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Reflecting on 15 Years
                                       DECEMBER 2010

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    12        Honoring Traditions
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2       COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                                     Superintendent of Schools

                              dear SciS-hiS
                              community and friends,
                              by JEffry r. StuBBS, Superintendent of Schools

F                                                                                 “ Together, with supportive
        or	the	past	fifteen	years,	SCIS	and	HIS	schools	have	been	
        welcoming the smiles of new and returning students and
        teachers,	and	fostering	communities	that	value	the	tradi-
        tions	they	bring	with	them,	the	traditions	of	our	host	coun-               parents, dedicated teachers,
try,	 and	 our	 very	 own	 school	 traditions.	 	 Of	 all	 that	 we	 value	
most	about	our	schools,	the	people	inside	our	buildings	are	our	
                                                                                      and motivated students, we
greatest treasure and the source and strength of our communi-                         honor the tradition we all value
ties.		It	is	through	program	design,	campus	aesthetics,	support-
ive	families,	and	finding	and	keeping	great	staff	that	year	after	                    most… building community.”
year we are able to maintain strong bonds within our commu-
nity and celebrate the diversity and unique contributions of each
member.		In	this	edition	of	Communitas,	we	honor	the	traditions	
of	the	people	within	our	schools,	as	well	as	those	SCIS-HIS	cus-
toms	that	have	been	handed	down	over	our	fifteen	years.
      One of the privileges of being Superintendent of Schools                  nies	that	ironically	are	referred	to	as	“commencement	exercises”.	       	
is having the fortune to witness the teaching and learning at                   It	is	in	this	light,	where	we	begin	where	we	end,	that	shows	how	
each	of	our	five	campuses	located	on	three	schools	in	two	cities.	         	    SCIS-HIS	schools	continuously	promote	tradition.		At	our	assem-
While all of our schools have strong core academic curriculum                   blies,	we	take	care	of	our	community	of	learners.		We	spread	a	
and	robust	arts	and	activities	programs,	the	secret	to	our	success	             little joy as we celebrate happy birthdays and provide comfort
is	simple…	we	care.		In	my	opening	address	at	the	beginning	of	                 as	 we	 share	 sad	 farewells.	 	 Each	 year,	 our	 schools	 prepare	 for	
each	 year,	 I	 reaffirm	 our	 commitment	 to	 “loving	 the	 kids	 that	        musical	performances,	PAFA	food	and	craft	fairs,	drama	produc-
walk	through	our	doors”.		It	is	a	tradition	at	SCIS-HIS	schools	to	             tions,	and	spring	musicals.		Each	year	we	celebrate	United	Na-
value	each	student	as	a	unique	individual	with	unique	potential,	               tions	 Day,	 Earth	 Day,	 and	 Chinese	 New	 Year.	 	As	 a	 sisterhood	
intelligence,	talents	and	personality.                                          of	schools,	we	have	built	up	the	tradition	of	academic	exchange	
      SCIS-HIS	schools	are	always	engaged	in	finding	the	balance	               with	Model	United	Nations,	the	Spelling	Bee,	and	the	Invention	
between celebrating diversity and developing our own common                     Convention.		We	also	foster	friendly	competition	where	Upper	
culture.	 	 Our	 students	 are	 confident	 that	 their	 nationality,	 reli-     School students compete in three separate tournaments during
gious	background,	and	ethnicity	contribute	to	what	makes	our	                   the	year	in	basketball,	volleyball,	and	soccer.		The	prize:	the	high-
schools	such	wonderful	places	to	be,	yet	they	also	look	forward	                ly	coveted	Dragon’s	Cup.		
to the times when we come together and share a common pur-                            During this time where many families are celebrating their
pose.		For	those	who	have	the	privilege	of	spending	a	lot	of	time	              unique	 traditions	 at	 home,	 I	 would	 like	 to	 thank	 you	 all	 for	
at	 school,	 you	 know	 that	 as	 much	 of	 this	 is	 happening	 during	        sharing	that	which	makes	us	so	diverse	and	for	supporting	the	
classtime	 as	 what	 goes	 on	 outside	 the	 walls	 of	 the	 classroom.	    	   development	of	such	wonderful	places	to	learn	and	work.		To-
During	bus	rides	to	and	from	school,	at	the	playgrounds,	through	               gether,	 with	 supportive	 parents,	 dedicated	 teachers,	 and	 mo-
athletics	and	activities,	and	especially	for	our	performances	and	              tivated	 students,	 we	 honor	 the	 tradition	 we	 all	 value	 most…	
productions,	our	students	are	constantly	developing	social	skills	              building	community.
and	passing	on	school	traditions.			At	some	schools	this	happens	                     I will conclude with one tradition that all students at all our
by	chance,	but	at	SCIS-HIS	we	work	hard	to	create	and	nurture	                  campuses	 are	 familiar.	 	 Said	 with	 rising	 intonation,	 extended	
environments	so	these	things	can	happen.                                        arms	 and	 clapping	 hands	 like	 the	 snapping	 jaws	 of	 a	 magical	
      Our school year begins with the tradition of opening our                  beast… Goooo Dragons!
doors	during	“Open	House”	and	ends	with	graduation	ceremo-                            Enjoy	the	holidays.

                                                                                                                   December 2010 | COMMUNITAS            3
    director of development

                                    SciS-hiS experience
                                    founded on traditions
                                    by DanIEl ESCHtrutH, Director of Development

    S                                                                                   “
            hanghai Changning International School started in 1996
            with	36	students,	reflecting	the	growth	of	the	city	around	
                                                                                              As a school community,
            us,	SCIS	thrived	within	a	competitive	landscape	of	inter-                       we are at once looking
            national	schools.		
          	 Today,	 Shanghai	 Community	 International	 School	 and	                        back to value our past and
    Hangzhou	International	School	span	across	five	campuses	within	
    both	Shanghai	and	Hangzhou	with	2,000	students	in	attendance.	
                                                                                            reflect on how it has made
    Though	the	scope	has	certainly	changed	throughout	the	years,	the	                       us strong, while also looking
    purpose	of	our	schools	remains	entirely	the	same,	our	Mission	is	
    to provide our students with the opportunities to pursue academ-                        forward to ensure we reflect
    ic	and	personal	excellence	in	nurturing,	international	community	
    environments.		These	opportunities	are	provided	by	an	outstand-
                                                                                            the current kaleidoscope
    ing	 staff	 of	 resource	 rich	 teachers,	 working	 in	 first-rate	 learning	           of needs our community
    environments	on	safe	and	secure	campuses.		
          The SCIS - HIS experience is one shaped by the strength of                        requires.”
    our	community,	illustrated	by	faculty,	staff,	students,	and	parents	
    who	work	together	to	build	on	our	strong	traditions	while	com-
    mitting	 to	 future	 excellence.	 	 It	 is	 this	 tradition	 that	 our	 schools	
    have	that	provides	our	uniqueness.		As	a	school	community,	we	
    are	at	once	looking	back	to	value	our	past	and	reflect	on	how	it	has	
    made	us	strong,	while	also	looking	forward	to	ensure	we	reflect	
    the	current	kaleidoscope	of	needs	our	community	requires.		
          The Latin root of the word tradition comes from the concept                  tour	our	schools,	they	find	to	be	refreshing.		This	is	how	SCIS	-	HIS	
    of	 “passing	 on	 or	 handing	 over”.	 	 It	 is	 here	 that	 SCIS	 -	 HIS	 has	    ‘passes on’ who we are without even being aware of it; we ensure
    truly	adhered	to	the	meaning	of	tradition.		From	their	initial	point	              that the next family to join our school will be equally willing to
    of	contact	with	the	school,	both	new	teachers	and	families	are	wel-                share	their	thoughts,	smiles,	and	maybe	even	where	to	get	the	best	
    comed by those faculty and families that are returning for another                 bargain	on	that	must	have	item	in	town.			
    year.	 	 Through	 the	 efforts	 of	 the	 PAFA	 welcoming	 committees,	                   For	many	years	in	the	community,	the	expression	of	‘doing	
    administrators,	 and	 faculty,	 more	 than	 just	 basic	 information	 is	          something	the	SCIS-HIS	way’	has	been	heard.	It	is	this	essence,	this	
    passed	on.		Rather	an	understanding	that	we	as	a	community	wish	                   tradition,	that	incorporates	so	much	of	what	has	always	been	dis-
    to	welcome	one	another	in	without	hesitation	nor	‘rite	of	passage’.	           	   tinctive	about	our	program.		Academically,	it	means	learning	the	
          Despite being one of the oldest international schools in Shang-              fundamentals	of	education	in	a	thorough,	rigorous	manner	within	
    hai,	we	continue	to	reflect	a	youthful	willingness	to	immediately	                 a	 creative	 learning	 environment.	 	 It	 refers	 to	 the	 expectations	 of	
    take	hold	of	those	around	us	and	incorporate	their	thoughts,	crea-                 teachers,	the	specific	way	subjects	and	lessons	are	introduced,	the	
    tivity,	and	passion	into	our	own.		When	new	families	reflect	on	one	               formalities	of	composition	writing,	the	way	math	facts	are	learned,	
    of the reasons they chose to come to SCIS - HIS without fail the                   and	history	lessons	are	discussed.		It	is	in	the	way	we	gather	for	
    concept	of	‘atmosphere’	comes	through	in	their	explanation.		The	                  assemblies,	compete	on	athletic	fields,	and	it	is	seen	on	the	faces	
    interaction	 between	 teachers	 and	 students,	 the	 involvement	 of	              of	our	graduates	as	they	 proudly	receive	 their	diplomas.		These	
    the	parent	community,	and	even	the	willingness	of	our	students,	                   are	the	true	and	enduring	traditions	of	SCIS	-	HIS,	the	faces,	the	
    teachers and parents to greet them and chat for awhile as they                     people,	the	community.

