creative local ways to           It is an electronic gathering place
and music for the healing of creation.         and land and forests.                              conserve energy and use off-grid      for Anglicans of BC and the Yukon
                                                   Among our site visits was a hydro              sources, and these are beginning      who share a passion for the stewardship
      The First Nations component              plant at Jordan River, and also we looked          to become more mainstream.            of creation and are prepared to pledge
      to the program was strong,               at alternative forms of off-grid energy          • Solar panels are expensive            action in its care.
      vital, and a reminder that               and ecological building designs.                   because they require manual
      the non-Aboriginal people                    We participated in lectures and                labour and take nearly a year to      Let all creation sing God’s praise!
      especially, have much to                 discussions with UVic professors                   make, counting the development        Let the voice of the Earth be heard!
      learn about stewardship                  involved in the economics and physics              of silicon crystals.
      from First Nations’ ways                 of energy.                                                                                    Sincerely,
      and stories.                                                                                                                           Andrew +

Church of the Advent in Colwood plays major role in EJC 2007
                                                              The Environment Justice Camp 2007 ~
                                                         Mending Creation ~ was hosted primarily
                                                         by the parish of the Church of the Advent
                                                         in Colwood. Since the end of the camp the
                                                         reports and feedback being submitted have
                                                         been generous and very enthusiastic.
                                                              The Justice Camp achieved a high degree
                                                         of engagement between campers and our local
                                                         environment, between participants from all
                                                         over Canada and even two from Australia
                                                         where the camp will likely be repeated ~
                                                         all supported by an army of volunteers who
                                                         seemlessly coordinated their efforts to make
                                                         the camp a resounding success.
                                                              Immersion groups built cob houses in
                                                         the Highlands, worked at the EcoVillage at             EJC 2007 Participants after a banquet
                                                         Shawnigan Lake, studied selective logging
                                                         projects in Cedar, toured the Race Rocks
                                                                                                                    at the Church of the Advent
                                                         Marine System via Zodiac speedboat,              were from Church of the Advent ~ Maureen Garry, Wally Eamer and
                                                         toured the Dockside Green development in         Sharleen Thompson. Bob Stevens organized logistics, Stephanie Deakin
                                                         downtown Victoria and learned the craft of       was the camp registrar, Monica Gurzinski assisted Ken on a daily basis
                                                         habitat inventory and restoration at two sites   with vital tasks as requested with great energy and Rohan Rupf from the
                                                         in Gordon Head.                                  parish was one of the camp participants. Other volunteers drove before,
                                                              Ken Gray, rector of the Church of the       during and after camp, a small army worked in the kitchen, handled
                                                         Advent co-chaired the project with Peggy         preparations throughout the church and hosted overnight billets. And,
                                                         Wilmot. He had attended the previous camps       the parish band led music for worship on the Monday night!!
                                                         in Winnipeg and Ottawa and was able to               Rector’s Note: Profound gratitude and thanks to everyone who
                                                         utilize the individuals who organized those      participated in so many ways!! ~ Ken Gray
                                                         as well as his first hand experience.                Editor’s Note: EJC Co-Chair Peggy Wilmot organized a giant
                                                              The next camp in Canada will likely         card with the camp participant’s signatures to thank all parishoners
                                                         be on the shores of James Bay in Northern        of the Church of the Advent for sharing their rector with the camp
        EJC 2007 Participants                            Quebec.                                          and for their support of Ken in the long months of preparation
     at the Church of the Advent                              Of 7 immersion group leaders, three         leading up to camp.
Diocese of British Columbia                                                           Page Five                                                                 September 2007

     July 1, 2007 saw us welcome The               Some of the recommendations of                Into this time of transition and
Reverend Gary Nicolosi, his wife              the DMRT Report to Synod have been             resulting stress, comes Gary.
Heather, and their daughter Allison to        implemented, and all are being considered
the Diocese of British Columbia from          as the work of the Implementation Team              • Is he the ‘Saviour of the World?’
the Diocese of Newark in the United           continues. It continues because the                   “No.”
States. Gary has begun work among             findings of the DMRT served notice to               • Is he the one, in Deuteronomy
us as Congregational Development              us that we have to change.                            30:11-14 ,“who will go up for us
Facilitator. New country, new home,                Thus, our time of transition.                    to heaven, and bring it” or “who
new community, new neighbours, new                 Many of us knew that we needed to                will go over the sea for us, and
diocese, new church, new job, new…            change how ministry is carried out by us              bring it?” “No.”
new… new… a major time of transition.         as a Diocese. We knew this, but have not            • Is he someone who will                    Bishop James Cowan
     Times of transition, even when           been sure what to do about it.                        supply the answers to us, and,
they are happy times, are times of high            Some of us have been frustrated by               seemingly like magic, transform        the following year, yet others. As well,
stress.                                       struggle for survival, we have denied                 the Diocese of British Columbia        through a variety of workshops and
     Even when there is much that is          need to change, we have been angry                    into what God calls us to be?          training events across the Diocese, and
familiar the learning curves are high,        at having what we have said about                     “No.”                                  through the ability to contact him at the
expectations abound from all sides, and       ourselves reflected back to us, we have                                                      Diocesan Office, each of us will have
stress can run rampant. Many of us are        nit-picked at minor details, and we                 Gary is a man of faith, a man of         opportunity to work with him, worship
familiar with this, and some of us are        have tried to negotiate with whoever           prayer, a man with training, and a man        and pray with him, learn with him,
immobilized by stress run rampant.            we could get to listen. Others of us are       of experience, who will work with us          and act with him for the extension and
                                              still seeking, wondering what we are           in this time of transition. Gary does not     well being of Christ’s Church on these
      Stress can, however, be                 able to do, immobilized, and waiting for       have the “answers” to all our questions,      Islands.
      focused, channelled, and                someone to come and do something with          but he can certainly help us to focus on           I look forward to all of this.
      used for good.                          or for us.                                     the questions which need to be asked and
                                                   Yet others of us have heard the           acted upon. And he will work with us.             I welcome Gary, and his family, to
      This Diocese is in a time of            DMRT, and have acted, in some cases,                This in itself is an energizing thing;   the Diocese of British Columbia, and I
      transition.                             with surprising, but laudable swiftness        and a way in which our stress as a            commend them to your prayers.
                                              to the concerns raised, and renewal of         Diocesan Community, and as individuals
    The Diocesan Ministry Resource            spirit and of energy is evidenced among        in it, can be focused, channelled, and            May we all in this time of transition
Review Team did its work, presented its       us.                                            used for good.                                be blest by God, and used for His glory.
report and recommendations to Synod,               Ways to harness and focus this                 Over the coming year (2007/2008)
received approval for their work from         energy and spirit are being sought.            Gary will be working with specific
Synod, requested Action Plans from                 There are very few of us who want         parishes and areas which have been
Parishes, and assisted in the process         nothing to change in any way which             designated for specific attention. A
for the hire of the Congregational            will directly affect us, maintaining an        different list of parishes will be named
Development Facilitator.                      attitude of “not in my back yard.”             as his primary focus in 2008/2009, and

                                              The Journey Continues…
                                              of Change, is an in-between time when          much a part of the seminary again. How        the retreat. The retreat is at Bethlehem
                                              the old is gone and the new has not fully      great though, that in the middle of the       Centre in Nanaimo and Paula and I
                                              arrived yet. For me it is unsettling and I     packing and readying myself for my            find that we have a wonderful space to
                                              try not to be anxious.                         ordination, I am able to study something      ourselves. The retreat is five days and I
                                                    One of my life verses comes from         that I am passionate about. More plans to     consider it one of the amazing blessings
                                              Jeremiah 29.11: “For I know the plans I        give me hope!                                 of my summer.
                                              have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to           On my return from summer school,             As the retreat ends and I am only
                                              prosper you and not to harm you, plans         I busy myself with packing and more           hours away from my ordination, I am
                                              to give you hope and a future.”                packing. It seems that we have done a         excited and anxious and sad all at the
                                                    I read this verse often, trusting that   lot of that this year and I am glad that      same time.
         The Reverend                         all will be well.                              we will settle for several years before we
                                                    And soon the plans become known          start this again.                                   I use the labyrinth to
       Kathy Hoodikoff                        to me. My curacy is arranged and I am               Before my thoughts can turn toward             consider all these events and
           on the day                         going to Christ Church Cathedral. This         the move and my ordination, I have                  quickly find that journeying
                                              is exciting and scary all at once. Many        volunteered as Chaplain at Girls Camp               the labyrinth is a metaphor
       of her ordination!                     times I have been in the Cathedral; at         at Camp Columbia and so I head off for              for my own journey.
                                              Synods and when visiting Victoria over a       a week to do that. Camp was amazing…
     So three years of schooling and my       weekend and I have often wondered what         58 girls between the ages of 10 and 14             So many parts of my life are ending;
convocation all have come and gone! As        it would be like to serve at the Cathedral.    and we had fun!                               my life as a layperson, my life in Campbell
I returned home in May, I felt very much      I am excited that I will find out!                  I had no time to anticipate or agonize   River, my life as a seminarian.
like a young bird that is sent from the             Very quickly, Doug and I must            over what the plans held for me.                   It seems I have not properly grieved
nest to fend for themselves. The lessons      arrange housing in Victoria. This is not            I returned from camp so encouraged       the loss of these things and yet it is hard
have all been taught and now the young        an easy task and it looked at times like       by the work being done at camp and by         to grieve as so many excellent plans are
chick (in this case, old bird) is on its      we may not find anything. But then the         the remarkable cabin leaders and camp         coming into my life.
own.                                          plans again became clear and we end up         staff. This is an amazing ministry and I           My new life in Holy Orders; my
     This really is a time of a change and    with a splendid apartment on St. Charles       certainly see God’s plan in this work for     new life in Victoria, a city I have always
all that goes with it; there is the letting   Street! Plans for a future!                    hope and a future!                            wanted to live in; my new life as clergy
go and the anticipation of the new.                 This summer that I thought would              Back home again and back to              at the Cathedral; a new phase in my
     What will the new be?                    be lots of rest and relaxation, starts to      packing but only for a few days as I now      writing for the Post as a curate.
     The old is passing away and yet the      fill up. I had decided to take a course at     head off for my pre-ordination retreat.            As this new journey unfolds, I look
new has not started to unfold.                summer school in Celtic theology and so             My retreat leader, The Rev. Paula        forward to sharing with you about my
     This middle space: a second              in early July, I find myself back at VST       Porter Leggett, was my field education        ordination and the work that I will be
phase of change called the Neutral            (Vancouver School of Theology). This           supervisor as I attended St. Faith’s          doing at the Cathedral.
Zone according to Bridges in his book         too is nostalgic as I stay back in my old      parish in Kerrisdale during my time                Plans for hope and a future!
Managing Transitions, Making the Most         residence at Sommerville, and feel very        at seminary and now joins me to lead

