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									                                                          J-WALK | SEPTEMBER 07 | ISSUE #006

                                            Jesus vs Harry Potter | Music | India | cyREVOLUTION special

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                    J-WALK ISSUE #006
                                                                WELCOME to Issue #006           books. This isn’t because I’m
                                                                of J-walk. How good is          opposed to reading them…
                                                                this month’s cover!! Sorry      I’m indifferent.
                                                                about the lame one last
                                                                month (my fault) - Nicole       However, there are many
                                                                did this month’s and it         Christians who think that

                                                                looks sweet.                    Christians ought not read
                                                                                                Harry Potter.
       J-walk is the monthly         GLADLY rejoice in Him.     This might be your first J-
    magazine of CCECYOUTH.                                      Walk.     Maybe      you’ve     CAUTION: If your parents                   By
                                   We also have G-TEAMS -       downloaded it from our web-     would prefer you not to read        Dave Miers
    CCECYOUTH is run by Cen-         the aim of these is to     site or maybe you have          Harry Potter– obey them…
        tral Coast Evangelical           GROW TOGETHER.         picked up a copy from coast
                      Church.                                   y outh   REV O LU T IO N —we    If you’re not interested in
                                       G-TEAMS are smaller      hope you enjoy reading.         reading the Harry Potter arti-
    CCECYOUTH is for year 7-      groups where we dig even                                      cles—there are plenty of
     12 high school students           deeper into the Bible    The aim of J-WALK is to help    great articles in this month’s
                                                                you think about the world we    edition.
    We meet on Friday nights       Join us on Friday, or in a   live in and what it will mean
       from 7-930pm @ erina                        G-TEAM.      to be a Christian in that       Have you got any ideas on
                   high school                                  world.                          articles for J-Walk? Competi-
     Entry = $5 (includes din)                                                                  tions? What do you want to
                                                                This month we are stepping      read more of? What do you
                                                                into a fantasy world.           want to read less of? Let us
                                                                The world of Harry Potter.
                                                                                                         Keep trusting Jesus,
                                                                I haven’t read any of the                               dnm

                                                                              TEAM J-WALK              J-WALK ISSUE #006
                                                                                 Alex Hartley
                                                                                  Dave Miers
                                                                               Jackson Stace
                                                                                  Josh Bones
                                                                                Michelle Watt     Coast Youth Revolution  04
                                                                              Nicole Maloney
                                                                                                  Harry Potter isn’t Jesus06
                                                                                                Music and movie reviews 10
                                                                                                              She is Rose 12
                                                                         Guests this issue:             India and Poverty 14
                                                                              Rowena Miers
                                                                                                  The Truth about Harry 18
                                                                             Daniel Godden
                                                                        Graeme Goldsworthy            The Spiritual World 22
     We exist to GLORIFY God                         INFO:                                                         Top 10 25
          in everything as we:                                         Martin Luther and Music 26
    GATHER to hear his word;                                              Interview with Bec 28
     GROW in godliness; GIVE             office 0243672100                                          Do we need the OT? 30
2                                                                                                                                          2
    in service of others; share         dave 0428-532-665
         the GOSPEL of Jesus’
    death & Resurrection; and     J-WALK ISSUE #006   
                                                                                                       In the lead up to coast youth REVOLUTION—we have
                                                                                                   been recording a series of Radio shows called—coast youth
                                                                                                      radio. Each episode has been lots of fun. But one of the
                                                                                                        aims has been to think through issues that face Central
                                                                                                      Coast teenagers (all teenagers) and what it will mean to
                                                                                                                           think about them in a Christian way.

COAST        In 2004 we began a com-
             bined youth event for a cou-
             ple of like-minded youth
                                              2 Corinthians 4:14-15 gives a
                                              great picture of this:                                                                              BOREDOM
YOUTH        groups. After running 6 great
             1 night events.
                                              14 For Christ's love com-
                                              pels us, because we are
                                                                                                                                               CASUAL JOBS

REVOL        For the first time we are run-
             ning a 1.5 day conference.
                                              convinced that one died
                                              for all, and therefore all
                                              died. 15 And he died for
                                                                                                                              CHECK THEM OUT ONLINE AT
UTION*       3 great speakers
                                              all, that those who live
                                              should no longer live for
             2 great bands                    themselves but for him
By           1 incredible God.                who died for them and
                                              was raised again.
Dave Miers
             People have laughed at me
             when they know that I’m the      How are we to live? No
             one who put the promotional      longer for ourselves but for
             material together. I know        him for who died for us and
             why they laughed! But the        was raised again.
             above looks far catchier than
             below:                           When we understand Christ’s
                                              love for us expressed in his
             2   great speakers               death for our sins, we are
             1   okay speaker                 compelled to live differently.
             2   great bands
             1   incredible God               coast youth REVOLUTION is
                                              all about living differently.
             The idea behind coast youth
             REVOLUTION is about living       Have you come to put your
             differently.                     trust in Jesus?? Yes? Then
                                              who are you living for:
             Why live differently? In re-            yourself or
             sponse to the good news of              your Saviour
             Jesus’ death and resurrec-
             tion.                            The talks on our 2007 confer-
                                              ence will be all about this.
             The Bible makes it super         Download them from our
             clear that we are not saved      website after the conference.
             by being different. We are
             saved by what Jesus has  
             done. But the Bible also
  3                                                                                                                                                        3
             makes clear that because we
             are saved, we are to live dif-
             ferently.                        J-WALK ISSUE #006      
                                                                                    like a see-saw really), it          bottom of the lake for longer
                                                                                    seems that J K Rowling has          than necessary to save Fleurs
                                                                                    pronounced herself a Chris-         sister, goes out of his way to
                                                                                    tian! Which is great news           free Buckbeak, and risks
                                                                                    really, and particularly be-        cursed fire to save his long-
                                                                                    lievable given the events of        time enemy Draco. Hermione
                                                                                    her most recent book. So in         even hesitantly suggests to
                                                                                    great faith that this is true,      Harry at one stage that he
                                                                                    following are some of the           has a “saving-people thing”.
                                                                                    similarities and parallels be-      And so when he willingly
                                                                                    tween Harry Potter and Jesus        walks into the forest, allow-
                                                                                    that I believe Rowling delib-       ing Voldemort      to kill him
                                                                                    erately intended:                   (and in turn killing Volde-

