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“Raise the Roof”

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									                     St. Eugene Catholic Church and School
                                Welcome you to

                                  “Raise the Roof”
                   Saturday, November 6, 2010
                              at the
           National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
                    Honoree: Father Bill Pruett
            Auction Chairs: Stephanie Fleet, Natalie Jordan, Lisa Rooks
                            Staff Liaison: Judi Wilkinson
                              Emcee: Cordell Jordan
                             Auctioneer: Brain Preston

                      Dinner provided by Ned’s Catering
                    Entertainment provided by On the Doss
Cocktails Served  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .6:00 pm
Auctions Open  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .6:00 pm
Welcome, Blessing and Dinner  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .7:00 pm
Entertainment  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .8:30 pm
Live Auction  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .9:00 pm
Silent Auctions
Chaps and Hats  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       6:00–7:45 pm
Saddle Up (dessert auction)  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                        6:00–8:00 pm
Boots and Bling  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   6:00–8:30 pm
Cattleman’s Club  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        6:00–8:30 pm
Live Events
Beer for Boots  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .8:30 pm
Heads or Tails  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .8:30 pm
Live Auction  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .9:00 pm
Hawaii Drawing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Following Live
Raffle Drawing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Following Live
Entertainment  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Following Live

Dear Friends of St . Eugene,

Welcome to our second annual St . Eugene Gala, “Raise the Roof,” benefitting
our parish school, new church fund, and medical mission to Bolivia . The
theme for this year’s Gala coincides with groundbreaking for our new church
building, which took place earlier this week on October 31st .

Our honored guest at tonight’s Gala is Fr. Bill Pruett, pastor of St . Eugene
from 1990-2002 . During Fr . Pruett’s pastorate our annual medical mission to
Bolivia began in 1995 . Fr . Pruett not only encouraged and supported this
ministry that has brought healing and hope to thousands in Bolivia, but he
also went on several of these mission trips . It was under Fr . Pruett’s visionary
leadership that our new school building was built and dedicated in 1997,
which has enabled our parish school to provide a Catholic education to
twice as many students in a beautiful space that enhances their learning
experience . During his time as pastor at St . Eugene, Fr . Pruett also laid the
groundwork for a new church building, challenging parishioners to dream
about and plan for a permanent church building built to glorify God . Fr .
Pruett established the New Church Fund in January 2002, which in the years
to follow grew to a nice sum, so that our parish could move forward in
a timely manner when Architectural Design Group was hired in 2007 to
work on the design . Fr . Pruett presently serves as the pastor of St . James the
Greater Catholic Church in south Oklahoma City .

The directors of our Gala--Stephanie Fleet, Natalie Jordan, and Lisa Rooks--
have logged countless hours preparing for this evening and have done an
outstanding job chairing this event . Judi Wilkinson has assisted them in many
different ways as a resource person from our parish staff . Thanks to Stephanie,
Natalie, Lisa, Judi and to all who have helped make tonight’s Gala possible.
Thanks also to our school principal, Mrs . Williams, to our school faculty and
staff, to our parish staff, to Rafael Elias for starting and maintaining our
medical mission to Bolivia, and to all the volunteers who so generously serve
our school, parish and medical mission . To all the various donors and sponsors
for tonight’s Gala — thank you for your generous support .

Enjoy tonight’s Gala and know that the proceeds of this event will enrich
the lives of many, both young and old, near and far . As we raise our glasses
in celebration and raise up our auction books in bidding, let’s raise the roof
on this year’s Gala to make it the best yet . May God Bless you all!

Fr . Joseph A . Jacobi, Pastor

    Special Thanks to our Gala Sponsors

          Steve Chastain, D.D.S.
           MICA Energy Corp.
              Kitty Belden
               Bill Lilliard
    Deacon Tom and Sandy Goldsworthy
               Betsy Fleet
             Andrew Schmidt
             Nicholas Digges

                  Hay Loft
             The Bank of Union
         Ted and Marcy Tolentino
          Timberlake Construction
                Stephen Boaz
       Lake Pointe Family Dentistry
        Total Solutions Development

                Barn Door
Knights of Columbus-St. Eugene Council 10822
              Trep Bail Bonds

                Bank First

            Aero Cleaning, Inc.
       Alliance Plumbing & Heating

                  Auction Committees 2010
       Chairs: Jenny Benson, Diana Cordineas and Robin Hopkins
    Julie Teague, Beth O’Donnell, Susan Ison, Kelly Matteson, Ashley
     Lee, Julie Trepangier, Diane Cline, Jack Duwitt, Lesley Kunkel,
                              Amy Holmon

                       Chair: Jennifer Goodrich
             Joncee Barrett, Angie Schmit, Janie Goodman,

                          Food and Beverage
                          Chair: Diane Fair

                             Raffle Ticket
                  Chairs: Mary Latta, Janie Goodman

                            School Projects
                          Chair: Ashley Bass

                          OU/OSU Buckets
              Chair: Mary Hartman and Janie Goodman

                         Chair: Diane Downes

                           Dessert Auction
                        Chair: Charisa Winfrey

                          Finance Committee
                          Chair: Linda Glass

                         Chair: Natalie Jordan

                        Chair: Lisa Rooks
         Ed and Athena Roy, Cordell Jordan, Robyn Duginski

 Anne Codding, Dolly Thomas, Betty Lucy, Cathy Daughtery, Pat
  Rooks, Leticia Holbert, Mary Jo Spears, Sue Leary, Carol Ann
Combs, Carole Smith, Chris Matteson, Christie Ardoin, Julie Carter,
Dan Short, Vera Cheek, Angie Martin, Knights of Columbus, Youth
  Group, Sherrie Kelch, Duane Hogsett, Jan Latta, Todd & Down
 Jelnick, John & Jen Shanahan, Miguel Quinones, Danny Lawton,
            Jenna Wolverton, Michelle Briten, Ellen Kiss

Thank you to the entire auction committee and to all of the
volunteers who have made this night possible. If your name was
accidently omitted from this list please accept our apologies. And
a special thanks to those who volunteered to help – even after the
program went to print!

Dear Friends of St . Eugene Community,
We welcome you to the 2nd annual St . Eugene Gala . With this being such
an exciting time at St . Eugene, we are honored to serve as this year’s
Auction Committee Chairs and hope you are ready to kick up your heel’s
and Raise the Roof!
We chose this year’s gala theme “Raise the Roof” months before the
funding for the new church was complete . The theme for this year’s Gala
seems fitting, because for some time now at every mass, we have been
praying to “raise up a holy place .” As you can imagine, we were ecstatic
when the announcement was made that we would break ground in
October . We realized what an opportunity this was for us to tie this event
into an even bigger celebration .
For us, this celebration has been a complete leap of faith . The generosity of
our sponsors, donors, parishioners, parents, staff and friends who donated
their time, money and genius, have made our leap of faith unforgettable .
Congratulations to Father Bill Pruett . It is very fitting that he is tonight’s
honoree . It was under his leadership that our school was built, he made
trips to Bolivia and before he left St . Eugene, he began the groundwork for
a new church .
Thank you for coming tonight . We know that you’ll have a wonderful
evening . Now, lets “Raise the Roof” in community spirit and fund raising!
Stephanie Fleet, Natalie Jordan, Lisa Rooks and Judi Wilkinson

General Auction Rules
Any person bidding on an item at the Auction will be
deemed to have read, understood and accepted the
General Auction Rules .

    • After each auction has closed, the highest bidder will be posted .
      In case of a dispute, the Auctioneer’s decision will be final .

    • Minimum bid increases must be made in at least $5 increments .

    • Buyers should contact donors within 60 days of the Auction to
      arrange dinners, vacations, condos, etc . Vacation homes are non-
      transferable, and are donated for adults and families and are subject
      to availability restrictions, black out dates, taxes and gratuities . Trips or
      services are valid for one year unless otherwise restricted .

    • Should a winning bidder fail, for whatever cause, to arrange for a trip,
      meal, party, etc . within the time limit specified and according to any
      stated conditions and or limitations, neither the donor nor St . Eugene
      Catholic Church or School are obligated to provide a refund .

    • Neither the Auction Committee nor St . Eugene Catholic Church or
      School has made an examination of the items offered nor do they
      make any representation or warranty of any kind . Winning bidder
      assumes the risk of any and all items purchased at the auction .
      All items of this kind are sold “AS IS” without expressed or implied
      representations, guarantees, or warranties of any kind, except
      those which may be supplied by the donor or manufacturer .