     The Reverend Kathy Hoodikoff began as Curate for Christ Church Cathedral on August 15th and will continue as a regular columnist for The Diocesan Post!
Diocese of British Columbia                                                           Page Six                                                                    September 2007

Letters to the Editor
                                                                                                                                                 Some would say that nothing was
                                                                                                                                            left out at all. These are the words of
                                                                                                                                            God written by men inspired by the
                                                                                                                                            Holy Spirit and it’s all we need. Yet,
Dear Editor,                                   Dean Elliot, stating clear support for                                                       while the scriptures contain “all things
     If we are to put the subject of human     proceeding with SSB now, and the other,                                                      necessary for salvation”, they are not the
sexuality to theological consideration         Bishop Matthews, in full support of SSB                                                      total revelation of God.
we must return first to fairness and           but, for reasons of Church unity, believes                                                        I’m still curious.
tolerance. Though we may find what             we should wait. We could call these the                                                           I am curious to know why John was
are called orthodox, conservative or           activist positive and the pastoral positive                                                  inspired to write that verse at the end of
biblically straightforward convictions         for SSB, or the micro-pastoral and the                                                       his witness. Perhaps he was telling us
in letters to the editor of the Journal or     macro-pastoral positives if you will.                                                        there is so much more to discover and
our own Diocesan Post, it is rare to find           Where was the voice of opposition?                                                      was encouraging us to keep searching.
articles that counter Same-sex blessings            Is this voice too old and tired?                                                             The Good News of salvation
(SSB) in the body of these publicans.               Is a voice in opposition to SSB                                                         through Christ cannot be limited to the
     Why?                                      categorically negated for political or                                                       written words of the Evangelists because
     For whatever the reasons, the official    spiritual reasons?                                                                           “God’s power, at work in us, is able to
narrative of our community is being                 It is often said that we have been           The Reverend Jack Rose                     accomplish much more than we could
shaped towards SSB.                            talking about this for 30 years and                                                          ever ask or even imagine”.
     Those who do not think this is
the correct move for the Church are
                                               nothing new has been said for 10.
                                                    Why should one voice and not the              Unwritten                                      The “God in a box theory” does not
                                                                                                                                            allow for such dynamic action.
increasingly marginalized intellectually.
Yet, for all the official silencing of
opinion, there is persistent inconsistency
                                               other be silenced in such an impasse?
                                                    Are we so convinced of the moral
                                               progress narrative in our community
                                                                                                   Truth                                         Trying to place everything we
                                                                                                                                            believe within neat, tight boundaries
                                                                                                                                            may be simple and comforting but it is
in our communal decision making on the         that it is simply time to select out the           “Jesus did many other things as           hardly reality.
issue. Though the strategy, conscious or       aged teaching lest it hinder us too long?     well. If every one of them were written             These were some of my thoughts
not, of framing the debate will likely              I cannot help but wonder how our         down, I suppose that even the whole            as I listened to the presentations and
bring the desired result eventually.           votes might turn out if we allowed            world would not have room for the books        discussions of the Special Synod. We
     Take the ‘poll’ from our special          an official voice to rational-spiritual       that would be written.” John 21:25             have so much to learn about the wonders
synod in June.                                 opposition to SSB.                                 That’s quite a claim when you think       of the kingdom that are not written. As
     Out of 5 choices given to express              If we are serious about sorting          about it. I wonder what was unwritten          St. Paul said, “now, we see through a
opinion on SSB, one was a clear positive,      sexuality out theologically, and I have       that Jesus said and did that would help        glass, darkly”. We yearn for that time
3 were soft positives, and one a hard          heard this opinion from both sides, we        us in the year 2007?                           when we shall see all things clearly.
negative. A balanced poll would have           will need to allow all reasoned opinions           Was there something about the                  In the meantime, we must listen
had one hard positive, one soft positive,      a place at the table. If we only mean that    environment; same-sex relationships; the       carefully to the whisperings of the
one neutral, one soft negative and one         we need to generate solid theological         equality of women; colour discrimination;      Holy Spirit. As promised, the Spirit is
hard negative.                                 grounds for SSB, we have lost both            the origins of the universe?                   revealing to us those things that are not
     Too much was made of this poll for        tolerance and rationality.                         We can only speculate. And we do.         written but are truths nonetheless. Some
a vote as to whether we should send a               Some say we have talked too long              Speculate that is.                        of these truths may surprise us while
memorial to GSoC stating support for           about this, I think we have barely begun           We presume to know the mind of            others may follow logically from what
SSB was taken from the floor, the Chair        to scratch the surface. Unless we have        Jesus by the few words and actions             we believe to be the mind of Christ.
did not even need to call for a count.         the courage to bring the underlying           contained in the New Testament.                     I hope that I can continue to listen
This means no more than 40% were in            theological principles that divide us out          To be sure, the Gospel writers            and, as Bishop Matthews said, “to stay
support. We clearly have a large segment       into the light of day, we will be halted by   recorded those events and sayings that         at the table”, because I do not know
that votes inconsistently on the issue.        an uncertain unity.                           were most important to them and to their       through which brother or sister in Christ
     The official speakers at the Synod                                                      age, but I am curious to know what was         the Spirit will be revealing an unwritten
reflected the ‘poll’; we had one speaker,          ~ Scott Henthorn, Victoria                left UNwritten.                                truth.

                     Homosexuality: compulsion or not
     The following Letter to the Editor        not some kind of learned, or deliberately     problem and asked if it was safe for me             That should stop them.
was submitted by Dr. Ellis, Ph.D.,             chosen sinning perversion.                    to use their computers. They said they              Let me explain.
R.P.Biois who is a parishioner at St.               It is widely believed that learned,      could handle the problem, so I started              Experimental biological science
Dunstan’s Church, Gordon Head. He              or perversely chosen, behaviour can be        again.                                         uses test and control subjects, and can
was a lay delegate to the Diocese’s            rectified in some way. If this is so, then         A summary of what I found                 prove that certain consequences follow
Synod in June, is a retired Professor          for homosexual inclinations, the person       follows:                                       from certain actions. An example is
of Biological Science, and a Registered        could be returned to being a “normal”              First of all though, take note that       the use of what are called double-blind
Professional Biologist.                        heterosexual.                                 there are procedural difficulties. I did get   experiments. Sets of sick patients are
     Editor’s Note: ‘Googled’ means                 As a biologist, who had not              some scientific articles with Abstracts        given either a test chemical (chosen
‘to search the internet using a search         researched the issue professionally, I        of the content. These were very useful.        from a theory about its potential
engine called GOOGLE’.                         figured it was time to do so. This article    But I also got book advertisements,            antibiotic action) or a placebo, and they
     Recently our parish had the               relates what I discovered.                    and references to other articles, which        do not know which they have taken. The
opportunity to view the Diocese’s DVD               First    I    Googled      “Genetics     when I tried to reach them, the computer       experimenters also do not know who is
on Same-Sex Unions. We had a group             Homosexuality” and got some links             required me to sign in and pay for the         getting what. Someone else has prepared
of 10 parishioners gather in our house,        that looked interesting. It appears, from     privilege.                                     the two sets of pills, to look identical,
view the DVD, pausing and discussing           what I started to read, that there is some         Also there were some strange              and labeled them by random numbers.
as requested. We had animated, but not         evidence for a genetic basis, based on        messages, which suggested to me that                The results may, or may not, prove
intemperate, discussions, which stayed         what I call “Observational Science” as        the library computer was coping with           that the theoretically chosen antibiotic
more or less on the questions posed by         opposed to “Experimental Science” (I’ll       more troublesome attacks by viruses.           can work. If antibiotic action is proven,
the DVD, and on time (about 2 hours).          explain those terms later). But I had to           Before digesting the documentation,       then the theory about the chemical is
     However,     there      was      some     stop googling, and won’t try it at home       I had to clarify for myself how the            changed to: the chemical will be an
disagreement between us on the genetics        again, because someone had put a virus        differences between two forms of               effective antibiotic in the real world, not
of homosexuality, and the significance of      into one of the links. My computer’s          science, experimental and observational,       just under test conditions.
science to the issue. For example, some        security system went frantic, cut in, and     would apply to this issue.                          Then observational science takes
confidently maintained that a genetic          cleared out the virus.                             Especially, how do the two scientific     over.
basis for homosexuality had been                    So be warned: it is dangerous to         methods approach theorizing and proof.              Observational science does not try to
proven, and others, equally confidently,       your home computer to search for the          There is no one scientific method!             prove a theory but uses it to predict, and
that it had been disproven. Someone            scientific evidence on the extent of               Don’t be taken in by non-scientists       monitor, what should happen with another
commented that science was irrelevant          genetic influences on homosexuality.          who say that Science has proved or             application in the future. If monitoring
to the issue.                                  Presumably some extreme homophobe             disproved something.                           shows that the prediction didn’t work,
     The point about genetic origins for       out there is trying to stop us researching         Ask them for details, and try asking      then the theory is inadequate, or may
homosexuality is that if there is a genetic,   the issue.                                    whether was it proven or disproven by          even be taken as disproven (wholly or in
hence compulsive, basis for it, then it is          So I went to a library, explained the    experimental or observational science.               See ‘compulsion’ on Page Seven...
Diocese of British Columbia                                                        Page Seven                                                                  September 2007