HARRY                                                                               1. They were both chosen
                                                                                    and prophesied about.
                                                                                                                        mort, removing him from the
                                                                                                                        entire world), Harry is show-
                                                                                                                        ing a similar level of concern
POTTER IS          Harry Potter Is
                                                  was the hated enemy of evil,
                                                  which he overcame by will-
                                                                                    Since the first book, Harry
                                                                                    was called “the chosen one”
                                                                                                                        and self sacrifice as Jesus for
                                                                                                                        the benefit of the world.
                    NOT Jesus…
NOT JESUS!      although you would
                                                  ingly facing death. In doing
                                                  this he defeated the evil one
                                                  and gave those he loved pro-
                                                                                    or “the boy who lived”. He
                                                                                    was the salvation that the
                                                                                    wizard community was wait-
                                                                                                                        3. Both re-appeared after
                                                                                                                        their death experience
                be forgiven for being             tection from this evil. He then   ing for. Even more so, we           Jesus returned three days
By                a little confused.              re-appeared and was recog-        find out in the fifth book that     after his death and appeared
Jackson Stace                                     nised as the saviour of the       there was a prophecy regard-        to many so that we could
                                                  world.                            ing Harry and his triumph           know of his victory over
                A big warning here- if you                                          over Voldemort which is ful-        death and sin(Rom 8:8-10).
                haven’t yet read Harry Potter     Jesus?... or Harry Potter?        filled in the last book.            Harry chose to return from
                and the Deathly Hallows and                                                                             his near-death so that he
                you care about what hap-          Well both obviously (you          Since forever, God’s plan was       could finish off Voldemort
                pens, don’t read any further.     would have had this figured       for Jesus to come to earth.         (representation of death, sin
                In fact, you probably should-     from the start I hope). There     He is the salvation that man-       and Satan).
                n’t have read the title of this   is little doubt, I think, that    kind had been waiting for.          That’s about as far as this
                article but oh well, can’t help   Harry Potter draws massively      For references of the many          parallel goes, although I
                that now. If this is you by the   on Jesus. Google “Jesus and       prophecies about Jesus and          mention it because I think in
                way, it really is time to lift    Harry Potter” and you will        how he fulfils them, see the        many ways it’s the biggest
                your game and just read it,       find countless articles dis-      entire bible.                       indication that Rowling in-
                we’re waaaay past the time        cussing the many ways Harry                                           tended Harry to be a “Jesus
                where sensitivity is necessary    is similar to Jesus- many that    2. They both willingly              figure”. It completes the cy-
                and if I meet you in person       go way too far. I want to pick    faced death in order to             cle that lifts Harry from being
                from now on- I’m so spilling      out some key ones, but let        save the world.                     a common sacrifice character
                all.                              me also point out that there      Many may argue that Harry           that fill many books and
                                                  are some big differences be-      was not trying to save the          movies, to being a “whisper
                If you haven’t read any of        tween the two as well. The        world, only his close friends,      of Christ” in a similar manner
                the books, then you may find      paragraph above this one          whereas Jesus died for all (2       to CS Lewis’ Aslan. There are
                this article hard to read. I      was surprisingly difficult to     Cor 5:14-17). But I think if        hints quite early on in the
                haven’t allowed space to ex-      write because I had to be         you look over the entire se-        series that Harry would fulfil
                plain particulars or plot lines   quite vague with some idea’s      ries of Harry Potter, it is clear   this role. From the first book,
                of the potterverse.               in order for them to apply to     that Harry has always dis-          Harry’s wand has been made
                                                  both Jesus and Harry.             played a strong tendency to         from Holly (apparently de-
                It was always going to be the                                       risk his life to save just about    rived from Holy) wood and a
                case, prophesised before-         As far as the internet can be     anyone. To name a few in-           Phoenix feather (a mythical
                hand. He lived a life of im-      trusted (it always seems that     stances over the series,            bird known for its ability to
                mense expectation. He hung        this level of trust goes down     Harry goes into the Chamber         resurrect itself). Holy resur-
   4                                                                                                                                                      4
                out with the outcasts of soci-    as someone’s age goes up-         to save Ginny, stays at the         rection… sound familiar?
                ety and displayed compas-
                sion and love for them. He
                                                  J-WALK ISSUE #006                          Apart from the above three,
            there are numerous parallels,    1. Harry Potter is not per-       whispers behind the veil in           And so, whilst Harry Potter
            symbols and links which          fect                              the ministry where Sirius falls       may be in some ways a re-
            could be further drawn be-       Whilst there is a sense           through, which Luna indi-             minder of Jesus, in a similar
            tween Harry and Jesus. They      throughout the series that        cates are dead people (Book           way to Aslan and perhaps
            may not all be intentional       Harry has particularly noble      Five). There are all the pic-         even some old testament
            and there is certainly a dan-    or       “g ood       q uali-     tu re s/ p h ot o’ s s ca tt e re d   people (David). He is but a
            ger in looking to hard to find   ties” (remember the mirror        around everywhere which               shadow of the real thing.
            things that aren’t there, but    or     desire/erised?    Harry    seem to act independent of
            the following are a few for      couldn’t see glory and fame       their originals, Snape even           When I stand before God in
            interests sake:                  like Ron could), Harry falls      takes suggestions and advice          judgement, I want Jesus in
            • Harry fighting against the     into some fairly major pitfalls   from Dumbledore’s portrait in         front of me, not a fictional
               Ministry of Magic/ Jesus      inherent to his age. He be-       Book 7 after Dumbledore had           wizard who’s signature move
               opposing the Pharisees        comes at times extremely          died in book 6. And of course         is Expelliarmous.
continued      and teachers of the law       self involved, moody, rebel-      there is the chapter in Hal-
from p7     • It had to be Jesus who         lious and snaps at his friends    lows named Kings Cross
               died (fully man and fully     unjustifiably many times. He      (note the double meaning of
               God) in order to accom-       is, in short, not Jesus.          the name) where Harry
               plish everything on the       Jesus on the other hand is        meets      Dumbledore again
               cross/ It had to be Harry     our perfect,       unblemished    (who is dead) and is in some
               to die because he had         saviour who “knew no sin” (2      other realm which is insinu-
               some of Voldemort inside      Cor 5:21)                         ated to be between life and
               of him.                                                         the life after death.
            • Jesus was betrayed by Ju-      2. Harry does not ascend          Nonetheless, Harry stays on
               das just before he faced      to Heaven                         earth, gets married, raises a
               death/ Harry felt betrayed    This brings up one of the big-    family and by all appearances
               by Dumbledore just before     gest criticism’s some Chris-      keeps a normal life at the
               his    death    (stretching   tians have levelled against       end of the series. This is a far
               things here)                  the Harry universe- that          cry from Jesus who has as-
            • God as Jesus’ source of        there is no heaven, no men-       cended to heaven to sit at
               authority/ Dumbledore as      tion of what happens after        the right hand of God! (Eph
               Harry’s “God figure”          death, no mention of God.         1:20-23)
            • Both are recognised as         This isn’t completely true.
               victor’s over death           Rowling offer’s a few hints       3.Jesus does far more in
                                             over the series. The mere         his death than Harry
            So what are some of the dif-     existence of Ghosts and           In his sacrifice, Harry defeats
            ferences between Jesus and       Nicholas’ explanation that he     one evil wizard for good.
            Harry? Well…like their simi-     chose “not to go on” is the       Quite an accomplishment,
            larities, there are lots:        earliest reference in the sec-    but again, paling in compari-
                                             ond book. There are also the      son to Jesus.

                                                                               Jesus doesn’t just defeat one
                                                                               piece of evil, he defeats all
                                                                               evil. He overcomes death and
                                                                               paves the way for all who
                                                                               accept him into heaven. He
                                                                               bore the sin of everyone on
                                                                               his shoulders, taking it from
                                                                               us, making us clean and
                                                                               blameless before God. He
                                                                               shields us from Gods rightful
                                                                               anger and takes that upon
                                                                               himself also.
  5                                                                                                                                                  5

                                             J-WALK ISSUE #006       
               CD REVIEW:                                                          the bread and wine, But it seems the meanings may be
               Heart Full of Wine/Chocolate                                        deeper still this time. And you surprised me when you said I'd
               and Cigarettes                                                      fall away, don’t you know me; I could never be ashamed of
               Angus and Julia Stone                                               you, no I?’ There is an amazing contrast between verse and
                                                                                   chorus with an powerful drum as backing and a continuous
               Sydney born brother and sis-                                        acoustic guitar playing overtop. While they’re not an obviously
               ter – Angus and Julia Stone                                         Christian band, the lyrics have undeniable double meanings.
               are the collective genius of                                        Image of the Invisible is a great beginning to the album and
               their self titled band. Both                                        says, ‘we all were lost now we are found’ which is a key com-
               are eclectic in their talents;                                      ponent to the Christian life. We like the prodigal son in Luke
               they choose to take half of                                         15:
               everything the teams require                                                32 says ‘for this your brother was dead, and is alive;
               upon themselves. The sound                                                  he was lost, and is found.’ We too were once lost but

MUSIC                                                                                                                                                    MOVIE
               created is one while at times                                               through Jesus death on the cross we be forgiven for
               is barely audible is one which is none the less richly reward-              all our sins through trusting and by the grace of God.
               ing. By far the best track of the album is Mango Tree. The

