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11220 Space Boulevard • Orlando, FL • 32837

                                TRINITY DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION GROUP
                                       Frequently Asked Questions

∆   When did the company open its doors?

    Trinity Design & Construction Group began operations in June 2010.

∆   What is the business focus in the lodging and timeshare industries?

    With more than 25 years of experience, the company’s mission is to be the renovation project management
    solution for the lodging and timeshare industries.

∆   What services does Trinity Design & Construction Group provide?

    Trinity offers developers and timeshare COA boards:
      • Design and Project Improvement Planning
      • Project Management
      • Procurement and Warehousing
      • Construction and Installation
      • Funding Solutions

∆   Where is Trinity Design & Construction Group located?

    The company has offices in Orlando, Fla. and Yorba Linda, Calif.

∆   Who is the senior leadership at Trinity Design & Construction Group?

    David Knight serves as president and managing partner. He brings 25 years of project planning and
    development management experience to Trinity Design and Construction Group. Knight is joined by his business
    partners in California, Three G’s. With over 800 employees, Three G’s is Trinity’s parent company with nearly 35
    years of experience in human resources and risk management services.

∆   Who are the strategic partners and what criteria is used to identify them?

    Trinity Design & Construction Group has strategic partners ranging from architectural and interior design to
    procurement, warehousing and construction. Trinity aligns themselves with those who are proven in their
    respective businesses. With over 25 years of experience, Trinity has the insights into which strategic partners
    will deliver on the approved scope, budget and schedule for every construction project.

    Trinity utilizes the following considerations when aligning with a partner:
      • Previous work experience
      • Sound business practices that enable a trusted, collaborative, knowledgeable and accountable partnership

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∆   What funding solutions does Trinity Design & Construction Group offer?

    Trinity, in partnership with select third party funding resources, has developed a renovation improvement
    financial program. Trinity can deliver the improvements as scheduled, and the client has a payment schedule
    that meets their timetable. The plan allows for a percentage of the project costs to be paid up front, with the
    remaining balance paid over time (even after the project is finished). This approach allows the necessary work to
    be completed, guest/owner satisfaction levels and/or ratings will be maintained or improved, and the client can
    elect to pay for the improvements, as funds are available.

    The funding source will vary by project.

∆   What is the company’s philosophy on environmentally-sound construction practices?

    Today, you cannot have a renovations and/or refurbishment planning discussion without the inclusion of green
    and sustainable materials. Trinity brings to every project energy-efficient products, long-term operational savings
    strategies, and durable materials offering wear/tear resistance coupled with Earth-friendly components.
    Additionally, it manages the procurement process and liquidates original materials through such remedies as
    upcycling and in-kind donations. These are fundamental topics facing developers and timeshare COA board
    members, and Trinity is a partner in presenting solutions to those challenges.

∆   Is Trinity Design & Construction involved in any community goodwill?

    Yes, the company focuses on two important causes:
      • Habitat for Humanity
       -David Knight serves as in-kind donation coordinator for the 2010/2011 St. Luke’s United Methodist Church,
        Habitat for Humanity home
      • The V Foundation for Cancer Research
        -Contributor / fundraising efforts, specifically for the 6th Annual Dick Vitale Gala (May 2011)


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