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                                                      FUN   RENTAL.COM


Trailer:           23’ Crossover         27’ Wolfpack Toy Hauler

How did you hear about us?___________________________ Application Date:___________________________

Name:______________________________________________(Must be name on Reg. and Ins. Of Tow Vehicle)


State:______________ Zip:_________________ Home Phone:_____________________________________________

Fax #:____________________ Cell #:____________________ Email:________________________________________

Drivers License #:___________________________________________________ State: __________Exp:___________

Social Security #:____________________________________________________ Birth Date:____________________

Employed By:_____________________________________________________ Self Employed?           Yes    No

Work Address:_____________________________________________________ Work Phone #_________________

Pickup Date:_________________________________ Requested Time (1pm-4pm, Mon-Fri)_________________

Return Date:_________________________________ Requested Time (9am-11am, Mon-Fri)________________

# of Nights:_________ Destination:__________________________________________________________________

Credit Card#:____________________________________ Exp. Date:__________ CVC#:____________________
(Must be in name of applicant)


Year:_____________ Make:___________________ Model:______________________

Towing Capacity of tow vehicle:________________  Trailer Brake Installed?     Yes       No
(Consult vehicle owners manual, vehicle manufacturer or an authorized dealer)


Provider:______________________ Phone Number #________________Policy #_______________

                                      TEL: 800-231-9975 FAX: 888-437-7785
                                                       FUN    RENTAL.COM

A $300 down payment is required to reserve the trailer (all $300 will apply toward your rental charges). All rental
charges are paid in advance or on the day of rental. Family Fun Rental Inc accepts Visa, MasterCard, American
Express and Discover ONLY. The actual credit card in the renters name must be present at departure.
In addition to all rental charges and fees, a refundable security deposit of $500 will be required and charged
to your credit card. For those who wish to use the Awnings and additional $500 Security Deposit is required.

Your Security Deposit will be refunded by mail within 10 days of return. It will be in the form of a credit to your
credit card. You will be sent a final recap form and a copy of your credit.

From the date of your reservation to 21 days prior to your pick-up date, Family Fun Rental Inc will refund your
down payment less a $25 processing charge. If you cancel within 21 days of your scheduled departure, do not
show up on time for pickup, or are unable to comply with our requirements at departure, NO REFUND will be made.

A. The person named on the Reservation Application must be 25 years of age and is the only person
authorized to sign our rental agreement and tow the rental trailer;
B. Family Fun Rental Inc reserves the right to substitute a trailer of equal or greater value, or refund your $300
down payment due to unavailability of the trailer;
C. No refund will be issued if you return the trailer prior to your scheduled return date;
D. The rental trailer is not permitted into Mexico or in areas where communications by phone or cellular phone
is not available;
E. No Smoking or Pets are allowed inside rentals at any time. Lack of compliance may result in forfeiture of
security deposit and/or a minimum charge of $200 against security deposit.
F. Generally, all trailers will be available for pick up only after 1pm and any departure available by 4pm is
considered on time.
G. Trailers must be returned prior to 11am.

You must have current liability coverage on your tow vehicle. At departure, a copy of your tow vehicle
insurance card will be made. The Renter’s name must match the name on the insurance card. By state law,
liability insurance goes with the tow vehicle. Collision and Comprehensive damage coverage is included
with the trailer rental but you are responsible for the first $500.
Inside damage is NOT covered nor is negligent damage or awning damage.

I have read and agree with all of the conditions on this reservation application and all the information I have
given is true and correct. I understand you may perform a complete investigation of the information I have given
and I hereby authorize you to receive information from others to verify said information. The credit card listed
above is issued in my name with the billing address the same as listed above. I also authorize you to charge
my credit card listed above for the $300 reservation down payment and I have read and understand that all
or part of that fee may be retained by Family Fun Rental Inc in the event of cancellation according to the
cancellation policy stated above.

I have read “The Requirements and Specifications for Towing Trailers” and “Travel trailer pickup and return conditions”
and by signing this agreement I agree I understand all the trailer towing and trailer rental conditions.


                                       TEL: 800-231-9975 FAX: 888-437-7785
                        FUN     RENTAL.COM
                                                             TRAVEL TRAILER PICKUP AND RETURN CONDITIONS
                                                        IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS FOR YOUR UPCOMING RENTAL

It is important that the person whose name is on the rental application be in our office in person on the day of
departure to sign the Rental Agreement.

Make sure you have with you:

1. Your Valid Drivers License

2. Your Tow Vehicle Proof of Insurance. The trailer is insured with a $500 deductible but the liability goes with the
tow vehicle. Please bring a copy of your declaration page from your insurance company.