4    COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                                    System administration

annual earcoS
leadership conference
by JEffry StuBBS, Superintendent of Schools

       ast	month,	all	SCIS-HIS	Principals,	
       Heads	 of	 School,	 and	 systemwide	
       administrators	 attended	 the	 East	
       Asian Regional Council of Overseas
Schools	 (EARCOS)	 leadership	 Confer-
ence	in	Kota	Kinabalu,	Malaysia.		Resist-
ing the temptations of beautiful tropical
island	 sea	 and	 sun,	 our	 administrators	
joined over 1000 fellow leaders who serve
83,000	students	at	over	115	schools	in	the	
East	 Asian	 region.	 	 The	 theme	 for	 this	
year’s	 conference	 was	 “A	 Place	 Called	
School	 in	 2030”.	 	 This	 year’s	 keynote	 by	
Dr.	 Yong	 Zhao	 addressed	 some	 of	 the	
challenges	in	Chinese	and	American	approaches	to	education.                     The leadership conference also served as a retreat for our
     The leadership conference is a chance for administrators to          senior	administration.		While	in	Kinabalu,	the	SCIS-HIS	team	or-
discuss	 professional	 practice,	 network	 with	 peers,	 and	 attend	     ganized a quarterly meeting followed by a sumptuous dinner at
job-alike	 sessions.	 	 Conference	 topics	 include	 presentations	 by	   the	 seafood	 market.	 	 Our	 team	 enjoyed	 simply	 being	 together,	
Harvey	 Alvy	 on	 “School	 leadership”	 that	 covered	 a	 range	 of	      sharing	thoughts	about	our	schools,	and	cracking	some	pepper	
topics including high impact effective teaching strategies while          crab	together.		
Faye	 Brownlie’s	 talked	 about	 “Assessment	 &	 Supervision	 for	              The	fall	EARCOS	leadership	Conference	is	followed	in	the	
learning”.		Several	administrators	attend	a	development	work-             spring	 with	 the	 EARCOS	 Teacher’s	 Conference	 also	 to	 be	 held	
shop	 with	 Mike	 Miller,	 a	 brain	 research	 workshop	 with	 John	      in	Kota	Kinabalu.		Each	year,	SCIS	and	HIS	schools	support	the	
Joseph,	 and	 a	 school	 improvement	 workshop	 with	 Bill	 Kentta	       attendance	of	approximately	15-20	teachers.			This	year,	we	are	
and	Josh	Reckford.		Finally,	the	EARCOS	leadership	Conference	            pleased	to	acknowledge	that	SCIS	teachers	Karen	Blanton,	Kath-
provides business managers a chance to discuss common oppor-              erine	Michaud,	Monwei	Yong,	and	Christi	Chase	were	selected	
tunities	and	challenges	in	school	finance	and	human	resources.		          as	workshop	presenters	at	this	year’s	conference.

Online Database available
to School Community
by CHRiS MCANAlly, Director of technology

HISTORICAllY,	 OvERSEAS	 STUDENTS	 have	 lacked	 access	 to	                   The	 primary	 sections	 of	 Ebsco	 we	 have	 are	 the	 Research	
research	 resources	 commonly	 available	 in	 their	 home	 countries.	    databases	(scholarly	journals	and	resources),	English	language	
However,	the	Internet	has	largely	changed	that.	Schools	now	com-          learner	 Resource	 Center	 (resources	 for	 ESOl	 education),	 the	
monly purchase access to online databases of scholarly and other          literary	Reference	Center	(author	biographies	and	literary	crit-
non-fiction	works.	SCIS	-	HIS	has	purchased	a	subscription	to	the	        icism)	and	Points	of	view	(which	focuses	on	controversial	top-
largest	online	educational	database	called	Ebsco	(http://search.eb-       ics	bringing	information	on	both	sides	of	the	debate).	The	SCIS	-	HIS	Username	and	Password	for	Ebsco	                 At SCIS - HIS,	we	use	this	resource	for	support	with	the	
can	be	found	in	the	school’s	Powerschool	Parent	&	Student	Portal.         IB	 program’s	 research	 components	 (extended	 essay,	 AP	 re-
      Ebsco	allows	members	of	our	community,	parents	and	stu-             search,	 literary	 research),	 Professional	 Development	 (along	
dents	access	to	leading	research	databases	and	scholarly	journals.	       with	our	SUNY	Master ’s	program)	and	as	a	resource	for	our	
It also provides access to a number of middle-school level non-           families.
fiction	 materials	 and	 some	 leading	 English-language-learner	              Please	 take	 a	 moment	 to	 visit	 Ebsco	 and	 examine	 what	 it	
resources.	It’s	a	great	resource	for	parents,	students	and	teachers.      has to offer!

                                                                                                            December 2010 | COMMUNITAS             5
    hangzhou international School

                              Beautiful differences
                              unite us
                              by rOBErt van DEr EykEn, Head of School, Hangzhou International School

                 ow does one celebrate traditions when there is no com-   ing,	community	which	make	all	of	us	part	of	one	human	family.
                 mon tradition? Does the cultural trappings of one eth-        Here are examples of ways individuals and our commu-
                 nic group deserve special recognition while others are   nity as a whole celebrates traditions at Hangzhou International
                 not celebrated? Does an International School have a      School:
    duty	to	celebrate	all	cultures,	some,	or	none?
          In order to celebrate traditions and at the same time respect   tree lighting ceremony at the hyatt
    differences it is important to celebrate the sentiment behind the     Students carol and celebrate the Christmas season with song
    tradition.	 One	 need	 not	                                                                                 and the lighting of a
    be a Christian to respect                                                                                   Christmas tree at the
    Christ’s admonition that                                                                                    West	 lake	 Hyatt.	 This	
    “blessed	 are	 the	 meek.”	                                                                                 is	a	5-year	old	tradition	
    The Koran’s advise that                                                                                     at	HIS.
    one	 should	 “not	 walk	 on	
    the earth with conceit and                                                                                   School music
    arrogance”.	 Ancient	 teach-                                                                                 concerts
    ings	of	lao	Tzu,	Confucius	                                                                                  We have traditional
    and the Prophets of Israel                                                                                   winter and spring con-
    concur.	 Indeed,	 we	 see	                                                                                   certs	and	in	the	past,	the	
    common	 themes,	 a	 “Gold-                                                                                   winter concert has al-
    en	Rule	for	All	Humanity”	                                                                                   ways revolved around
    throughout all these teach-                                                                                  Christmas and other
    ings.	                                                                                                       holidays.
          When I taught world                                                                                         A winter        mu-
    religions,	 I	 always	 made	                                                                                 sic concert that high-
    a point of focusing on the                                                                                   lights the talents of
    similarities in our cul-                                                                                     High	 School	 Band,	
    tures and religions and                                                                                      Rock/Jazz	 Ensemble,	
    highlighted the beautiful                                                                                    and	 HIS	 Glee	 Choir.
    aspects that were differ-
    ent.	 We	 should	 focus	 on	                                                                                 drama
    the beauty and pageantry                                                                                     Productions
    of	 other’s	 cultures.	 We	 all	                                                                             Two drama produc-
    appreciate	 color,	 beautiful	                                                                               tions per year are a tra-
    music,	 festive	 foods	 and	                                                                                 dition at HIS that vary
    children’s	 smiles.	 	 We	 all	                                                                              from classics to myster-
    can see the value of tradi-                                                                                  ies	and	musicals.	
    tions	in	linking	the	present	
    with the past and giving                                                                                     international day
    people	a	sense	of	identity.                                                                                  Everyone	 wears	 their	
          As we enter a special                                                                                  country’s attire and we

                                       “ We all caninsee the valuepresent
    holiday season for many of                                                                                   have	a	parade	with	flags	
    our	students	at	HIS,	but	not	
    all,	it	is	important	to	focus	
                                                                    of                                           around	 the	 gym	 walk-
                                                                                                                 ing in groups by coun-
    on the ideals of such holi-          traditions linking the                                                  try.	 	 We	 conclude	 with	
    days	 –	 brotherhood,	 shar-                                                                                 a	 BBQ/Picnic	 outside.
                                               with the past and giving people
                                               a sense of identity.”

6    COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                               hangzhou international School

                              dia de los muertos
                              tradition Begins at hiS
                              by kOry InDaHl, vice Principal, Hangzhou International School

                    hile	walking	up	the	stairs	        dents at HIS were able to experience it
                    I heard one student ex-            firsthand.		
                    claim,	 “Wow,	 look	 at	 the	           This	 is	 the	 first	 year	 HIS	 is	 offering	
                    marigold leaves on the             Spanish	at	the	high	school	level.		We	are	
stairs.	 	 That’s	 so	 the	 spirits	 know	 where	      in the unique position of having 2 native
to	 go!”	 Upon	 opening	 the	 door	 we	 were	          Spanish	speakers	and	3	well-experienced	
greeted by a wave of incense and soft mu-              “gringos”	 at	 the	 school.	 	 	 As	 a	 gringo	
sic	playing.		As	the	students	quietly	shuf-            teaching	Spanish	in	China,	I	would	nev-
fled	 into	 the	 candle-lit	 room	 I	 knew	 this	      er have imagined that my Spanish class
was going to be an experience that they                would have the opportunity to view an
would	never	forget.                                    authentic ofrenda	 right	 in	 our	 own	 back	
     The origins of Dia de los Muertos can             yard.		
be	traced	back	nearly	3,000	years.		The	Az-                 A huge gracias	 goes	 out	 to	 Janette	
tecs believed that death was not an end                Molina Capri for inviting us into her
but	a	beginning,	and	the	dead	deserved	a	              home	and	taking	the	time	to	explain	her	
celebration	 of	 their	 life.	 	 This	 was	 a	 very	   traditions	to	the	Spanish	class.		The	stu-
different view of death than the Catholic              dents	 are	 still	 talking	 about	 it	 and	 how	
conquistadors	 held,	 and	 they	 tried	 (un-           interesting	it	was.		We	are	very	fortunate	
successfully)	 to	 change	 it	 for	 500	 years.	   	   that we have such a diverse community
Now,	 we	 have	 a	 celebration	 that	 merges	          with wonderful traditions to share with
Catholic and indigenous beliefs and stu-               each	other.	

