GUARANTEED LOANS (DOC) by chenmeixiu


									                            GUARANTEED LOANS
                                        Farm Loan Program
Nebraska State FSA Office                   Rich Barta                        Tim Reimer
7131 A Street                               Farm Loan Chief                   Guaranteed Loan Specialist
Lincoln, NE 68510-4202                      (402) 437-5887                    (402) 437-5455

       General Guaranteed Loan                                   Overview of the
     Information for ALL LENDERS                                 Guaranteed Loan
               General Information
                                                              Guaranteed Loan Overview

                Locate the Office
                                                                 Farm Loan Program
                And FSA Personnel for
                                                                     Fact Sheets
                Your County
    Nebraska USDA Service Center Locator
             & Personnel Locator                                  FLP Program Fact Sheets
      Nebraska’s Farm Loan Staff
              National Map Locator

                                                                   FSA Spreadsheets
               Nebraska FSA
             Commodity Prices                                  Interest Assistance Calculator

             FSA Commodity Prices                                 Line of Credit - Tracking

           View or Download 2-FLP
           Handbook and National                                View and Download
            Amendments                                            National Notices
                                                         (Select Farm Loan under Subject)
Scroll down select “2-FLP Handbook”.
You will be limited to the most recent Amendment; all                 National Notices
   other Amendments are included in the 2-FLP                 Select “Farm Loan Program Notices”
        View and Download State 2-FLP Amendments and Notices

          State Amendments                        State Notices

                                               FLP09-05 – Monitoring FLP Loan Applications

                                               FLP 08-48 Credit Quality Notice
                                               Exhibit A
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 1
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 2
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 3
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 4
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 5
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 6
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 7
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 8
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 9
                                               Exhibit A, Attachment 10

                                              FLP08-26 – Specialized Operations for FLP Loans

                                      FLP08-25 – FLP Paid in Full Checklists

Lender Security Administrator’s                             Lender Security
                                                          Administrator adding
 Electronic Reporting within the                        additional bank employees
    Guaranteed Loan System                              as Lender Representatives
       Lender Sign-up for
       eAuthentication ID
     How To Sign Up For E-Auth
                                                Adding Additional Lender Representatives
    STEP ONE - Sign up for eAuth
 STEP TWO – Visit your local USDA
Service Center in person for identity proof       Lender Representative must obtain an
                                                  eAuth account and visit your local
    STEP THREE - Contact                          USDA Service Center in person for
  Tim Reimer (402)437-5455 or                     identity proof.
  Coreen Carnes (402)437-5884
     Provide the following:
       *Identify Lender Security
          Administrator Name
    *Provide Administrator eAuth ID
        Filing Guaranteed Loan                            Lender Loan
         Applications on Line                          Application Checklist
                                                         SEL & CLP Checklist

          Access eForms                            Accessing Loan Application
       Requires Level 2 eAuth                      and Loan Servicing Forms
                                                  Loan Application & Servicing Forms
Agency Name - select “Farm Service Agency”           Loan Narrative Template
Program Name – select “Guaranteed Loans”                   (optional)
        or “Farm Loan Program”
            Click – “Search”                                 PLP Example
                                                           SEL-CLP Example

                                                       Real Estate Appraisal
                                                      Engagement Letter for
                                                      FSA Guaranteed Loans
                                                       Optional Engagement Letter

Lender Submission of Electronic                  Lender Submission of Electronic
    Loan Closing Reports                                 Status Reports

 How to Submit Loan Closing Reports          How to Submit Status and Default Status Reports

    Submitting Loan Closing Report               Submit Status & Default Status Reports
       Requires Level 2 eAuth                          Requires Level 2 eAuth

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