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					recreo                       sm

costa rica : explore : experience

  tours available through recreo
                                                           panga fishing tour: ½ day $75/hour
                                                           fish with the local fisherman of El Jobo. this local’s
                                                           only boat tour lets you experience the traditional way
                                                           of fishing- off the side of a “panga”. you will be
                                                           treated to fresh ceviche as a reward for all your hard

                                                           sunset lookout point: sunset
                                                           walk, bike, or drive the electric cart to one of the most
                                                           beautiful places on the property to catch the sunset
                                                           and the incredible views of the surrounding coastline.
                                                           enjoy a visual treat of yellow, orange and violet hues
                                                           as the sun sets into the distance.

                                                           horseback riding tour : 1-2 hours
                                                           follow your experienced guide as you are lead through
                                                           well marked trails from Recreo to El Jobo and then
                                                           along the beach.

                                                           costa rican cultural tour: 1 hour
                                                           expand your knowledge of another culture! with our
                                                           costa rican culture tour, you will rub elbows with the
                                                           locals, learn how they can teach us to live more
                                                           “green” and discover first hand why the Costa Ricans
                                                           who are affectionately called “ticos” have earned the
                                                           reputation of being so friendly. All proceeds from this
                                                           tour are added to the El Jobo fund to help this small
                                                           town with its most basic needs.

                                                           boat sightseeing tour: duration according to
                                                           guest preference - $125/hour
                                                           Our boat tour can include fishing, a tour around the
                                                           bird sanctuary, and other sightseeing adventures.

                                                           we have two kayaks at recreo, grab them from the
                                                           trailer and launch at rajada beach. Catch the views of
                                                           the beautiful rock formations and marine life!

 recreo : 800 west playa rajada la cruz, guanacaste costa rica, 51001           For more information please visit
 toll free: 877 268 2911 direct: 506 8 358 5758 | fax: 506 2 676 1230
 po box 783 mattituck new york 11952                                            or email us:
                                     buena vista family tour: full day –
                                     RECOMMENDED - for families
                                     $85/person, $200 transportation
                                     spend the day with your family gliding
                                     through the treetops on the canopy tour,
                                     sliding down the longest mountain wa-
                                     terslide, experiencing the beautiful water-
                                     falls, exploring atop the hanging bridges,
                                     and relaxing and refreshing in the hot
                                     spring spa and mud baths. the buena
                                     vista full day tour allows guests to enjoy
                                     a great variety of activities in one place
                                     surrounded by nature and the tranquility
                                     of the area. activities based on ages of
                                     children. specialized guides trained in
                                     adventure tourism provided for all activi-

                                     africa mia: family tour: full day -
                                     $85/person, $200 transportation
                                     spend the day with your family at
                                     Guanacaste’s newest and most unique
                                     tourist attraction, africa mia. africa mia
                                     boasts over 150 animals. a knowledge-
                                     able guide with a profound love for ani-
                                     mals will take you into the heart of the
                                     african savannah throughout africa mia’s
                                     260-acre property. an up close encounter
                                     in a non-disturbing approach will allow
                                     you and your family to experience excep-
                                     tional wild animal behavior in their natu-
                                     ral habitat.

 recreo                       sm

 costa rica : explore : experience
guachipelin (rincon): full day –
RECOMMENDED - $80/person,
$200 transportation Take this full
day tour with a number of English
speaking guides. You will zip line
through the canopy, rock climb to
other zip line platforms, and horse-
back ride to the river to tube the
Colorado. Enjoy lunch on the tour
and end your day with a dip in the
hot springs at the spa.

nicaragua: full day -RECOM-
MENDED - $100 cash/person,
$100 transportation tour five
historic cities, including Granada,
which was founded in 1524 and is
the oldest city in Latin America.
feed the monkeys on Monkey Island,
watch the sulfur rise from the active
volcano Masaya, purchase souvenirs
at the Sioux Indian Market, and dine
in three rustic restaurants during
your trip.
                          TOUR AVAILABLE
                          THROUGH RECREO

                          borguinen: full day-$90/person,
                          $200 transportation
                          take this full day tour and view the
                          beautiful canopy and wildlife of rincon.
                          Cool off in one of the mud spas and
                          enjoy a complimentary lunch. bor-
                          guinen offers ATV’s, massages, and a
                          pool so there is something for everyone
                          to do.

                          overnight and other tours:
                          Monteverde, Arenal volcano, Nicaragua,
                          Tamarindo, surfing tours, river tours:
                          contact the welcome center or your
                          concierge for more information about
                          these tours.

                          tizate wellness garden: full day –
                          RECOMMENDED - $120/person,
                          $200 transportation take this all day
                          adventure and horseback ride to the
                          zip-lines where you will careen across
                          the Tizate river, stop halfway through to
                          walk through the beautiful farm on the
                          property. Relax in the hot springs pool
                          or cover yourself in volcanic mud and
                          rinse off in the cool waters of the river.
                          This tour includes an open bar, you can
                          do lunch or dinner and all the food is
                          grown onsite!

                          All transportation costs will be paid
                          to recreo at the end of your trip, if
                          other recreo guests travel with you
                          for a tour, transportation will be
                          split appropriately. Other charges
                          mentioned on this form are paid at
                          the location of the tour.