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Crime Prevention Initiative – Northern Territory
Early Intervention Pilot Program
Under the National Binge Drinking Strategy, the Australian Government has invested in new initiatives to
support an early intervention and diversion program that will implement practical measures to help reduce
alcohol misuse and binge drinking among young Australians. Consistent with the National Binge Drinking
Strategy the Northern Territory Police developed a proposal which laid out a framework for a Territory driven
early intervention and diversion. The Northern Territory Early Intervention Pilot Program (NTEIPP) has been
funded under the National Binge Drinking Strategy framework (until December 2012) and has now recruited an
AO7 Coordinator/Implementation Officer, an AO5 Education/Resource Officer based in Darwin, and two AO5
Youth Outreach Workers based in Alice Springs and Katherine.

The NTEIPP Unit will be fully operational by the end of May 2010 and will focus on developing a
communications strategy and marketing material in partnership with the communities and other stakeholders
that provide a holistic approach to the needs of young people, families and the community. This new initiative
will provide Police discretionary options for early intervention to support young people and their families with
regard to alcohol and particularly binge drinking issues. The NTEIPP will build on existing Government and
non Government youth justice initiatives to support and enhance programs and services which address the
issue of underage drinking, including counselling services, referral, education, sport and recreation programs.

Aims for NTEIPP
The NTEIPP seeks to achieve a sustained reduction in the levels of alcohol intoxication in underage youth
through the use of targeted alcohol health assessment and information programs.

Under the NTEIPP, NT Police will improve pathways for youth to receive assistance for alcohol related issues,
both in the development or adaptation of culturally appropriate material and the delivery of appropriate
programs. Where possible NTEIPP will facilitate access to appropriate counselling / treatment services and
provide alternative activities for youth at risk. To achieve this, the NTEIPP aims to form strong partnerships and
work closely with young people, families, schools, communities and health services, focusing on early
intervention and long term behavioural change in offending youth.

The NTEIPP will develop and disseminate education material and programs that address the dangers of
excessive drinking and encourage personal alcohol responsibility. Education materials will be designed to
foster a change in attitudes about under age and binge drinking, and develop a healthier drinking culture for
future generations.

The NTEIPP will raise awareness amongst young people and their families on the implications of binge
drinking. NTEIPP will foster closer police, health service and community interaction in relation to alcohol abuse
and young people aimed at effective service delivery, targeting young people and binge drinkers in particular.
How to contact the NTEIPP Team
NTEIPP will build on existing partnerships between NT Police Crime Prevention and the NT Department of
Education, Healthy Schools, the NT Department of Health and Families, NT Families and Children and Alcohol
and Other Drugs services and non-government to coordinate services for youth who have come to the
attention of police where risky or criminal behaviour of a young person has been identified as related to

If you would like to contact the NTEIPP team, we would be pleased to hear from you!

Jeanette Callaghan - NTEIPP Coordinator
Crime Prevention Division
Nightcliff Police Station
Phone 08 894 89103
Fax 08 894 89134


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