REVIEWS                                                                                                                                                 REVIEW
               melody can’t help but put you in a giggly mood. The lyrics are
               very cute are of course still meaningful and reflective. While
               there are suggestions that Mango tree is actually about Angus
               growing up the overall tune of the piece is about young love                                                               Movie:
By             and being someone’s everything. It’s easy to get caught up in                                                        Spiderman 3.                  By
               a relationship and having it become the number one priority in                                           Rated M – some action vio-
Alex Hartley                                                                                                                                            Alex Hartley
               life because it something tangible that we have now. As hard                                                                  lence
               as it may be we still need to have God as the priority within                                           Release DVD: 19th Septem-
               our lives. God tells us to have no idols, and at times relation-                                                                ber
               ships can become an overwhelming aspect of our lives, put-
               ting God in second place. Matthew 22:37-38 says ‘you shall                                              Hunky     Pleasantville   star
               love the Lord your God with all your heat and with all your                                             Toby MacGuire comes back
               should and with all your mind. This is the greatest command-                                            for a third time in Spider-
               ment’. God wants and deserves to be the first person in lives,                                          man 3 this time displaying
               every action we have should bring honour and glory back to                                              for viewers a new, darker
               him. Each relationship should ultimately have God at the cen-                                           side. While Mary-Jane and
               tre of it and be bring Glory to him through all your actions.                                           Peter   star   gaze     unbe-
                                                                                                                       knownst them a meteor has
                                                                                                                       crashed and spews a sticky
                                                                                   black substance which slithers to our hero and turns him to
                                                                                   the dark side. It’s all very reminiscent of star wars without all
               CD REVIEW                                                           the good times. The film seems to time to be packed too
               Band: Thrice                                                        tightly with moments that are only there for the ‘wow-effect’
               Album: Vheissu                                                      and slightly convoluted plot line. Though there is still an im-
                                                                                   portant message to be taken from this and it’s to do with ac-
               The latest album by Thrice is                                       countability. So often in our Christian lives we take actions
               one which it seems you can                                          and sin and live apart from God, we think that our way is bet-
               never tire of, no matter the                                        ter than God’s because we may be going through a hard time
               mood this album has a selec-                                        at home or fighting with friends. The Bible says that God takes
               tion of songs you just keep                                         sin seriously. That’s why Jesus came to die: to deal with our
               coming back to. Its not often                                       sin. In our daily struggle with sin, it can be helpful to be ac-
               either you find a band with                                         countable to each other, but ultimately know that: “If we con-
               seemingly obvious Christian                                         fess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us our
               connotations. ‘We are sons                                          sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)
               and heirs of grace’ is found
               the melodic beginnings of
               Music Box and looks at the amazing vastness of creation and
   6                                                                                                                                                             6
               the impact it has on us as humans, helping us to realise how
               insignificant we are. The amazing follow up, Like Moths to
                                               J-WALK ISSUE #006
               Flame, speaks of the events before Jesus death, ‘once again
                                                                                                                       deck, then at his nod she ac-
                                                                                     Mark’s facial expressions         cepted the hail and posted it
                                                                                     whirled through confusion to      to the main viewscreen. A
                                                                                     disbelief and finally to deter-   black square appeared in
                                                                                     mined calm, “Sir?”                centre view and green text       some 400 of us out in the
                                                                                     As he grabbed his pants and       began to scroll across,          cold; regardless this seems
                                                                                     began to carefully pull them      “Magnify it lieutenant”, she     to be our best and only
                                                                                     on, wincing at the bruises        complied, and Mark began to      hope. According to our cal-
                                                                                     that he had already begun to      read the message,                culations, the solar panels
                                                                                     feel from his rude awakening,     “Its nothing sir, just com-      should still provide enough
                                                                                     Mark ordered,                     puter jargon”                    power to keep these sleep-
                                                                                     “Ok Miranda, I'm coming to                                         ers alive for some 100
                                                                                     you now, wait till I'm there to   Mark was about to agree          years which may just be

SHE IS                                                                               accept the connection.”,
                                                                                     “Sir”, came her curt reply,
                                                                                     accompanied by a short beep
                                                                                                                       when the text ceased printing
                                                                                                                       and the last three words
                                                                                                                       caught     his   attention:
                                                                                                                                                        long enough for help to ar-
                                                                                                                                                        rive. Of course that’s as-
                                                                                                                                                        suming that long term hi-
ROSE - ch1   The thick, rose-coloured clouds
             slowly rolled across Mark's vi-
                                                 his sleep addled mind for a
                                                 stab of concern to push itself
                                                                                     as the intercom connection
                                                                                     was cut.
                                                                                                                       'automated distress call'. The
                                                                                                                       square disappeared and was
                                                                                                                                                        bernation is even possible,
                                                                                                                                                        all our knowledge on the
             sion, lethargy encasing his         to the forefront of his con-                                          replaced by a haggard look-      subject is purely theoreti-
By           limbs as he struggled after the     sciousness. 'What’s going           In his rush to reach the          ing man with thinning blonde     cal.” at this he looked down
             half glimpsed figure drifting       on?' and close on its heels,        bridge, Mark was careful to       hair. On each shoulder of a      and heaved a pain filled
Josh Bones   steadily away from him into         'Why has the ship stopped?'         think about how he was mov-       creased uniform he had 2         sigh, “Should anyone ever
             the mist. “Wait!” his cry shat-                                         ing; placing his feet slowly,     grimy looking stars, an-         receive      this   message,
             tered the stillness, “please,       “Miranda, what’s going on?”         and not pushing off too hard.     nouncing his rank of captain.    please, help those of us
             stop!” tears were streaming         Mark’s voice was sharp over         In the low gravity that ex-       Staring straight out of the      who may have survived.”,
             down his face as his mind cried     the intercom,                       isted aboard the Ventura          screen he began to speak in      he straightened his head
             out one desperate need again        “Not sure yet Cap” replied          even such a simple activity       a weary monotone.                again and for just a second
             and again 'I must know who          the distracted pilot. Her           as walking required careful                                        Mark saw a glimmer of fire
             she is!' Of course it was a she,    hands flew desperately over         planning. He was told that        “Greetings, I am Captain         in his eyes.
             he was sure of that but every-      the keyboard trying to dis-         generally you got used to it      Johan Walker of the Bright
             thing else was obscured by he       cover just why the autopilot        after a few days, but two         Hope” - Mark's heart leaped      'This is a man of extraordi-
             fog. Then just as his leaden        cut power to the ship's             months into his latest tour of    in his chest - “the current      nary strength who has been
             limbs slowly began to disregard     wormhole generator.                 duty and Mark still had to        date is 24th September 2480.     pushed to the very edge' he
             his desperate mental com-           “Looks like some kind of            focus to avoid bashing him-       I am requesting emergency        thought,
             mands, the thickening clouds        proximity alert” she sug-           self on walls or door frames      assistance from any ship that    “Please, we need your
             threw back a haunting echo:         gested in a puzzled voice,          as he navigated his way           receives this message. The       help...   Captain    Walker.
             'Rose'                              “real close... and big, some        around the ship. The first        Bright Hope is finally running   Out.” he snapped a smart
                                                 kind of asteroid I think.”          week he felt like an overripe     out of juice and we have sus-    salute that belied his weary
                      She is Rose.               “A what?!?”, Mark stiffened         banana and was still rarely       tained severe damage to our      state, then reached forward
                                                 disbelievingly, “an asteroid?       without a good bruise or two,     solar panels and so are un-      to terminate the recording.
             1. What a Find                      That’s crazy!”                      a fact that provided no end of    able to replace it fast          The screen went black.
             The demanding keen of the           “Well that’s what it appears        entertainment to the crew-        enough. In short we're dead      Silence. For a moment nei-
             emergency deceleration alarm        to be sir, high metal content,      though mostly behind his          in the water. In fact we can     ther Mark nor Miranda
             blew away the clouds and            no active electronic syste-”        back.                             barely spare the power re-       spoke. Then,
             launched Mark back towards          her voice trailed off,                                                quired to keep this emer-        “Did he say...” Miranda's
             wakefulness a fraction of a sec-                                        Rounding the final corner be-     gency beacon active so I'll      voice trailed off as her
             ond before he was hurled from       “Miranda? What’s going on?”         fore the bridge, Mark saw         have to be quick and direct.     mouth worked soundlessly,
             his bunk, his body making a         Mark asked nervously,               Miranda's    head    bobbing      Our engineers have ex-           displaying her shock
             meaty thud as it slammed into       “Sir I've just started reading      around just above ground          hausted every possibility for    “He did.” confirmed Mark,
             the steel decking. The shock of     massive amounts of elec-            level as she monitored the        survival bar one: long term      “the Bright Hope... what a
             such a sudden awakening             tronic activity, it looks like...   ships systems from the pilot's    hibernation. We have man-        find.”
             stopped any reaction to the         a... ship?” the disbelief           sunken console. Her head          aged to scrounge together
             pain of the collision more so-      showed in her tone, “We're          turned as she heard his boots     enough materials to provide
  7                                                                                                                                                                             7
             phisticated than a dull grunt. It   being hailed sir.”                  clunking against the steel        hibernation support for 3000
             however did serve to suffi-                                                                               of the crew and passengers.
             ciently clear the cobwebs from      J-WALK ISSUE #006                          Unfortunately that leaves
                                                                                    the near future no one can         It would be interesting to see
                                                                                    buy houses anymore because         the    difference    between
                                                                                    they all have massive phone        money that Australians send
                                                                                    bills and car repayments. We       overseas to help the poor in
                                                                                    live outside our means. As a       other nations compared to
                                                                                    school student you may only        what individuals give to help
                                                                                    earn $200 per week. Yet you        the poor in our own back-
                                                                                    frequently spend a quarter or      yard. So often we gasp when
                                                                                    more of your weekly wage on        we see the child starving on
                                                                                    clothes or shoes. Think about      our TV screens but we avoid
                                                                                    your spending. Is there a          the drunken beggar in the
                                                                                    way that you can be a better       streets of Gosford. These
                                                                                    steward of the money God           people are part of our coun-