    • Please refer to the specified rules for each auction category to
      determine how to make your bids .

    • Each bidder must have a valid bid number .

    • Gift certificates, unless otherwise stated, do not include taxes
      or gratuities .

    • Arrangements for removal of items must be made by the purchaser
      at the purchaser’s expense . All items must be removed tonight .

    • All sales are final and there will be no exchanges or refunds . All
      trips are to be taken as described, without modification, unless
      arrangements are made with the donor .

    • The Auction committee reserves the right to withdraw any item
      before or during the sale .

    • Neither the Auction committee nor St . Eugene Catholic Church or
      School shall be liable for any personal injury on the premises where the
      auction is being held or in the removal of any items by the purchaser .

    • DISCLAIMER: Any similarity between the description in this catalog
      and the items actually presented in the auction is not only a
      coincidence, it is a miracle . The auction committee printed this
      catalog with items “in mind” but not always “in hand” . It is our
      hope that the material herein continues to be accurate . We will
      post or announce major discrepancies, if any, during the evening .

    • For I .R .S . purposes, only the amount you paid which is more than the true
      market value of the item may be considered a charitable contribution .

    • In the event that any alcoholic items are presented for auction or
      as part of any auction item, they must not under any circumstance
      be opened on these premises .

BID HIGH AND BID OFTEN – Remember, this auction is a fund-raiser .
Everyone loves to get a bargain, but that is not our purpose here
tonight . Our purpose is to raise money to help support the Catholic
School of St . Eugene, Friends of Bolivia and the Legacy of Faith
Capital Campaign . Please be generous!

Aloha Friends!
                     DISCOVER KAUAI, HAWAII
                     Welcome to Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club
                     on Hawaii’s Garden Isle of Kauai . Here you
                     can experience the exquisite beauty of the
                     “Garden Isle’s” valleys, canyons, jagged
                     mountains and towering waterfalls .

This exclusive beach front vacation package includes a week
stay at the Marriott Waiohai Beach Club AND $1,600 CASH to
be used towards airfare and other expenses . (dates subject
to availability) The two bedroom unit sleeps 6, has a full
kitchen and washer/ dryer .

The Hawaii raffle sales begin at 6:00 pm . Forty-nine (49)
numbered leis will be sold for $100 each . During dinner, we will
begin drawing numbers, eliminating participants one-by-one
until we have four remaining . After the Live auction the final
drawing begins, the 50th (last) lei will be auctioned off, giving you
a ONE IN FIVE chance of enjoying a fabulous Hawaii Vacation!

This trip is made possible thanks to Terry and Susan Givens
who generously donated their vacation home and from the
following generous grandparents of CSSE Students .

Jim & Madalene Corsoro, Frank & Helen Bice, Frank & Victoria
Burrell, Jim and Mary Honeman, Scott & Marian Jeter, Dorothy
and Edward Newman, Jeanine McFall, Gary and Frances
Savely, Terry and Dee Schmidt, Patrick and Sheila Talbot, B .J .
Diana Tunnell, Patricia White and John & Judi Wilkinson .

Beer for Boots
Cowboy up to the bar with your new
cowboy boot beer mug! For each mug
you purchase your name goes into a
drawing for a new pair of boots . (A $250
Gift Card to Tener’s)

You’ll want to act fast because the “Raise
the Roof” commemorative mug is only
$20 and there are only 144 mugs available .
The winner of the new boots will be drawn at 8:30 pm .

                             Tener’s and 2010 Gala Committee

Heads or Tails
$10 for the chance to win $500

Sign up early to play this audience
participation game . The more participants,
the more fun this event will be!

Right before the live auction begins, our emcee will ask
everyone playing to stand . Participants will be asked to put
your hand on your head or on your tail .

A coin will be flipped and those who have their hand on
the winning side remain standing, the others must sit . This
continues until there is only one person standing . The last
person standing wins $500!

The Saloon
The wine pull returns! For a $25 donation you’ll “pull” your own
bottle of red or white wine! Each is at least a $20 dollar bottle,
but hopefully you’ll be the lucky bootlegger to go home with a
bottle of wine worth $100! Bottles are limited — so sign up now!

Raffle Tickets
Raffle tickets are available for $10 each for a chance to win
$3,000, an iPad 32GB with Wi-Fi, or dinner for a year (12 restaurant
gift certificates) . Just sign your bid number on the Raffle bid sheet,
fill out the ticket stub and drop it in the raffle container . Tickets are
available until drawing at the end of the auction .

Dessert Auction (Saddle Up)
Enjoy a scrumptious chocolate torte, Godiva cheesecake
or other delectable dessert at the dessert auction! Bidding
will close at 8:00 pm and winning bidder will have dessert
delivered to their table .

There are a limited number of desserts available, so don’t miss
out! Share with your table, as this is your dessert tonight .

                Special Thanks to Charisa Winfrey
            for making the dessert auction a success!

                   St . Eugene Gala 2010
                    Chaps and Hats
                       Silent Auction
                     Closes at 7:45 p .m .

101   Tyler Outdoor Advertising - Bench Displays
      This certificate entitles the winner to a fabulous
      advertising package from Tyler Outdoor Advertising
      that includes ten (10) bench displays throughout the
      Oklahoma City Metro for two months .
      Restrictions: Production costs of bench artwork NOT
      included. Based on availability, and cannot be used on
      existing contract or for political advertising.
      Ads must be completed within twelve (12) months of
      purchase date.
      Expiration Date: 11/6/2011
                                         Tyler Outdoor Advertising

102   Front Row Seats for 8th Grade Graduation
      Front Row Seats for 8th Grade Graduation on May 21, 2011 .
                                The Catholic School of St. Eugene

103   Shout it From the Rooftops!
      Say “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, “Go Sooners”,
      “Pokes Rule” or choose your own slogan that will be posted
      on the St . Eugene’s Marquis for one week (of your choosing) .
                                The Catholic School of St. Eugene

104   Bowl-A-Rama Video Arcade Game
      As close as you can get to the real thing without the need
      to rent shoes! This revolutionary arcade game replicates the
      game of bowling with unbelievable graphics and realistic
      playing features . So life-like that the pins even wobble and
      rotate when grazed by the ball . You can choose a lane,
      pick your ball color and size, and play with up to 4 players .
      So what are you waiting for? It’s game time!
                                   Family Leisure – Oklahoma City

105   14kt Gold Necklace
      This beautiful pink tourmaline 14kt gold necklace will make
      a fantastic Christmas present for that special someone .
                                                  Direct Diamonds

106   Amethyst Pendant
      This is a unique Amethyst and Pearl necklace pendant that
      will be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection .
                                           Rings Etc…Fine Jewelry

107   The Star of Texas – Nolan Ryan
      This framed picture of Texas Ranger great Nolan Ryan
      includes an autographed baseball by this legend and will
      make a fabulous addition to your sports collection .
                                                  Andrew Schmidt

108   Sooner Magic I
      Enjoy this framed picture of Owen Field in Norman .
                                                  Andrew Schmidt

109   The Big Three
      Framed picture and engraved autographs of Dallas Cowboys
      legends: Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin .
                                                  Andrew Schmidt

110   Peruvian Nativity
      A one piece Terra Cotta Peruvian Nativity .

                                                        Cathy Carr

111   African Nativity
      Solid hand carved wooden piece depicting the Nativity .
                                                        Cathy Carr

112   A Night Out in Edmond
      Enjoy a wonderfully prepared dinner for four (4) at the
      Petroleum Club of Edmond . Includes one bottle of house
      wine to help you enjoy your evening .
                                      Petroleum Club of OKC, Inc.