    There was a time a decade or two        services where he was a chorister. The            I eat meat but have only once               ever been in total night darkness? Has a
ago when one could see liturgical dance     children had to memorize the Collect         participated in the slaughter of an              failed crop ever caused you to experience
as part of worship services.                for each Sunday; that he did without         animal.                                          hunger or even the fear of it?
    Beautiful young women wearing           difficulty. “I would jump to my feet and          Though we may indulge in a little                In other parts of the world, Anglicans
wide satin skirts would perform simple      gabble word-perfect, the half-page of        nostalgia about the good old farm                live with these realities.
steps while using their arms and hands      sonorous syllables. It came through the      days (which never were all good), our                 The earth “continues to yield her
expressively to music.                      eyes and out the mouth and left no trace     agrarian-based festivals are a vestige of        increase”, praise God!
    It didn’t last.                         of its passing.”                             a past which will not come again.                     Most of us have very little to do with
    Maybe the repertoire was limited             I don’t believe him entirely; his            Should the church still follow the          it except as consumers.
or we tired of it because it was not        command of the language as a writer          plough?                                               My mother, born during WW I, tries
participatory?                              suggests those sonorous words did leave           What’s the alternative?                     to describe what it was like to taste the
    Nevertheless, didn’t we sense           a trace.                                          Structure our liturgical year around        Spring’s first fresh greens.
the rightness of it: dance as a form of          The life and liturgy of the village     Back-to-School        sales,     Halloween,           A delight we can hardly imagine, our
worship.                                    was a seamless conjunction of ancient        Christmas shop-and-eat, Hockey season,           salads being trucked up from Mexico all
                                            agricultural practices with pagan (“of       January Sales, Valentine Day, Mother’s           year round.
      “Dancing unto the Lord” is            the field”) ceremonies and values.           Day, Go-south-for-sun Season and Lawn                 For our African brothers and sisters,
      as ancient as civilization, an             Christianity was an overlay but no      Mowing Season?                                   much closer than we are to the life of
      archetypal cross-cultural             one worried about it or tried to split the        We’ve distanced ourselves from our          the land, our situation must be hard to
      human response to the joy             seam. “The church followed the plough”;      earth roots and what replacement will            imagine.
      of life and the mystery of            the Christian festivals were intertwined     satisfy our souls?                                    As hard as it is for us to imagine the
      creation.                             with the seasonal cycles.                         The web, malls, cruising?                   village life of Dorset a century ago.
                                                  In this Diocese, most of us live in an      Seems a little flat, doesn’t it?                 Many of us are not in a position to
     How far have we come from those        urban world and can go from year to year          Our agricultural based liturgical           grow our own produce but everyone can
roots and is it to our benefit? Could we    without pulling a                                                    year seems flat          dance!
dance communally as worship? Maybe          carrot or seeding                                                    now to young                  September is the start of a new
we need to invite a delegation of African   wheat. There are                                                     people, secular or       year. January may be the chronological
Anglicans to come to our Diocese and        young people of                                                      Anglican alike.          start but now is when we make new
teach us. Move the pews at Harvest          my acquaintance                                                           If you’ve never     plans, schedules and prioritize our
Festival and circle dance around the        who could not tell                                                   seen a shepherd or       commitments
altar?                                      you in what months                                                   walked through                Here’s my top two: I’m going to
     In CIDER WITH ROSIE, The               a farmer plants or                                                   a wheat field or         plant some winter kale seedlings and at
English poet Laurie Lee gives an            harvests. Many city                                                  pressed grapes or        Thanksgiving I intend to do some body
exquisite account of his growing up in      dwellers could not                                                   taken honey from         movement during the hymns.
a Dorset village almost a hundred years     tell you the phase                                                   a hive, the poetry            Join me; a communal dance with
ago. It was essentially a pagan life.       of the moon without                                                  and narratives of        earth under our fingernails!
This is even though he and his family       checking the night                                                   scripture may not             Editor’s Note: Hannah was The
faithfully attended Sunday school and       sky or consulting                                                     resonate in you.        Greater Victoria Public Library’s “Poet
both morning and evening Sunday church      the web.                Hannah Main-van der Kamp                          Have        you     of the Month” for July 2007.

‘compulsion’ continued...
part) and has to be re-formulated in some   normal heterosexuals to see if they                Apparently homosexuality occurs               It is presumably more difficult to
way. So if the example antibiotic which     become homosexual.                            unusually frequently among the last           overcome such a physiological compulsion
worked in the test doesn’t work in a real       In other words you can never prove        few children of families with all (say 3      than if the behaviour was learnt or chosen
population then the theory that it will     the genetic basis for homosexuality in        or more) of the same sex. The maternal        for perverse gratification.
do so is inadequate, or even disproven      humans (although you might be able to         biochemistry presumably reacts to the              Learned behaviour can often be
depending on the precise wording of the     do so with animals such as rats – animals     series of same-sex gestations, such that      unlearned by one or other simple forms of
theory.                                     do such things. I have seen cows mount        later fetuses can have biochemical and        de-conditioning.
    Even DNA, or other modern genetic       each other, and I can tell the difference     neurological embryology leading them               Inherited, or embryologically induced,
or biochemical, testing is observational    between a bull and a cow).                    in later life to direct their sexuality to    behaviour may be unchangeable.
science monitoring.                             But even if you can’t prove               their own sex.                                     Hence if same-sex love is expressed
    It is highly technical rather than      homosexuality has a genetic basis, you             For information on the biochemistry      in socially compatible ways, through long-
simply visual, but still is observational   can accept a theory that there is a genetic   of love (heterosexual only) see the           term, committed, caring relationships, our
not experimental science.                   basis for it.                                 National Geographic Magazine of               society might actually be better off rather
    It was by observational science             Observational science might later         February 2006.                                than implementing a culture of hounding
that Darwin developed and checked           support or disprove the theory.                    The perpetuation of homosexuality        homosexuals.
the theories of evolution and natural           There has been no such disproof to        over thousands of years in many                    So in conclusion, to me there is fairly
selection. The theory potentially can       date as far as I know.                        widely different social cultures, in          strong, scientifically documented, support
be proved wrong, or incomplete, by              Numerical data, documented by             spite of widespread, often murderous,         that there is a physiologically compulsive
observational science.                      observational science, shows a tendency       disapproval also gives support to a           basis for homosexuality in some people.
    For example, if ever human fossil       that if one member of a family is             physiological compulsion for it.                   We should act accordingly.
bones were found in the fossilized          homosexual there is a higher probability           Why would anybody learn, or choose
stomach of a carnivorous dinosaur, the      than random chance that others will be.       to do something, if they knew that they           ~ Derek Ellis, Ph.D., R.P.Bio
long-standing theories of the timing of         The same applies to identical             would be killed if found out?
evolution would be disproven, and we        twins. Also, at least one chromosomal              But people are so odd, maybe some             Editor’s Note: Dr. Ellis I would like
would have to rethink that timing.          abnormality has been found in                 people do make those choices.                 to extend our thanks to you for the time
    The theory that homosexuality is        homosexual twins. All this seems to me             So, what does a compulsive               (and trouble) you took in researching
genetically based has to be supported or    to support the theory of some genetic         biochemical basis for homosexuality           this from a scientific point of view. This
disproved by observational science.         basis. (Note the “some”).                     mean for the church’s issues with same-       has certainly added a new dimension
    We can’t do the appropriate kind            There is another aspect of compulsive     sex blessings? It means that some people      to the discussion which will in fact be
of proving experiments on humans,           homosexual behaviour. Homosexuality           will have a compulsion to be attracted to     continuing for years to come.
such as doing a double blind transplant     may be physiologically compelled              a same-sex partner rather than a partner           The Diocesan Post welcomes all
experiment of a suspected gene into         without having a direct genetic cause.        of the other sex.                             letters and all points of view.
      Marketing to Christians ~ Is it okay?
     When I go in to the Christian                    I’m pretty sure this can              People started giving me very ugly             Christians were getting a bit uppity in
bookstore, I’m struck by the fact                     safely be added to the list           religious artifacts, well meaning people       their statements. They were not upset
that Christians are now marketing to                  of things Jesus would not             who thought that as I was a Christian I        about their goddess getting usurped,
Christians and using the fact that we                 be thrilled with about our            would like it.                                 what they were really upset about was
share a faith as a marketing strategy.                culture    both    Christian               Well as the years went by I started to    that their Artemis goddess statue making
     Now I’m sure this was used at the                culture and the worlds                collect it, because what the heck, I had the   industry was going to be harmed.
temple by those guys selling the lambs,               culture. It’s almost as if            makings of a collection anyway. Things              Isn’t that incredible, but what they
doves and sparrows to people coming to                we’ve taken the worst of both         like the led-lit, mirrored and sparkling       went to riot about was that Artemis was
make a sacrifice, but that was a service              worlds – the Christian and            picture/clock of the holy family – that        going to be defamed.
they needed, not quite the same things as             the secular – and combined            one came from Venice. As well as glow               So is this just an ancient example
say, “testaMINTS”.                                    them to be a force for bad.           in the dark statue of Mary the mother of       of the economy versus religion? Is that
     Is it really okay to expect people to                                                  Jesus.                                         what is occurring today?
buy things based on a shared presumption            Find the Christians and get them to          I don’t’ know why, but then I have to          Are the motives of the people who
of faith?                                       part with their money, by using the age     ask, is it the same thing? Am I supporting     produce Christian music, videos, art, etc,
     The movie “The Passion” was huge in        old foundation of advertising “You’re       this albeit weak marketing by collecting       those of supporting and encouraging the
this regard, it was marketed very heavily       not good enough as you are, but we can      these items, or is it understood that they     body of Christ, or are we simply another
to churches and Christians almost to the        make you better”.                           are simply for collective status.              market that needs to be tapped?
point of the unspoken instruction, that             There are some things I do like.             It has been happening since early
if you hadn’t seen it you weren’t a very            I have an ironic appreciation for       times. The story in Acts 19 about the              Captain Ian Gibbs
good Christian.                                 some of the religious “art” out there.      angry statue makers who felt that the              Diocesan Youth Coordinator

Sue’s take on it...
      We are consumers in all aspects of        sic foundational knowl-                                   the start of my school day       God instantly’ breath freshener, ‘Last
our lives, from where we buy our food           edge.                                                        from the age of 4 years       Supper, After dinner mints,’ & ‘Jesus
and clothes, to what we believe and how              In part I be-                                              onwards,       and in      Action Figure’ as discussion starters,
we live that belief out in the world.           lieve this is due                                                  high school (11-        with my youth group and ‘non Christian’
      Exploitation is not a new thing as Ian    to the lack                                                           14 years) I at-      friends, as I found I had to go back to ba-
points out with the example of the go-          of reli-                                                                 tended reli-      sics, giving opportunity for discussions
ings on in the temple; however, whether         gious                                                                       gious ed-      that might otherwise be more difficult to
it is clever wordsmanship or pure cheese        education                                                                   ucation        broach.
(Vieux Boulogne) I am there, with my            in the public                                                            classes as             I am sure Jesus understood the value
Jesus action figure in one hand and my          school system.                                                        part of the          of satirical humour in sending out his
Last Supper lunch box in the other.                  This is a VERY                                                mainstream cur-         message, granted it appears this was at
      As youth workers we use contem-           strong statement... but                                        riculum (and then 14-       the expense of the Romans.
porary culture to explain the Gospel,           I got to thinking “Do we                                    16 as an option for my              Where the Romans were once the
as you saw in our last article; however         need it?” My sister works                                GCSE’s). This does not ap-        biggest opposition; today we are often
there are examples of contemporary cul-         in the Education System in the                        pear to be the case in the Ca-       our own worst enemy.
ture seeking to do our job for us, and a        UK, and gets increasingly frus-                    nadian Public School system, and
mighty fine job some of them are doing          trated with                                                            inevitably, as            There is a gap in the Church.
too, providing us with a segue in to the        the      hypoc-                                                        the UK has be-            I’m not sure if you have
lives of the youth we are working with.         risy of policy                                                         come a more               noticed the lack of those
      It used to be easy to tell where a per-   over        cur-
                                                                                    Sue Jenkins                        multicultural             people in their 20’s & 30’s?
son stood with regards to faith, however        riculum de-           Family Ministry Coordinator                      society, and
it has become more difficult to distin-         livery, “how        at St. John the Divine in Victoria schools have                             Their absence is not because they
guish as Christian Kitsch has managed           is       it” she                                                       adapted, so to      have a problem with the teachings of Je-
to reach both the Christian and secular         says,       that             & Captain Ian Gibbs                       has the mes-        sus but rather a suspicion of the estab-
community, for example the popularity           the Govern-            Diocesan Youth Coordinator                      sage, it has        lishment or organized religion, (the use
of the Teenage Millionaire Jesus is my          ment ploughs                                                           become more         of the word organized may sound out of
Homeboy and Mary is my Homegirl T-              funding in to                                                          a moral les-        place for some of us in the church.)
shirt collection.                               “initiatives” for healthy living to reduce sons, rather than explicitly Christian.              Being able to laugh and not take
      There is some concern that kitsch         obesity, when they have taken Home              So now, I wonder, with these chang-        ourselves seriously and to still remain
products oversimplify complex theo-             Economics out of schools because it’s      es how can we pass on the foundational          true to what you hold your faith to be in
logical ideas, this may be true, however        too expensive, how on earth can people     knowledge?                                      spite of everything is not exploitation,
there is one distinct difference between        eat healthily if they can’t even boil an        As a tool in the past I have, and          but liberation.
Christian youth work in Canada com-             egg?                                       still continue to use some of the Chris-
pared to the UK and that became clear to             It is the same with religion, working tian kitsch I have collected over time,             Sue Jenkins
me early on in my work here.                    here and the U.K.                          through my own purchases and gifts                  Family Ministry Coordinator
      The difference is a severe lack of ba-         In England, Religious Education was   from friends, including the ‘Believe in             St. John the Divine, Victoria

