World GPS Market Forecast to 2012

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World GPS Market Forecast to 2012

Description:    Global Positioning System (GPS) is a revolutionary tool, which provides unequalled accuracy and
                flexibility of positioning for navigation, surveying and Geographic information system (GIS) data
                capture. Growing use in automotive and consumer applications is propelling the market for mobile
                location technologies. Although standalone products are quite popular, the most common
                applications are built around Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs), mobile phones, or car navigation
                systems. Moreover, the technology is fast gaining acceptance worldwide, as it is penetrating into
                previously untapped areas, says “World GPS Market Forecast to 2012”.

                The report provides a comprehensive review on the market trends, drivers, challenges, and
                opportunities that are vital for the success of GPS industry across the world. Analysis is presented
                for major geographic markets such as the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and other Asian countries
                like India and China. The report gives a detailed analysis on the end-user applications, including In-
                Vehicle Navigation, Survey/Mapping, Machine Control and others.

                Key Findings

                 - Currently, Japan has the highest in-vehicle navigation system penetration followed by North
                American and European countries.
                 - The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and Shanghai World Expo in 2010 are expected to trigger an
                explosion in the commercial telematics market in China.
                 - With the rapid development of GPS market in countries like China and India, majority of
                navigation systems are anticipated to be shipped in Asia-Pacific by 2012.
                 - Taiwan has emerged as a manufacturing destination for GPS products on the global map,
                attracting major players to set up their production facilities in the country.
                 - With the growing demand for navigational services, the global market for Location Based
                Services (LBS) is likely to grow at a CAGR of more than 104%.
                 - As of 2007, PNDs dominated the GPS device market with more than 90% market share.
                However, this share is expected to get disturbed by the availability of GPS-enabled handsets that
                will account for an estimated 78% market share by 2012 end.
                 - Opportunities remain untapped for various vertical segments of GPS market, like in new
                advanced access devices, chipset availability, and PND market.

                Key Issues Analyzed

                 -   What is the current status of the global GPS market?
                 -   What are the factors that are fueling growth into the global GPS market?
                 -   Industry profile of various countries like U.S., Japan, China, India, etc.
                 -   What are the current and future trends in the global GPS market?
                 -   Which areas are creating opportunities for various segments in the global GPS market>
                 -   Which factors may inhibit the growth in global GPS market?
                 -   Who are the Key players in global GPS market?

                Key Players

                This section provides brief overview of the key players in the global GPS Market. Top five players
                include Garmin International Inc., TomTom International BV, Mio Technology Corporation, Magellan
                and Navman. Others players are Rockwell Collins Inc., Trimble, Leica Geosystems, Hemisphere GPS
                Inc., Fine Digital USA Inc. and SIRF Technology Inc.

                Research Methodology Used

                Information Sources
                Information has been sourced from books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers, industry
                portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and developments, and
                through access to more than 3000 paid databases.
            Analysis Method
            The analysis method includes ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, linear regression analysis
            using software tools, judgmental forecasting, and cause and effect analysis.

Contents:   1. Analyst View

            2. Global Positioning System (GPS) - Technology Overview
            2.1 Introduction
            2.2 System Segmentation
            2.2.1 Space Segment
            2.2.2 Control Segment
            2.2.3 User Segment
            2.3 Techniques to Improve Accuracy
            2.3.1 Augmentation
            2.3.2 Precise Monitoring
            2.3.3 GPS Time & Date
            2.3.4 GPS Modernization
            2.4 GPS - An Information Technology
            2.5 Applications
            2.5.1 Military
            2.5.2 Civilian

            3. Factors Fueling Growth in GPS Market
            3.1 Navigation
            3.2 Telematics
            3.3 Portability
            3.4 Affordability & Easy to Use
            3.5 Government Support
            3.6 Military, Civilian & Commercial Uses

            4. Global GPS Market - Industry Performance
            4.1 By Device
            4.2 By Subscriber
            4.3 By Application
            4.3.1 Vehicle Navigation
            4.3.2 Surveying & Mapping
            4.3.3 Machine Control
            4.3.4 Others

            5. Emerging GPS Technology Markets
            5.1 North America
            5.1.1 US
            5.1.2 Canada
            5.2 Europe
            5.2.1 Western Europe
            5.3 Asia
            5.3.1 Japan
            5.3.2 China
            5.3.3 Taiwan
            5.3.4 South Korea
            5.3.5 India