113   Golf Outing at Willow Creek
      This golf outing includes a round of golf for four (4), cart
      included and Sunday Brunch for four (4) at Willow Creek
      Golf & Country Club,and a set of Junior Wilson ProStaff
      golf clubs complete with a bag and head covers . What
      a great opportunity to spend time with your child on the
      golf course!
                                Willow Creek Golf & Country Club
                                             Dan & Claire Hayes

114   A Bicycle Like New
      A nearly new 2004 Raliegh SC300 comfort bike and a new
      bicycle helmet .
                                                  Greg Eldridge
                                       Al’s Bicycles of Edmond

115   Show Us Those Pearly Whites
      With this Oral Care Kit from Dr . Chastain and Laser Teeth
      Whitening from Dr . Kelly, you’re sure to have a beautiful
      smile! Oral Care Kit comes with a box of Supreme
      Professional Crest WhiteStrips, mouth rinse, toothpaste,
      toothbrush, and floss .
                                                  Dr. Steve Chastain
                                                        Dr. Mark Kelly

116   Capture the Memories in Style
      This package includes a 1 ½ hour photo shoot for up to five
      (5) people at the location of your choice, an online viewing
      gallery, a disc with images and print release, (10) 4x6 prints,
      (5) 5x7 prints, and (4) 8x10 prints included . Use this $50 gift
      certificate to Legacy Cleaners and Laundry before the
      photo shoot to make sure you are dressed to impressed .
                                        Chris McCord Photography
                                        Legacy Cleaners & Laundry

117   Holy Family Print
      An 18”x12” unframed Holy Family matted print by the
      Reverend John L . Walch .
                      Henry, Jo Ellen, Mary Anne & Patricia Aaron

118   Madonna & Child Signed Ink Drawing
      A 10”x5” signed ink drawing of the Madonna and Child by
      Reverend John L . Walch .
                      Henry, Jo Ellen, Mary Anne & Patricia Aaron

119   Scentsy For All Seasons
      Your home will smell wonderful all season long with these
      three (3) Scentsy burners and nine (9) bars . Burners are for
      Valentines, Halloween, and Christmas .
                                                       Jenny Benson

120   Flowers and Gifts for Your Sweetie
      A great idea for Valentine’s Day . This beautiful crystal
      vase and set of candle holders plus a $35 gift certificate
      to Cheever’s Flowers & Gifts is sure to brighten your loved
      one’s day .
                                             Theresa Nagel-Smith
                                          Cheever’s Flowers & Gifts

121   Kid’s Break!
      Need some ideas to keep your children busy during
      Christmas Break? This package includes a $50 gift
      certificate to Harkins Theater, $20 in gift certificates to
      Paint ‘N Station, four (4) public skate admission passes
      for Arctic Edge Ice Arena, two (2) free Jump passes
      at Bouncin’ Craze, and a package of free kid’s meal
      coupons (w/ purchase of adult entrée) from Chili’s .
                                 Harkins Theater, Paint ‘N Station,
                  Arctic Edge Ice Arena, Mark Robles, and Chili’s

122   We Are…IRISH!
      Cheer for the Fighting Irish with this basket of goodies,
      including an All-Event Pass, Irish hoodie, golf hat, and
      other Irish items!
                         Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School

123   Front Row — Middle School Spring Show
      Front row seats for the Middle School Spring Show . Date/
      Time are still TBA .
                                 The Catholic School of St. Eugene

124   Front Row — Kindergarten–2nd Grade Christmas Show
      Front row seats for the Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
      Christmas Show on December 9, 2010 at 6:30pm . Enjoy
      “The Legend of the Poinsettia”!
                                 The Catholic School of St. Eugene

125   Front Row — 3rd Grade–5th Grade Concert
      Front row seats for songs that make you happy at the
      3rd Grade through 5th Grade Concert on Thursday,
      November 18, 2010 at 6:30pm .
                                The Catholic School of St. Eugene

126   Sherri Coale & the Sooner Women
      This package includes an autographed basketball by
      the University of Oklahoma Women’s Basketball Head
      Coach — Sherri Coale — and fifteen (15) tickets to the OU
      Women’s Basketball game vs . New Mexico on December
      12, 2010 at 2:00pm . Enjoy a pizza from Hideaway Pizza in
      Norman before the game .
                                                   Dennis Rischard

127   Goodnight…Sleep Tight
      Having trouble getting your children to fall asleep?
      Have no fear…Mrs . Williams is here! Mrs . Williams will come
      to your home and read your children a bedtime story .
      She will also bring milk and cookies for a bedtime snack .
                                                   Suzette Williams

128   Very Merry Thunder
      Two (2) Lower Level 2nd row tickets in section 112, row
      BB and parking pass, to the OKC Thunder game vs . the
      Denver Nuggets on Christmas Day 2010 . Grab a bite
      before the game with a $50 gift certificate to
      Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway .
                                         Angelique & Karl Barreto
                                      Ed Lynn – Buffalo Wild Wings

129   Santa Claus is coming to town...
      Santa will come to your home to read the Christmas Story
      and tell the story of St . Nicholas .
      Restrictions: Must be used on December 11, 2010 after 8pm.
                                      Santa Claus (aka Dan Short)

130   Get Fit and Get Pampered
      Enjoy getting into shape with 10, one hour classes in Zumba or
      Yoga, or a mix and match of both . Then, head to the salon,
      sit back, relax, and revel in being pampered, by enjoying
      some time being treated to a facial, manicure, and pedicure .
      Expiration Date: April 4, 2011
                                                        Dojo Zumba
                         Jon ‘Ric International Medical Salon & Spa

131   Oklahoma’s Famous Faces
      You and ten guests will get a behind the scenes tour of
      Channel 4 studios by Meg Alexander . During your tour you
      may meet Linda Cavanaugh, Kevin Ogle, Mike Morgan, and
      sit in on an actual news broadcast .
                                                    News Channel 4

132   Hostess with the Mostest
      Host fancy dinner parties, holiday celebrations, or just big
      dinners with this gorgeous 12-piece vintage China set; it is
      rimmed in gold with a delicate rose in the center . The set
      includes 12 place settings, sugar bowl, creamer pitcher,
      gravy boat, and serving bowl .
                                                Theresa Nagel-Smith

133   Grill Master
      For the Grill Master in your life, surprise him with (12) 12oz
      choice cut stakes, so delicious, that he cannot wait to fire up
      the grill . To make sure that he does not run out of fuel, a Gas
      Watch II to measure your propane is also included .
      Expiration Date: November 2011
                                         Neely Schwab, Schwab’s
                                       Meats and Bachles Fireplace

134   Best Shape of Your Life
      Take advantage of this one year membership to Koko
      Fitness . It includes a personal digital workout that is ready for
      you every time you go to the gym, so that you know you are
      pushing your body to stay in shape and look great .
                                                            Erika Lucas
                                                          Koko Fit Club

135   Summer Camp Memories
      Give your little one the gift of priceless summer camp
      memories . Your child will enjoy having a week long experience
      out in nature at Camp Dikani as well as a week singing and
      spending time with friends at Vacation Bible School .
                                                        Camp Fire USA
                                                        Judy Wilkinson

136   See your Beautiful Smile
      After indulging in some delicious and gummy candy from
      42nd Street Candy Co ., your child can make their teeth shine
      bright again with the help of this Sonicare Toothbrush for
      Kids; then with a Gift Certificate for a Free Eye Exam, make
      sure that they can see their dazzling pearly whites .
                                         42nd Street Candy Company
                                          Lake Pointe Family Dentistry
                                                       Dr. Jerry Mullen

137   Glee Singing Telegram
      Cindy St . Peter will deliver a delightful singing telegram
      to your friend or loved one with a gift basket filled
      with yummy goodies .
                                                        Cindy St. Peter

138   Mary’s Roses
      Enjoy this beautiful Abstract/Expressionist Acrylic Impas
      painting, hanging in your house . The painting is an 18”x24”
      on Gallery Wrap Canvas . This beautiful piece would be the
      perfect addition to any art lover’s collection .
                         Maryann Ceballos of Purple Loft Art Gallery

139   TV Magic
      Enjoy watching your favorite football team or favorite TV
      show on this impressive 32” Magnavox LCD TV with built in
      DVD player .
                                            Steve & Priscilla Chastain

140   Pamper Yourself into Bliss
      Let yourself get rejuvenated with (2) $100 gift certificates
      to Restore Plastic Surgery Center, then indulge in some
      shopping with a $75 gift certificate to Metro Shoe
      Warehouse . Finish off the day by meeting up with your
      date for a romantic dinner at Vito’s Italian Restaurant while
      smelling fabulous with the help of a bottle of Limited Edition
      Amarige perfume .
                                   Restore Plastic Surgery Center
                   Metro Shoe Warehouse, Vito’s Italian Restaurant
                                          Buddy & Jenny Benson

141   Guys Golf Extravaganza
      You and your friends can improve on your golf game with this
      impressive golf package . It includes a round for four (4) at
      Willow Creek Golf & Country Club with carts included, and a
      round of golf for four (4) at Quail Creek Country Club with carts
      included, as well as $50 in food to the Quail Creek clubhouse .
      Expiration Date: 1 Year
                                   Willow Creek Golf & Country Club
                                    Quail Creek Golf & Country Club

