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PTO meeting minutes by chenmeixiu


									                                           PTO meeting minutes


In attendance: Karen Odden, Crissy Malouf, Anita Weiss, Holly Busch, Jennifer Minor, Sarah Chiccarello,
Linda Gallie, Chelly Maniuszko, Carrie Tunkey, Whitney Crutchley, Heather Fuentes, Jody Hallam,
Stephanie Cunningham, Sandy Meris, Lori Kaatz, Sara Hankins, Suzy Collins, Jennifer Dziuk, Michele
Dunn, Sheryl Thomas, Beth Kaiser

Welcome: Karen Odden
                                       rd                     nd
Karen: I want to reschedule the May 3 meeting to Monday, May 2 because of Sing America Sing.
Sandy: That’s the dress rehearsal.
Karen: Okay, Monday, May 9 ?
Chelly: What about April 26 ?
Sandy: It might just be a couple of us that are affected.
Karen: So May 2 at 8:00 a.m.

Principal’s Remarks: Jennifer Minor
Minor: I’m excited about the new elects to the board. I met with Michael Green from facilities to talk about
painting the building. Hopefully that will be done before the beginning of the year. Ms. Arola has kids
working on tiles that will be used for a mosaic.
Karen: It’ll be across from the cafeteria. You’ll see it at the Back to School event.
Minor: In June and July we’ll be splitting the math/tech lab. We’re also moving the sun shades from the
back of the school to put in a solar unit that will stretch across the entire parent pick up area. We’re going
to move the sunshades to the kindergarten area where they get picked up and will also be pouring more
cement there. We still need a location for the fourth one. We can’t put it on the playground because it
poses a safety hazard. We need to comply with the city code. The second option is to put it inside the
kindergarten gated area. The solar plan is brand new. Only five or six elementary schools were chosen
for it. They’ve already installed some at the district office. These aren’t canopies. They’re actual
Chelly: And there’s no cost to the district. They’re done by the solar people.
Minor: When we get something formal, I’ll put it on the website. That starts June 22 and will finish one
week before school starts. It won’t affect community education.

Teacher Representatives: Sarah Chiccarello
Sarah: The computers are going fantastic, especially for the kids who don’t have computers at home.
We’re using them for Study Island. We’re preparing for AIMS with them. We don’t have lines for AR
Michelle: The 2 graders love using the computers for centers.
Sarah: The potato bar was great.

Approval of February and March Minutes: Anitha Weiss
Chelly: The minutes were lovely. I make a motion
Crissy: Second.
All: Aye.

New Business:

“Bucket” books and journals
Karen: Juliana Baumkirchner and Amy Smith have been working on our new recycle BUCKET project,
which will be unveiled at Art Walk. The kindergarteners and the 6 graders have been talking about the
bucket program and she wants to give each kid a book and a journal for $600. But if we’re only willing to
do one, she’d prefer the book for $300. My only concern is that if we buy books for them, will we have to
do it for all? Juliana says she and Amy are the only ones doing it.
Chelly: Can we buy a class set so she can use them again next year?
Crissy: My 6 graders wouldn’t do anything with those books. I don’t think it serves a purpose.
Carrie: What about the journal for the kindergarteners? Can they really use them?
Karen: They do the journaling with the 6 graders.
Chelly: I thought all the kindergartens were doing this?
Karen: They’re all doing it, but she’s taking it further. They’re doing weekly activities.
Crissy: It’s part of her national board certification.
Minor: I think a class set is a better idea. Then all the kids can buy in as they build the bucket.
Karen: So we’ll buy 25, one class set, for all the kindergartens to share, one week each.
Chelly: I make the motion for 1 class set of 25.
Jody: We should ask the kindergartens to do a center for it. I second.
All: Aye.

Michelle: It’s already been taken care of.

Treasurers’ Report: Karen Odden for Joe Muth/Jody Hallam
Karen: Joe couldn’t be here this morning. We’re a little ahead on expenses and a lot ahead on income. I
want a second push for voluntary donations. Even $5 counts. I’m going to ask that if people didn’t give in
the fall, will they give in the spring? The percent of involved parents counts. People look at that number:
teachers, parents. Chelly will put it on the e-blast.
Sara: I thought we weren’t going to do that because we were going to ask for technology money.
Karen: We decided not to specify the money for just technology.

Jody: Everything’s fine. We got a few more bounced check fees. So I take that money out of Magic
Yellow School Bus because that makes sense since these parents can’t pay.