Fun and Funds for Habitat for Humanity
by vIvIEn CHE, Student, Hangzhou International School

SOME	STRANGE	THINGS have been happening on the Hang-
zhou	campus,	but	all	for	a	good	cause.		After	about	a	month	of	
raising	money	from	the	HIS	community,	the	Habitat	for	Human-
ity	 club	 announced	 the	 results	 for	 the	 “Teacher	 Torture”	 fund	
raiser.	The	top	fund	raisers	had	to	do	various	things	in	return	for	
funds	donated	to	Habitat.	
      Mrs.	 and	 Mr.	 Jardin	 (upper	 school	 teachers)	 dressed	 in	
ragged	 attire	 and	 begged	 for	 money.	 By	 the	 end	 of	 the	 day,	
they	had	managed	to	raise	over	400RMB.	Many	parents	were	
curious	 as	 to	 what	 they	 were	 doing	 and	 as	 Mrs.	 Jardin	 re-
called,	“We	got	a	lot	more	attention	and	awareness	for	Habitat	
for	Humanity.”
      Meanwhile,	Mr.	Milton	(upper	school	teacher)	was	getting	
his	 hair	 and	 makeup	 done	 for	 his	 transformation	 into	 a	 wom-
an.	Despite	having	to	wear	a	wig,	dress,	and	stockings,	he	said,	                 the	cafeteria	was	laughing	and	adults	and	students	alike	cheered	
“Habitat	is	a	wonderful	thing	and	me	wearing	a	dress	is	a	very	                   on	the	vice	principal.
small contribution on my part for all the positive things that will                     Members of the HIS Habitat for Humanity want to give a
come	from	the	money.”                                                             big	 thanks	 to	 everyone	 who	 participated.	 	A	 big	 thanks	 to	 the	
      On	Friday	during	lunchtime	in	the	cafeteria,	Mr.	Indahl	per-                teachers	who	agreed	to	be	“tortured”	for	the	day	and	who	raised	
formed	his	rendition	of	“Single	ladies”	by	Beyoncé.	Everyone	in	                  over	6000	RMB	for	Habitat!

                                                                                                                    December 2010 | COMMUNITAS               7
    Pudong campus

                                  traditions of many
                                  Kinds at Pudong
                                  by ryan BlantOn, Head of School, Pudong

                   long with our continued efforts         as to why our school continues to grow
                   to develop the ideals of commu-         and	improve.		They	are	the	traits	that	we	
                   nity and academic excellence at         want	 identified	 with	 our	 school,	 and	 the	
                   SCIS	Pudong,	we	hold	strong	to	         descriptors with which we hope to de-
    traditions	that	have	served	us	well.		These	           scribe	our	students	and	graduates.
    traditions	 come	 in	 various	 forms,	 some	                We see these habits play out in a
    concrete,	others	more	malleable.	                      number	of	ways;	our	AP	results,	our	phe-
          We celebrate those conventional                  nomenal	musicals,	dramatic	productions,	
    school	 customs	 like	 academic	 awards,	              concerts,	recitals,	and	a	litany	of	new	ini-
    spirit	 days,	 international	 assemblies,	 and	        tiatives	and	programs.		All	of	these	‘tradi-
    the hanging of a championship banner                   tions’ being indicators as to the quality of
    after	 a	 successful	 season.	 	 These	 tradi-         our	students	and	their	work.
    tions	are	most	certainly	fun	and	spirited,	                 And	perhaps	most	importantly	of	all,	
    however,	it	could	be	argued	that	the	acts	             we have made a tradition out of support.	       	
    themselves	don’t	necessarily	make	us	bet-              The	 support	 of	 our	 friends,	 classmates,	
    ter	people	or	directly	improve	our	school.	        	   and	 colleagues	 has	 become	 a	 defining	
    As	such,	one	might	say	they	are	more	su-               characteristic	 of	 our	 school	 community.	    	
    perficial	than	beneficial.                             We see this in the History teacher volun-
          It	 is	 rather	 another	 set	 of	 traditions,	   teering	at	a	basketball	tournament,	a	12th
    slightly more abstract in nature and born              grader	selling	cookies	at	the	Java	Jam,	the	
    out	of	student	initiative,	that	actually	serve         middle school student chaperoning at
    our	school.		Those	traditions	that	are	set,	           the	 drama	 production,	 an	 ESOl	 student	         tions and victories that are our ‘tradi-
    maintained,	 and	 owned	 by	 our	 students,	           assisting	 with	 a	 translation,	 or	 our	 PAFA	    tional’	 traditions.	 	 But	 we	 will	 continue	
    like	leadership,	perseverance,	service,	and	           parents	organizing	Bingo	Night.		Collabo-           to focus our real efforts on what actually
    a commitment to all aspects of the school              ration such as this occurs across our cam-          defines	us	-	hard	work,	service	to	others,	
    experience.	 	 Though	 slightly	 more	 diffi-          puses	 on	 a	 daily	 basis,	 and	 it	 represents	   and a desire to leave our school a better
    cult	to	quantify	than	banners	or	trophies,	            the	selflessness	of	our	community.                  place.		For	these	traditions	serve	both	our	
    these	traditions	are	entirely	relevant,	and	                So we will endeavor to celebrate the           own progress and the continued develop-
    they provide us with a quiet explanation               banners,	 assemblies,	 trophies,	 produc-           ment	of	our	school.

    Run to Raise
    Cancer awareness
    by katHarInE MICHauD, kindergarten, Pudong

    ON	SATURDAY,	OCTOBER	16TH, the SCIS Pudong Lower School
    hosted	a	Terry	Fox	Run	to	raise	awareness	for	Cancer	Research.	
    Twenty-eight	 students,	 parents,	 and	 teachers	 gathered	 early	 in	
    the	morning	to	complete	a	1-mile	run	around	the	Emerald	hous-
    ing	community.	
         The enthusiastic participants completed the course with                     time	and	battle	with	cancer.	A	total	of	over	one	marathon	was	run	
    smiles	on	their	face	and	friends	shouting	words	of	support.	The	                 while raising money for cancer research through the Terry Fox
    excitement and positive energy the runners displayed was remi-                   Foundation.	We	were	pleased	to	promote	the	Terry	Fox	Founda-
    niscent of the attitude Terry Fox displayed throughout his life-                 tion’s	cause	and	look	forward	to	host	this	event	next	year!

8    COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                                                Pudong campus

the green clad faithful
by MiCHAEl DENEEF, athletics and activities Coordinator, Pudong

“I	am	a	part	of	all	that	I	have	met.”
                                                   - Alfred Tennyson

   f	you	watched	any	of	the	past	winter	Olympic	coverage,	you	
   understand how sport can play a large role in the develop-
   ment	of	togetherness.	In	fact,	in	the	book	Invictus,	author	John	
   Carlin	 shows	 how	 Nelson	 Mandela	 used	 sport	 to	 redefine	 a	
nation.	When	asked	if	his	support	of	rugby	was	a	‘political	calcu-
lation’,	Mandela	responded	‘no,	it’s	a	human	calculation’.		
     It is along those lines that we attempt to infuse our sport-
ing	events	at	SCIS	with	the	same	sense	of	community.	Showing	
our	Dragon	Pride	leads	to	a	group	of	people	who	define	what	it	
means	to	be	an	SCIS	Pudong	Dragon,	and	who	enjoy	being	with	
each	other	and	having	a	lot	of	fun.
     It	all	begins	on	game	day,	students,	staff	and	parents	alike	
are permitted to show support for our teams by dressing in the              individual contact with all parents of students involved in the
school	 color.	 As	 the	 school	 halls	 become	 ‘green	 clad’	 a	 rising	   activity.		Thus,	we	have	a	large	assortment	of	not	only	students	
sense	of	camaraderie	and	common	purpose	takes	effect.	This	at-              but parents and well wishers at the game to enjoy the action and
titude	is	later	put	to	music	as	a	band	of	‘noisemakers’	descend	            join	the	community.	
upon the sporting arena proclaiming their DRAGON allegiance                      Just	as	in	Olympic	Hockey	or	world	cup	rugby,	this	support	
through	various	musical	instruments.		                                      can	have	a	positive	impact	on	team	and	player	performance.	One	
     	At	SCIS,	our	staff	understands	how	a	connected	community	             shining	example	of	this	is	the	Men’s	Dragon	Basketball	team	that	
can affect attitudes and behaviors even into the day to day life of         won	the	2010	SISAC	City	Championship.	This	championship	be-
a	classroom.	Our	Booster	club	executives	take	the	time	to	make	             longs	as	much	to	the	green	clad	faithful	as	it	does	to	the	team.	

are We Human, or are We Dancer?
Staff WrItEr, Pudong

AT	SCIS,	THE	ANSWER	to	that	question	is,	
     Recently,	 the	 World Dance classes of
SCIS’s Pudong campus performed their
annual	fall	showcase.		Our	award	winning	
dance program once again delivered a var-
ied	 performance,	 consisting	 of	 amateur	
dancers	that	looked	more	like	professionals.	     	
     In	front	of	a	full	house,	the	students	de-
livered a spectacular show demonstrating
their	 many	 talents.	 	 The	 fall	 performance	
included a variety of dance genres includ-
ing	 Step,	 Jazz,	 Hip	 Hop,	 and	 Bollywood.	    	
Teacher	Andrea	 Dethy	 says,	 “The	 students	
speak	 their	 hearts	 through	 dance,	 and	 that	
kind	of	true	expression	benefits	us	all.”
     Currently,	 all	 middle	 school	 students	
are engaged in one semester of dance each
year,	 which	 parallels	 the	 regular	 P.E.	 program.	 	Aside	 from	 complimenting	 aca-
demics,	this	program	provides	middle	and	high	school	students	the	opportunity	
to	learn	about	new	cultures,	enjoy	energetic	movement,	relieve	stress,	and	build	
confidence.		The	outcome?		Better	dancers	and	better	humans.