INDIA AND                                                                           has given you?

                                                                                    Secondly, there are social
                                                                                                                       try, our society, our commu-
                                                                                                                       nity. We need to be meeting
                                                                                                                       their needs.
POVERTY         It’s been a long time since I
                last wrote about India and all
                                                  wards    something
                                                                           more     practices and religious obli-
                                                                                    gations in place that mean         But why? All this talk about
                the crazy people I came                                             people stay poor. The pre-         India and Australia and pov-
By              across there. That was way        The problem with this is that     dominant religion in India is      erty is nice because we feel
                back in the first J-Walk. I       rather than saving their          Hinduism. Hinduism teaches         something should be done…
Daniel Godden   promised then, and I mean         money and putting it away to      that people are not equal but      but is that it? Is that the only
                to make good on it now, that      gain interest or investing it     rather they belong in differ-      reason we help the poor –
                I would write about poverty       for the future, Indians love to   ent ‘castes’. A caste is your      because it feels right?
                in India.                         spend. I became friends with      social position. It is fixed. So   No. I think there is much
                                                  a family in Bangalore made        those who belong to the low-       more to it then that. We
                India is a country of para-       up of a Grandmother, a Dad,       est castes are never ex-           should be caring for the poor
                doxes. As a nation it is up-      a Mum, two young Kids, and        pected to move beyond their        firstly because God tells us
                wardly mobile. It currently       a household servant, all liv-     caste. A rich Indian will rarely   to. Particularly in our own
                has the highest population in     ing in a two bedroom flat.        give money to a poor Indian        church. In Nehemiah 5 we
                the world. Public works like      However, they also owned          because that is where they         see God’s people ripping each
                train systems and airports        three tvs, all with digital set   belong.                            other off. The rich Israelites
                leave Australia far behind in     top boxes, and two dvd play-                                         are forcing the poor into pay-
                terms of technology and ac-       ers as well as a computer, a      This caste system means that       ing tax and Nehemiah calls
                cessibility.                      fancy car, and a motorbike.       the rich in India do not take      the whole country to account
                                                                                    responsibility for the poor in     because of this. God’s people
                All this said India has the       It is easy to judge this kind     their own country. This has        are to be responsible for car-
                lowest minimum wage on            of living as unwise or con-       been the case for thousands        ing for the poor not making
                earth. A majority of the          sumerist, but my generation       of years. India is full of mas-    their lot worse! In James we
                population does not have          in Australia does exactly the     sive palaces, temples and          also read: ‘Religion that God
                running water within their        same thing. We all have ex-       mansions that were built by        our Father accepts as pure
                houses and the infant mortal-     pensive mobile phones, and        poor Indians for rich Indians.     and faultless is this: to look
                ity rate is soaring. As well as   mp3 players but we haven’t                                           after orphans and widows in
                this there are certain prac-      even moved out of home yet.       This also is similar to many in    their distress and to keep
                tices in India that keep the      Kids are getting credit cards     Australia. While we don’t for-     oneself from being polluted
                problem going.                    earlier and earlier. We spend     malize our feelings into           by the world.’ (James 1:27)
                                                  hundreds of dollars on music      something called ‘the caste
                Firstly, Indians love expen-      and dvds. What a waste!           system’, we often don’t take       In Deuteronomy 15:11 we
                sive things. While most Indi-                                       responsibility for the poor in     read:
                ans live in sub-standard          God has given us his re-          our society because we see         ‘There will always be poor
                housing they all have mobile      sources so that we can grow       their poverty as something         people in the land. Therefore
                phones. An Indian man is          his kingdom. We blow it all       they have brought upon             I command you to be open-
                much more likely to spend         on trinkets and shiny things.     themselves.                        handed toward your brothers
  8                                                                                                                                                       8
                his money on expensive            It would not surprise me if in                                       and toward the poor and
                shoes or jeans rather than                                                                             needy in your land.’
                saving it and putting it to-      J-WALK ISSUE #006       
            Here it is a command for          God’s compassion and feel
            God’s people to be generous       nothing for those who are
            to the poor even though they      poor around us. When we see
            will always be with us. Caring    Jesus attitude in Philippians
            for the poor is not just some-    2, we should be modeling
            thing that some Christians        ourselves on that. Humble,
            are to do. All Christians         generous, giving, compas-
            should be compassionate. It       sionate. If you don’t feel
            is a command. But it’s more       compassion then you need to
            than that as well. It is also a   pray and work hard at it.
                                              As a youth group we need to
            God is a compassionate God.       think of ways that we can be
continued   The fact that he puts in place    expressing our compassion. I
from p15    laws so that the poor will be     think that there are lots of
            cared for show that his heart     areas where this can happen.
            is with the poor. God sees        Perhaps your G-team could
            injustice and he feels the        sponsor a child from India.
            pain of those who hurt            Perhaps we could sponsor a
            through poverty. Jesus, when      less fortunate Youth group
            he came to Earth, spent his       overseas. Perhaps it can be
            time with those who were          as simple as offering a lift to
            poor. You can see his com-        those who are not fortunate
            passion for the needy and the     enough to have a car to get
            sick. You read about his care     to youth group. Perhaps it is
            for widows and those with         caring for those who are poor
            disabilities. Jesus was a com-    in social skills that you come
            passionate person. But more       across.
            than that. Jesus came to
            show compassion not just to       Remember Jesus       and    be
            those people but to people        compassionate.
            who were lost. People who
            were poor in spirit. People
            who had no hope. Jesus died                                                              Annual Church Dinner
            in our place when we were at                                                             FRIDAY 14th September
            rock bottom. This is what                                                                 6:30 @ Erina High School
            God is on about in history.
            Showing compassion to the                                                                              $10 for youth
            needy – us. How can we see                                                                             $15 for adults

                                                                                                          Old people dress down
                                                                                                          Young people dress up

                                                                                                      Tammy and the Wolverines
                                                                                                    all the way from the UK—will
                                                                                                                   be rocking out!

  9                                                                                                                             9

                                              J-WALK ISSUE #006       
                                                                                                                         God”? These are some pretty
                                                                                                                         typical ideas these days, and
                                                                                                                         they have infiltrated a great
                                                                                                                         deal of society, and have
                                                                                                                         spread to some Christian
                                                                                                                         thinking and theology.