3. The credit card you provided on the reservation application. We cannot accept a card in someone else’s
name nor can we use merely the number you provided on the reservation application. We will require a signed
imprint of the card to be left with us. This card must be in the name of the renter.

Your tow vehicle must be ready to tow on the day of pickup. We want to inspect the tow vehicle PRIOR to the
day of pickup to insure its readiness. You will need to have the correct wiring and brake controller installed and
an adequate hitch. Please call us to schedule a time for us to inspect your vehicle.

We have scheduled your pickup on the date listed on your reservation contract. The vehicle will be available
for pick up between 1pm and 4pm in the afternoon. Please call us the day before to set a specific time.
By scheduling our pick-ups, we can process your rental faster and get you on the road quickly to start enjoying
your RV adventure. You will be given a personal tour of the travel trailer. Be sure to schedule enough time for
finalizing paperwork and vehicle instruction.

Returns are always by 11am. In order for us to maximize our rental season, we often book units out the same day.
It is necessary for us to have as much time as possible to clean and safety check all rentals.
Please do not drop off trailer when we are not open, remember you are still responsible for any damage
until the unit is pulled into our yard during business hours. Please return trailer promptly at pre-arranged return time.
The renter will be charged the lesser of $50 each hour a trailer is returned late or 150% the daily rental rate
for each day the vehicle is late

Upon return, the rental unit will be checked in. The rental unit must return in the same condition as it was at
pick-up. You will be charged for all damages (not including normal wear and tear),any missing items,
un-emptied holding tanks ($100 dump fee), refueling of propane ($75 refueling charge) and any necessary
cleaning (based on $65 per hour, minimum charge one hour).

                                       TEL: 800-231-9975 FAX: 888-437-7785

We suggest electronic brakes on ALL trailers for maximum safety. If your tow vehicle is not equipped with a brake controller,
we can provide a brake controller at no additional cost. However, you must contact us to pick this up prior to departure date.
You can have this brake controller installed at your expense, and return it to us upon return of your rental.
All trailers are equipped with a male end, 7-way Bargman-style Trailer Connector Plug. The tow vehicle should be similarly
equipped or adapted to accept a Bargman-style connector. Conversion adaptors are available at most auto parts or RV
parts stores.
All tow vehicles must be in good running condition and equipped with tires to carry the extra weight. You are responsible
for determining the towing capacity of your tow vehicle. The tow vehicle’s engine, transmission, suspension, steering, front
end alignment, tire rating and tire condition, if not properly maintained, may affect your vehicle’s ability to tow.

Trailer Hitch Requirements:

2011 Crossover 230BH : Minimum Class IV Hitch ; Ball size: 2 5/16”
                       Dry Unloaded Vehicle Weight (approximate) 3,068 Lbs.
                       Net Carrying Capacity 3,092 Lbs.
                       GVWR (6,160 Lbs.)
                       Dry Hitch Weight (approximate) 448 Lbs.

2011 Wolf Pack 27DFWP : Minimum Class V Hitch ; Ball size: 2 5/16”
                        Dry Unloaded Vehicle Weight (approximate) 6,211 Lbs.
                        Net Carrying Capacity 1,874 Lbs.
                        GVWR with brakes (8,085 Lbs.)
                        Dry Hitch Weight (approximate) 1,085 Lbs.

You must have current liability coverage on your tow vehicle. At departure, a copy of your tow vehicle insurance card will
be made. The Renter’s name must match the name on the insurance card.

                                              GENERAL SUPPLIES INCLUDED:

                              Broom                             Paper towels
                              Dust pan                          Toilet paper
                              Dish soap                         The toilet is charged with chemical
                              General cleaner                   and additional chemical is supplied.

                                              CAMPING KIT FOR 4 INCLUDED:

          Plates                             Flatware                            Kitchen Utensil Set
          Bowls                              Coffee Pot                          (Spatulas, Spoons, Can Opener, Etc.)
          Tumblers                           Pots & Pans
          Coffee Mugs                        Knife & Cutting Board

                                              TOWING EQUIPMENT INCLUDED:

                              Equalizing System (Includes equalizing Ball mount hitch, ball and bars)
                                Electronic Brake Control (Installation required at renter’s expense)
                                                 Ball Mount w/Hitch, Ball and clip
                                     ALL TOW VEHICLES REQUIRE A BRAKE CONTROL

                                           TEL: 800-231-9975 FAX: 888-437-7785

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