A slightly older MANNY is in a nightclub putting away his ukulele

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					(A slightly older MANNY is in a nightclub putting away his ukulele. There is barely a crowd and it is evident the club is closing up. A BARTENDER behind the counter wipes glasses and a janitor sweeps rubbish from under the tables. Manny is says goodbye to the other troupe members and the CLUB MANAGER walks up to him.) CLUB MANAGER: Manny you and the others have been playing here for what? Six months now? You know we start at seven, so why did you come in late again? MANNY: I sorry Mr. Clark. Won‟t happen again. CLUB MANAGER: It better not. I know about that thing they call “Hawaiian Time,” but this ain‟t Hawaii, Manny. You show up late one more time and you‟re outta here. You got it? MANNY: Yes Mr. Clark, I sorry. I come early next time. (the CLUB MANAGER frowns wordlessly and walks back to his office. The BARTENDER calls out to MANNY.) BARTENDER: Hey Manny, I‟m gonna leave soon, you want a beer before I do inventory? MANNY: Oh, yeah. I can have one Buweiser? (The BARTENDER hands MANNY a bottle) MANNY: T‟anks ah. (MANNY picks up his ukulele case and heads out the club’s back door exit. He sits on some steps next to a dumpster and begins to sip his beer. OLDER MANNY stands next to step.) MANNY: Fawkin‟ shit. Fawkin‟ haoles. (Older MANNY looks down at MANNY.) OLDER MANNY: What you wen expect? You wen ask dem for one job, and you act dumb; anyone would get huhu wit „choo. (One of MANNY’s band members walks over to MANNY. The BAND MEMBER squats next to MANNY.) BAND MEMBER: Eh, Manny, how come you was late tonight? What you was doing? Mr. Clark wen get nuts asking about you. MANNY: Sorry, had stuff to do das why. BAND MEMBER: Shiet, Manny. Dat haole giving us plenny pilikia cause you. For‟real Manny, what you ste doing? OLDER MANNY: Yeah, for‟reals. What‟choo been doing? MANNY: Sorry, jus was busy is all. BAND MEMBER: Ah, whateva. Eh, what you going do for Christmas? MANNY: Dunno. BAND MEMBER: Oh, I going go back Hilo. MANNY: Oh. BAND MEMBER: What Manny, you not going go back eva? MANNY: I dunno. Mebbe. Dunno though. BAND MEMBER: You no mo‟ family dere or what? MANNY: Nah get, my mom and my braddah. BAND MEMBER: You no like see dem or what? „S yo moddah though. You no like find out how she doing? OLDER MANNY: Make

MANNY: No, I jus… Neva see dem long time. OLDER MANNY: Nobody like see you long time. BAND MEMBER: „Chee Manny, you going live da mainland your whole life or what saying “Yes mista Clark, Yessir mista Clark. Wipe your ass? Yessir, mista Clark.” MANNY: Shiet no, jus get mo‟ opportunities here den Hawaii. OLDER MANNY: You may as well just wipe Mr. Clark‟s ass cause das da opportunities you get. BAND MEMBER: Eh, I going go „redy. „Kay den Manny. MANNY: „Kay den. (The BAND MEMBER exits. MANNY leans back looking up.) MANNY: Mama… OLDER MANNY: Make. Everything make, even you make. (MANNY accidentally knocks over his beer and watches an ant struggle in the puddle. MANNY talks to himself.) MANNY: Eh BEAR, dis just like dat time ah? No spit on me „kay. (MANNY continues to watch the ant struggle, but notices that it stops moving.) MANNY: Ah no can. Wen make. You was right, Bear. No can trust nobody or anyting‟ around here. (MANNY brings his hands to his face, and sighs.) MANNY: Fawk, I jus like go back. I jus like go back 1959. OLDER MANNY: Fo‟ what? Nottin‟ goin‟ change. Things dat wen make, no can already, no can. „S why hard. (MANNY picks up the beer bottle, throws it into the dumpster and exits.)