                                                                                                                                It’s the school of
                                                                                                                         thought I expect in contem-
                                                                                                                         porary literature. And so, one
                                                                                                                         of the things I was com-
                                                                                                                         pletely surprised by in The
                                                                                                                         Deathly Hallows was the re-

THE TRUTH                                                                                                                occurring theme of truth, and
                                                                                                                         Harry’s need to seek it out:

ABOUT                                                                                                                    “ … ‘Rita Skeeter hinted that
                                                                                                                         Professor Dumbledore was

HARRY                                                                                                                    involved in the Dark Arts
                                                                                                                         when he was young.’
                                                                                                                         ‘Don’t believe a word of it!’
                                                                                                                         said Doge at once. ‘Not a
By                                                                                                                       word Harry! Let nothing tar-
Michelle Watt                                                                                                            nish your memories of Albus
                                                                                                                         Harry looked into Doge’s ear-
                (Oh yeah, I’m going to spoil       came with its publication.          think JKR would be able to tie    nest, pained face and felt not
                the ending in this article.        Yet, whether you like it or         up everything nicely, I was       reassured, but frustrated. Did
                You’ve had long enough…)           not, the phenomenal follow-         sure I’d be disappointed. I       Doge really think it was that
                                                   ing these two books have            wasn’t. I’m actually amazed       easy, that Harry could simply
                       I have to admit, I          attracted will mean that they       at how well all the loose ends    choose not to believe? Didn’t
                jumped on the Harry band-          will leave an indelible mark        were gathered up. And it was      Doge    understand Harry’s
                wagon late. Quite late. I only     on our society. A whole gen-        in the gathering of these         need to be sure, to know
                picked up Harry Potter and         eration of young people have        loose threads that I discov-      everything?”(4)
                the Philosopher’s Stone last       grown up with Harry, Ron            ered something quite re-
                year, when my mum lent me          and Hermione, and will have         markable…                         “He told Hermione everything
                a pile of books to read when       taken on board, to some de-                                           that Muriel had told him.
                Anastasia (my daughter) was        gree, the ideals and themes                 You probably know         When      he   had   finished,
                napping. Prior to that, I had      Rowling has presented them          that the era we live in is of-    Hermione said, ‘Of course, I
                steadfastly refused to read        with. So, as a parent, and a        ten referred to as post-          can see why that’s upset you
                the series, as I found the         nearly-trained   teacher,   I       modern. That categorisation       Harry -’
                hype a bit irritating. I figured   thought it would be a good          denotes a number of things        ‘-I’m not upset,’ he lied, ‘I’d
                there was no way they could        idea to bite the bullet, and        (3), but one of the key char-     just like to know whether it’s
                be as enjoyable as everyone        find out what the hype was          acteristics of a post-modern      true or -’
                was making out: which, in          about.                              world is its lack of confidence   ‘Harry do you really think
                the words of Albus Dumble-                                             in truth, and the emergence       you’ll get the truth from a
                dore, “goes to show that the               So, yes, I’m now a bit      of relativism. Ever heard ex-     malicious old woman like
                best of us must sometimes          of a HP fan, and I lined up at      pressions like: “there’s no       Muriel or from Rita Skeeter?
                eat our words” (1).                9:01am on the 21st of July          such thing as absolute truth”,    How can you believe them?’
                                                   for my copy of Harry Potter         “if that’s true for you”, and     … ‘How can you let these
                        The book I read just       and the Deathly Hallows,            ideas like “it doesn’t matter     people tarnish your memo-
                before I started HP&PS was         desperate to find out how it        what you believe, as long as      ries of Dumbledore?’
                The Da Vinci Code(2), which        would all end. I was worried        you’re sincere”, and “there       He looked away, trying not to
   10                                                                                                                                                      10
                I had also refused to read         I’d be left unsatisfied. I didn’t   are many different paths to       betray the resentment he
                previously because of the                                                                                felt. There it was again:
                absurd amount of hype that         J-WALK ISSUE #006                          choose what to believe. He
            wanted the truth.”(5)             and divine nature, have been      about truth, which cannot be       precious blood of the Lord
                                              clearly perceived, ever since     true,    because     there    is   Jesus.
                     I find these passages    the creation of the world, in     (apparently) no truth (these
            quite intriguing, given the       the things that have been         arguments always do my
            fact that our society has so      made. So they are without         head in). The statement            ENDNOTES
            little regard for absolute        excuse. For although they         “there is no truth” can not be
            truth. These days, people         knew God, they did not hon-       true, because if it was, it just   (1) Harry Potter and the Chamber
            who claim they have truth         our him as God or give            disproved itself.                  of Secrets, p. 243.
                                                                                                                   (2) Incidentally, my opinion was
            are     labelled    ‘arrogant’,   thanks to him, but they be-
                                                                                                                   justified in the case of The Da
            ‘intolerant’, ‘bigoted’, and      came futile in their thinking,            Fortunately, knowing       Vinci Code. What a lot of rubbish!
            ‘narrow-minded’. Yet here, in     and their foolish hearts were     the Lord Jesus frees us from       I found it predictable, lame and
            one of the most widely read       darkened. Claiming to be          these nonsensical arguments.       really poorly researched. The
            books for generations, we         wise, they became fools, and      “I am the way, and the truth,      problem is, I know far too many
continued   have our protagonist desper-      exchanged the glory of the        and the life. No one comes to      people who have been taken in
                                                                                                                   by the claims Dan Brown makes.
from p19    ately seeking after that which    immortal God for images re-       the Father except through
                                                                                                                   This is exactly why I read it- peo-
            society is so quick to tell us    sembling mortal man and           me”(8): The Lord Jesus is          ple believe it’s true, and I could-
            doesn’t exist. And we empa-       birds and animals and rep-        truth: “And the Word became        n’t engage with them until I un-
            thise with him. We follow         tiles”. (6)                       flesh and dwelt among us,          derstood what the books claims
            Harry’s journey and we want                                         and we have seen his glory,        were.
            that truth too. We need it as            The   sinful  human        glory as of the only Son from      (3) My explanations are some-
                                                                                                                   what generalised and simplified, I
            much as he does. (And when        mind   has tried throughout       the Father, full of grace and
                                                                                                                   know, but I this was necessitated
                                                                                truth”(9). Listen to the words     by the fact that I’m writing an
                                                                                Jesus speaks to some Jews          article, not a book! For a really
                                                                                who followed him: “If you          good primer on post-modernism,
                                                                                abide in my word, you are          and a bunch of other ways of
                                                                                truly my disciples, and you        understanding the world, check
                                                                                                                   out James Sire’s The Universe
                                                                                will know the truth, and the       Next Door. It’s probably on the
                                                                                truth will set you free”(10).      bookstall at church.
                                                                                                                   (4) Harry Potter and the Deathly
                                                                                        Knowing the truth that     Hallows, p. 127.
            we read TDH, and especially       history to suppress the truth     is found in the Lord Jesus,        (5) HPDH, p. 153.
            Chapter 33: ‘The Prince’s         about     God.   Post-modern      the truth of salvation for sin-    (6) ESV, my italics
                                                                                                                   (7) The Universe Next Door, p.
            Tale’ and everything falls into   relativism is perhaps one of      ners through his death and         188.
            place, we let out a collective    the cleverest suppressions        resurrection is infinitely more    (8) John 14:6 ESV, my italics
            “ohhhh …. ahhhh”, and are         yet devised; claim that there     satisfying than knowing that       (9) John 1:14 ESV , my italics
            very satisfied).                  is no truth, and then label       Severus Snape really was           (10) John 8:31-32 ESV, my italics
                                              anyone who tries to put forth     good. Knowing that Harry
                   Unf ortunate ly,    our    truth an arrogant bigot; yet it   dies a sacrificial death, and is
            world does not share Harry’s      is just a new disguise for a      raised to life again (Hmm, I
            insatiable desire for truth. In   very old problem: human sin-      think JKR stole her ideas
            fact, we have a despicable        fulness. Modernists tried to      from somewhere…), pales
            tendency to hide from truth,      disprove the truth of God         into insignificance when we
            instead devising clever phi-      through science and reason;       know the true Saviour. The
            losophies that argue that         post-modernists belittle those    Lord Jesus laid down his life
            there is no truth. Consider       foolish enough to believe in      for wretched, truth-denying
            Romans 1:18-23: “For the          the existence of truth.           sinners, and was raised to life
            wrath of God is revealed from                                       again that we might also live.
            heaven against all ungodli-              The claim that there is    Even my delight at knowing
            ness and unrighteousness of       no truth is absurd. Sire says     Harry and Ginny got married
            men, who by their unrighte-       “the idea that we have no         and had three very predicta-
            ousness suppress the truth.       access to reality … is self-      bly named children will be
            For what can be known about       referentially incoherent”(7):     nothing, nothing, compared
            God is plain to them, because     put simply, to say “there is      to the eternal joy that awaits
  11                                                                                                                                                     11
            God has shown it to them.         no truth”, is to make a claim     us, purchased for us by the
            For his invisible attributes,
            namely, his eternal power         J-WALK ISSUE #006       
                                                                                   1 Timothy 4:1 says, "the            are to be very careful and
                                                                                   spirit clearly says that in later   steer well away from forces
                                                                                   times some will abandon the         in the spiritual world that op-
                                                                                   faith and follow deceiving          pose God. Fraternising with
                                                                                   spirits and things taught by        forces that oppose God is sin.
                                                                                   demons".                            God tells us to flee from
                                                                                                                       these things as we would flee
                                                                                   Both the Old and New Testa-         from sin.
                                                                                   ments outline that fraternis-
                                                                                   ing with forces in the spiritual    What exactly are the spiri-
                                                                                   worlds that oppose God is a         tual world that God in the
                                                                                   sin where in Galations 5:20-2       bible tells his people to
                                                                                   we are told "the acts of the        keep away from?