142   Art Appreciation
      Brighten up your house with this beautifully framed Trinity
      collage from Pirates Alley .
                                                 Wally & Theresa Hurt
                                                         Pirates Alley

143   Watch Her Eyes Sparkle
      Watch her eyes sparkle and her smile shine, when you
      present her with this stunning 14kt gold bangle bracelet that
      contains 7 Cabochon Opals, that will no doubt look stunning
      on your favorite lady’s wrist .
      Appraised at $2,500!
                                       Drs. Edwin & Aurora Nalagan

144   Time to Redecorate
      Redecorate your home with the help of a $100 gift
      certificate to Tuscan Loggia where you will have great
      selections of gifts, accessories, furniture, toiletries, gourmet
      items, baby items, design consultations, and more right at
      your fingertips . You will also receive a beautiful area rug
      that is 5’3” x 7’7” and 100% machine washable . Lastly, help
      light up your newly decorated house with this exquisite hand
      painted Tiffany lamp .
                                                       Tuscan Loggia
                                                         Floor Gallery
                                                       Marie Ramirez

145   Travel in Style
      Travel in style on your next vacation with the help of this very
      fashionable Paisley Rolling Cart and Scout Gussie Duffle .
      The duffle can fold flat for all of your storage needs . Inside
      the Cart and Duffel will be your vacation clothes which will
      be looking fabulous as a result of this $50 gift certificate to
      Legacy Cleaners . If the rain tries to spoil your vacation, have
      no fear, for you will also have this beautiful umbrella lined
      with red roses to help you stay nice and dry .
                                          Sheila Talbot, No Regrets
                                    Legacy Cleaners, Marie Ramirez
146   Kindergarten!
      Enjoy the treasure of this priceless picture for years to come,
      with of all of the kindergarten children spelling out the word
      Kindergarten with their bodies, hanging in your house all
      year round .
                                            Mrs. Price & Mrs. Teague

147   Holiday River Boat Parade
      Liven up your Holiday, with the right way to view the Holiday
      Boat Parade . 8 VIP passes to the Devon Energy Holiday Boat
      Parade on the OKC River will be a spectacular experience
      with wonderful views . With these VIP passes, you have
      access to a covered tent, where you can enjoy the parade
      with heaters, delicious snacks, and delectable drinks .
      Date of Event: December 4, 2010
                                                       Devon Energy

148   The Metro Man
      Enjoy being the most stylish, best smelling, best in shape, and
      well fed man about town with this fabulous array of items .
      You will receive a $50 gift certificate to Abuelo’s, a $50 gift
      certificate to Teena Hicks Clothing Store in downtown OKC,
      a bottle of Gucci for Men cologne, a bottle of Gucci Sport
      for Men cologne, a $55 gift certificate to Urban Man Hair &
      Skin Care Salon, a 1 week pass at Harvey Athletic Club and
      a meal at Citi Bites .
                           Abuelo’s, Teena Hick’s, Buddy & Jenny
                       Benson, Urban Mann Hair & Skin Care Salon,
                                    Harvey Athletic Club, Citi Bites

149   Silver Heart Jewelry Set
      Dazzle your friends, with this beautiful silver necklace,
      accompanied by a matching heart pendant and earrings set .
                                                        Anita Kositzky

150   Oil on Canvas
      This exquisite oil on canvas, original painting by well known
      Oklahoman artist Irene Bradford, would be a great addition
      to any art lover’s collection .
                                              Barbara & Ernie Koerner

151   ‘Tis the Season
      Feel the Christmas season all around you with this reverent
      Angel with trumpet lighted figurine, two beautiful long
      sleeved holiday shirts, which you can wear at your festive
      Christmas Party, where you will be serving delicious bon bons
      on your new Mikasa Crystal Bon Bon Dish . Your Christmas
      Party will be the hit of the season!
                                      St. Thomas Moore Books & Gifts
                                                     Merle Norman
                                                    Theresa Sandell

152   This Quilt Made with Love
      Stay warm this upcoming season or year round, with a
      beautiful handmade quilt from the St . Ann Sewing Guild .
      You will also be able to learn to make your own quilts, with
      the help of this gift certificate that is good, for one class at
      Oklahoma Quiltworks .
      Expiration Date: May 1, 2011
                                                 St. Ann Sewing Guild
                                                 Oklahoma Quiltworks

153   I Feel Pretty
      Store your new Sterling Silver Coin Pearl earrings in this
      beautifully designed Korean wooden box with inlays . To
      keep your jewelry looking sparkling and new, you will also
      get the Brookstone Ionic Jewelry Cleaner .
                                                           Cathy Carr
                                                         Marie Ramirez

154   Fragrance Gift Set
      Just in time for the holidays! You both will be smelling great
      with this basket full of men’s Lacoste & Gucci fragrances,
      and women’s Coco Chanel plus a lot of extra goodies!
                                                          Karen Teague

155   Flowers a Plenty
      Your flowers will look beautiful in this 12” oriental butterfly
      vase and 15” oriental vase with matching lid .
                                                          Leticia Holbert

156   Irish Eyes are Smiling
      Irish eyes are smiling and yours will be too after you try the
      delectable and traditional food at Sean Cummings Irish Pub
      with this $50 gift certificate .
      Expiration Date: October 7, 2011
                                              Sean Cummings Irish Pub

157   High End Shopping
      Enjoy a day of high end shopping in one of Oklahoma
      City’s most exclusive retail areas, Nichols Hills . You will be
      able to pick up the newest trends in fashion with this $50 gift
      certificate to Ruth Meyers . Continue on in your day, and
      head to Crescent Market to pick up the preparations for a
      delicious dinner with this $50 gift certificate, and top it off
      with hot, fresh smelling bread from Big Sky Bread Company
      where you will be able to get one free loaf of bread every
      month for six months .
      Expiration Date: Big Sky Bread Company till May 2011
                                                           Ruth Meyers,
                                                      Crescent Market,
                                                      Big Sky Bread Co.

158   Tasty Western Dinner for Four
      Your taste buds will be thanking you when you treat yourself
      and three other friends, to this mouth watering brisket dinner
      for four, which also includes bread and dessert .
      Restrictions: Donor needs two week notice on dinner.
                                         Carol Yarbrough & Lynn Hill

159   Warmth for the Winter
      Lots of love went into the creation of this hand crocheted
      ripple afghan in rainbow colors . It took more than 500 hours
      to make with over 68,000 stitches . Made by loving hands for
      our new church .
                                                   Geraldine Pfeiffer

160   Wildlife Kayak Adventure Tour
      Tour the secluded Stinchcomb Wildlife Preserve on this
      guided Kayak tour for 15 people . Meet at the boathouse,
      then be prepared to see an unbelievable array of unique
      animal and plant life .
                             Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

161   Sunday Golf & Brunch
      Spend time with your family with this golf outing for a
      foursome, carts included, and Sunday Brunch for four at the
      Willow Creek Golf & Country Club .
                                  Willow Creek Golf & Country Club

162   Kayak Birthday Party at Chesapeake Boathouse
      A birthday party for up to fifteen (15) children that includes a
      party room at the boathouse, kayak lessons, and supervised
      kayak time! Food, drinks & cake are not included .
                             Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

163   Beauty/Spa Gift Basket
      Beautify yourself with this spa basket that includes a Yonka
      Alpha Vital Facial, Whimsical Green wool bag with Yonka
      skincare collection, Colorescience box of chocolate lip gloss,
      Colorescience Eye Genies, Colorescience Sunforgettable
      Rockin’ Roller Ball sun screen roll on, Colorescience Eye
      Candy trio, and Colorscience Lip exfoliator .
                           Dr. Lori Hansen and Dr. Jennie Hunnewell

164   Chesapeake Boathouse Adventure Camp
      The Oklahoma River Adventure Camp is geared towards kids
      ages 8 and older and includes kayaking, dragon boating,
      outdoor games, and activities .
                              Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

165   Goodies from Mt. St. Mary’s
      Show your Rocket Pride with this basket of goodies from
      Mt . Saint Mary’s Rockets .
                                        Mount St. Mary’s High School

166   Riverwind Party
      Need a place to watch the game or host a party?
      With this certificate you’ll have full use of the VIP room at
      Autographs Sports Bar inside the Riverwind Casino .
      With it comes $250 worth of food and drink .
      Expires: March 2011
                                                       Cordell Jordan
                                                     Riverwind Casino

                    St . Eugene Gala 2010
                     Boots and Bling
                        Silent Auction
                      Closes at 8:30 p .m .