Hospitality: Stephanie Cunningham
                   th                                          th
Stephanie: The 19 is a staff lunch. Staff Appreciation is May 9 . We have lunch set for Wednesday,
lunch around the world.

Communications: Chelly Maniuszko
Chelly: If you want something in the e-blast, noon on Wednesday is the deadline. Tuesday, if there’s an
Minor: We broke a record at Human Growth and Development. We had 31 people show up. It’s usually

School Spirit and Events: Holly Busch/Sandy Meris
Sandy: Gym Night is Friday, April 29 . We’ll do an e-blast. We had to cancel the last one because there
weren’t enough kids. It’s the same week as the Art Walk and the book fair, so we’ll promote it there.
Holly: Alicia Barker is running the Art Walk. It’s pretty under control. They need a couple of room
parents to help out.
Chelly: Do they want a smile box for it? Do we know the performance schedule?
Minor: Yes. They’re doing poetry readings also. Ten kids were selected.
Karen: Last year we had kids playing instruments in the lobby.
Holly: Alicia has that set up. She’s working with Mrs. Bustos.

In-School Fundraising: Sara Hankins
Sara: I sent the stuff for Doozy-of-a-Deal to Sheryl Thomas who is working on getting it set up.

Community Partnerships: Whitney Crutchley
Whitney: I’m just learning the ins and outs. I’m hearing a lot of things like Hospitality and Art Walk where
I can ask for goods in lieu of dollars. How do we get volunteers?
Karen: Touch base with Amy Bush. She has a list from the beginning of the year.
Chelly: I have 6 kindergarten parents who really want to be involved.
Whitney: The program was really successful last year. I want to try to step it up next year.

UPC: Jennifer Dziuk
Jennifer: April 20 is the next meeting. It will be on How to Fix the Arizona Budget and Support
Education. There will be a meet and greet at 8:45 and the program begins at 10:15. The teacher
appreciation award has been decided and will come out in late May.

Enrichment: Carrie Turnkey
Carrie: We have 32 classes for the fall, which is an increase over previous years.

Volunteers: Amy Bush
Amy: I’m making a new template for volunteers to sign-up instead of the clip boards. And I have some
ideas for the school store.
Jody: What’s the school store’s income?
Karen: The income is $4000. That’s $175 ahead of what was anticipated. The expenses are $2000.
Amy Bush will be doing it, but she needs two people plus two helpers. It’s every two weeks.
Chelly: Most kindergarten parents can’t help because they have younger kids.
Jody: I was thinking about T-shirts. We should have some at the front desk so we can sell them year
Karen: We‘re also asking for fleeces for the winter months.
Minor: I’m willing to do it. We just need to figure out an area.
Crissy: We talked about it in the past.
Chelly: Four years ago we ordered too many. I think it should be once a quarter.
Crissy: We’re down to two boxes. I like the idea of doing an order every quarter.
Minor: It would increase school spirit on Fridays.

Karen: We need to put up the February and March notes. Is there anything else that needs to go up?
Jody: Do we have an independent calendar? One we could go to instead of the PV calendar?
Karen: This is the PTO website. It has things like a carpool finder.
Sandy: Did she update the Art Walk?
Minor: It’s on the school calendar.
Carrie: Can I have access to the website? Because we’ve had a problem with the registration link not
working and parents were concerned. Also so I can close enrichment classes when they fill.
Chelly: Just shoot Eileen an e-mil. She’s really good about it.
Jody: Can we get students blogging on it or do teacher interviews?
Crissy: That’s good idea. We just need the time.

Upcoming Dates: Karen Odden
Karen: Art Walk is April 26. Earth Day is April 22. We have Cherry on Top and Gym Night coming up.

Fry’s rewards cards: Linda Gallie
Linda: We have $164,535 with 4 weeks to go. That’s $41,000 a month. We should hit $200,000 at the
end of this month. Next year we’ll enroll again. We’ll do a bar code for us until we max out, then switch
the bar code to a school we want to help out. We need to let businesses know our buying capacity. I’m
also looking into Fresh and Easy.
Chelly: I have an idea for next year. Paradise Valley High School has an electronic page to sign up for
Karen: So we’ve made $1500 so far from Fry’s and we have $500 to go.

Chelly: We need a date for the new board to meet for next year.
Karen: Another 8:00-9:00 meeting?
Chelly: How about May 9 ?
Karen: This is only for the new board. We’ll talk about Back to School and the Boo Hoo breakfast and
any summer plans. Let’s do it Wednesday, May 11 .
Sarah: Check for babysitting because there may be a Council of representatives meeting that day.

Meeting adjourned.


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