CHRISTIAN-                                                                         sinful nature are obvious:
                                                                                   sexual immorality, impurity
                                                                                   and debauchery, idolatry and
                                                                                                                       There is some dispute about
                                                                                                                       what these forces are that we
ITY AND                                                                            witchcraft, hatred, discord,
                                                                                   jealousy, fits of rage, selfish
                                                                                                                       are told to steer clear of.
                                                                                                                       Deuteronomy 8:9-13 is the

THE                                                                                ambition, dissension, factions
                                                                                   and envy, drunkenness, or-
                                                                                   gies and the like. I warn you
                                                                                                                       most explicit passage in the
                                                                                                                       bible that talks about this
                                                                                                                       where God says:
SPIRITUAL      Does the spiritual world
                                                 interactions with elements of
                                                 it. Some stories include the
                                                                                   as I did before that those
                                                                                   who live like this will not in-     "When you enter the land the

WORLD          For a long time as a young
               Christian I had questions
                                                 magicians of Pharaoh who
                                                 tried to mimic the wonders
                                                                                   herit the kingdom of God".          Lord your God is giving you,
                                                                                                                       do not learn to imitate the
               about whether there was a         that God performed through        Just like any other sin, frater-    detestable ways of the na-
               spiritual world out there that    Aaron (Exodus 8), the visit       nising with forces in the spiri-    tions there. Let no one be
By             people talked about. I'd          King Saul makes to the            tual worlds that oppose God         found among you who sacri-
Rowena Miers   never seen any evidence of        "witch" (2 Chronicles 33:1-       has as its motivation the re-       fices his son or daughter in
               this spiritual world (or so I     8), and the story of Simon        jection of God's rule where         the fire, who practices divina-
               thought) and so I had great       the sorcerer (Acts 8:9-25).       the individual seeks their own      tion or sorcery, interprets
               suspicion of those who said                                         good at the cost of others          omens, engages in witch-
               they had. To deal with the        Summary: The spiritual world      and in rebellion to God. In         craft, or casts spells, or who
               questions I had about the         is a very real thing.             appealing to forces other           is a medium or spiritist or
               existence of the spiritual                                          then God is to break the first      who consults the dead. Any-
               world I turned to at what God     How should we respond to          commandment "you shall              one who does these things is
               said about this spiritual world   the spiritual world?              have no other God;s before          detestable to the Lord, and
               in the bible.                                                       me" (Exoduc 20:3) by plac-          because of these detestable
                                                 In both the old and new tes-      ing trust in another force          practices the Lord your God
               In the bible God makes it         taments God's people are          when you should be placing          will drive out those nations
               quite clear that there are        warned to steer clear of spir-    your trust in God. God says         before you. You must be
               spirits that work within the      its, as spirits can be in oppo-   to have nothing to do with          blameless before the Lord
               physical world and which at       sition to God. 1 John 4:1         forces of the spiritual world       your God."
               time interact with the experi-    shows this: "dear friends do      that oppose God "what fel-
               ences of humans. Some ex-         not believe every spirit but      lowship can light have with         From this passage it is clear
               amples of this occur in the       test the spirits to see           darkness, what agreement is         that the main things that God
               context of Jesus' ministry        whether they are from God         there between the temple of         tells his people to keep away
               where he had quite a lot to       because many false prophets       God and idols?" (2 Corin-           from are actions relating to
               do with healing people who        have gone out into the            thians 6:14-15). God tells us       trying to tell the future and
               were possessed by evil spirits    world". Later in the New Tes-     to "flee from idolatry" (1 Co-      those that consult with spirits
               (see Matthew 4:24, 8:25,          tament the struggles of the       rinthians 10:14) just as we         or the dead. Based on this
               12:22, 17:15-18).                 early church against the de-      are to flee from all sin.           definition, the magic God
                                                 struction of the spiritual                                            warns his people against is
  12                                                                                                                                                     12
               Other parts of the bible also     worlds are clearly seen where     Summary: As believers we            magic associated with abnor-
               speak specifically about the                                                                            mal spiritual activities and
               spiritual world and people        J-WALK ISSUE #006                          not the medieval magic tradi-
            tions of witches with pointed
            hats and flying broom sticks,
            fairy tales or folk law.

            While these common views of
            magic are not necessarily the
            things God is talking explic-
            itly about in Deuteronomy
            8:9-13 if they are forces (real
            or imagined) that distract
            people from serving God
            Christian's should have noth-
            ing to do with them where 1
                                                                                                                                        TOP TEN*
            Timothy 4:7 says "have noth-
from p23    ing to do with godless myths                          10 - Ron returning, destroying a Horcrux and having Her-
            and old wives' tales; rather,                         moine ignore him (Book 7)

            train yourself to be godly".

            Summary: The forces of
                                                                  9 - Sirius’ death and the aftermath where Harry destroys half
                                                                  of Dumbledore’s office. (Book 5)
            spiritual world that God tells
            us to have nothing to do with
            includes: future telling, con-                        8-   When Harry learns from Hagrid that he is a Wizard. “Of
            sulting with spirits consulting                       course you’re a ruddy wizard!” (Book 1)
            with the dead. In addition to
            these things we should also                           7 - The battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort. Did any-                           By
            have nothing to do with any                           one else think the movie gave that no justice? (Book 5)
            other forces (real or imag-                                                                                                    Jackson Stace
            ined) that may district us
            from serving God.
                                                                  6 - Harry’s first Corporeal Patronus, defeating hundreds of           If you haven’t read the
                                                                  Dementors and saving Sirius. (Book 3)
                                                                                                                                           books, good luck un-
            How should we respond to                                                                                                        derstanding these!!
            those who fraternise with                             5-   Mrs Weasley coming out of nowhere to defend her
            spiritual forces that are                             daughter and defeat Bellatrix. Funniest moment in the series!
            opposed to God?                                       (Book 7)

