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									                    Pet Insurance
         Will your pet be protected
         when the unexpected happens?

Coverage Options
When you consider your veterinary bills, you're probably most concerned about the unforeseen expenses. What if your
dog eats something he/she shouldn't? What if your cat contracts cancer? Are you prepared for these types of unexpected
veterinary costs?

The Accident and Value plans are popular because they protect against vet bills like:

                                         Accidents
                                         Hospitalization
                                         Illnesses
                                         Medication
                                         Diagnostic tests
                                         Surgeries
                                         Lab Fees
                                         X-rays

Interested in more comprehensive coverage? The Basic and Preferred plans offer higher coverage limits for accident and
illness treatment along with coverage for routine care expenses including:

                                         Annual Exams
                                         Prescription flea control
                                         Behavior training
                                         Spay or neuter
                                         Heartworm protection
                                         Vaccinations

How It Works
With this insurance, you have the freedom to use any veterinarian nationwide — including emergency care clinics, spe-
cialists and holistic care providers.

Whenever your dog or cat needs to visit the veterinarian, simply take a claim form with you and pay your vet at checkout
like normal. You'll then file the claim, and you'll be reimbursed for 90% of your expenses after a $50 per incident deducti-
Is my pet eligible?
Dogs and cats must be 8 weeks to 9 years old to enroll in Value, Basic or Preferred coverage. After initial enrollment, coverage is re-
newable for the life of your pet. Dogs and cats 10 years and older are eligible for Senior coverage. Dogs and cats of all ages are eligi-
ble for Accident coverage.

Are there any exclusions?
As with any pet insurance program, there are some exclusions.

How do I make a claim?
To receive reimbursement, simply fill out the claim form and mail it to the service provider, including your receipts.

Have questions or need additional information?

Call 1-877-749-7387 to speak to a representative Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm EST.

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