              An evening with Meg Hickling                                                        U2CHARIST
                          Does God Make Testicles?
             Meg has over 25 years experience as a sexual health educator,
                                 and is the author of
                                                                                                Worship, Celebrate
      ‘Boys, Girls & Body Science: A First Book About Facts of Life’ & ‘The New
                 Speaking of Sex: What Your Children Need to Know’                          & Share in the Holy Eucharist
                     Wednesday, September 19th @ 7:00pm
               For Parents & individuals who work with children & youth                                  With the Music of U2
                      Thursday, September 20th @ 6:00pm
         For the Whole Family & individuals who work with children & youth
                                                                                                Friday, September 14th 2007 @ 6pm
            To Register please contact Sue Jenkins by phone 250.383.7169                                      The Church of St John the Divine,
                   or by email sue.jenkins@stjohnthedivine.bc.ca                                                  1611 Quadra St, Victoria
      Our Diocesan Youth interacting
                                                            MEXICO                                                              The Village of ‘No Hope’
                                                            with few driving rules,     couldn’t build for her as
         with the village children                          nothing green, people       it turned out she didn’t
                                                            and noise everywhere.       own the land. Kathryn assured us this                you had to be there!)
                                                                 Life      is     lived was typical of Mexico!                             • being able to provide money
     June 30 th saw 6 teens and 2 adults    exuberantly there!                               We clambered back on our little                 for each of the churches we did
loading a 15 passenger van in Tsawassen          We were staying with Pastor            bus, prayed for God’s will and within 15             children’s programs with.
and heading for Tijuana Mexico for 2        Guillermo Ortega and family at his          minutes, were led to another family who            • Being cheerful even when various
weeks. 3 of the teens – Nicola Windjack,    ministry centre in Pipila, one of the       were expecting us. They built alongside              team members were throwing
Gloria Figueroa and Ryan Campbell were      ‘suburbs’ of Tijuana.                       us and at the end of a week, they had a              up – and when cleaning it up!
from St. Matthias, Hayden Coopsie from           Kathryn has been there many times      16’X 20’, 3 room house with a concrete             • Kathryn being able to do a
St. John’s Duncan, Willie Razzo from St.    and has built strong relationships with     floor and electricity. The total cost was            women’s      prenatal   teaching
John’s Ladysmith and Graeme Saunders        the people and has the privilege of being   $5500 Cdn. We developed precious                     program
from First United in Ladysmith. The         involved in their lives and the big picture relationships with both parents and their          • being part of birthing a
two adults were Kathryn Coopsie from        of their ministries.                        3 young boys, even with the language                 children’s daycare ministry in
St. John’s in Duncan and Peggy Watson            Guillermo is responsible for 5 small   barrier. They weren’t Christian, so this             the village of Terrazas
from St. Andrew’s in Sidney.                community churches in 5 different           was a fabulous opportunity to share the            • renewing relationships with so
     Loading the van was the culmination    villages. He oversees the ministries,       love of Christ and as we stood in a circle           many
of 4 months of planning and fundraising.    helps with the needs of the people, and     on the last day and prayed for them and            • working      alongside     Pastor
We had many planning and praying            provides training                                                their home and told             Guillermo and encouraging
meetings and did group fundraisers and      for the pastors. He                                              them it was a gift              people and churches everywhere
individual ones.                            also operates Pipila                                             from God, there                 we went.
     We prayed for abundance and God        which incorporates                                               wasn’t a dry eye!             • God enabling Gloria to do a
answered our prayer!                        a     church,      a                                                  We also did                great job of interpreting.
     We raised almost $7000 to spend        preschool for 160                                                children’s programs           • Ryan’s water bottle staying cold
in Mexico as well as the $8000 for our      underprivileged                                                  in 5 different villages         all day in 35 degree heat!
own expenses (this included a generous      children and a                                                   and one orphanage.
donation from the Diocesan Mission          place for refugees                                               We sang songs, did             How did God speak to each of us as
Fund).                                      to stay until they                                               a bible story drama,      we left Mexico and drove back home? In
     The parishes involved also donated     can afford to be on                                              crafts and games.         many, many ways! Here are quotes from
over 100 gift bags for children.            their own.                                                       There were usually        some of the team members:
     3 hours of waiting at the US border,        We stayed in 2                                              about 100 children              “I learned that God answers prayer;
followed by 2 ½ days of driving found us    rooms in the back                                                and they thoroughly       he kept my water cold all day in the
crossing the border into Mexico.            of the ministry                                                  enjoyed          every    heat!”
     The difference in a few feet is        centre       which                                               minute!                         “I didn’t pray a lot before we went,
astounding!                                 Kathryn’s church                                                      The end of           but now I find myself praying numerous
     We left behind green grass, clean      had been involved                                                each day found us         times every day.”
roads and vehicles and entered a country    with building for                                                returning to Pipila            “I don’t think it’s really prayer, but I
                                                                                                             hot, filthy, exhausted    have conversations with God all the time
                                                                                                             and so very happy.        now.”
                                                                                                                  We spent one              “I know that God is right beside
                                                                              ‘The Gift Bag’                 afternoon at a very       me.”
                                                                                                             poor community by              “I went to Mexico thinking my
                                                                                                             a ‘river’ ( really just   family didn’t have much; I came home
                                                                       refugees a few   a smelly slough). The people who live          realizing we have so much.”
                                                                       years ago. It    there call it ‘No Hope’.                            “God has given me peace; I’m not so
                                                                       boasted      hot      We walked the streets and handed          angry anymore.’
                                                                       running water,   out rice and beans and gift bags for the            “I know that Jesus is calling me
                                                                       a shower and a   children, then finished with a children’s      to intentional women’s ministry in
                                                                       lot of ants!     program and clothes for the adults.            Mexico.”
                                                                            We               There is a tiny church there – new               “I feel that God is calling me to
                                                                       befriended the   this year – and we pray that soon the          a composting ministry in the villages
                                                                       ants, and Peggy  name of their community will change.           to teach the people to give back to the
                                                                       was        often      As a team we shared many                  soil.”
                                                                       found having     experiences, some mundane and some
                                                                       conversations    overwhelming, but we always looked for             Coming and working alongside the
                                                                       with them!       and found God in all of them.                  pastors there means that we minister
                                                                            We      had      Our God is so faithful and bonded         in ways that encourage and help in the
                                                                       raised money     us solidly as one team, spoke clearly to       best way possible, not in the way our
                                                                       to build a home  us and guided us so often.                     western eyes see as helpful.
                                                                       for a single                                                        It is an incredible privilege to share
                                                                       woman        and Some of our highlights:                        the joys and struggles of the friends
                                                                       her 3 young           • completely finishing a house            that we have there!
                                                                       daughters,              with a small team with very                 We would like to thank all those
                                                                       but when we             little experience                       who supported us; you were an essential
                                                                       arrived at the        • finding a 20 year old girl with 2       part of this mission!
                                                                       site the first          children that Kathryn lost track            Praise be to Christ for all He did
                                                                       morning, we             of 3 years ago.                         during that 2 weeks and beyond!!
                                                                       discovered            • bagging rice and beans one                  Kathryn Coopsie
     The Mexican Family with their new home                            that          we        evening – zip & slide ( I think             St. John’s, Duncan
Diocese of British Columbia                                                       Page Ten                                     September 2007

2007 We’ve had an amazing summer thus
far. Girls Camp, Sr. Coed 1, Sr. Coed 2,
and Boys Wilderness camp were all full
or near full capacity. Our boat ~ see photo
to the right ~ has been a huge success
and to prove it we’ve used and deflated
2 brand new tubes (both refunded) and
are on our 3rd and 4th tubes this summer
to date!
     We have approximately 100
registered for our 60 th Anniversary
Camp and more people are expected on
Tuesday, August 28th, the highlight day
of the 60 th anniversary camp.
     We had awarded all of the bursary
                                                         Victoria’s Ethiopian Community’s Fundraising Dinner & Dance
money at the beginning of August                                      on the Ethiopian Orthodox New Year
and thanks to the answered prayers of
God and the faithfulness of the people            in support of the YENEGEW TESFA Children’s Circus of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
connected with Camp Columbia, we have
received a few more thousand dollars to
approve the remaining bursaries for this             FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 2007 @ 6:30pm
summer and have money remaining for
summer 2008.                                  White Eagle Hall in James Bay @ 90 Dock Street ~ Niagara/Dock
     The staff and volunteer of Camp
Columbia appreciate all of the support                          TICKETS - $20 at the door
given to us this summer and we hope to
see you all again very soon.”                                         DELICIOUS ETHIOPIAN CUISINE
    Eric Yue - Camp Director                                      EXCITING ETHIOPIAN MUSIC & DANCING
    Camp Columbia                                          DOOR PRIZES and AUCTION OF ETHIOPIAN HANDICRAFTS
    P 250.246.3751                                                  For Information please call 250.888.0805
    F 250.246.9621

                                       Prayer:                                                       Registration Form
                                                                                                           Camp Columbia’s
                                                                                             Womens Fall Weekend October 19th - 21st, 2007
                                       Finding our                                       Name