            As Christians who know what
            it means to be saved by
                                                                  4 - Dumbledore’s death. Tragic and intense stuff! (Book 6)
            God's grace, it is only natural
            that we should want to see
                                                                  3 - When Harry and Voldemort’s wand’s connect causing
            others saved and come into a                          Harry’s parents to emerge, encouraging him to stay strong.
            relationship with God. People                         (Book 4)
            who are involved in witch-
            craft or other spiritual forces                       2 - Hogwarts mobilising into a fortress, led by McGonagall,
            that oppose God along with                            the other teachers and Neville. (Book 7)
            all other non-Christians need
            to hear the word of God in
            order that they might be
                                                                  1 - Finding out that Snape was good and that he loved Lily. I
                                                                  shed a tear (or three). (Book 7)
            saved. In responding to these
            people we ought to have
            courage and share with them                           0 - Harry walking into the forest to his death, allowing Volde-
            what it means to be a Chris-                          mort to kill him and Narcissa betraying Voldemort for the love
            tian. "How then, can they call                        of her son.
            on the one they have not be-
  13                                                              *Yes I am aware that there are eleven, but I couldn’t eliminate any                      13
            lieved in? And how can they
                                                                  once I’d written them.
            believe in the one whom they
            have not heard?" (Romans          J-WALK ISSUE #006
                                                                                      more vibrant and joyful. This     church because they felt in-
                                                                                      is mainly because of youth        timidated by the older guys.
                                                                                      group guys coming to night        This had to change if they
                                                                                      church and shaping the cul-       were going to have an im-
                                                                                      ture to match what they           pact.
                                                                                      loved about music at youth.
                                                                                      This shift showed me how          3) Get involved in church
                                                                                      important the youth group is      ministries. We are blessed
                                                                                      to church ministry. I had a       to have a youth group that is
                                                                                      chat with a mate of mine,         committed to seeing its
                                                                                      Tim, about this phenomenon.       members hook in to ministry
                                                                                      He saw the same thing hap-        at church. At youth, we have
                                                                                      pen at his old church. He said    taught the guys to be pas-

MARTIN                                                                                that the youth became 'a
                                                                                      dominant minority who were
                                                                                      intentional in the way that
                                                                                                                        sionate about having a life of
                                                                                                                        ministry. We have youth
                                                                                                                        group kids involved in teach-
LUTHER ON                                                                             they shaped night church cul-
                                                                                                                        ing Sunday School, sound,
                                                                                                                        music and the ministry of

YOUTH                                                                                 Last year I spoke to the sen-
                                                                                      ior youth group about their
                                                                                                                        looking out for those younger
                                                                                                                        than them at youth group. It
                                                                                                                        was through the kids being
MUSIC                                                                                 impact on church. They
                                                                                      wanted to see it's singing
                                                                                                                        involved in music ministry
                                                                                                                        and being up the front that
                                                                                      culture change from the way       helped to shape the culture
By                                                                                    it was to the way they saw        the most.
                                                                                      Senior Youth music (alive).
Daniel Godden
                Martin Luther had a heart for      too.'                              There were three main ways        Youth group music ministry is
                Youth group music ministry.                                           that they helped to change        strategic because the kids
                He wanted to make great            I find Youth group music           culture and these were the        who are singing there may
                songs relevant to the kids...      ministry really hard. In our       same three ways that stuff        well shape the culture of
                check it out in his intro to his   context it is difficult to prac-   changed at Tim's church.          church for the next ten
                mate Johann Walters hymnal,        tice and get a team of youth                                         years. While the situation our
                the Wittenberg Geistliche          and leaders together to do a       1) Don't hang in the              youth is in makes it hard to
                Gesangbuchlein.                    good job. We generally run         ghetto. Too often Youth           give youth music a good go,
                                                   our music in a rock band for-      group guys who come to            it is well worth investing the
                'Therefore, I too, with the        mat with a guitarist, bass         church choose a group of          time and effort into making
                help of others, have brought       player and the guitarist usu-      seats at the back or to the       youth music the best it can
                together some sacred songs         ally sings. This is partly be-     side of church and they all sit   be.
                in order to make a good be-        cause the sound we produce         there. They don't mix with
                ginning and to give an incen-      can be heavier and more            other guys and they end up        In light of all this we have
                tive to those who can better       fluid, but it is also because      becoming a ghetto. I asked        decided to get a new dude in
                carry on the Gospel and bring      I'm always pushed for time.        the youth to move away from       charge of music at youth.
                it to the people... And these      Unfortunately, I end up            ghetto mode and to sit at the     Max Burke will be looking
                songs were arranged in four        spending lots more time on         front and in the middle. The      after this side of things at our
                parts for no other reason          Night church music than            reason being that everyone        youth meetings. If you wish
                than I wanted to attract           youth.                             else can then see them and        to be involved in some way in
                youth (who should be trained                                          the way they are singing and      youth group music ministry
                in music and other fine arts)      I think however that these         it will be infectious.            you could speak to Max.
                away from love songs and           two ministries are inextrica-
                carnal pieces and to give          bly linked. Our night church       2) Sing loud, sing proud.         Another way to be involved is
                them something wholesome           singing culture has shifted        For some reason Youth were        to stop sitting in an isolated
                to learn instead... It is unfor-   dramatically over the last two     singing their hearts out at       area in morning church. This
                tunate that everyone else          years from being stiff and         youth group but were shy          way we can be a positive im-
  14                                                                                                                                                       14
                forgets to teach and train the     non-expressive     to   being      and timid when it came to         pact on the church culture
                poor young people; we must                                                                              around us. Love Jesus and
                not be responsible for this        J-WALK ISSUE #006                         Rock on.
INTERVIEW      1. The phone rings. What's your ring tone?

               Captain Planet…woo!
               2. What do you smell?
               Garlic Bread
By             3. Do you remember your dreams?
Alex Hartley   Yes usually pretty detailed!
               4. Do you consider yourself a study freak?
               Na…I wish I had more motivation and discipline!
               5. Do you speak another language other than English?
               Yeh I know a bit of German…
               6. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
               haha no!
               7. Last time you ate a home grown tomato?
               Umm I don’t think I’ve had one?!...well if I have I didn’t know
               it was home grown…
               8. The most annoying sound in the world?                                              Tuesday 2 - Friday 5 October 2007
               SOMEONE EATING WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN!!                                                 CCECYOUTH HSC STUDY CAMP
                                                                                                                    6 hours a day study
               9. How long have you been a Christian?                                                                        Good food.
               Hmm…as long as I can remember, but I think I started taking                                                      Exercise.
               it seriously in Yr 10 when I got baptised…                                                       Short talks about Jesus
               10. Why are you a Christian?                                                                      and life after the HSC.
                …“Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so...”
                                                                                                                     Bring your friends.
               11. Do you find it hard to tell any non-Christian friends
               about Jesus? What would you say to friend if they asks?                                              More info soon on
               I find it hard to tell people about Jesus, simply because they                          
               already have preconceived ideas of Christians and they listen
               to you so intensely to try and prove you wrong…if you make a
               mistake or don’t have answers to all their questions they may
               hold it against you…
               I would tell them that Jesus died for us and loves us despite
               all the times we’ve stuffed up!
               12. What are you looking forward to most about grow-
               ing older and being in a church family?
   15          I’m looking forward to having a group of Christian people I                                                           15
               can grow, share and fellowship with.
                                                  J-WALK ISSUE #006    
                                                                                  Jesus and the apostles re-        name, but it does say plenty
                                                                                  garded it as God's Scriptures     about the Christ who is to
                                                                                  that have the full authority of   come. In fact, as pointed out
                                                                                  God's word. We are probably       in point 2 above, everything
                                                                                  impatient of length because       in the Old Testament fore-
                                                                                  of bad reading habits and the     shadows in some way the
                                                                                  desire for instant fixes. An      person and work of Christ. If
                                                                                  antidote to this is to take       we ignore the foundations
                                                                                  time to read whole slabs;         laid here we will almost cer-
                                                                                  even speed-reading to get         tainly end up with a superfi-
                                                                                  the overall picture. You don't    cial, even distorted, view of
                                                                                  have to neglect your devo-        who and what Jesus claimed
                                                                                  tional meditation on small        to be and do. Paul remarked

DO WE                                                                             portions. Do both!

                                                                                  2. Parts of it are rather
                                                                                                                    that Timothy had known the
                                                                                                                    Old Testament from his child-
                                                                                                                    hood and that these Scrip-
REALLY                                                                            boring.
                                                                                  Mostly the sense that it is
                                                                                                                    tures were able to make him
                                                                                                                    wise to salvation through

NEED THE      The first three-quarters of
              the Bible is so boring! We can
                                                 three quarters of the Bible).
                                                                                  boring comes from an inabil-
                                                                                  ity to see how it holds to-
                                                                                  gether as a whole, and how it
                                                                                                                    faith in Jesus Christ (2 Tim.