            6. Emerging Growth Areas
            6.1 GPS-enabled Mobile Handset Market
            6.2 PND Market
            6.3 Navigational Maps
            6.4 Chipset Manufacturers
            6.5 Software & Application Development
            6.6 Location-based Advertising
            6.7 LBS Market

            7. Growth Inhibitors
7.1   High Cost of Access Devices
7.2   Signal Loss Issues
7.3   Lack of Adequate Software & Hardware Technologies
7.4   Galileo as an Alternative Technology

8. Key Players
8.1 Top 5 Players
8.1.1 Garmin International Inc.
8.1.2 TomTom International BV
8.1.3 Mio Technology Corporation
8.1.4 Magellan
8.1.5 Navman
8.2 Others
8.2.1 Rockwell Collins Inc.
8.2.2 Trimble
8.2.3 Leica Geosystems
8.2.4 Hemisphere GPS Inc.
8.2.5 Fine Digital USA Inc.
8.2.6 SIRF Technology Inc.

List of Tables

Table   8-1:   Global - GPS Market by Vendor (%), Q2 2006 & Q2 2007
Table   8-2:   Garmin International Inc. - Key Financials (in Million US$), 2005-2007
Table   8-3:   TomTom International BV - Key Financials (in Million Euro), 2005-2007
Table   8-4:   Rockwell Collins Inc. - Key Financials (in Million US$), Sep 2005 to Sep 2007
Table   8-5:   Trimble - Key Financials (in ‘000 US$), 2005-2007
Table   8-6:   Hemisphere GPS Inc. - Key Financials (in ‘000 US$), 2005, 2006 & Q3 2007
Table   8-7:   SIRF Technology Inc. - Key Financials (in ‘000 US$), 2004-2007