                                       Heart’s                                           Address
                                       True Home                                         Payment: VISA / MC / Cheque / Cash
                                                                                         Card Number
       Camp Columbia’s Annual Womens Fall Weekend                                        Expiry
                October 19th to 21st, 2007                                               Name on Card
       EARLY REGISTRATION IS ENCOURAGED AS SPACE IN LIMITED                              Room with:
Before October 1st ~ $115 shared accommodation                                           Accomodation Preference: Heneage / Cottages
After October 1st ~ $130 space permitting
Non-refundable $50.00 Deposit
                                                                                         *Special Needs
    The weekend workshop leader is Sarah Donnelly, with worship led by the Rev.           Vegetarian
Rosalind Westaway and music by Diane Bell. Come for fellowship, a break away from        Dietary Allergies or Special Requests
everyday responsibilities, enjoy excellent food, rustic yet comfortable accommodation,
and time to nestle in God’s love.                                                        Lower bunk
    Visit www.campcolumbia.com to register or contact Dianne Marks by email
dgmarks@telus.net or mail your registration to: Camp Columbia, Box 9-5, North
                                                                                         First time at Camp
Cove Rd, Thetis Island V0R 2Y0 or call 1.866.946.3751 Fax 250 246-9621.                  Can offer ride    or    Need ride
                    Offering women an opportunity to be together in an atmosphere of support, joy and Christian love
Diocese of British Columbia                                                         Page Eleven                                                            September 2007

                                              Epiphanies at Hi We Care
                                              by The Reverend Ken Gray
                                                  • To affirm the continuing need for      the very heart of God through the poetry   Tribal rhythms in a traditional choral
                                                    appropriate and accessible care        of St. John of the Cross set to music by   milieu...
                                                  • To       promote       continuing      Lorenna McKennit...
                                                    architectural changes so that “all                                                O freedom! Freedom is coming, oh yes,
                                                    may enter”                             Upon a darkened night                      I know. Sithi jabula Jesu, jabula!
                                                  • To study and act upon attitudinal      the flame of love was burning in my        Oh, I want to wake up in the moonlight
                                                    barriers of people within the          breast                                     singing Jabula! Lalela! Sikhalela izwe
                                                    church                                 And by a lantern bright                    lakithi...
  The Reverend Ken Gray                                                                    I fled my house while all in quiet rest
                                                   The organization is shepherded                                                          And we finished with Canadian Folk
     First the church was locked!             by Elly Bowerman, herself specially          Upon that misty night                      legend Ken Whitley’s LET MY LIFE BE
     So we thumped on the door and            challenged and blessed with an               in secrecy, beyond such mortal sight       PRAYER, one of his GOSPEL MUSIC
raised the attention of the organist who      indefatigable spirit and profound            Without a guide or light                   MAKES ME FEEL ALRIGHT tracks
cautiously let us into the cold downtown      Christian faith. Many others have joined     than that which burned so deeply in my     first produced for Sunday service at folk
Church.                                       her over the years, including some with      heart                                      festivals across North America...
     We next found the thermostat and         a special calling to assist those who
the promised though forgotten resources       require support and encouragement.           I lost myself to him                       Let my life be prayer,
with which to make coffee and set up for           I was invited to share an Epiphany      and laid my face upon my lovers breast     Surely you will see me through.
our program.                                  Day-Apart around the theme of music          And care and grief grew dim                From the moment that I wake
     As they said in the movie APOLLO         and suffering.                                                                          ‘Till I go to sleep at night,
13, sometimes you just have to “work               While my own special challenge of           We cherished those who help us         Offer up my work and words,
the problem!” Such work is a daily            legal blindness seems miniscule with         through an evocative text EMILY            Bring them to the light,
challenge for members of Victoria’s HI!       what others face on a daily basis, I         REMEMBERS by Toronto Jazz Artist,          Let me feel the power to rise beyond
WE CARE.                                      suppose I also have a calling to reflect     Shirley Elkhart. Emily is her friend who   Let my life be prayer
     If is isn’t gaining access to a locked   on human nature and vocation through         struggles with Alzheimer’s Disease...
building for a meeting, its frustrations      the lens of special challenge.                                                              One participant noted the unity of
with limited transit, poor options for             Things are not equal, or equally        Emily remembers her weekends in the        music, text and experience, so appropriate
housing, or health care challenges.           available, or in the language of children,   country                                    for Epiphany when we celebrate God’s
     Persons with disabilities have to        fair!                                        Those walks down by the river              showings, in creation and the human
work through many problems in order                This affects my understanding of        On Sunday afternoons                       community supported by it.
to be a vibrant part of community             God, life, love, vocation, politics and      Emily remembers her holiday in Paris           For more information about Hi! We
and church life. As Helen Keller once         community.                                   Those evenings at the ballet               Care you can contact Elly Bowerman
quipped “I do not want the peace which             The specific tool for my reflection     Beneath an August moon                     through St. Andrews ~ Sidney ~
passes understanding, I want the              on this day was music. So I loaded up        If she forgets that I’m her best friend    250.656.5322.
understanding which brings peace.”            my ghetto blaster with discs I wanted to     And how inseparable
     HI! WE CARE members have                 share.                                       we were
committed        themselves     to    “turn        We listened to James Taylor singing     If she forgets how
limitations into expectations” and            an old Stephen Foster song, HARD             much she needs me
continue to challenge the churches to         TIMES...                                     I remember it for
respect the dignity of every human being                                                   her
through a pursuit of justice for all.         Let us pause in life’s pleasures and count   If she forgets how
     HI! WE CARE is an acronym for            its many tears,                              much she loves me I
“Handicapped Individuals Worldwide            While we all sup sorrow with the poor;       remember it for her
Encouraging Christian Awareness               There’s a song that will linger forever in
Reaching Everyone.” HI! WE CARE               our ears;                                         We       shared
aims to...                                    Oh Hard times come again no more.            AMANDLA (Zulu,
     • Take a new look at the                                                              “Power”) in that
        contributions of persons with         While we seek mirth and beauty and           place where music
        special challenges                    music light and gay,                         and justice colluded
     • Encourage and enlighten people         There are frail forms fainting at the        in bringing a new
        as to their own abilities             door;                                        politics to South
     • Ensure a high quality of communal      Though their voices are silent, their        Africa.
        life for persons with disabilities    pleading looks will say                           Canadian
        within local churches                 Oh hard times come again no more.            Stephen      Hatfield
     • To demonstrate the wholeness of                                                     creates a brilliant
                                                                                                                      Elly Bowerman on the right being
        the family of God                         We traveled from hard times into         synthesis of African       escorted by an unidentified friend

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Diocese of British Columbia                                                         Page Twelve                                                                September 2007

From A Long Perspective
                                              Signs, Seasons and Celebrations:
                                              Reflections on the History of our Liturgical Tradition

                                              Part IV:
                                              The Liturgy of St Hippolytus & Sacramental Ministries
                                              to Sick and Shut-in Members of the Church.
     The Reverend Canon
       Dr. Kim Murray

     One of the features which is, I              The celebrant then names the              and was at first uncertain that I approved    in the congregation would take away
believe, still unique in this diocese to      administrants, and commissions them           of it.                                        enough reserved sacramental species
the liturgical tradition of the Parish        using the following admonition:                    But, a careful reading of our            sufficient for the daily communication
of Salt Spring Island is a moment                                                           liturgical history showed me that,            of himself and his family.
near the conclusion of the service in               “We send you forth with                 far from being an innovation without               While I would not wish to advocate
which particular members of the laity               these holy gifts of our Lord’s          credible roots, this form has its basis in    the sort of “household communion”
are given the reserved sacrament and                Body and Blood. We pray                 the liturgy described by St. Hippolytus,      described above, I do wish to commend
commissioned to take it and administer              that (here those to whom the            a 3rd – century bishop of Rome, whose         to you the practice of commissioning,
it to sick or shut-in members of our                sacrament is being taken are            writings on the liturgy as it was offered     (after due discernment and preparation,
parish.                                             named) may discern with us              by his church give us the first complete      and with the concurrence and licensing
      I was not party to the development            the presence of Jesus in the            record of what the celebration of the         of such persons by our Bishop) persons
of this tradition – it was the work of the          breaking of bread and the               Holy Eucharist looked like in Apostolic       to perform this very special Sunday
Rev. Richard Johns in his capacity as               sharing of wine.”                       times.                                        ministry.
interim priest during the months prior                                                           Hippolytus’ description of the                The adoption of this ancient
to my appointment as rector, and was                After the final blessing and closing    Eucharistic rite (still best interpreted in   practice has afforded a deeply enriching
instituted in consultation with the Rt.       hymn, the administrants leave the church,     the now venerable work of Dom Gregory         sacramental connection between the
Rev. Barry Jenks, who was at that time        taking the sacrament directly to those for    Dix, The Shape of the Liturgy) includes       parish and members who are not able to
bishop of our diocese.                        whom it is intended.                          mention of the moment when, after the         be present at the Sunday celebration.
     After the “prayer after communion”            A brief liturgical form which            sacrament had been administered to the             It is also a profoundly significant
has been offered, the celebrant asks          includes the collect for purity, the kyrie,   congregation, the Bishop would, in a          way in which members of the laity are
that those appointed to take the Blessed      collect and gospel for the day, a short       manner similar to that described above,       enabled to participate in the “priesthood
Sacrament to (and those to whom it is         intercession and, after the administration    send out his deacons with the sacrament       of all believers” into which each of us is
to be taken are then mentioned by their       of the sacrament, a prayer of thanksgiving    for those unable to attend because of         admitted through the sacrament of Holy
Christian names) approach the altar           and the Grace, is employed in the homes       illness, infirmity or imprisonment.           Baptism.
step. Servers then proceed to give the        of those to whom the sacrament has been            Yet another variation, unique to              The Reverend Canon Dr. Kim
communion sets containing the elements,       sent.                                         the liturgy of St. Hippolytus, is the         Murray is the Rector on Salts Spring
consecrated at that day’s celebration, to           I had not encountered this liturgical   description of how, at the conclusion of      Island for All Saints-By-The-Sea, St.
the persons who have come forward.            form until my appointment to Salt Spring,     the liturgy, the head of each household       Mary and St. Mark’s.

I DO Choose
    by Sara Chu, St. John the Divine Victoria
    The subject of this life size papier mache sculpture is the story of Christ’s
healing of the leper in Mark 1: 40-41. The leper begged, “Lord, if you choose, you
can make me whole.” Moved with compassion, Jesus touched the leper and said, “I
DO choose. Be made whole.”

