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vacation rentals (PDF)


									Vacation Rentals

Best Vacation Rentals

On your last vacation, you stayed at a hotel, motel or a RV
park. This year you have decided to enjoy a private, fully
furnished, and spacious vacation rental. Great decision! Make
yourself home. Because this is how a vacation rental will make
you feel like.

Vacation rentals come in all shapes, sizes, locations and
settings. A wide variety of vacation rentals are available such as
mountain cabins, beachfront villas, lakeside cottages, county
farms, or luxury townhouses. Vacation rentals not only offer
more amenities, flexibility and space but also provide you with
one essential detail hotels, accommodations and any other
lodgings can not fully guarantee and deliver: privacy. A vacation
rental allows you to fully benefit from a complete freedom and
opportunity to live like the locals.

You will find online plenty of vacation rentals listings. However
we advise you book directly with the owner. Vacation rental are
more attractive than hotels when it comes to costs. Indeed for
the price of one single hotel room, you can rent and treat
yourself with a much spacious vacation rental where you can
easily and comfortably accommodate your whole family or

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental owners are now aware of their guests' needs
and expectations. Most of them make sure they equip their
rentals offers with modern and full size kitchen, appropriate
domestic appliances such as a washing machine and dryer,
and/or TV screens, Internet access, spacious bathrooms,
games rooms...etc. However even though some photos may
give a very impressive view of the interior, do not rely on them
at 100%. If you have the possibility to have someone check the
rentals prior to your arrival and signing of the contract, do not
hesitate to do so. You do not want your dream holidays change
into some kind of depressing cure. The best way is to deal
exclusively with local owners. They know they area and their
best interest is your satisfaction and happiness. Do not be
surprised if they welcome you with special attention such as
fresh flowers and bouquets in most of the rooms and/or freshly
baked local cookies and pastries.

Feel free to ask the owners to give you additional information
about the surroundings such as the nearest grocery-store,
access to the beach, the best attractions and must seen
monuments, and outdoor activities such as golf, tennis.

After such experience, do not be surprised if you feel like
renewing it for your next vacation. Nothing like feeling home on

Vacation Rentals

holiday, right?

As always, keep us posted. We look forward to you sharing
your stories with us.


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