                                                                                                           December 2010 | COMMUNITAS           9
     head of libraries

                                 Visiting author margriet
                                 ruurs tours campuses
                                  by MargIE DE vIllIErS, Head librarian

                   argriet Ruurs is the author
                   of	 many	 children’s	 books.	
                   She has a Masters Degree
                   in	Education	and	has	spent	
     her	 adult	 life	 both	 writing	 books	 for	
     children and teaching children about
     books.	 She	 has	 spent	 a	 great	 deal	 of	
     time	hiking	and	camping	in	the	moun-
     tains	 and	 travelling,	 as	 well.	 Margriet	
     Ruurs is from the Netherlands and
     has lived in many places across North
     America	but	now	resides	in	Canada.	
          Margriet Ruurs did a whirlwind
     tour	 of	 all	 SCIS/HIS	 campuses.	 Par-          and	slideshows	took	us	on	a	trip	to	see	
     ents and students visited her sessions            schools	and	libraries	around	the	world.	
     on	 topics	 such	 as	 “Books	 as	 a	 Window	           Our four days with Margriet Ruurs
     to	 the	 World”,	 “The	 Power	 of	 Picture	       will remain a highlight of this school
     Books”:	the	process	of	writing,	rewriting	        year.	Her	ability	to	connect	with	our	stu-
     and	illustrating,	along	with	touching	and	        dents and help them see the passion that
     informative stories behind the creation           she has for writing has inspired many to
     of	 several	 non-fiction	 books.	 Her	 talks	     write	stories.

     Spotlight on Collections
     COMMUNITY	 MEMBERS	 WIll	 BE	 PlEASED	 to	 know	 there	                            Danny Pearl by Marianne Pearl
     is	 an	 opportunity	 to	 make	 a	 tangible	 contribution	 to	 the	 SCIS-      •	   An	Innocent	Man	by	John	Grisham
     HIS	 libraries	 by	 giving	 books	 and	 other	 materials.	 Such	 do-          •	   The	lacuna	by	Barbara	Kingsolver
     nations	 will	 have	 special	 bookplates	 inserted	 in	 the	 front	           •	   Quentins	by	Maeve	Binchy
     cover	 to	 record	 the	 event	 or	 person(s)	 to	 be	 remembered.	            •	   The	Tenth	Circle	by	Jodi	Picoult
     Two such collections have been developed at the SCIS-HIS cam-
     puses in collaboration with our parent community - the Com-                   international collection
     munity	Collection	and	the	International	Collection.                           Some	parents	also	like	to	present	books	to	the	library	to	reflect	their	
                                                                                   own	nationalities,	cultures	or	areas	of	interest.	Country	Ambassa-
     community collection                                                          dors	have	filled	our	shelves	with	Japanese,	Indonesian,	Thai,	Span-
     Do	you	find	it	hard	to	get	hold	of	good	reading	materials	in	Shang-           ish,	Swedish	and	Mandarin	Books	as	a	basis	for	this	new	collection.
     hai? A group of parents and teachers are striving to meet this need                 Studies	have	shown	that	reading	books	in	the	native	tongue	
     by	creating	a	collection	of	books,	in	the	upper	school	library,	that	we	      assists	in	the	acquisition	of	a	2nd	and	3rd	language.		Furthermore,	
     call	the	“Community	Corner.”	Please	remember	us	when	you	have	                experts	advocate	that	a	book	with	your	native	language	and	a	sec-
     books	 that	 you	 no	 longer	 need	 and	 would	 like	 to	 share	 with	 the	   ond	language	assist	in	learning	that	new	language.		Our	libraries	
     community.	There	are	some	excellent	titles	in	this	collection	and	it	is	      are	currently	acquiring	“Bilingual	Books”	-	a	fairly	new	genre.		
     becoming	very	popular	for	teachers	and	parents	alike.                               SCIS - HIS libraries are developing these collections as part
     November’s Top Titles are:                                                    of our role of representing all of the various parts of our interna-
     •	 Committed	and	Eat,	Pray,	love	by	Elizabeth	Gilbert                         tional	community.	We	wish	to	ensure	that	all	the	countries	repre-
     •	 The	Piano	Shop	on	the	left	Bank	by	Thad	Carhart                            sented	at	our	schools	have	books	in	their	native	tongue	available	
     •	 A	Mighty	Hear	,	the	Brave	life	and	Death	of	my	Husband	                    in	our	library	for	all	to	share	and	enjoy..	- Margie De Villiers

10    COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                                          director of technology

                               gadget time!
                               by CHRiS MCANAlly, Director of technology

            s	 a	 technology	 person,	 Christ-       tV Viewing
            mas	 has	 always	 been	 linked	          *All of these devices depend on a
            (along	with	family	and	faith)	to	        strong Internet connection.
            gadgets.	 The	 holiday	 season	 is	
a	time	to	look	around	and	see	what	clever	           The Apple TV
devices	 are	 available	 to	 make	 our	 lives	       The	Apple	 Tv	 is	 a	 device	 that	 at-
easier,	or	simply	more	entertaining.                 taches	to	your	Tv	and	allows	you	
                                                     to stream video from a variety
Phones                                               of	 sources,	 Hulu,	 Netflicks,	 etc.	
iPhone4                                              However,	streaming	video	is	prob-
The iPhone 4 is still the leading smart-             lematic	from	China,	and	many	ser-
phone	 on	 the	 market.	 It	 is	 a	 well-inte-       vices do not function with clients
grated	 device	 supporting	 phone,	 iPod,	           outside	the	US	or	Europe.	With	no	
email,	 and	 has	 an	 enormous	 application	         way	 to	 save	 video	 on	 the	 device,	
market	 behind	 it.	 There	 are	 applications	       I	cannot	recommend	an	Apple	Tv	
for a variety of uses and even the Explore           in	China.
Shanghai Metro map. Also,	the	screen	is	
the	 best	 in	 the	 market	 providing	 a	 great	     Roku
viewing	 experience	 for	 video.	 The	 new-          Currently,	Roku	is	the	leading	set-
est	 feature,	 Facetime,	 provides	 a	 video	        top-box	for	online	content	on	the	Tv.	It	has	      ereaders.	It	uses	an	e-ink	technology	that	
chat	 with	 other	 iPhone,	 iPod	 Touch	 and	        full	support	for	Amazon,	YouTube,	Hulu,	           provides a screen that’s easier on the eyes
Macbook	users	over	wi-fi	(not	3G).		lastly,	         and	 Netflicks.	 It’s	 also	 cheap	 and,	 while	   than	the	iPad,	but	it	is	limited	to	black	&	
the camera on the iPhone performs much               not	 as	 seamless	 as	 the	Apple	 Tv,	 not	 dif-   white.	 It	 is	 also	 a	 slow	 device,	 but	 that’s	
better	than	cameras	on	other	phones.	The	            ficult.	 However,	 it	 suffers	 from	 some	 of	    hardly	 a	 problem	 for	 a	 reader.	 It	 is	 lim-
Phone	runs	from	HK$	5000	to	HK$	6000.	               the	same	problems	as	the	Apple	Tv.	Many	           ited by the fact that it is only	a	reader.	The	
The	 iPhone	 3GS	 is	 much	 cheaper,	 but	           streaming	services	are	blocked	and	just	like	      Kindle comes in at $139 USD for the WiFi
lacks	many	of	the	new	features.                      the	AppleTv,	it	doesn’t	let	you	download	          6”	 model	 and	 $189	 USD	 for	 the	 6”	 with	
                                                     video	to	it.	In	China	it’s	not	recommended.        3G	 and	 $379	 USD	 for	 the	 9.7”	 display.	 I	
Motorola Droid X                                                                                        would recommend the 3G device if you
The Droid X currently seems to be the                Slingbox                                           want	a	dedicated	ereader.
leader	 among	 Android	 (Google)	 smart-             The slingbox allows you to watch video
phones.	It	has	a	sharp	camera,	big	touch	            on your computer that is being broadcast           iPad
screen	and	a	lot	of	memory	to	store	video,	          back	 home.	You	 hook	 up	 to	 a	 cable	 con-      The	iPad	is	part-computer,	part-ereader,	
applications,	etc.	The	Android	market	for	           nection,	 Tivo	 or	 broadcast	 Tv	 and	 the	       part	 iPhone	 and	 mostly	 big	 iPod.	 It’s	 a	
applications has also expanded greatly               slingbox will broadcast the video to your          great	 device	 for	 watching	 video,	 play-
with most of the offerings that the iPhone           computer	over	the	Internet.	For	China,	it’s	       ing	 games	 and	 doing	 light	 e-mail,	 web	
has,	 including	 a	 Shanghai	 subway	 app.	          the	 best	 solution.	 While	 only	 as	 good	 as	   browsing	 and	 reading.	 	 It	 is	 a	 device	
Similar	 to	 the	 iPhone,	 it	 lacks	 a	 physical	   your	Internet	connection,	you	still	get	ac-        that	 can	 do	 a	 lot,	 for	 a	 hefty	 price-tag.	 I	
keyboard.	 Compared	 to	 the	 iPhone,	 the	          cess to all the shows in your home coun-           would,	 however,	 wait	 until	 the	 summer	
Droid	 X	 has	a	 slightly	 better	 battery	 life.	   try.	 Also,	 since	 you	 are	 streaming	 from	     when the new iPad is expected to be re-
It	 is,	 however,	 a	 little	 slow	 in	 respond-     your	own	device	rather	than	Hulu	or	You-           leased as it will almost certainly have a
ing to user input and the camera is me-              tube,	etc.,	it	is	unlikely	to	be	blocked.	It	is	   camera,	 more	 memory	 and	 a	 sharper	
diocre.	 Overall,	 it’s	 a	 good	 phone	 and	 a	     a	 bit	 more	 expensive	 at	 $300	 USD,	 how-      screen.	 However,	 the	 current	 iPad	 is	 an	
good	 competitor	 to	 the	 iPhone	 and	 Evo	         ever,	it	seems	to	be	the	solution	of	choice	       excellent	device	for	a	variety	of	tasks.	It	
4G	 (another	Android	 Phone	 competitor).	           among	the	SCIS	-	HIS	staff.                        comes	in	between	$500	and	$830	USD.	If	
The	larger	screen	makes	it	a	nice	choice.	It	                                                           you do purchase an iPad or other Apple
is,	however,	a	CDMA	phone	and	thus	not	              tablet devices & e-readers                         devices,	 it	 is	 cheaper	 to	 do	 so	 in	 Hong	
a	phone	to	take	to	Europe,	but	it	will	work	         Kindle                                             Kong	as	China	charges	significant	tax	on	
well	in	China	or	the	US	on	verizon.                  The Kindle still sets the standard for             electronic	goods.