     This story has brought me joy and        because He shares and understands our
tears for over ten years. It is, for me,      human suffering.
one of the most important stories in the           Our Rector’s wife, Claire Munn,
Gospels.                                      gave me the idea that inspired this pose
     The leper’s question contains the        for the figures.
huge “Why?” question that is at the                The face of Christ was inspired by
heart of so much suffering. Why is God        some works of Caravaggio. The gender
allowing this to happen? It is the absence    of the leper is deliberately left ambiguous
of a sense of God’s presence that is the      so that each viewer can identify with the
hardest part of suffering.                    leper. The leper of the Bible is male but
     Jesus answers “I DO choose”              this face came from a black woman. The
and in that one sentence He affirms           figures rest on a blue silk cloth covered
the absoluteness of God’s love,               with stars, symbolic of the Cosmic
unconditionally      and    despite     all   Christ.
appearances to the contrary. God always            I intended to create the sculpture for
chooses our wholeness. The posture of         Lent or Easter. When the idea arose, of
the figures reflects how God loves us.        contributing to the Sacred Expressions
     He embraces each one intimately.         project at General Synod, it seemed
     He sees into our souls and touches       appropriate because the mission of this
us with utmost tenderness.                    particular Synod seemed to be about
     The nail holes in His wrists are there   healing.
Diocese of British Columbia                                                         Page Thirteen                                                                 September 2007

Introducing our newest columnist ~ Ian Powell
     I have been invited to take over                My learning will therefore be as a       looking back on a time of relaxation and
this corner of the journal from Kathy           ‘part-time distance Masters of Divinity       visits with friends & family. Whilst I was
Hoodikoff who you know finished at              student’ at Vancouver School of               blessed to see my eldest daughter married
Vancouver School of Theology this past          Theology (VST).                               in July, which meant the opportunity
May and is now going to write from the               Unfortunately VST is not yet set up      to again meet up with far-flung family,
“Curate’s” position.                            to deal with distance learners and whilst     relaxation was not on my agenda this
     First of all, let me introduce myself.     I am attending intensive courses there        summer.
     As you can see from the top, the           (and have taken the only on-line course            My studies continued during the
name is Ian Powell; I’m a 52 year old           they offer) this singular path would mean     summer with the conclusion of my
chap who was born in Leicestershire,            my education would take a considerable        Thorneloe course on the New Testament
England.                                        amount of time. Consequence I am also         at the beginning of August and I also
     I have been married to Marilyn for 29      doing correspondence courses with             attended VST for an intensive course on
years and we have 2 daughters, Victoria         Thorneloe University in Sudbury, ON.          Christian Education.
- 24 (married to Peter Carmichael) and          Work is underway to see if the two                 I was very fortunate to be allowed
Alexandra - 22. We have been in North           institutions are able to collaborate and      to join the Native Ministries Consortium
Saanich since 1998 except for 2 years           thus create a multi-route model.              for this one, which proved to be a double
when we lived in Bermuda, from which                 This blend has benefits.                 learning process. The course content is                   Ian Powell
we returned in July of 2006.                         Intensive courses provide the            the obvious one but the privilege of being
     Well that is the easy bit over with;       collegial interaction with VST and a          allowed to study with the First Nations’            It also dawned on me that my journey
the next is a little more complicated as        true connection with fellow students.         students was a definite gift.                  this last 18 months was my subconscious
there a few sides to me. I am an hotelier       I have been in residence 3 times and               The course was presided over by           way to break free of the boxes.
by profession and currently Managing            already I am developing personal and          The Rev Canon Dr. Martin Brokenleg,                 Now I know why I was feeling the
Director of Paul’s Restaurant’s Ltd,            professional relationships that I know        an excellent teacher who’s combining           way I was and why I’m now feeling the
whose principal asset is the Laurel Point       will stand the test of time. On the other     of thorny issues with understanding            way I do.
Inn in Victoria.                                hand correspondence courses allow me          and humour became the hallmark of the               Life is to be taken whole not in
     Some may know me from my 6 years           to progress my studies at a far quicker       course.                                        parts.
at The Empress (98-04). I am a Director         pace, when studying full time is not an                                                           The funny thing is it takes far less
of both The BC Hotel Association and            option.                                             One thing that really struck             energy to weave them together than it
the Council of Tourism Associations of               If it works, this combined institution         home for me was how my First             does to keep them apart, once you get
BC.                                             method will be great for other postulants           Nations Brothers & Sisters               the hang of it that is.
     From the Diocese of BC side of my          in my situation. For now I am the guinea            in Christ do not suffer from                  However, it is a whole new way
life, my home church is Holy Trinity,           pig, which is just fine by me!                      the western predilection                 of looking at yourself and you have to
North Saanich and I am a postulant                   However, all of this makes for a               to put the different parts               practise being holistic otherwise you run
for ordination having concluded my              rather complicated life, balancing the              of their lives into separate             straight back to your boxes.
discernment process in May.                     timetables of each institution with family          boxes. You know the drill,                    I’m trying to weave my strands of
     This does not mean I will be               commitments and the ever-present                    family goes in one, career               family, work, faith, school, (and the
decamping for full time school. I will,         demands of running a Hotel Company.                 in another and even faith                list goes on) all together. At work, for
in fact, be continuing to work and live              I must be mad!                                 in yet another. For them the             example, I take time for devotions and
here in the Victoria area whilst getting             No, just very certain this is new bi-          various strands of their lives           try to ensure that all I have contact with
through my studies in a different way.          vocational path is what I am supposed to            are woven together and like              have an appreciation for the faith part of
     Why different?                             be doing, so we will make it work!!!                anything woven, they are                 my life journey.
     It is because upon ordination my                Now you know a bit more about me.              stronger for it.                              It’s a work in progress and certainly
intent is not to be solely a priest but to be        Over the next while I hope to share                                                     not perfect, but then neither am I!
what Bishop James calls bi-vocational.          with you some of my experiences as I go           As I sat in class absorbing this very
     Earning my bread in the secular            along this amazing journey.                   basic notion, I realized that I had suffered       Until next time ~ Ian.
world and be there for the Bishop and                Speaking of which, as the summer         from that syndrome for years; everything
Diocese when needed.                            comes to an end, many of you will be          had a box and everything in its box.

             Bronze Plaque Returned                                                                                Aboriginal Neighbours
                                                                                                      an organization of the Anglican Diocese of BC
            to the Fairbridge Chapel…                                                             working in partnership with the United Churches of the
                                                             60 years after the first                               Victoria Presbytery
                                                        unveiling of this bronze plaque
                                                        there will be a 2nd unveiling                       cordially invite you to a forum on
                                                        Ceremony to be held during the
                                                        Fairbridge Canada Association            B.C. Treaties: First Nations’ Perspectives
                                                        2007 Reunion the weekend of
                                                        September 21st - 23rd.                        Saturday, September 22, 2007
                                                             The bronze plaque, was
                                                        donated to the Prince of Wales
                                                        Fairbridge Farm School in 1947                     First Nations’ Chief Negotiators will discuss
                                                        to commemorate the two young                                 the issues they are facing
                                                        Fairbridgians who lost their
                                                        lives during World War II.
                                                                                                    with the B.C. treaty process and will respond to questions.
                                                             On Saturday, July 21st, 2007
the bronze plaque made its way from Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, where it                        10:00am to 4:00pm ~ Registration 9:30am
was being stored back to the former Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School Chapel                                    Lunch included
near Cowichan Station.
    As fortune would have it, there is a Fairbridge Reunion scheduled for this fall. It          Duncan Christian Reformed Church, 930 Trunk Road, Duncan, B.C.
will be held in the Duncan area – with Saturday afternoon tea served on the former                     (.9 km East of Trans Canada Hwy. #1 on Trunk Road)
school grounds by the Fairbridge Strata group – this group has developed out of the
families who have bought the former Farm School cottages or have built or purchased                 To ensure a space, please pre-register by September 18th, 2007
new homes on the former Farm School property.
    The Sunday morning of the reunion includes a service that will be held in the
                                                                                                      Ruth D’Hollander at: 1.800.661.4630 or 250.383.2156
Fairbridge Chapel. This year will be special as the Bronze Plaque will be unveiled for                            or Marv Fowler at: 250.748.0595
the 2nd time just over 60 years since the first. It will not only commemorate the two                              or Jenny Balme at 250.743.2549
young Fairbridge lives – lost in the last World War, but it will be symbolic for all the
children, who gave up their lives in Britain to forge new lives in the remote fields of                Aboriginal Neighbours and the United Church gratefully acknowledge
Cowichan Station in the 1930s and 1940s.                                                                the support or the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group, the Cowichan Tribes
    For more information contact Pat Skidmore at patskidmore@shaw.ca.                               Land & Governance Department and the Duncan Christian Reformed Church
Diocese of British Columbia                                                       Page Fourteen                                                               September 2007

                                                                                                      Koinonia Christian
                     SEPTEMBER 2007
   1. An Invitation to Journey                                                                          Books & Gifts

   2. Thinkng Theologically
   3. Creativity & Stories of Creation
                                                                                                             1119 Blanshard Street
   4. Restoring Relationships                                                                                    Victoria, BC
   5. Evil, suffering and a God of Love
   6. Intimacy with God
   7. Social Justice
   8. A Kingdom without walls
   9. Lives of Jesus
  10. Compassion: The Heart of Jesus’ ministry
  11. A Passion for Christ: Paul the Apostle                                                             St. Andrew’s Sidney is hosting “Bridge & Light Lunch” on Monday
  12. Out into the world: challenges                                                                 September 24th, 2007. Other Games will be available as well like... Scrabble
       facing progressive christianity                                                               & Whist. Prizes and a fun time for all!! Tickets $12.50 per person.

                                                                                                         All money raised will go to ‘Grandmothers for Grandmothers’, Stephen
                                                                                                     Lewis Foundation.
   CALL 250.383.2714 FOR INFO                              CALL 250.383.7169 FOR INFO
                                                                                                         Information & tickets at St. Andrew’s 250.656.5322.