List of Figures

Figure   2-1: Functioning Mechanism of GPS Satellites & its Transmission
Figure   4-1: Global - Mobile Location Technologies Market (in Billion US$), 2007*-2012F
Figure   4-2: Global - Shipment of GPS Devices (in Million Units), 2007*-2012F
Figure   4-3: Global - Forecast for Shipment of GPS Devices by Segment (%), 2012
Figure   4-4: Global - Number of GPS-enabled LBS Subscribers (in Million), 2006E & 2011F
Figure   4-5: Global - Share of GPS-enabled LBS Subscribers in Total Wireless Subscribers (%),
2006E    & 2011F
Figure   4-6: Global - GPS-enabled LBS Subscribers by Region (%), 2007E
Figure   4-7: Global - Forecast for GPS-enabled LBS Subscribers by Region (%), 2011
Figure   4-8: Global - Share of GPS Applications Using Augmented GPS (%), 2007E & 2012F
Figure   4-9: Global - Vehicle Navigation Market (in Billion US$), 2007*-2012F
Figure   4-10: Global - Share of Vehicle Navigation in GPS Market (%), 2007* & 2012F
Figure   4-11: Global - Surveying & Mapping Market (in Billion US$), 2007*-2012F
Figure   4-12: Global - Machine Control Market (in Billion US$), 2007*-2012F
Figure   4-13: Global - Other GPS Application Market (in Billion US$), 2007*-2012F
Figure   5-1: North America - Number of GPS-enabled LBS Subscribers (in Million), 2005-2007E
Figure   5-2: North America - Forecast for Number of GPS-enabled LBS Subscribers (in Million), 2008
Figure   5-3:   US - Shipment of Portable GPS Devices (in Million Units), 2006 & 2010F
Figure   5-4:   US - Shipment of PND Devices by Vendor (%), 2006
Figure   5-5:   US - Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market (in Billion US$), 2005 & 2010F
Figure   5-6:   Canada - Sales of In-Vehicle GPS Navigation Devices (in ‘000 Units), 2005, 2006 & H1
Figure   5-7: Canada - Sales of In-Vehicle GPS Navigation Devices (in Million US$), 2005, 2006 & H1
Figure   5-8: Europe - Revenue from Mobile LBS Market (in Million Euro), 2007*-2010F
Figure   5-9: Europe - Forecast for Share of Navigation Services in Mobile LBS (%), 2010
Figure   5-10: Europe - Sales of PND Devices (in Million Units), 2006 & 2007E
Figure   5-11: Europe - Forecast for Sales of PND Devices (in Million Units), 2008-2012
Figure   5-12: Western Europe - Share of PND Devices in Portable Navigation Market (%), 2007E
Figure   5-13: Western Europe - Forecast for Share of Vehicles Using PND Devices (%), 2012
            Figure 5-14: France - Sales of GPS-enabled Mobile Devices (in ‘000 Units), 2006-2008E
            Figure 5-15: France - Sales of PND Devices (in ‘000 Units), 2006-2008E
            Figure 5-16: France - GPS-enabled Mobile Device Market by Segment (%), 2006-2008E
            Figure 5-17: France - Sales of GPS-enabled Smartphones (in ‘000 Units), 2006-2008E
            Figure 5-18: France - Estimated Sales of GPS-enabled Mobile Phones (in ‘000 Units), 2007 & 2008
            Figure 5-19: Japan - Telematics Market (in Billion Yen), 2002-2005 & 2010 F
            Figure 5-20: Japan - Domestic Shipment of Car Navigation Systems (in ‘000 Units), 2002-2007
            Figure 5-21: Japan - Domestic Shipment of Car Navigation Systems by Technology (%), 2005-2007
            Figure 5-22: Japan - Shipment of VICS (in Million Units), 2002-2006
            Figure 5-23: Japan - Share of GPS-enabled Mobile Phone Models (%), 2006
            Figure 5-24: China - Car GPS Market (in ‘000 Units), 2002-2006
            Figure 5-25: China - Car GPS Market (in Million RMB), 2002-2006
            Figure 5-26: China - Car GPS Market by Product (%), 2006
            Figure 5-27: China - FMS Market (in Million US$), 2007*-2012F
            Figure 5-28: China - Number of FMS Subscribers (in Million), 2007*-2012F
            Figure 5-29: China - Shipment of GPS-enabled Mobile Phones (in Million Units), 2007*-2011F
            Figure 5-30: China - GPS Software Market (in Million Units), 2006 & 2007E
            Figure 5-31: Taiwan - Production of GPS Products (in Million Units), 2006 & 2007E
            Figure 5-32: Taiwan - Sales of GPS Devices (in Billion US$), 2006 & 2007E
            Figure 5-33: Taiwan - Production of GPS Devices by Application (%), 2006
            Figure 5-34: Taiwan - Overseas Shipment of GPS Devices (%), 2005 & 2006
            Figure 5-35: Taiwan - Overseas Shipment of GPS Devices by Region (%), 2006
            Figure 5-36: Taiwan - Production of Bluetooth-based GPS Receivers (in Million Units), 2005 & 2006
            Figure 5-37: Taiwan - Usage of GPS Devices by Professionals & Consumers (%), 2006
            Figure 5-38: South Korea - Share of Aftermarket Portable GPS Devices in GPS Market (%), 2005 &
            Figure 5-39: South Korea - Aftermarket Terminal & PND Devices Market (in Million US$), 2006 &
            Figure 5-40: South Korea - Forecast for Aftermarket Terminal & PND Devices Market (in Million
            US$), 2008-2010
            Figure 5-41: India - Revenue from LBS Market (in Million US$), 2007E & 2009F
            Figure 6-1: Global - Forecast for Shipment of GPS-enabled Mobile Phones (in Million Units), 2008-
            Figure 6-2: Global - Forecast for Shipment of GPS-enabled Mobile Phones (in Billion US$), 2008-
            Figure 6-3: Global - Sales of PND Devices (in Million Units), 2007*-2011F
            Figure 6-4: Global - Number of Navigational Maps (in Million), 2006 & 2011F
            Figure 6-5: Global - Navigational Maps Market (in Billion US$), 2006E & 2011F
            Figure 6-6: Global - Shipment of GPS Chipsets (in Million Units), 2006 & 2011F
            Figure 6-7: Global - Revenue from GPS Chipset Market (in Billion US$), 2006 & 2011F
            Figure 6-8: Europe & US - Number of Mobile Subscribers Accessing Navigational Services (in
            Million), 2007E & 2012F
            Figure 6-9: Europe & US - Revenue from Navigational Subscriptions & Advertisement Market (in
            Million Euro), 2007E & 2012F
            Figure 6-10: Global - Mobile LBS Market (in Billion US$), 2007E & 2010F

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