201   Ping Pong Table
      If you are the lucky winner of this auction, you and your
      family & friends will enjoy hours of family of fun on this full
      size ping pong table .
                                              Watson’s Family Leisure

202   Sooner Magic II
      A must for any Sooner fan! Enjoy this framed picture of
      Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Sam Bradford, and Adrian
      Peterson .
                                                    Andrew Schmidt

203   Black Onyx Necklace
      She will look beautiful in this sterling silver pendant
      necklace with faceted black onyx and diamonds .
      Perfect for any occasion!
                                                  B.C. Clark Jewelers

204   Peruvian Nativity
      This small, terra cotta nativity includes (10)
      individual items that recreate the birth of Jesus .
      Perfect for the upcoming Christmas season .
                                                            Cathy Carr

205   Harley Davidson Service
      Use this gift certificate for full service on any year or model
      of Harley Davidson .
      Restriction is minimum bid of $150
                                                          DNA Cycles
206   Date Night, All Night
      Begin your “perfect” date by bringing her flowers with
      this $25 gift certificate to New Leaf Florist . Then whisk
      her away downtown for a romantic dinner at Mickey
      Mantle Steakhouse using this $100 gift card . But the night
      is not over yet…enjoy a one night stay for 2 at the Hilton
      Skirvin Hotel, which includes breakfast for both of you the
      following morning .
                                                     Hilton Skirvin
                                      Hal Smith Restaurant Group
                                                  New Leaf Florist

207   Turquoise Pendant
      This beautiful turquoise and silver pendant is a must have
      for the girl who loves jewelry .
                                           Rings, Etc. Fine Jewelry

208   Wild About Wine
      A necessity for any wine lover! This wrought iron wine rack
      will look perfect in your kitchen . And it comes already
      stocked with an array of wine!

                                                   Robyn Duginski

209   Tyler Media Radio Advertising
      Promote your business with the awesome advertising offer .
      This package includes production of your ad and up to
      $2,000 worth of radio advertising on radio stations such as
      JakeFM, KKNG and KTUZ .
      Expiration Date: October 31, 2011.
                                                       Tyler Media

210   Peruvian Reed Boat Nativity
      This beautiful terra cotta piece is a nativity scene nested
      in a reed boat . From Lake Titicaca, Peru .
                                                       Cathy Carr
211     Petroleum Club Downtown
        Enjoy dinner for (4) people at the Petroleum Club in
        Downtown Oklahoma City . Dinner includes (1) bottle of
        house wine .
                                   Petroleum Club of Oklahoma City

212     Golf Outing for Him & the Kids!
        In case you missed it in the first silent auction, you have
        another chance! This golf outing includes a round of golf
        for four (4), cart included, at Willow Creek Golf & Country
        Club and a set of Junior Wilson ProStaff golf clubs complete
        with a bag and head covers . What a great opportunity to
        spend time with your child on the golf course!
                                   Willow Creek Golf & Country Club
                                                 Dan &Claire Hayes

213     Biker’s Necessities
        This package includes some must-haves for the avid bike
        rider . Store your bike in this new Delta Bicycle Rack . Use
        the $25 gift certificate to tune up your bike at Al’s Bicycles
        in Edmond . Throw on your new Red Bud hoodie and hit
        the road!
                                                   Store It In Style, Inc.
                                               Al’s Bicycles – Edmond
                                                    Deanna Cardenas

214   Original Holy Family Print
      This very unique piece of artwork is a signed conte
      and charcoal original drawing of the Holy Family by Rev .
      John C . Walch . A truly special piece for any art collections .
                     Henry, Jo Ellen, Mary Anne, and Patricia Aaron

215   Gimme a Smile
      This package includes custom made bleaching
      trays from Dr . Barry Amos . Dr . Amos will also supply the
      first round of prescription strength bleach for at home
      use, making bleaching very convenient . Keep your teeth
      clean and healthy with a Sonicare Flexcare rechargeable
      toothbrush with sanitizer .
                                                    Dr. Barry Amos
                                       Lake Pointe Family Dentistry

216    The Kick
       This framed autographed picture includes the famous
       “kick” by Uwe Von Schamann during the OU vs Ohio State
       game in 1977 . The picture is autographed by Uwe . A
       must for the avid Sooner memorabilia collector!
                                                Matt & Mia Mullings

217    NBA in OKC
       Grab the family or a couple of friends and head the
       Thunder game on Sunday, March 20, 2011, against the
       Toronto Raptors . The winner of this auction will receive (4)
       clubs seats in section 226, row E, seats 12-15(aisle seats)
       and (2) parking passes at the Cox Center for the game .
                                                 Ann & Jerry Schmitz
                                          Priscilla & Steve Chastain

218    Sewing Machine
       Looking for a new hobby? Sewing would be perfect! This
       item includes a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine as well
       as (2) 13 yard spools of fabric to get you started!
                                                     Marie Ramirez

219   Play Cologne for Him & Her
      The newest line of Givenchy cologne and perfume are
      included in this basket of fragrances . The lucky winner
      gets to take home a 3 .3 oz bottle of Givenchy Play
      Cologne & 3 .3 oz bottle of Givenchy Play Intense Cologne
      for him and a 1 .7 oz bottle of Givenchy Play Eau de
      Parfum for her!
                                              Buddy & Jenny Benson

220   The Star of Texas-Dallas Cowboys
      A Dallas Cowboys fan must have! This framed picture
      of Texas stadium captures the excitement of the Dallas
      Cowboys and their fans!
                                                     Andrew Schmidt

221   First Communion
      Your daughter or granddaughter will look beautiful on her
      special day in their First Communion dress from J .J . Kelly .
      Use your $150 gift certificate to outfit your little angel at
      one of OKC’s premier bridal and formal shops . Use your
      $50 gift certificate to St . Thomas More to buy her a rosary
      or another special gift . Afterwards, have her photo taken
      and receive a free studio session and (1) 11”X14” wall
      portrait from Cary Garrison Photography .
                                                     J.J. Kelly Bridal
                             Cary Garrison – Garrison Photography
                                    St. Thomas More Books & Gifts

222   A Getaway to the Hard Rock
      Enjoy a one night stay for (2) at the Cherokee Hard Rock
      Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma . While you are there,
      enjoy an 18 hole round of golf with cart and dinner at Toby
      Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill with your $50 gift certificate .
                               Cherokee Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
                                      Hal Smith Restaurant Group

223   Front Row at Easter Mass
      Front Row Pew for 10:00a .m . Mass on Easter Sunday .
                               The Catholic Church of St. Eugene

224   Can Martial Arts
      Get your family in shape with this $500 of Kick Cash
      From I Can Martial Arts . The Kick Cash includes 3 months
      basic training for the entire family, DVD for home training,
      and official training uniform for one family member .
      Expires 3 months after date of auction.
                                                 I Can Martial Arts

225   Stay Warm
      Stay warm with this St . Eugene blanket and a bottle of
      Conac and or Absolut!
                                                  Suzette Williams
                                               Keya & Keefer Trout

226   Mrs. Williams Game Night
      Your child and six of his/her friends will have great fun
      playing games with Principal, Suzette Williams . A pizza
      dinner will also be provided . Event will be held on
      February 4th in the school library .
                                                   Suzette Williams

227   Thunderstruck!
      Enjoy the Thunder vs . The Nets game on December 29,
      2010 in these (2) lower level 2nd row tickets and parking
      pass . Seats are in section 112, row BB . Enjoy dinner before
      the game with this $50 gift certificate to Louie’s .
                                        Angelique & Karl Barreto
                                      Hal Smith Restaurant Group

228   Love Tokens Jewelry
      Love Tokens Jewelry features designs by Oklahoman
      Stacey Degraffenreid . This item is a handmade freshwater
      pearl necklace with a bronze medal of Mary and semi-
      precious stones .
                                              Love Tokens Jewelry