OLD           easily do without it. Or so
              many Christians seem to
                                                 2. Parts of it are rather bor-
                                                                                  relates to the supposedly
                                                                                  more interesting New Testa-
                                                                                                                    5. It contains some refer-
                                                                                                                    ences to God's actions

TESTAMENT     think, since you hardly ever
              hear the Old Testament read        3. It contains a lot of detail
                                                                                  ment. Same antidote as in 1.
                                                                                  above. If Jesus indicated that
                                                                                                                    that seem positively im-
              in church or preached from.        about ceremonial laws that       the Old      Testament    was     Mostly the objection to ap-
???           To put it a little less "in your
              face:" not all Christians are
                                                 were given to Israel but are
                                                 no longer applicable to us.
                                                                                  somehow about him, then we
                                                                                  should work at the business
                                                                                                                    parently immoral divine ac-
                                                                                                                    tions concerns the seemingly
              convinced that the Old Testa-                                       of discerning how it is about     harsh judgments meted out
By            ment should have a signifi-        4. It nowhere directly refers    him (see. Luke 24:25-27, 44-      on the neighbours of Israel.
Graeme        cant place in our concerns for     to Jesus.                        45; John 5:39-47). The latter     However, it should be re-
Goldsworthy   God's word. Even when there                                         passage is pretty blunt as        membered that these judg-
              is in theory an acceptance of      5. It contains some refer-       Jesus tells the Jews that if      ments are a) deserved (see
              its importance, we often find      ences to God's actions that      they don't believe the Old        Deut. 9:4-5), and b) only a
              that it is neglected by not        seem positively    immoral.      Testament they won't be able      pale foretaste of the real
              being treated with the same                                         to believe him.                   judgment that God will exe-
              dignity as the New Testa-          6. Even if it does look for-                                       cute on all who resist his will
              ment. When it is used it is        ward to fulfilment in the New    3. It contains a lot of de-       and reject his kingdom. Jesus
              often on a very selective ba-      Testament, why can't we          tail about ceremonial laws        and the apostles did not
              sis: Psalms in devotional          simply concentrate on that       that were given to Israel         seem to find the Old Testa-
              reading; narratives about          fulfilment?                      but are no longer applica-        ment offended their sensibili-
              prominent characters for ex-                                        ble to us.                        ties, so perhaps we need to
              amples of faith (or lack of);      I will attempt to deal with      The ceremonial laws fore-         try to understand why.
              Proverbs for titbits of practi-    these in turn, and will add a    shadow the work of Jesus in
              cal advice; and maybe Proph-       few more suggestions about       various ways and, as with the     6. Even if it does look for-
              ets for building a doubtful        our need for the Old Testa-      other details in the Old Tes-     ward to fulfilment in the
              view of the events of the fu-      ment.                            tament help us to understand      New Testament, why can't
              ture.                                                               what Jesus achieved by ful-       we simply concentrate on
                                                 1. It is very long (about        filling them.                     that fulfilment?
              There are many reasons             three quarters of the Bi-                                          If everything in the Old Tes-
              for the lack of use of the         ble).                            4. It nowhere directly re-        tament is fulfilled in the New,
              Old Testament, but I will          Length is irrelevant if we are   fers to Jesus.                    why can't we simply concen-
              suggest only the follow-           concerned to hear God's          The Old Testament certainly       trate on the New? Sounds
  16                                                                                                                                                   16
              ing:                               word. There is no doubt that     doesn't refer to Jesus by         reasonable! But it really isn't.
                                                                                                                    The New Testament, in de-
              1. It is very long (about          J-WALK ISSUE #006                       claring all things fulfilled in
            Jesus, presupposes knowl-        Rom. 1:1-4 includes the sig-       description of these dimen-         knowing God as he reveals
            edge of the Scriptures (the      nificant fact of Jesus' human      sions as they occur: election;      himself.
            New Testament term for the       descent from David. Matthew        calling; covenant promises;
            Old Testament). All the ter-     makes the same point in the        redemptive event (Exodus);          Personal note
            minology used about Christ       genealogy of Jesus (Mt. 1:1-       covenant structuring of the
            and his saving work is carried   17). The gospel is continuous      redeemed        community           It is because I feel so
            over from the Old Testament.     with these historical events.      (Sinai); entry into and pos-        strongly about this subject
            Even the titles Christ, Son of   It is what God did for us out      session of the promised land;       that I have concentrated on
            God, Son of Man, Son of          there and back there, not          Davidic kingship; Zion; the         writing books about the "big
            David are meaningless with-      what he does in us (which is       temple.                             picture" of the Bible. The fol-
            out the Old Testament from       the fruit of the gospel).                                              lowing are especially relevant
            which they are drawn and                                            10. The Old Testament con-          to this subject:
            applied to Jesus of Nazareth.    8. The Old Testament gives         tains the foundations of sal-
continued   The number of direct refer-      texture to the New Testa-          vation     history    that    are   .: The Goldsworthy Trilogy
from p19    ences and allusions to the       ment assertions about salva-       brought to their fulfilment in      (Carlisle: Paternoster, 2000);
            Old Testament contained in       tion in Christ. While it is true   the New. In other words, the        this contains Gospel and
            the New is in excess of 1500.    that the New Testament             real eschatology of the gos-        Kingdom (1981), The Gospel
                                                                                pel is rooted and grounded in       in Revelation (1984), and
                                                                                the earthly existence of the        Gospel and Wisdom (1987).
                                                                                people of God in the Old Tes-
                                                                                tament. The Old Testament           .:   A c co rd i ng    to   P lan
                                                                                thus helps us to guard              (Leicester:       IVP,    1991).
                                                                                against one of the most per-
                                                                                nicious errors in Christianity:     .: Preaching the Whole Bible
                                                                                the reduction of it to a time-      as    Ch ris tia n   S crip ture
                                                                                less, spiritual ideal. This error   (Leicester:      IVP,    2000).
                                                                                promotes an ethical ideal as
                                                                                the essence of Christianity         ---------------------------------
                                                                                that sits lightly to the reality    ---------------------------------
                                                                                of the incarnation of Christ,       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                                                the resurrection of the body        Graeme Goldsworthy is a
                                                                                and the renewal of the whole        lecturer in Old Testament,
                                                                                creation. This Gnostic or Do-       biblical theology and herme-
                                                                                cetic Christianity is regarded      neutics (try saying that 3
                                                                                as the antichrist in 1 Jn. 4.       times fast!) at Moore Theo-
                                                                                                                    logical College in Sydney,
                                                                                The bottom line is, of course,      Australia.
            Constantly the Gospel writers    gives the definitive meaning       simply this: if God gave us
            refer to Jesus fulfilling the    of all that the Old Testament      sixty-six books by which to         This article first appeared
            Scriptures. To try to under-     was on about, it is also true      know him, his will, and our         in GNW November 2003.
            stand the New Testament          that many of the technical         salvation; who are we to say           Used by permission:
            without the Old is like watch-   words and ideas applied to         that we can discard the first
            ing the end of the Iron Man      salvation in Christ presup-        thirty-nine of them? When
            race without having any idea     pose the ground-work of the        we treat the whole Bible as a
            of what happened between         revelation in the Old.             unity and learn to understand
            the start and this final run.                                       the "big picture" our grasp of
                                             9. The Old Testament pro-          the    marvellously      multi-
            There are a few other signifi-   vides the pattern of saving        faceted gospel is greatly en-
            cant reasons for paying at-      revelation that is taken up in     hanced. To claim to be a dis-
            tention to the Old Testa-        the New. While the New re-         ciple of Jesus while at the
            ment...                          fers to and explicates the di-     same time rejecting his view
                                             mensions of redemption and         of the Scriptures is very in-
            7. The Old Testament pegs        the kingdom of God, the Old        consistent. It is also to deny
  17                                                                                                                                                    17
            the gospel event into history.   provides a carefully detailed      ourselves much of the joy of
            So, for example, Paul's de-
            scription of his gospel in       J-WALK ISSUE #006        
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