                                                                                                                  December 2010 | COMMUNITAS                    11
by Staff WrItEr


              CIS was established in 1996 in the Changning district of
              Shanghai.		The	campus	on	Jiangsu	lu	can	be	remembered	
              by	 many,	 with	 its	 rectangular,	 school-like	 buildings	 and	
              with	the	tall	trees	that	lined	the	field	shared	by	the	prestig-
     ious	Number	3	girls	school.	With	a	courtyard	filled	with	smiling	
     children,	 classrooms	 filled	 with	 color,	 and	 teachers	 focused	 on	
     their	work,	it	was	a	typical	school,	yet	so	much	more.
           SCIS has undergone many changes since those early days in
     Changning	but	many	of	the	people	from	that	time	remain.		Their	
     faces	are	a	reflection	of	not	only	the	humble	beginnings	of	SCIS	but	         not	understand,	food	
     also	of	the	development	and	growth	that	has	taken	place	since	then.           that I did not recog-                     David kaptzan from the
           Amongst these familiar faces are those of the Kaptzan fam-              nize set out nicely on                          Changning Campus
     ily,	as	well	as	the	“Golden	Dragons”	(who	are	teachers	that	have	             a	 table,	 and	 2	 teach-
     been	with	the	school	for	over	9	years).                                       ers	 who	 spoke	 Eng-
           	 “SCIS	 has	 been	 a	 second	 home	 to	 our	 family,”	 explained	      lish when a lot of the people in the room did not understand
     Robin	Kaptzan,	mother	of	David	and	Mikayla	Kaptzan,	who	are	                  them,”	Robin	laughed.		
     two	 of	 the	 longest	 attending	 students	 at	 SCIS.	 David	 has	 been	            Jules	 White	 was	 with	 the	 school	 for	 many	 years	 and	 was	
     with	the	school	since	preschool	in	1999.		Robin	recounted	some	               both	 David	 and	 Mikayla’s	 preschool	 teacher.	 They	 both	 spoke	
     of	the	stories	of	old	and	the	traditions	that	still	remain	to	this	day.	 	    highly	of	her	and	said	that	their	first	memories	of	SCIS	were	of	
           “My	first	memory	of	SCIS	was	Ms.	Jules	White’s	Preschool	               singing	in	her	classroom.	
     Halloween	 Party	 in	 1999.	 There	 were	 twenty-four	 3	 year	 olds	               Robin	also	spoke	about	the	creative	assemblies	that	the	low-
     from	 different	 countries	 in	 costumes	 running	 wild.	 There	 was	         er	school	students	used	to	have,	a	practice	which	has	carried	on	
     music	 blasting,	 parents	 and	 children	 speaking	 languages	 I	 did	        at	SCIS	to	this	day,	albeit,	in	a	new	style,	and	in	grander	facilities.	

     Shanghai community international School
     1996-97                    2002-03                                    2005-06                                            2007-08
     Established at             Opening of the Hangzhou                    •      Move to the new Hongqiao                    Changning and
     the Changning              and Pudong Campus and                             Campus                                      Hongqiao Campuses
     Campus                     Hongqiao Campus                            •      Pudong and Hangzhou have                    Combine on HQ
                                                                                  their first graduating class                Campus

12    COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                                                            cover Story

“The	school	has	offered	many	activities	in	and	out	of	school	that	
you	could	excel	in	personally,”	added	David.	
      When	I	asked	the	family	what	their	other	favorite	SCIS	tra-
ditions	were,	they	came	back	to	me	with	the	same	answers	as	the	
“golden	dragon”	teachers	that	I	spoke	to.		The	strongest	tradition	
was	clear:		United	Nations	Day,	a	day	when	the	school	celebrates	
their	diverse	group	of	students.	This	was	followed	closely	by	the	
International	Food	Fair.	“United	Nations	Day.	It	is	what	SCIS	is	
all	about,“	said	Robin.	
      Among these SCIS long-term teachers are Melanie and
Shawn	 Knudson,	 who	 started	 working	 at	 the	 Hangzhou	 Cam-
pus.	“I	remember	leaving	our	school	district	in	the	United	States,	           Mikayla in lynn
which	was	the	10th	largest,	and	arriving	at	the	Hangzhou	cam-                 Jury’s grade 1 class
pus with a whopping 12 students! … We shared one large class-
room,	with	a	combined	total	of	8	students	….		It	was	an	amazing	
experience,	and	one	that	I	still	remember	well,”	explained	Mel.		            David in a lower
                                                                             School assembly
      Shawn	reminisced,“Mel	and	I	divided	the	auditorium	with	               at Changning
4	 book	 shelves,	 and	 that	 was	 the	 campus	 library.	 	 …	 	 The	 fol-
lowing	 year	 we	 moved	 into	 our	 new	 purpose	 built	 campus.	 	 I	
will	never	forget	it	and	will	always	love	the	fact	that	Mel,	lauri,	
Derek,	and	I	started	something	special	that	has	grown	into	the	
campus	it	is	today.”
      Hangzhou	International	School	was	built	in	2002,	as	was	the	
first	SCIS	Pudong	Campus,	and	both	reflect	the	close-knit	com-
munity	 of	 early	 Changning.	 The	 school	 system	 of	 one	 campus	
has	now	grown	into	that	of	five	-	the	newest	edition	being	the	
ECE	campus	in	Hongqiao.	Melanie	Knudson	is	now	vice	Prin-
                                                                                                                            David in Jules White’s
cipal	of	the	ECE	campus,	alongside	another	“Golden	Dragon”,	
                                                                                                                                  Preschool class
Daniel	Eschtruth,	who	is	Principal	of	the	ECE.
      Margie	de	villiers,	the	system-wide	librarian,	joined	SCIS	in	
2001:	“One	of	my	joys	has	been	watching	students,	like	David	and	
Mikayla,	 grow	 up	 and	 become	 wonderful	 young	 adults,	 while	
still	remembering	the	books	I	read	to	them	in	Kindergarten.”
      lynn	Jury	also	began	in	2001	and	she	reflected	positively	on	

                                                                             the people and students she’s met and the opportunity she has
                                                                             had	to	travel	and	experience	Asia.
                                                                                 With	 growth	 comes	 change,	 and	 SCIS	 has	 gone	 from	 the	
                                                                             school of 40 students in 1996 to the school of 2000 students in
                                                                             2010.	 	 Teachers,	 students,	 and	 staff	 have	 come	 and	 gone,	 but	
                                                                             many	 memories	 have	 remained.	 They	 remain	 with	 the	 long-
                                                                             standing	staff,	who	have	worked	dedicatedly	behind	the	scenes.	
                                                                             They	 remain	 with	 each	 of	 the	 “Golden	 Dragons”,	 who	 made	
                                                                             SCIS	their	family.	They	remain	with	families	like	the	Kapztans,	
                                                   the snow covered
                                                                             who	made	SCIS	their	home,	and	they	remain	with	traditions	that	
                                                   Changning Campus
                                                                             SCIS-HIS	still	celebrate	today.