229   2011 St. Eugene Fall Pilgramage
      Auction is for (1) person for the 4-day St . Eugene
      2011 Fall Pilgrimage . Bus tour includes visits to the Shrine
      of Our Lady of the Snows, the Cathedral Basilica of St .
      Louis, the old Basilica in Downtown St . Louis, Sacred Heart
      Church in St . Charles, Missouri, that houses the remains of
      St . Rose Philippine Duchesne, and places of local interest
      such as the Gateway Arch, the fascinating Lewis & Clark
      Museum, Stone Hill Winery, the Budweiser Brewery, and a
      River Cruise . Lodging is at the Drury Plaza at the Gateway
      Arch . Use your $50 gift certificate to St . Thomas More on
      books for your trip .
       Restrictions: Package is for one person and includes
      transportation, lodging for 3 nights at a hotel, 3 breakfasts,
      Happy Hour at the Drury Place, 2 lunches, and entries at
      various sites. Pilgrimage will be on a Monday, Tuesday,
      Wednesday, and Thursday in October 2011. Double
      occupancy is available at an additional charge to the
      winning bidder.
                                          St. Eugene Senior Citizens
                                    St. Thomas More Books & Gifts

230   Chopper 4 Tour with Jim Gardner
      Come get a personal tour of Chopper 4 with Jim
      Gardner . After the tour, enjoy lunch with Jim at
      Charleston’s with a $50 gift certificate .
      Restrictions: Not a flying tour
                                                     Jim Gardner
                                      Hal Smith Restaurant Group

231   Swimsuit Season
      Enjoy a family pool membership at Santa Fe Family
      Life Center for Summer 2011 .
                                       Santa Fe Family Life Center

232   Learn to Row
      Interested in learning to row? RIVERSPORT Learn to Row
      classes introduce you to rowing in a fun and easy-going
      atmosphere . You will learn the basics of both sculling and
      sweep rowing, and become familiar with the equipment
      and basic skills you’ll need to get on the water safely . Gift
      certificate is good for one Learn to Row class that runs for
      two consecutive weeks .
      Restrictions: Must be at least 18 years old
                                         Chesapeake Boat House

233   The Nutcracker
      Enjoy (4) tickets to see the Oklahoma City Ballet’s The
      Nutcracker . Afterwards, enjoy dinner at any Hal Smith
      Restaurant with this $100 gift card .
      Expiration Date: December 16, 2010 .
                                             Oklahoma City Ballet
                                       Hal Smith Restaurant Group

234   Time to Redecorate!
      Add some flare to the house with this red and gold
      bathroom set and Sly Rufus Doorstop . Then head to The
      Curtain Exchange with your $200 gift certificate to jazz up
      any room in your house!
                                            The Curtain Exchange
                                                      On A Whim
                                                 Red Fox Paperie

235   Autumn Blessings Basket
      Enjoy this basket filled with baked treats and
      fabulous gifts of the season!
                                           Mrs. Boaz & Mrs. Savely

236   Prayer Basket
      A perfect gift for a Baptism or First Communion, this Prayer
      basket is filled with a candle, rosary, and $25 gift certificate .
                        Sacred Heart Catholic Gifts and Stationary

237   It’s a Dog’s Life
      Treat your pooch like the Queen she is with this brown
      & pink Private Quarters pet bed complete with pillow,
      blanket, and squeaky bone toy . Then use the $50 gift
      certificate to Max & Elsie’s Pet Resort, Spa, and Boutique
      for her next groom! Make sure your dog or cat is healthy
      with this certificate for a complete physical that includes
      annual vaccination including canine rabies, DHLP-PV-C,
      Kennel Cough or Feline Rabies, FRVCP and Leukemia .
                          Max & Elsies Pet Resort, Spa, and Boutique
                                                        Jenny Benson
                            Dr. Ron Simon, Warwick Animal Hospital

238   Picture Printer
      Don’t want to go to the store to print pictures! Now you
      won’t have to with this Kodak PictureMate Printer and
      paper . Just plug your memory card into the printer
      and start printing!
                                                        Marie Ramirez

239   Ladies – Time to Spoil Yourself!
      First enjoy 6 Zumba Classes and (2) Zumba Cardio CD’s .
      Once you have worked out, then it is time to shop for new
      shoes with a $25 gift certificate to Shoe Gypsy . Spray yourself
      with a new bottle of Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual Eau
      de Parfum and head to the spa for a Night of Indulgence
      package, which includes 2 hours of spa activities .
                                                         Emily Otero
                                                         Shoe Gypsy
                                               Village Head Quarters

240   Conversation Piece
      This handcrafted, working wooden padlock would make
      a great conversation piece in your home .
                                                      John Bogert

241   Ragin’ Cajun
      Enjoy a true Cajun gumbo loaded with Chicken and
      Sausage and Cajun spices . Then for desert, enjoy Candi du
      La Bon Vie, original Cajun recipe handmade confections
      Restrictions: Winner must give 2 weeks advance notice of
      ordering their Cajun dinner.
                                                Tiffany & Kevin Fall

242   Popcorn & A Movie
      Make a big batch of popcorn in your new Cuisinart
      Popcorn Maker . Jazz it up with popcorn spices and
      seasonings from William-Sonoma, serve it up in the
      popcorn bowls and sit down to enjoy a movie with family!
                                                   Robyn Duginski

243   All About Him!
      This basket is perfect to pamper your man!
      Includes a Vineyard Vines handmade 100% imported silk
      necktie, $50 to Bill Kamp’s Meat Market, a 1 .75 L bottle of
      Jack Daniels, $50 gift certificate to Edmond Music, and a
      round of golf for (4) including carts at Willow Creek Golf
      and Country Club .
                               Willow Creek Golf & Country Club
                                        Bill Kamp’s Meat Market
                                              Keiffer & Keya Trout
                                   Edmond Music, Spencer Stone

244   Enjoy Dinner at Mahogany
      Enjoy a fantastic dinner at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse
      with this $150 gift certificate .
                                        Hal Smith Restaurant Group

245   A Little Bling for Your Lady
      Surprise her this Christmas with a diamond and ruby gold
      bracelet . This bracelet is made of 14 kt yellow gold with 47
      full cut diamonds ( .75 ct) and 16 square cut rubies (1 .00 ct) .
      Appraised Value $2,950.
                                      Drs. Edwin & Aurora Nalagan

246   Battle of the E’s
      Help St . Eugene DEFEND the trophy in the 2nd annual
      “Battle of the E’s .” This event will take place on March 4,
      2011 with the principals from St . Elizabeth Ann Seton and
      St . Eugene . Three couples from each school will enjoy
      an evening of food, fun, and fellowship . Come enjoy a
      delicious dinner for 12 and some friendly rivalry when the
      Eagles take on the Cardinals!
      Restrictions: Winning bid is for 3 couples (6 people).
      There will be one winner from each school’s auction.
                                                     Suzette Williams

247   Diagnostic Orthodontic Records
      Is your child ready for orthodontics? Although all initial
      exams are complementary, when it is time to develop
      a treatment plan and initiate treatment, use this gift
      certificate to Heim Orthodontics for a panoramic X-ray,
      cephlametric X-ray, photographs, and study models . It also
      includes a follow up conference to go over the diagnosis
      and treatment plan after records are completed .
                               Matt Heim, DDS- Heim Orthodontics

248   Need a Handyman?
      Got a list of honey do’s that you don’t have time to do?
      Use this gift certificate for 3 hours of handyman work to be
      performed at one time (does not include parts) .
      Personal reference: Diane Cline.
                                      Shane’s Handyman Service

249   Horses, Horses, Horses!
      Perfect for any child who is a fan of horses! Item includes
      (4) horseback riding lessons for your child with trainer
      Ashley McKenzie (personal reference Jenny Benson) .
      Your child will never lose the love for horses with this
      American Girl pony, Felicity’s Foal, which will be retired
      at the end of the year .
                                                  Ashley McKenzie
                                                     Jenny Benson

250   Mama Roja’s
      Enjoy this $50 gift card to Mama Roja’s .
                                      Hal Smith Restaurant Group

251   Be Trendy!
      Carry this trendy bag filled with all your goodies,
      including your Ange ou Demon Eau de Parfum, to
      lunch at 105 degrees, and then to have your eyebrows
      threaded and 1 hour electrolysis and consultation .
                                      Deanna & Joe Cardenas,
                                         Buddy & Jenny Benson
                            105 Degrees, Mane Attractions Salon
                                              Electrolysis Clinic

252   OSU Cowboy Necessities
      Your OSU picnic basket is filled with all the necessary
      tailgating items, including OSU plates, napkins, cups, spatula,
      and $100 gift certificate to Earls . Use this OSU bag filled with
      wrist radio, football, and wrist bands to the big game!
                                                           Betsy Fleet
                                                         Eileen Henry

253   Italian Dinner for 10
      St . Eugene’s own Susan Ison will prepare an Italian Dinner
      for 10 people complete with appetizer, salad, main dish,
      bread, and dessert .
      Winner must give at least 2 weeks notice.
                                                           Susan Ison

