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					                                        Lesson Plan
                       “P is for Peach”: A Tour of the State of Georgia

                                      By: Alison B. Brown

Grade/Subject: Second/Social Studies
Title:         P is for Peach: A Tour of Georgia

Teacher(s):       Alison B. Brown
Length of         2 hour – Unit 1
Time - Unit:
Date the Unit     March 27, 2008
was reviewed:
Summary of        Learning important facts about Georgia.
the Unit:

                              Stage 1 – Desired Results
Backward Design Template
Georgia Performance Standards
Number                                        Title of Content Standard
SS2G1         The student will locate major topographical features of Georgia and will describe how
              these features define Georgia’s surface.
SS2CG4        The student will demonstrate knowledge of the state and national capitol buildings by
              identifying them from pictures and capitals of the United States of America (Washington,
              D.C.) and the state of Georgia (Atlanta) by locating them on appropriate maps.

NETS Standards
Number                                      Title of Content Standard
2.           Communication and Collaboration
3.           Research and Information Fluency
4.           Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
5.           Digital Citizenship
Understandings:                         Essential Questions:
Students will understand or know how    Unit concepts that reside at the heart of the subject. Ex.
to……                                    What was the position of the characters in this story?
[Learning outcomes]
a. Locate all the geographic regions    What were three important facts about Georgia we learned
of Georgia: Blue Ridge Mountains,       today?
Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Valley and     What is one famous historic location we have learned about
Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau.         today?
b. Locate the major rivers:
Ocmulgee, Oconee, Altamaha,             What is one mountain range or wildlife management site we
Savannah, St. Mary’s,                   learned about today?
Chattahoochee, and Flint.

Students will learn important leaders
in Georgia History.

                           Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence
Backward Design Template
Rubric for Performance-Based Assessment


                   Beginning         Developing        Accomplished          Exemplary         Score
List Criterion     0-3 points         4-6 points         7-8 points          9-10 points
   Student       Did not use the    Used the           Used the             Used the
                 Computer or        Computer           Computer             Computer
  could use      wesites            websites -with     websites with        websites
 Computer        appropriately.     teacher support    teacher support-     throughly-with
and Websites     No                 –with little       with some            the
                 understanding      understanding      understanding of     understanding
                 of how to log on   of how to log on   how to log on and    of how to log on
                 and find           and find           find information     and find
                 information        information        using website to     information
                 using website to   using website to   obtain information   using website to
                 obtain             obtain             to answer given      obtain
                 information to     information to     questions.           information to
                 answer given       answer given       *Three Stars*        answer given
                 questions.         questions.                              questions.
                 . *One Star*       *Two Stars*                             *Four Stars*
                 Did not            Complete           Completed            Completed all
  Obtained       complete           little             some questions       questions
 Answers to      questions          questions          correctly in         correctly in
 Questions       correctly in       correctly in       group setting        group setting
   Given         group setting      group setting      *Three Stars*        *Four Stars*
                 *One Star*         *Two Stars*
                 Did not            Completed          Completed            Completed all
    Posted       complete map       little             some                 information
 information     correctly          information        information          on map
on State Map     *One Star*         on map             correctly in an      completely in
                                    correctly in       individual           an individual
                                    an individual      setting              setting
                                    setting            *Three Stars*        *Four Stars*
                                    *Two Stars*

                                     Stage 3 Learning Plan
Back Design Template
Task: (Describe briefly)

Students will use information collected from the book “P is for Peach” and from
websites provided to learn important facts about Georgia.

Process: (List instructional steps for unit)
1. The teacher will read the book “P is for Peach” written by Carol Crane

2. The teacher will divide the class into groups of four with each choosing one of the following jobs:
Research Specialist, Travel Agent, Tour Guide and Tourist.

3. The teacher gives the website for the Web Quest lesson.

4. The students will sign onto the website.

5. The students will be given a hard copy of the questions listed for our tour. (Handout Attached)

6. The students will be instructed to use the websites provided to search for the answers to the questions
provided on their tour sheet.

7. After completing their questions, the students will raised their hand as a sign their group is finished.

8. After all groups have completed their tour sheet each group will have their “tour guide” explain their
answers. Plus their tourist will give tell about an interesting fact the group found during their research.

9.After discussing their answers the teacher will hand out a blank copy of the map of Georgia with
numbers listed on certain places located throughout Georgia.(Handout Attached)

10. The teacher will give the students a list of questions to match to the map handout for review.

11. The students will color their completed maps and hang them on the wall of the classroom for display.

12. The students will clean up all supplies to prepare for next subject matter instruction.


Mrs. Brown's 2nd Grade Class Tour of Georgia
Friday, March 28, 2008
2:27 PM
Tip: Add daily schedule pages to keep track of your schedule during your trip.

Trip description: Touring Historic and Interesting Places in Georgia

Trip length: 1 Class Subject Unit

Trip goals:

     1. What city is Georgia's State Capital located in? Georgia
     2. What is Georgia's State Marine Mammal? Georgia
3. What is the name of the state bird? Georgia's State Bird
4. What year did the peach become the state's official fruit? symbols
5. What year was the first official flag adopted and which governor signed the
   legislation? state flag
6. What was the population in 1900?population
7. What year shows the highest percentage increase in population?
8. Who was White County, GA named after? White Co.
9. Who founded Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, GA? Babyland
10. What county was White Co. a part of? White Co.
11. Who was the youngest governor? governors
12. What is the highest peak in GA & how high is it? Highest Peak
13. Where is the "Little White House" located? Little White House
14. Where is the "Waving Girl" located? Waving Girl
15. What is the state flower and what year was it named? symbols
16. Who is the current governor of GA? governors

                                       Privacy Statement

                   Matching Questions for State of Georgia Lesson Review
Directions: Number your paper 1 to 10 and write the correct number (labeled on you map
handout) next to the question it answers.
What city is Georgia’s State Capital?
The carpet industry was started in what Georgia City?

What Georgia City is the “Waving Girl” located?

General Oglethorpe has the first lighthouse built on what Georgia Golden Isle?

Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, lived in what Georgia City?

What is the highest peak in Georgia?

What National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia is the Largest in the Eastern United States?

Where is the “Little White House” located?

Where are the famous “Cabbage Patch Kid’s” home located?

What Northeast Georgia City is the top producer and seller of chickens?

                      Teacher Answer Sheet for Map Matching Review

                      1. Atlanta
                      2. Dalton
                      3.    Savannah
                      4.    Tybee Island
                      5.    Plains
                      6.    Brasstown Bald Mountain
                      7.    Okefenokee Swamp
                      8.    Warm Springs
                      9.    Cleveland
                      10.   Gainesville

Adapted/formatted from Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

                              Technology Integration Planning (TIP)

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