2008-09                                              2009-10                                         2010-11                  2011-12
•    Hongqiao Campus authorized                      •    Hongqiao has their First iB                Opening of the           SCIS celebrates
     to offer the iB program                              graduating class                           ECE Campus               their 15th
•    the new Pudong upper                            •    Pudong Campus authorized                                            anniversary
     School Campus is opened                              to offer the iB program

                                                                                                               December 2010 | COMMUNITAS              13
     hongqiao campus

     optimist regatta champion
     goes to SciS hQ
     by JAN WillEM, Parent, Hongqiao

                  ne	early	foggy	Sunday	morning,	10	SCIS	HQ	sailors	
                  and	coach	Ms	Wilson	headed	out	to	Dianshan	lake.	       	
                  For	4	weeks,	they	had	been	taking	sailing	lessons	at	
                  Dianshan	lake.	Today	was	Regatta	day,	and	12	sail-
     ors from the German School Pudong who had followed the same
     4	week	course,	would	join	the	competition.
              The	course	to	sail	was	the	classic	Olympic	triangle,	with	
     a	downwind	start,	and	a	tacking	course	to	the	high	mark.	Twice	
     around	and	the	finish	tacking	at	the	high	mark.		Although	our	
     students	Aevar,	 Thomas,	 Eli,	 Esther,	 Marcello,	 Caitlin,	 Rajdeep	
     and	 Roxy	 were	 all	 doing	 very	 well,	 after	 the	 first	 downwind	
     course,	a	German	school	sailor	was	in	the	lead.	But	then,	on	the	
     tacking	course	to	the	high	mark,	making	excellent	use	of	a	shift	
     in	the	wind	was	Sail	No.	1,	helmed	by	our	grade	3	student	Isa-
     belle.	It	seemed	she	was	flying	over	the	water!
          There	was	still	1	more	round	to	go,	and	suddenly	it	seemed	a	            Another	great	achievement	was	set	by	Aevar,	who	came	in	
     long	way	to	the	finish	line.	A	German	sail	came	very	close	to	Isa-       3rd	 place.	 Afterwards,	 everybody	 received	 their	 Certificate	 of	
     belle	and	it	was	a	neck-on-neck	race	till	the	finish	line.	By	some	      Competence	for	completing	the	Sailing	course.	
     superior	tacking	tactics,	Isabelle’s	sail	just	managed	to	cross	first	        	 	 	 Congratulations	 to	 Isabelle,	 Aevar	 and	 all	 others	 of	 the	
     over	the	finish	line!	                                                   SCIS Sailing team!

     Swim team Brings Home the gold!
     by gIOvannI BEllO,
     aquatics Coordinator, Hongqiao

     THE	SCIS	HQ		SWIM	TEAM	has	taken	part	in	sever-
     al	meets	held	this	fall	in	Shanghai.		The	performance	
     of	the	team,	overall,	has	been	outstanding.	
          Outstanding in the season was the team’s per-
     formance	 at	 the	 SAS/Pudong	 hosted	 International	
     Swimvitational.	 	 Over	 fourteen	 teams	 from	 Bang-
     kok,	     Beijing	    and	      Shanghai	      participat-
     ed in the event with a total of over 600 swim-
     mers.	 SCIS	 was	 represented	 by	 40	 swimmers	 and	
     finished	in	fourth	place	overall.		
          Outstanding individual results were record-
     ed	 by	 a	 number	 of	 students,	 which	 included	 So-
     phia Miller who earned a second place best swim-
     mer	 trophy	 for	 girls,	 aged	 9-10	 years	 and	 	 Jeremy	              and	 Suzhou.	 	 The	 SCIS/HQ	 team	 swam	 very	 well	 and	 came	
     Pang,	 who	 earned	 third	 place	 for	 best	 swimmer,	 boys	 11-12.	 	   away	with	first	place	honors	as	a	team.		
     Also,	the	girls	9	–	10	medley	and	freestyle	relay	swimmers	(So-               Hosting this event was quite an effort by the team and the
     phia	 Miller,	 Kym	 Pang,	 Gracie	 Ni,	 Rebecca	 Hesslevik	 and	 Juju	   school.		Many	thanks	to	the	Hongqiao	administration	for	all	its	sup-
     Chen)	 brought	 home	 gold	 medals	 in	 both	 events	 and	 set	 new	     port	and	for	the	many,	many	faculty	and	parents	who	worked	al-
     Shanghai Swim League records!                                            most	as	tirelessly	outside	of	the	pool	as	our	athletes	did	in	the	pool.	
          SCIS/HQ	also	hosted	a	swim	meet	in	mid-November.		We	                    This	 was	 a	 fine	 effort	 from	 a	 hard	 working	 and	 dedicat-
     hosted 300 swimmers from 14 different schools from Shanghai              ed	team	and	community.

14    COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                                              hongqiao campus

reading out loud at any age
by DanIEl kErr, Middle School vice Principal, Hongqiao

                   hen	most	people	think	about	having	stories	read	
                   out	 loud	 by	 a	 teacher,	 they	 automatically	 con-
                   jure up images of wide-eyed elementary school
                   students sitting criss-cross applesauce on a cozy
classroom	carpet.	
      Research	 suggests,	 however,	 that	 all	 students,	 regardless	
of	age	benefit	tremendously	from	being	read	to,	and	the	results	
stemming	from	this	activity	can	be	incredibly	powerful.
      	I	recently	came	across	an	article	by	Candy	Blessing	that	dis-
cusses the necessity of class read alouds across all grade and sub-
ject	areas.	She	writes,	“Teachers	need	to	understand	that	reading	
to	teenagers	boosts	their	reading	comprehension,	increases	their	
vocabularies,	and	helps	them	become	better	writers.	In	fact,	stu-
dents who are read to are more motivated to read themselves
–	increasing	the	likelihood	that	they	will	one	day	become	inde-
pendent,	lifelong	readers.”	
      With	 this	 in	 mind,	 and	 supported	 vigorously	 by	 Margie	         authentic	learning.		
Devilliers	 and	 Jan	 Brumby,	 we	 are	 trying	 to	 bring	 literature	 to	        The	idea	of	modeling	expression,	intonation	and	all	aspects	
life	in	the	middle	school.	                                                  of	oral	fluency	is	another	powerful	opportunity	for	educators	not	
      By	embracing	the	idea	of	interactive	read	alouds	using	high-           to	miss.	Giving	our	teenagers	the	notion	that	reading	out	loud	is	
er-level	 picture	 books,	 we	 are	 giving	 students	 the	 opportunity	      not	only	fun,	but	also	a	necessary	part	of	a	quality	education	is	
to	 make	 real	 life	 connections,	 which	 will	 open	 up	 the	 door	 to	    a	true	gift,	and	one	that	will	be	passed	on	through	generations.	

young readers give Input
by MargIE DE vIllIErS, Head librarian

EvERY	MONTH	IN	HQ	Upper	School	library,	a	team	of	grade	
5	students	(representatives	from	each	class)	give	input	to	the	li-
brary’s	Fiction	Collection.	As	the	grade	5	students	begin	thinking	
about	moving	up	to	Middle	School,	they	have	expressed	an	inter-
est in developing the collection for those grade 3’s and grade 4’s
following	in	their	footsteps.
      They have presented the library with a list of authors and
titles that the libraries do not have in their collections and that
they	think	will	meet	the	demands	of	our	students	for	current	lit-
erature	and	“old	favorites”.
      These	 avid	 and	 keen	 readers	 are	 spending	 time	 and	 effort	     •	   Airborne by Kenneth Oppel
to	improving	the	collections	and	as	they	take	ownership	of	their	            •	   Maximum	Ride	(series)	by		James	Patterson	
libraries,	 they	 inspire	 each	 other	 and	 are	 sharing	 great	 choices	   •	   Steel	Trap		(series)	Ridley	Pearson	
with	each	other.	Here	are	some	of	the	great	authors	that	are	loved	          •	   Peter	and	the	Star	Catchers		(series)	by	Dave	Barry	and	Rid-
by	all	and	recommended	by	the	5th	graders	of	2010	to	our	lower	                   ley Pearson
school	libraries:                                                            •	   On	the	Wings	of	Heroes		by	Richard	Peck	
•	 Tuck	Everlasting	by	Natalie	Babbitt                                       •	   My Mum’s from Planet Pluto by Gwyneth Rees
•	 Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements                                        •	   The	lightning	Thief	by	Rick	Riordan
•	 One	Small	Step	by	P.B	Kerr	                                               •	   The	Edge	Chronicles	by	Paul	Stewart	&	Chris	Riddell
•	 Kid Swap by Michael Lawrence                                              •	   The	Shoe	Books	by	Noel	Streatfeild	and	Diane	Goode
•	 Chronicles	of	Narnia	(series)	by	C.S	lewis                                •	   Surviving	the	Applewhites	by	Stephanie	S.	Tolan
•	 Number the Stars by Lois Lowry                                            •	   Around	the	World	in	80	Days	by	Jules	verne
•	 Pendragon	Before	the	War	(series)	by	D.J	MacHale                          •	   The	War	of	the	Worlds	by	H.G	Wells

                                                                                                             December 2010 | COMMUNITAS          15
     hongqiao campus

     math and fun all in one evening
     by MElanIE knuDSOn, vice Principal, Hongqiao, ECE

               he	 Early	 Childhood	 Education	         rently housed in the building that was
               (ECE)	Campus	at	SCIS-HQ	held	            the original SCIS Hongqiao campus
               its	 first	 learning	 Night	 on	 No-     building; Changning was then a sepa-
               vember	23.		learning	Night	is	an	        rate	campus	and	building.		Changning	
     event where parents and students are in-           and Hongqiao campuses combined in
     vited to participate in activities led by our      2007	into	the	current	Hongqiao	campus.
     teaching	staff.		The	purpose	of	this	night	              Today,	the	original	SCIS	Hongqiao	
     is	to	give	parents	a	first	hand	opportunity	       campus	building	has	been	brought	back	
     to	see	what,	and	how,	our	students	learn	          to	life	as	the	Early	Childhood	Education	
     each	and	everyday.		                               Campus	and	the	learning	Nights,	once	
           Students,	of	course,	love	these	nights	      again,	are	back.
     because it lets them share their love of                 At	the	end	of	the	evening,	students	
     learning	with	their	families,	and	also	lets	       left	 with	 their	 Math	 Passports	 filled	
     them interact with other teachers and              with	 activity	 stamps,	 parents	 left	 with	
     friends	from	different	classrooms.	                a greater sense of the wonderful learn-
           The	focus	of	our	first	learning	Night	       ing that occurs in their child’s classroom
     was	Mathematics.		Teachers	brought	math	           and	within	the	ECE	campus.		All	of	us	
     alive	 through	 fun,	 interactive	 activities	     left with the undeniable fact that Math
     appropriately	designed	for	Preschool,	Pre-         Is	Fun.	
     Kindergarten	 and	 Kindergarten	 learners.	    	         Another Learning Night will be held
     The	Music	and	P.E.	departments	also	par-           in the spring when Literacy will be the
     ticipated in this event with musical and           focus.	 	 Please	
     physical	math	related	activities,	showcas-         look	 forward	
     ing how math is integrated throughout              to     Literacy
     our	entire	curriculum.                             Learning
           Although	this	was	the	first	learning	        Night sched-
     Night	hosted	by	the	ECE,	learning	Nights	          uled         for
     are	not	a	new	tradition.		The	ECE	is	cur-          March	22.