254   Food & Trays
      Enjoy one loaf of bread every month for a year from
      Panera Bread . Get some fantastic cookies with this $10
      gift certificate from Eileen’s cookies . Decorate your
      kitchen with this Japanese lacquer tray and hand painted
      china platter .
                                   Panera Bread, Eileen’s Cookies,
                                     Susan Amend, Leticia Holbert

255   Red Rock Canyon Grill
      Enjoy a sunset dinner at Red Rock Canyon Grill with this
      $75 gift certificate .
                                  Hal Smith Restaurant Group

256   A Round of Golf with Celebration to Follow!
      Enjoy a round of golf for (4) at Willow Creek Golf and
      Country Club including carts . Once you return home,
      celebrate your great golf came over drinks with this
      1 .75 L of Jack Daniels .
                              Willow Creek Golf and Country Club
                                              Keiffer & Keya Trout
257   Home Improvement
      Use this 109 piece craftsman’s toolset on your fix up
      projects around the house . Use the garden bag with
      small shovels and rake to prepare your garden for spring .
      After all of your hard work, enjoy a fajita dinner for (4) at
      Mamasita’s .
                                              Theresa Nagel-Smith

258   Name Your Own Street
      Name the street in front of our school! Your sign will be
      custom made and posted by January 1, 2011 and will stay
      up for one year!
                                The Catholic School of St. Eugene

259   Golf With Father Jacobi
      He’s a ringer! Improve your team golf score by having
      Father Jacobi play with you during the PTO Golf
      Tournament on Monday, May 2, 2011
                         PTO of the Catholic School of St. Eugene

260   Sunday Golf & Brunch
      Spend time with your family with this golf outing for a
      foursome, carts included, and Sunday Brunch for four at
      the Willow Creek Golf & Country Club
                                Willow Creek Golf & Country Club

261   Wildlife Kayak Tour II
      Tour the secluded Stinchcomb Wildlife Preserve on
      this guided Kayak tour for 15 people . Meet at the
      boathouse, then be prepared to see an
      unbelievable array of unique animal and plant life .
                           Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

262   Chesapeake Boathouse Adventure Camp II
      The Oklahoma River Adventure Camp is geared towards
      kids ages 8 and older and includes kayaking, dragon
      boating, outdoor games, and activities .
                          Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

263   VIP Passes – 2011 Head of the Regatta
      You and five of your friends will enjoy VIP treatment and
      access to the 2011 Head of the Regatta Festival .
                          Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation

                     St . Eugene Gala 2010
                     Cattlemen’s Club
                       Set Price Sign up
                      Closes at 8:30 p .m .

400   Learn to Paint by a Pro
      Gather a group of friends and learn to paint by
      professional artist Maryann Ceballos while you sip on a
      glass of wine . The four week session starts Nov . 16 and runs
      through Dec . 7 . Limit of 8 . $80 per person .
                                                  Maryann Ceballos
                                           The Purple Loft Art Gallery

401   Fajita’s O’Brien Dinner Cruise
      A 1 ½ hour dinner cruise on the Oklahoma River . This
      journey includes drinks, a Mexican dinner catered by
      Willow Creek Golf & Country Club and entertainment by
      “On the Doss .” This cruise will set sail Friday, Dec . 3, 2010 .
      Limit of 24 . $100 per person .
                                              Pat and Diane Downes

402   Alabama Shrimp Boil
      Feast on the Old South with this Alabama Shrimp Boil
      hosted by the Cowan’s and the Martin’s . Enjoy a complete
      dinner Beach style! A humongous steaming mound of peel
      and eat Gulf shrimp with all the traditional fixin’s like corn
      on the cob, new potatoes , Polish sausage and plenty
      of Gulf Shores spices . Served with pitchers of margaritas,
      Alabama Slammers and plenty of cold beer . Come enjoy
      this wonderful meal for 6 couples . $75 per person .
                  Jim and Dawn Cowan & Dan and Cathy Martin

403   Mother/Daughter Gingerbread Party
      Come make your own gingerbread house, eat tons of
      goodies and enjoy the season . To be held December 4,
      at 11 a .m . at the home of Ashley Lee .
                 Ashley Lee, Jennifer Goodrich and Julie Teague

404   Girls Night Out
      Be ready to ditch the family and hang out with the
      girls! Join us for a fun night out on the town . This party
      includes snacks, drinks and a ride on the party bus to
      a destination unknown .
                      Ashley Lee, Dawn Jelinek, Holly McLaughlin,
                     Julie Teague, Anna Welker & Charisa Winfrey

405   Quail Creek Progressive Dinner
      Enjoy dinner for 8 with limo service to the homes of Leon
      and Mary Joyce, Ashley and Cavett Lee and Chuck and
      Robin Duginski on Saturday, January 29, 2011 . $75 per
      person .
                         The Duginski’s, the Lee’s and The Joyce’s

406   Fish Fry at the Home of Rick & Diane Fair
      Enjoy an evening with friends at the Fair house, home to
      excellent fish, food, beer and Bellinis! A limo will pick you
      up and bring you home . $60 per person .
                                                    Rick & Diane Fair

407   Splish Splash Pool Bash
      It’s time for a pool bash at the home of Mary and Guy
      Hartman at their home on June 25, 2011 . Includes dinner,
      drinks and a splash in the pool! $60 per person .
                                            Guy and Mary Hartman

408   Bunco Fun
      Roll the dice with the girls at the home of Judi Wilkinson on
      Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 7 p .m . $40 per person .
                                            Judi Wilkinson & Friends

409   Mardi Gras Party
      Your youngsters will enjoy a wonderful Mardi Gras party
      with Mrs . Emerson & Mrs . Grajeda held on Fat Tuesday,
      March 8, 2011 . Children will make masks, enjoy cake and
      celebrate with a parade through the halls of St . Eugene!
      Restrictions: Pre-3 through 1st graders please, limit 10 . $25
      per student .
                                      Mrs. Emerson & Mrs. Grajeda

410   Kick it with Mr. Fisher
      Sign your student up for a Karate class with St . Eugene
      School PE Teacher – Mr . Fisher! Students will learn Karate
      moves and how to break a board . Limit 20 students . $30
      per student .
                                                           Mr. Fisher

411   Pizza Bowl
      Let your child enjoy some bowling fun with Mrs . O’Donnell
      & Mrs . Linke at AMF Boulevard Bowl in Edmond on Friday,
      Dec . 3 . Limit 12 students . $25 per person .
                                        Mrs. Linke & Mrs. O’Donnell

412   Scrapbooking
      Grab your friends, your photos, and supplies and these
      girls will have you scrapping in no time! Cricuts and other
      scrapbooking tools will be provided, as well as lunch and
      dinner . It will be 12 hours of un-interupted crop time! Held
      Feb . 5, 2011 . $50 per person.
                                        Jenny Benson & Keya Trout

413   Dynamo Party for 20
      Come tumble with Mrs . Saha and Mrs Borgert
      at Dynamo Gymnastics . This two hour play date
      Includes lots of fun and snacks!
                                        Dynamo Gymnastics
                                     Mrs. Borgert & Mrs. Saha

414   Lantern
      Take a piece of Raise the Roof home with you . The
      table lantern centerpieces are $20 a piece .
                                      2010 Gala Committee

                    St . Eugene Gala 2010
                   RAISE The ROOF
                         LIVE AUCTION

701   Steamboat Getaway in the Rockies
      Enjoy a 4 night stay on a breathtaking Rocky Mountain
      ski slope . This condominium in Steamboat Springs is
      literally built right into the mountainside . It is a ski-in, ski-
      out location with numerous amenities that include two
      bedrooms (a king size bed and TV in one room and two
      twin beds in the other), two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and
      a living area with working fireplace (and firewood stacked
      on the porch)! This condo also has computer access,
      a fitness center and spa, and is located just minutes
      away from a vast array of shops, grocery stores, a movie
      theater, and Steamboat’s quaint downtown area . An
      unforgettable vacation in the breathtaking Rockies!!
      Restrictions: Available on a mutually agreed upon date.
                                                   Mike & Cathy Carr

702   Let the Little Angels keep you Warm — PK3
      This adorable quilt is made using the children’s
      handprints and pictures from the Pre-3 Class .
                                               Ashley Bass, Kim Ward

