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									                                                                      GCS is the leading provider in military work-
                                                                      ing dog kenneling systems and equipment.
                                                                      Our deployable kennels are the standard for
                                                                      the Department of Defense Military Work-
                                                                      ing Dog Programs, and are used around the
                                                                      world to combat the global war on terror.
                                                                      GCS offers several kennel options. Please call
                                                                      one of our knowledgeable sales representa-
                                                                      tives to discuss your individual requirements.

                                                                       “It’s not just a kennel...
                                                                             it’s a Garrett”
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Call: 301-746-8970
Toll Free: 800-582-2540
Fax: 301-746-8966
GSA Schedules: GS-14F-8858B
               GS-07F-6095P                 “First in Logistics”

Cage Code: 0SWN5

      123 N. Industrial Park Ave.   MILITARY WORKING
        Accident, MD 21520
                                      DOG KENNELS
                                                                       SOF Kennels currently deployed in the field.
PORTABLE MWD                                     The SOF Kennel and Enclo-
                                                 sure System is the leader
KENNEL with RUN                                  in deployable kennel
                                                 systems. The SOF Kennel
                                                 is equipped with a cool-
                                                 ing and heating unit with
                                                 an in-line fan system. The
                                                 kennel has a securely lock-
                                                 able sealed food compart-
The Portable MWD Container with Kennel           ment, top rack with “D”
Run includes the Portable MWD container          ring tie down attachments
and an attachable kennel run. The kennel         and a large storage rack
run has a lockable dog door and includes a       on the roof. The enclosure
heating and cooling system. The kennel run       system facilitates an ex-
is made of solid high density polyester sides    ercise area for the MWD
with aluminum framing. Both the kennel
and the run include interlocking pet-decking
                                                 and comes equipped with
                                                 interlocking non-skid pet     SOF KENNEL with
with a non-skid surface. All required assem-
bly hardware is constructed of stainless steel
                                                 decking. The enclosure is
                                                 covered with a weather        KENNEL ENCLOSURE
and is included with the kennel                  tarp.

                                                                                   When portability and maneuverability are re-
                                                                                   quired the collapsible K-9 container is ideal. This
                                                                                   container is specifically designed to have a small
                                                                                   footprint when collapsed. It’s quick setup and
                                                                                   small size make it a great kennel for use in the
 Please visit our website to view                                                  field.
our Top Dawg line of MWD gear.
                                                                                                                             Updated 3/2011

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