16    COMMUNITAS | December 2010

dynamix music convention
held on hongqiao campus
by MInDy ruSkOvICH, Band Director, Hongqiao

             ovember	 3,	 2010	 marked	 the	 beginning	 of	 the	
             second	annual	Dynamix	2010,	All-China	Inter-
             national	Music	Convention.		Teachers	vacated	
             their	 science	 and	 math	 rooms,	 music	 stands	
were	designated	to	over	20	locations,	and	SCIS	Hongqiao	
Campus	was	transformed	into	a	music	conservatory.		For	
three	full	days,	over	550	students	took	part	in	the	music	
convention.	 	 The	 conference,	 started	 last	 year,	 was	 de-
signed to bring a large-scale music event to SCIS and en-
force our school philosophy that the performing arts are
key	in	students’	education.		
     This year’s conference included students from SCIS
Hongqiao,	SCIS	Pudong,	Hangzhou	International	School,	
YCIS,	and	WAB.		local	Shanghai	professional	musicians	
worked	 with	 students	 as	 instrument	 coaches,	 and	 three	
outstanding guest presenters from the United States
worked	 with	 the	 large	 ensembles.	 	 Alan	 Gemberling,	                  possible for students to experience the strength in numbers that
Director	 of	 Bands	 at	 the	 University	 of	 Idaho,	 lionel	 Hampton	      they	would	not	usually	encounter	during	normal	music	class.		
School	 of	 Music	 led	 the	 Symphonic	 Band	 and	 Jazz	 Ensemble,	              Students rehearsed in ensembles for approximately four
while	Joshua	Habermann,	Director	of	Choral	Studies	at	the	Uni-              hours	per	day,	and	the	rest	of	the	time	they	were	working	in	their	
versity	of	Miami,	Frost	School	of	Music	led	the	Honor	Choir,	and	           individual	 instrument	 or	 voice	 section	 with	 the	 pros,	 learning	
Iolani	Yamashiro,	Director	of	the	Maui	Youth	Philharmonic	Or-               about	music	technology	in	workshops,	or	simply	getting	to	know	
chestra	led	the	String	Orchestra.		                                         musicians	from	other	schools.		On	the	final	day,	students	were	pre-
     Throughout	the	event,	students	had	the	opportunity	to	par-             sented	with	a	special	performance	by	Asia’s	top	latin	ensemble,	
ticipate	 in	 very	 large	 ensembles.	 	 The	 large	 ensembles	 make	 it	   The Latin Project.	 	 The	 band	 had	 students	 dancing	 on	 stage	 and	
                                                                            enjoying	the	electrifying	energy	of	the	performers,	many	of	which	
                                                                            worked	with	them	as	sectional	coaches	during	the	conference.
                                                                                 Two	great	concerts	marked	the	end	of	Dynamix	2010.		Begin-
                                                                            ning	 Band,	 Beginning	 Strings,	 Percussion	 Ensemble,	 and	 Cello	
                                                                            Ensemble	performed	in	the	morning,	while	the	large	ensembles	
                                                                            and	the	Jazz	Ensemble	performed	in	the	evening.		Students	were	
                                                                            delighted	with	their	performances,	surprising	not	only	the	audi-
                                                                            ence,	but	also	themselves	with	what	they	had	accomplished	in	
                                                                            only	three	days	of	hard	work.
                                                                                 Reflecting	on	the	event,	students	said	the	following:
                                                                                 “Dynamix was good. I enjoyed watching all of the performances,
                                                                            and all of them were wonderfully played. The guest presenters really
                                                                            did a wonderful job.”
                                                                                 “Dynamix was awesome! I learned a lot of new things and I think
                                                                            overall I’m a better baritone player now than I was before.”
                                                                                 “Playing in the symphonic band was fun. I also made some new
                                                                            friends from other schools.”
                                                                                 “My favorite part of Dynamix was the final performance, and
                                                                            when everything was done, we could go home and feel good about all
                                                                            of our hard work.”
                                                                                 Dynamix has been scheduled to return in November 2011
                                                                            with	even	more	exciting	additions!		Check	our	Dynamix	website	
                                                                            for pictures and videos from this year’s event and information
                                                                            about	 Dynamix	 2011.	 (

                                                                                                              December 2010 | COMMUNITAS           17
     director of curriculum

                                  rich traditions are Basis
                                  of a rich community
                                  by taMMy rODaBaugH, Director of Curriculum

                                                                                          “ the community, HIS-SCIS
                                                                                            From the students to

                 s we head into this season of one year coming to an
                 end	and	another	just	beginning,	we	reflect	back	on	not	
                 only	the	current	year	but	also	years	passed.		We	see	in	
                 the most recent year both our successes and failures                           schools have a rich tradition
     and	look	back	even	farther	into	years	past	for	those	things	that	
     have	stood	the	test	of	time	and	remain	tried	and	true	year	to	year.	      	
                                                                                                of involvement.”
           From	the	students	to	the	community,	HIS-SCIS	schools	have	
     a	 rich	 tradition	 of	 involvement.	 	 Students	 actively	 engage	 not	
     only	 in	 academic	 pursuit	 but	 also	 in	 sports,	 the	 arts	 and	 char-
     ity	works.		It	is	not	uncommon	for	a	student	to	play	on	a	soccer	
     team,	be	in	the	musical	and	collect	donations	for	a	local	orphan-
     age	all	in	the	same	week.	                                                    dents are well supported throughout the learning process by a
           The senior administration of HIS-SCIS has a tradition of lo-            genuine	 partnership	 between	 school	 and	 home.	 	 This	 type	 of	
     cating	and	hiring	those	unique	individuals	which	make	up	the	                 involved support leads to a tradition of students who are con-
     staff	and	faculty	of	our	schools.		These	individuals	are	not	only	            fident,	 knowledgeable,	 friendly	 and	 ready	 to	 become	 life-long	
     actively engaged in providing rigorous and dynamic opportuni-                 learners	and	global	citizens	themselves.	
     ties for the students but also engage in continuous development                    Last but certainly not least are the associations and connec-
     of	their	own	talents	and	skills.		Through	hours	spent	on	profes-              tions with our local communities and with the international com-
     sional	 development,	 on	 participation	 in	 local	 sports,	 on	 being	       munity	 at	 large.	 	 Partners	 such	 as	 the	 Community	 Center,	 The	
     involved	 with	 community	 theater	 productions,	 on	 investing	 of	          Essential	learning	Group	and	the	many	mother-tongue	groups	
     themselves	in	charitable	works	as	well	as	in	leading	workshops	               have helped our schools build tradition of involvement extend-
     and	classes	for	children	and	adults	outside	the	school	day,	teach-            ing	to	the	larger	international	community.		Given	the	unique	na-
     ers and staff at HIS-SCIS embody the very essence of life-long                ture of international life perhaps some of the greatest traditions
     learners	and	global	citizens.			                                              are those that arise from our involvement with our hosts and our
           Together	with	the	administration,	our	teachers	are	involved	            host	 country.	 Whether	 through	 joint	 performances,	 charitable	
     in bringing out the best in what the world of teaching and learn-             works,	neighborly	visits	or	fieldtrip	adventures,	we	are	blessed	
     ing	 has	 to	 offer.	 	 Ideas	 and	 techniques	 from	 North	America	 to	      with a tradition of appreciation of and involvement with our
     South	 Africa	 from	 New	 Zealand	 to	 England	 and	 many	 places	            Chinese	hosts	and	their	remarkable	country.		
     in between come together in a tradition of teaching and learn-                     Involvements in these human endeavors that are all part of
     ing	that	appreciates	the	wealth	of	our	collective	knowledge	and	              what we call international school give us much to draw upon
     experience.		                                                                 when	supporting	this	wonderful	HIS-SCIS	community.		Be	it	in	
           Also	contributing	to	 this	 tradition	 of	 involvement,	 are	 our	      our	lives	here	at	school	or	our	personal	lives	away	from	school,	
     parents.	 	 Our	 parent	 community	 is	 nothing	 short	 of	 fantastic.	   	   we	have	rituals	or	traditions	that	help	us	to	define	who	we	are	
     Through	a	tradition	of	generosity	of	both	time	and	energy,	our	               and contribute to the richness and complexity of our commu-
     parents	provide	a	network	of	nations	and	cultures	that	bring	a	               nity	here.
     rich and diverse blend to the school environment that is truly                     We here at HIS-SCIS have much to celebrate during this
     international.	 	 Through	 the	 active	 involvement	 of	 parents,	 stu-       time	of	year	in	which	traditions	abound.		