           The Greater Victoria                 St Mary’s 21st Blackberry Festival          The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine        The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine
         Lay School of Theology                    Saturday, September 29, 2007              St. John’s House, British Columbia           St. John’s House, British Columbia
            Fall Term BEGINS                         St Mary of the Incarnation                     3937 St. Peter’s Road                        3937 St. Peter’s Road
  Tuesday, September 25th at 7:30pm                     4125 Metchosin Road                         Victoria, BC, V8P 2J9                        Victoria, BC, V8P 2J9
      Chapter Room of Christ Church                        Victoria, B.C.                              P: 250.920.7787                              P: 250.920.7787
                 Cathedral                                  250.474.4119                               F: 250.920.7709                              F: 250.920.7709
The Reverend Professor Eugen Bannerman          Home baking, frozen blackberry pies,                 E: bchouse@ssjd.ca                           E: bchouse@ssjd.ca
will present a series of lectures, “The Last        preserves and refreshments.
Dance...Encountering Death and Dying”.                      Come early!                      Need some spiritual nourishment???            October 26 to 28 (Friday - Sunday)
          For more information                                                                                                                        A Silent Retreat
         please call 250.595.6013.               Saint Alban’s Annual Fall Fair                  The cost for a day long event is $25         Radical Women, Fierce Faith
                                                   Saturday September 22nd                  unless otherwise indicated. The cost for a        Who were the barrier-breaking
      UPCOMING EVENTS                                  11:00am to 1:00pm                    weekend retreat (room, board, dedicated      women of yesteryear? Who are the
    The Contemplative Society                  Come and have a good time, meet some         retreat leader is $140 unless otherwise      boundary pushing women of today?
           P.O. Box 35021                         old friends and find a bargin!            indicated. Financial arrangements can             Come walk the history, and vision
      Victoria, BC, V8T 5G2                                                                 be made if required.                         the future. Explore the radical wisdom
            250.381.9650                               BENEFIT CONCERT                                                                   of several women from the 12th century
  Web site: www.contemplative.org                   for the official launch of the              For information or to register,          through to today. Reflect on how their
  Email: admin@contemplative.org                      Welcome House Project.                unless otherwise indicated, contact St.      fierce faith can nurture you on your own
                                                                                            John’s House at 920-7787 or by email:        personal journey.
  Introduction to Centering Prayer                      A concert featuring                 bchouse@ssjd.ca.                                  The weekend begins Friday 7:00pm
      Saturday, September 22nd                         Winnipeg’s Cara Luft,                                                             right through until Sunday’s lunch.
         10.00am to 3.30pm                      Hugh McMillan (Spirit of the West) &                September 22 (Saturday)                   Queenswood Centre, 2494 Arbutus
   With Christopher & Heather Page                          Daniel Lapp.                             A Spirituality Spa Day              Road, Victoria, BC, V8N 1V8
         Knox United Church                      There will also be wine-and-cheese              Men and Women – you are invited              Cost: $170 for the weekend
      325 Pym St. (at Humphrey)                    reception and a silent auction.          to a Spa Day for your soul! This is an            Register         through         the
            Parksville BC                                                                   opportunity to experience the rhythm         Queenswood Centre Web site (www.
               Cost: $45                          Friday, September 7 th, 7:30 pm.          and balance of prayer and work, and to       queenswoodcentre.com), by telephone
    To Register Call 250.248.3927                    Christ Church Cathedral                experience the still small voice within.     250.477.3822 or by mail.
   Email: office@kucparksville.ca                        $25.00 per person                       The day begins at 9:00am with
                                                                                            Morning Prayer and meditation. There             MEMBERS OF THE CHOIRS OF
                                                   Welcome House is second-stage                                                                 ST. MARY’S OAK BAY,
    Silent Meditation Retreat Day                                                           will be a time for reading, rest, shared             BEL CANTO SINGERS,
         Saturday October 13th                 housing for at-risk refugee and immigrant    reflections and prayer, work and some             THE NEWCOMBE SINGERS
           9:30am to 4:30pm                    women and their children.                    community time. The day ends with                 & THE MONTEREY CHORUS
  With Christopher and Heather Page                Our goal is to provide safe and          Evening Prayer at 5:00 pm.                                  PRESENT
   Glenairley, 6040 East Sooke Rd.             welcoming housing for families who                Registrations are due by September
                                               are experiencing difficulties, including                                                  THE SIXTH ANNUAL ‘ LAST NIGHT
Cost: $15 (Please make cheques out to                                                       14th. Numbers are limited to two or                  OF THE PROMS’
“The Contemplative Society” and mail           domestic violence, as they adjust to their   three.
 to the address above with a note that         new lives in our country.                                                                   SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 16th, 2007
                                                                                                                                                   AT 7:00pm
indicates payment is for “Silent Day”)               Tickets are available from:                    October 13 (Saturday)
Cost includes snacks and refreshments.                                                             Discover Your Creativity                ST MARY THE VIRGIN OAK BAY,
                                                          Koinonia Bookstore                                                                     1701 ELGIN ROAD
        Please bring a bag lunch.                                                                       Through Play                                   Victoria
                                                             1119 Blanshard
    To Register Call Faith @ TCS                                                                   with a Mosaic of Colours
            250.381.9650 or                               Global Village Store                                                           Come & sing along, wave a flag and enjoy
                                                                                                                                          the familiar words and music of Holst,
 Email: admin@contemplative.org                           535 Pandora Avenue                          10:00am to 3:00pm                          Elgar, Handel & Parry!
                                                          Long and McQuade                       St. Peter’s Church, Victoria
         The Sorrento Centre                                                                                                               Tickets are available at Munro’s Book
                                                          2822 Nanaimo Street                    This workshop is for anyone who           Store, Long & McQuaide, Ivy’s Book
      Silent Meditation Retreat                                                                                                           Store, St. Mary’s Office and at the Door
                                                    Fernwood Community Centre               desires to discover their creativity
         Friday November 9 th
                                                         1240 Gladstone Street              - maybe for the first time. Enjoy the                   ADMISSION
   to Monday November 12th, 2007                                                                                                                    ADULTS $10
  With Christopher and Heather Page               Synod Office 900 Vancouver Street         creative challenge, fun and fellowship             CHILDREN (UNDER 12) $5
          Course Fee: $325.00                                                               of making your own colour-dyed silk
                                                    St. Saviour’s Anglican Church                                                         For More Info Please call 250.589.2212
 (includes meals and accommodation)                                                         scarves.
                                                            310 Henry Street                     These unique and personally
 Email: info@sorrento-centre.bc.ca                                                                                                       EDITOR’S NOTE: Please email your
                                                               Spiral Café                  designed scarves make lovely gifts.
      www.sorrento-centre.bc.ca                                                                                                          ADS to
                                                         418 Craig flower Road                   This workshop is designed for
                                                                                            beginners as well as those who have had            thepost@bc.anglican.ca
 Please visit our NEW Web site                              And at the door!
                                                                                            some previous experience.                    by the 1st of each month prior the
     www.contemplative.org                              Christmas Craft Fair                     Cost for the day: (which includes       month it is being published in. Please
         to find out about                          Saturday November 17th, 2007            the silk scarf and other materials) $35.
                                                                                                                                         do NOT format the text, simply provide
      CONTEMPLATIVE                                         10am to 3pm                     Bring a bag lunch – tea/coffee will be
 PRAYER GROUPS, LIVING                                 The Church of the Advent             provided.                                    plain text in the body of the email
    PRESENCE GROUPS &                                   510 Mount View Ave.,                     Registrations are due by October        and remember the 5 W’s Who, What,
      TAIZE SERVICES                                  Lunch will begin at 11:30am           5th.                                         Why, Where & When. Thanks!
Diocese of British Columbia                                                         Page Fifteen                                                              September 2007

                                   ST. JOHN THE DIVINE HOSTS CELTIC FEST 2007
    “It’s a weekend festival of Music, Art, Dance, Literature and Spirit,” says Tristan                                     CELTIC CAFÉ
Rhodes, director of music at St. John’s and the festival organizer. “What a great               Open 8:15 AM to 5 PM, Celtic Café offers an array of beverages and snacks
way to celebrate Thanksgiving,” he adds, “No need to cook a turkey when you can             throughout the day. To complement your Celtic experience an Irish lunch is available
celebrate in style at the Saturday evening Ceilidh” [pronounced Kay-lee.] The three-        from 11:45AM to 1PM. All welcome. Location: Parish House Lounge. [Cash or
day event held October 5-6-7 throughout the large St. John’s complex will feature           personal cheque only.]
Celtic entertainers and specialists beginning with a concert by noted Celtic singer,
                                                                                                                          HARPS & FAIRY DUST
Mary Murphy and friends and concluding with an Sunday Iona service with Bishop
                                                                                                         Dorothy Cook and friends – Celtic harpist and balladeers.
John Hannon preaching. The Anglican Church of St. John the Divine is located at 1611
                                                                                                 Seasoned harpists, songster and minstrels - weavers of ancient and modern Celtic
Quadra Street, Victoria.
                                                                                            tales, legends, myths - perform and teach the stirring songs that made heroes and
       WEEKEND PASSES – admission to all events [except Celtic Cafe]                        the lilting melodies that broke hearts. All are welcome be merry, sing or just listen.
                 Family Pass: [2 adults and 2 children] $55.                                Location: Church nave. 1:15-2:45 PM. Individual ticket $15
                            Individual Pass: $35
                                                                                                                          BEDROCKS OF FAITH
                   Individual Event Tickets priced above.
                                                                                                                              Dr. Elinor Powell
        For further information & Celtic Fest tickets call 250.383.7169
                                                                                                 Beginning in the first meillennium Dr. Powell takes us on a microcosmic
                        The festival schedule is as follows...                              pilgrimage around those great stone monuments – Ireland’s greatest contribution to
                                                                                            world sculpture. Copies of Dr. Powell’s The High Crosses of Ireland: Inspirations
                              FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5
                                                                                            in Stone should be available for authograph. All are welcome to unlock the secrets of
                     CONCERT: MARY MURPHY & FRIENDS
                                                                                            this ‘golden age’ of chisel and stone. Location: St. John’s Hall – upper level 3-4:30
     Well known Celtic singer, Mary Murphy and others of her troop open the Celtic
                                                                                            PM. Individual ticket $15.
Fest with two toe-tapping hours of Celtic music that are sure to warm everyone’s
cockles and mussels. Sing-along included. Mary will make you weep, laugh and sing                                        MONUMENT BUILDERS
for joy. Location: Church nave. 7 PM. Doors open at 6:15. Tickets at door: adults $20,                                      Sue Jenkins & Friends
students $10.                                                                                    Along the same lines as her morning session, Sue’s young monument builders
                                                                                            will tackle the construction of a Celtic [or Romanesque] Arch. Both this and the High
                             SATURDAY, OCTBOER 6
                                                                                            Cross will be on display during the evening Ceilidh and the Sunday morning Iona-
                                   RIVER DANCE
                                                                                            style service. All are welcome for the fun-fun-fun. Location: Church undercroft. 3-
        Mairead O’Brien and membesr of the O’Brien School of Irish Dance
                                                                                            4:30PM. Individual tickets $10.
    An interactive class in classic and modern Irish dance and the music that inspires
it. Demonstrations and participation. Experience the energy, thrill and steps that                                      CEILIDH [pronounced Kay-Lee]
have taken the dance world by storm. All are welcome to kick up their heels or be               A Celtic celebration bringing together poetry, stories, song, dance, food and
wall-flowers. Location: St. John’s Hall – lower level. 8:30 – 10 AM, Individual ticket      drink. Presided over by well-known Ceilidh Master, Shamus Williams from the
- $10.                                                                                      USA, all class and seminar leaders and participants will have the opportunity to
                                                                                            demonstrate what they’ve learned and/or created during the Celtic Fest Ceilidh. Live
                                                                                            music. Location: St. John’s Hall. 7-9 PM. Individual tickets [includes food] Adult $15,
                           Marcia Williams and friends
                                                                                            children 12 and under $10. Infants free.
        Thrill to the power of such ancient Celtic odes as “The Conversion of Taun
MacCairoll.” Interspersed with live Celtic harp music, hear – discuss - write - and                                      SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7
read your own masterpiece. Unearth and ignite the Celtic spirit within. Poets, poet                               9:30 IONA WORSHIP SYMPOSIUM
wannabes and all who loves poetry are welcome to be moved. Location: Church                                        Jannett Scott of the Ion Community
undercroft. 8:30-10AM. Individual ticket - $15.                                                 Explores the significance of the Iona style in contemporary worship. All are
                                                                                            welcome without cost.
                                 Dr. Elinor Powell                                                                         10:30 IONA SERVICE
    Author of the soon to be released: The High Crosses of Ireland: Inspirations                 This 10:30 Sunday morning contemporary Iona-style church service features Iona
in Stone Dr. Powell unearths the Celts first ‘golden age’ though the treasure trove of      music. Created for the Celtic Fest by Jannett Scoot of the Iona Community and Sue
golden ornaments that have been and that are still being discovered. All are welcome        Jenkins of the St. John’s staff, it features Bishop John Hannon preaching on Celtic
to be dazzled. Location: St. John’s Hall – upper level. 10:15-11:45 AM. Individual          spirituality. The Choristers of St. John the Divine will sing during the Eucharist.
ticket - $15.                                                                               Come and prepare to be moved. The circle is wide enough to welcome and embrace
                                                                                            everyone. All are welcome without cost.
                                 STONE & MORTAR
                                 Sue Jenkins & Friends                                                                        CELTIC SERVICE
    St. John’s own pied piper, Sue Jenkins, and her gaggle of funsters offer a hands-                               Jannett Scott of the Ion Community
on learning experience for kids young and old to design, build and decorate a to-scale           This contemporary Iona-style church service features Iona music. The Choristers
Styrofoam High Cross that will be displayed in the Ceilidh, seminar and Sunday.             of St. John the Divine l will sing during the Eucharist. Come and prepare to be
All are welcome for the fun-fun-fun. Location: Church undercroft. 10:15-11:45 AM.           moved. The circle is wide enough to welcome and embrace everyone. All are welcome
Individual tickets $10.                                                                     without cost.