703   Lunch at the Rectory with Father Jacobi
      You and 7 other guests (Adults or Children) will enjoy a
      delicious lunch at the Rectory with Father Joseph Jacobi
      on a mutually agreed upon date .
      Expiration: November 6, 2011
                                               Father Joseph Jacobi

704   Van Gogh — 8th Grade
      Van Gogh Starry Night over the Rhone re-created by the 8th
      grade class . This tiled piece of art is matted and framed .
                                  Nicole Weber and Cathy Martin

705   A Summer time in the Rockies
      Just 15 minutes from Winter Park, Colorado, this 4
      bedroom, 4 bathroom, home on an acreage in
      beautifully unspoiled Granby, Colorado can sleep up to
      10 people . With breathtaking views of the mountains,
      guests also have the opportunity to enjoy nearby golf,
      hiking, restaurants, horseback riding, boating, water skiing,
      rafting, shopping, and fishing .
      Restrictions: The Home is available on the following
      weeks: July 17th, 24th, 31st, August 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th
                                            William & Colleen Linke

706   Future Picassos — PK 4
      Enjoy the budding artwork of your 4 year old . The Pre-4
      class has decorated crosses & then using all of the
      individual crosses, they have made one big beautiful cross .
                  Danielle Stone, Monica Del Valle, Mary Joyce,
                 Jessica Nguyen, Melissa Rainbolt, Amy Anerson,
          Jennifer Schmidt, Justina Fitzgerald, Allisaon Thompson

707   Lunch with the Principal and Limo
      A limousine will pick up Mrs . Williams along with six students
      & take them to Upper Crust Pizza in newly developed
      Classen Curve for a fantastic lunch and a great break from
      the day! You will take a cruise around the State Capital
      and other landmarks before returning back to school .
                                                    Suzette Williams

708   Hand Table — Kindergarten
      You can remember all of those family gatherings that
      have a table full of the little kids looking oh so cute . While
      now they will have a table that fits their size, this picnic
      table has been artfully adorned with handprints from all of
      the Kindergartener children .
                                     Chris Matteson, Angie Schmit

709   Morkie Puppy
      A 9-week old female Morkie Puppy,…which is a mixture of
      a Maltese and a Yorkie . The puppy will have its first set of
      vaccinations, be vet-checked, & be de-wormed and
      all ready for a loving home .
      Restrictions: You must take the Puppy home with you by
      the day after the Gala Auction.
                                                 Chas & Lisa Rooks

710   Martha Stewart or Curtis Stone — 1st Grade
      The 1st graders have put together a basket full of kitchen
      essentials that will fit perfectly into anyone’s home; a
      spatula, apron, towels, oven mitts, etc, and they have
      added a hardbound holiday cookbook filled with the
      children’s pictures in all of the cooking garb showing off
      their culinary skills . They each wrote out different recipes
      on how to make a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, or
      pumpkin pie . Each recipe has been scanned in so that
      you will be able to see it in your child’s own handwriting .
      There are also recipes submitted by student’s parents,
      grandparents, teachers, & staff .
                                            Brook Plank, Tuan Vu,
                                       Marian Jeter, Jen Goodrich

711   Vatican Trip
      This is a priceless, once in a lifetime trip to the Rome .
      This trip includes a private behind the scene tour of the
      Vatican including Saint Peters Basilica, Vatican museums
      and gardens and a few other surprises .
      Do you have just a few days or a week to travel? Do you
      want to stay at Hotel Michelangelo or Hotel Santé Anna?
      The choice is yours . Use this $3,000 Visa gift to customize
      your flight and lodging .
      Restrictions: Must give a 30 day notice for the private
      Vatican tour and it excludes all holidays and holydays.
                                                   Robin Hopkins
                                            2010 Gala Committee

712   Believe – 6th Grade
      Believe is a collection of original oil pastel leaves painted
      by each 6th grader that has been turned into a fall tree .
      The painting is in a large matted frame . “Believe” is cut
      into the matt .
                               Michelle Augilera, Tabita Dorian, &
                                                   Theresa Sandell

713   Storm Chaser
      Are you or is someone you know a true thrill seeker?
      Have you always wanted to see a tornado up-close and
      personal? Give yourself a one of a kind experience of
      a lifetime . With this prize, you will create memories that
      will last a lifetime . Go storm chasing in infamous Tornado
      Alley with the famous Channel 9 Storm Chasing Crew .
                                      Cordell Jordan & Channel 9

714   Green Thumb — 3rd Grade
      What better way to beautify your garden than with this
      outdoor planter, where the mosaic tiles that have been
      hand painted by your 3rd graders are used to form crosses
      on two sides and the school logo on the other two sides .
                            Ashley & Jason Bass, Angie Schmit,
                                                Sherrie Wehba

715   Summer at T.O. Ranch in Lake George, Colorado
      Enjoy a week at the 20 acre T . O . Ranch, adjoining
      thousands of acres of the Pike National Forest . The cabin
      sleeps 10 and has spectacular views across the valley .
      There is fishing in the nearby South Fork of the Platte River
      & in the Dream Stream . Ten miles further west is a great
      dude ranch for horseback riding and chuck wagon steak
      dinners . Behind the cabin in the Pike National Forest are
      miles and miles of hiking trails . Further west at Buena
      Vista, Colorado, is white water rafting, and not far away in
      Manitou Springs is the cog railroad to the top of Pikes Peak .
      Restrictions: Available between May 15th & September
      30th on a mutually agreeable date.
                               Deacon Tom & Sandy Goldsworthy

716   Bible Verse Plater — 2nd Grade
      The 2nd graders have created a beautiful platter to grace
      your table at any occasion and show what shinning stars
      they really are . The platter has been adorned with stars
      that each child has decorated with a Bible verse .
                                                      Reida Walker

717   Name the Gym
      Just in time for basketball… . name the St . Eugene’s School
      Gym! Your name will be displayed and posted where it
      will be proudly displayed for an entire year .
                                              St. Eugene’s School

718   Soar on Angels Wings — 5th Grade
      The 5th graders have had a picture taken of them while
      they were all jumping up in the air to show how high they
      can jump, while trying to “Raise the Roof” . This picture has
      been framed .
                                                   Vicci Shanbour

719   Dinner at the Rectory with Father Jacobi
      You and 7 other guests (Adults or Children) will enjoy a
      delicious dinner at the Rectory with Father Joseph Jacobi
      on a mutually agreed upon date .
      Expiration: November 6, 2011
                                            Father Joseph Jacobi

720   The Cross — 4th Grade
      Any 4th grade parent would be lucky to walk away with
      this prize at the end of the night . The kids have decorated
      die cut crosses, that have been assembled into one large
      cross and then matted and framed to form a piece of
      priceless artwork .
                                                        Tiffany Fall

721   Mexican Paradise
      Bask in the warm sand beaches and the cool ocean
      breeze of Mexico while you stay at the breathtaking
      Mayan Palace Beach & Golf Resort . This Master Suit
      contains 1 king size bed, 2 double beds, and two sofa
      beds . It can sleep up to 6 adults and 2 children . Inside
      the suite, you will have at your disposal, a fully equipped
      kitchenette, marble bathroom, air conditioning, cable
      TV, ceiling fans, a direct international dialing telephone
      with voicemail, healthy drinking water, an electronic
      safe, iron and ironing board, and room service . The
      choice is yours on where to stay in Mexico, the Mayan
      Resorts are located in La Jolla De Cortes, Mazatlan, Los
      Cabos, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, &
      Riviera Maya . A sampling of the unbelievable services
      and activities that you will have at your fingertips are the
      Mayan Resorts Golf Rivera Maya, Mayan Kids Club, Grand
      Mayan Tennis Club, Ecological Fun where you will see over
      20 crocodiles, and the Brio Health Spa . This is the perfect
      family friendly resort in which to lay back, relax, and let
      your cares be carried away with the crystal blue waves
      and the ocean breezes .
      Restrictions: Must use in 2011 and dates subject
      to availability.
                                                   Rick & Diane Fair

722   Golden Shovel
      Take home one of the Golden Shovels used to break
      ground on the new St . Eugene Catholic Church . This
      shovel comes with an engraved plaque .

                                                 St. Eugene Church

723   Hand Collage -7th Grade
      Using themselves as inspiration, the 7th graders have made a
      stunning collage of their handprints and have had it framed .
                                                     Vicci Shanbour

724   Front Row Pew at Christmas Mass
      Front Row Pew at 4:30 p .m . Children’s Mass on Christmas Eve .
                                                 St. Eugene Church

Auction Notes
Auction Notes

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