YOU are invited to SING A NEW SONG...
     ...a song of joy, of discipleship, of    identity, our theology, our spirituality as   worship is an expression of human
living word... of life, light and shalom      Christians. In an era when the temptation     culture and history. God’s mission in
of God’s transforming horizons.               is to follow the commercial media into        creation has a horizon that
     “New Song, New Word, New Church”         regarding music as a performance sport,       exceeds our own. In our words
– drives Christ Church Cathedral’s first      it is essential that we swim against          and silences, our actions and
conference for the whole people of God        the tide and enable all God’s people to       rest, our rituals and hymns, we
to be held this fall.                         participate.”                                 shape ourselves to be active
     “We are delighted to bring together           This is echoed by the Reverend           participants, co-workers with
this unique dynamic,” says Cathedral          Canon Herbert O’Driscoll. “Something          God.”
dean & rector, the Very Reverend Logan        easily missed in the cultural smorgasbord          The conference, to be held
McMenamie. “John, Herb and Richard            we live in today is the staying power of      at the Cathedral, runs from
bring a wealth and depth of experiential      the library we call the Bible. It survives    November 16 - 18, culminating
leadership and insight to renew, restore      use and misuse. It speaks from the past       in a joyous “Big Sing”, on the
and refresh our understanding and             but in such a way as to speak to the          Sunday afternoon, a portion
journeying as followers of Christ.”           present. If we come to it as merely past      of the proceeds of which will go to the
     McMenamie is referring to renowned       we can become isolated in the past. If        ministry of Our Place.
Iona Community resource leader, John          we come to it as timeless we can find              Registration forms are available
Bell, internationally acclaimed preacher      insight into contemporary experience.”        on line at www.christchurchcathedral.
and author Herb O’Driscoll and liturgical          New Song and New Word, encircled         bc.ca, the Cathedral office, or by calling
visionary, Richard Leggett – a dynamic        in the whole that is New Church.              250.383.2714.
trio indeed!                                       “Christian worship is an experience           At $50 per day, $90 for the whole
     “At the basis of discipleship and        of the ‘already but not yet’ of God’s         conference, including admission to the                  Top ~ Richard Leggett
Christian understanding is song,” says        mission in creation,” explains the            Big Sing, this is a not-to-be-missed fall                 Middle ~ John Bell
Bell. “It is from song that we learn our      Reverend Richard Leggett. “Christian          event!!                                                Bottom ~ Herb O’Driscoll
Diocese of British Columbia                                                     Page Sixteen                                                                  September 2007

                                             Feature Parish
                                                                St. Peter’s ~ Part One
                                             Campbell River, BC
     Mission Statement
     “Christians within the Anglican
tradition, called to be a welcoming
community, inspiring people to follow
Christ in everyday life, loving and
serving God and one another.”
     St. Peter’s church began as a mission
of St. John’s, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra
Island, across Discovery Passage from                                                                                                   everyday life,
Campbell River. St. John’s had been                                                                                                     loving         and
established earlier by the Columbia                                                                                                     serving God and
Coast Mission. Campbell River was a                                                                                                     one another.”
small settlement at that time, connected                                                                                                    The Gardens
only by rough logging roads with the                                                                                                    ~ because St.
Comox Valley. Campbell River had no                                                                                                     Peter’s stands
protection for docking facilities, so the                                                                                               on     a     fairly
Union Steamships and Columbia Coast                                                                                                     large piece of
Mission found safe harbour in Quathiaski                                                                                                property,         a
Cove, a vibrant fishing community, and                                                                                                  proposal       was
from there supplies and missionaries                                                                                                    approved several
were brought to Campbell River.                                                                                                         years ago by
     The first St. Peter’s was opened in                                                                                                the parish and
1931.                                             We are now blessed with the             Mark, Qualicum in the south, to Christ        Diocese, to let
     An original scroll reads: “This         Reverend Blair Haggart as our rector who     Church, Alert Bay in the north, and           a      significant
church was erected during the winter         is also the Regional Dean and with a two     from St. Savior’s, Cortes Island to St.       section         be
of 1930-31 through the co-operation          point parish St. Peter’s & St. Saviour’s     Peter and St. Paul in Gold River.             used for a “Community Garden.” This
of members of the entire community           on Cortes Island he is busy!                      As we undertake the new challenges       community outreach offers programs in
of Campbell River, and the generous               The parish is as busy as it’s rector    of the DMRIT we look forward to:              composting, while learning gardening
assistance of friends of the community in    with many people offering their unique           • new curriculum to enhance our           techniques from their neighbours. Many
many places...” It goes on to say that “As   gifts of service including the Altar Guild         Sunday School.                          of the gardeners and children from our
an expression of grateful appreciation to    who create a simply beautiful atmosphere         • meeting with other youth groups         parish participate in the program, “Plant
members of other communions who gave         often from our own gardens. Several                on an ecumenical basis.                 a Row, Grow a Row.” After the food is
so generously of their means and their       Prayer Ministries thrive along with Lay          • new forms of Christian education,       grown, and harvested it is donated to
services.”… it extended to them, “the        Pastoral Care and Parish Nursing, and              starting with an Alpha course           the Food Bank or Soup Kitchen. At the
use of St. Peter’s for public worship.”      some are devoted to the Community Soup             for the parish and community in         end of the day you will often see the
     Originally St. Peter’s was shared       Kitchen. The parish provides emergency             September.                              gardeners, sitting on the cedar benches,
with the United and Lutheran Churches        Food Hampers. Staples are purchased              • meeting the members of our newly        while they appreciate the God given view
and was served by the Columbia Coastal       in case lots, made up into hampers, and            created Nimpkish Region for the         of the Island Mountains as they exchange
Mission so it was not consecrated until      when a delivery is made fresh produce,             sharing of ideas, resources and         stories and produce. In a world where
June 1941.                                   bread and milk are added.                          visions, while understanding the        people are becoming more isolated and
     Because the community had                    And, in August, our very own                  uniqueness and diversity of each        lonely, this garden has helped to bring
participated so fully in the construction    postulant, Kathy Hoodikoff was ordained            other.                                  people together.
and establishment of the church, St.         as a Deacon, by The Rt. Rev. James A. J.         • And, the evolving music ministry             In 1960, bedding plants were a
Peters was viewed as the community           Cowan.                                             and the vibrancy that is sure to        scarce commodity in Campbell River,
church. This designation continued                A very momentous occasion as it               result!                                 so resourceful parishioners, who had
well into the 1970’s, even though the        was the first Ordination to be celebrated         We pray that this parish will continue   an abundance of plants, initiated “The
other denominations had established          at St. Peters!                               to keep the “healthy status” given to us      Plant Sale” which to this day remains a
themselves in the community. St.                  St. Peter’s Campbell River is the       in the DMRT report as we continue, “to        major fund raiser. Many gardens in this
Peters continues to welcome other            geographical center of the newly created     be called to be a welcoming community,        community have been enhanced with
congregations for their special              “Nimpkish Region,” reaching from St.         inspiring people to follow Christ in          these plants for the past 47 years, and
services, such as large funerals,                                                                                                                    when they become overgrown,
weddings, as well as community                                                                                                                       they too contribute to “The
based concerts.                                                                                                                                      Plant Sale.”
     As the congregation grew, it                                                                                                                         On the morning of the
became obvious that the beautiful                                                                                                                    sale, in early April, customers
rustic St. Peter’s was too small.                                                                                                                    line up an hour or so before
Under the leadership of The                                                                                                                          hand.
Reverend Peter McCalman, he                                                                                                                               After coffee and prayer,
met with other groups, this large                                                                                                                    there is a mad dash, with
property was purchased, at the                                                                                                                       recycled cardboard beer flats
same time that our neighbours                                                                                                                        in hand, to obtain the plants
were being established – the                                                                                                                         needed to beautify their own
Baptist Church, the Christian                                                                                                                        gardens.
School and the Sikh Temple with                                                                                                                           A dedicated group of
St. Peter’s being on the corner!                                                                                                                     gardeners tend the holding
     The first service at this site                                                                                                                  beds throughout the year and
was held Christmas Eve, 1987.                                                                                                                        recently installed a sprinkler
     After     Peter    McCalman                                                                                                                     system as the holding beds
retired, The Reverend Peter                                                                                                                          continue to expand.
Parker was called to ministry                                                                                                                             Editor’s Note: This is the
here where he stayed for fifteen                                                                                                                     end of Part One ~ Part Two
years before moving to St.                                                                                                                           will be found in the October
Luke’s, Victoria.                                     Community Gardens & Composting ‘classroom’                                                    issue.

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