18    COMMUNITAS | December 2010
                                                                                                                                host culture

chinese tea history and traditions
by HElEN HE, Mandarin, Hongqiao

         ecently our Chinese Studies Course               Selecting tea is a subject
         examined	 Chinese	 Tea.	 Although	         of	 knowledge.	 Aside	 from	
         most of our students do not regard         the	 variety,	 tea	 is	 classified	
         Chinese	tea	as	their	favorite	drink,	      into	 grades.	 Generally,	 ap-
they	learned	about	the	history	of	tea	drink-        praisement of tea is based
ing,	tea	production,	ways	of	selecting	good	        on	 five	 principles,	 namely,	
tea	and	the	steps	of	making	tea.                    shape	 of	 the	 leaf,	 color	 of	
     China began to grow tea about two              the	 liquid,	 aroma,	 taste	 and	
thousand	years	ago.	Over	the	long	history	          appearance of the infused
of	drinking	tea,	a	special	and	simple	Chi-          leaf.	Aroma	 is	 the	 most	 im-
nese	tea	culture	came	into	being.	Drinking	         portant factor in judging
tea was not only for quenching thirst or for        the	 quality	 tea.	 Putting	 3	
enjoyment,	 but	 also	 for	 the	 promotion	 of	     grams leaves into 100 mil-
friendship	and	mutual	understanding.	En-            liliters	 boiled	 water,	 people	
tertainment of guests to tea is the most fun-       can judge the quality of the tea by the
damental social behavior in the Chinese             smell	from	the	liquid.
people’s	contacts	with	each	other.	When	a	                The class organized a trip to a tea
guest	arrives,	the	Chinese	will	offer	him	or	       house	 and	 watched	 a	 tea	 ceremony.	
her	a	cup	of	tea	to	express	friendship.	            A	tea	expert	showed	us	how	to	make	
     Tea is produced in vast areas of China         tea	 properly.	 	 Our	 students	 enjoyed	
and	Chinese	tea	can	be	classified	into	five	        watching the tea ceremony and a
categories according to the different meth-         Grade	 7	 student	 Tatu	 Jalkanen	 wrote	
ods	 by	 which	 it	 is	 processed:	 green	 tea,	    this	in	his	reflection:	“The	tea	ceremo-
black	tea,	oolong	tea,	compressed	tea	and	          ny was very interesting to watch…
scented	tea.	Green	tea	has	the	most	medic-          After	 our	 tea	 project,	 it	 was	 good	 to	
inal value and the least caffeine content of        see	 the	 tea-making	 to	 get	 an	 idea	 of	
all	Chinese	tea	classes.                            how	they	really	do	it.”	

talk Show Stars in Mandarin Classes
by lily liN, Mandarin, Hangzhou International School

MS.	lIN’S	GRADE	4	and	Grade	5	Manda-                ~告诉你,是小雪!小不点和他妈妈一样
rin classes have been enjoying performing a         顽皮。我最喜欢他了!
daily	talk	show.	The	students	prepare	their	           我的三只小猫是我的宝贝,它们很
speeches	 and	 take	 turns	 and	 they	 can	 talk	   喜欢我,而且很听话。我喜欢我的小猫
about	any	topic	in	Chinese.	Here	is	a	script:       咪!
Alessandra	Beelen,	Grade	3                          the cats in my house
      我家里有三只小猫,它们的名字分别                              At	my	house	there	are	three	cats,	their	names	
叫 Thomas, 小雪和小不点。                                   are	Thomas,	Xiao	Xue,	and	Xiao	Bu	Dian.
Thomas 是一只公猫,他是一只美国巡逻                                    Thomas	 is	 a	 male	 cat,	 and	 is	 also	 an	
猫。现在已经三岁的 Thomas 是我们家的                              American	cat.	Thomas,	who	is	three	years	
小肥猫。 他很懒,就喜欢吃和睡。他特别                                 old,	is	very	fat.	He	is	lazy,	and	he	only	likes	           Xiao	Bu	Dian	is	a	mixed	cat.	He	was	
喜欢亲近人,总是在我们看电视的时候爬                                  to	eat	and	sleep.	He	really	likes	to	cuddle	           born	 on	 February.	 Do	 you	 know	 who	 is	
到我们腿上来。                                             up	 with	 us,	 and	 sometimes	 he	 climbs	 on	         Xiao	 Bu	 Dian’s	 mom?	 Ha	 ha~	 It	 is	 Xiao	
       小雪是一只很普通的母猫,她一岁                              our	legs	when	we	watch	T.v.                            Xue.	 Xiao	 Bu	 Dian	 is	 as	 playful	 as	 his	
半了。她很顽皮,可是很谦让 Thomas 和                                   Xiao	Xue	is	a	normal	female	cat,	and	             mom.	I	love	him	the	most.	
小不点。                                                she	 is	 1	 and	 half	 years	 old.	 She	 is	 really	       My	three	cats	are	my	little	babies,	and	
       小不点是“混血儿”,他今年二月                              playful,	and	she	really	nice	to	Thomas	and	            they	like	me.	They	really	listen	to	me.
份出生的。你知道他的妈妈是谁吗?哈哈                                  Xiao	Bu	Dian.	                                             I	lOvE	MY	CATS!!!!!!

                                                                                                                    December 2010 | COMMUNITAS               19

     after 3:00, Students
     Still active in Pudong
     by MIkE DEnEEf, activities and athletics Coordinator, Pudong

                   nce you become active in something, something happens              Interact,	Student	Council	and	MUN	continue	to	be	a	solid	
                   to you. You get excited and suddenly you realize you          part	of	our	service/interest	ASA	programs.	Along	with	our	recent	
                   count.”	(Studs	Terkel)                                        addition	of	the	Challenge	20/20	middle	school	social	awareness	
                         	In	the	SCIS-HIS	community,	we	are	committed	           club,	these	offering	present	students	with	focused	opportunities	
     to helping students ‘count’ and the school’s co-curricular pro-             to	 develop	 leadership,	 communication	 and	 social	 networking	
     gram	 plays	 a	 primary	 role	 in	 that	 process.	 	 More	 importantly,	    skills.		Interact	is	already	deep	into	preparing	for	a	Habitat	for	
     the	SCIS-HIS	program	ensures	that	students	know	that	they	are	              Humanity	project.	Next	semester,	SCIS-HIS	will	also	establish	a	
     important,	that	they	do	make	a	difference	and	that	achievement	             working	Global	Issues	Network	that	will	challenge	students	in	
     is	born	out	of	effort.	                                                     new and diverse ways as they grapple with worldwide issues
           In	broad	strokes,	the	SCIS/HIS	ASA	programs	cover	three	              of	importance.	
     diverse	 spectrums;	 arts,	 athletics	 and	 service/interest	 oriented	          The focus of our program is to allow for maximum partici-
     programs.		All	three	benefit	from	a	school	focus	of	involvement	            pation of students while ensuring the strength and integrity of
     –	the	best	result	being	students	who	learn	the	benefits	of	self-dis-        all	activities.	Students	at	SCIS-HIS	are	both	allowed	and	encour-
     cipline,	who	are	positively	networked	with	others	and	are	able	             aged to be a part of many programs – to diversify and grow as
     to	 adjust	 to	 successes	 and	 setbacks	 with	 equal	 parts	 grace	 and	   young	people.		The	school	is	committed	to	maintaining	a	strong	
     humility.		In	short,		students	of	worth	and	character.                      program.		We	know	we	are	helping	to	mold	future	leaders.
           Our highly successful drama program is eager to provide
     three	performances	this	year.		The	dance	department	has	recent-                 Semester One 2010 ACTIVITIES-TEAMS-
     ly begun preparing in order to liven up half time at various SCIS-                  cluBS SciS Pd upper School
     HIS	sporting	events.	The	Jazz	band	group	completed	a	perfor-                 StuDEnt COunCIl H.S./M.S.             CHallEngE 20/20
     mance	at	the	recent	Jazz	festival,	while	the	choir	group	is	gearing	
                                                                                  Interact                       Aquatics Team
     up	for	the	Winter	 Concert.	Under	the	 direction	 of	Ms.	Dayton,	
     the	 art	 students	 will	 show	 off	 their	 works	 during	 both	 the	Art	    Global	Issues	Network          M.S.	/J.v./varsity	volleyball
     Auction	and	a	second	semester	art	exhibition	among	others.	                  MUN	H.S./M.S.                  M.S./J.v./varsity	Basketball
           We are most proud of some of the new student created clubs             Jazz	Band	H.S./M.S.            M.S./J.v./varsity	Soccer
     that	have	taken	hold	this	year.	Of	particular	note	are	the	A’capela	
                                                                                  Drama	H.S./M.S.                M.S.	Touch	Rugby
     club	which	recently	wowed	audiences.		Also,	the	thingamajigger	
     club	was	created	to	support	all	SCIS	PD	activities,	both	logisti-            Choir                          Dance Troupe
     cally	and	in	spirit.	                                                        variety	Show                   National Arts Honors Society
           New additions to the sports program this year include the
                                                                                  Tennis Club                    Badminton
     new	 tennis	 team	 and	 swim	 teams.	 The	 new	 SCIS	 Pudong	 up-
     per-school is conveniently situated to develop strong programs               Thingamajigger                 Acapella
     in these areas with the new pool facilities and the proximity to             Beginning	Guitar               Rock	Band
     tennis	 practice	 areas.	 These	 sports	 join	 an	 already	 potent	 and	
     diverse line-up that amassed numerous team trophies this past
     year	–	including	the	SISAC	City	Basketball	Championship.	

20    COMMUNITAS | December 2010

hiS campus alive with activities
by HEatHEr COuCH, activities and athletics
Coordinator, Hangzhou

                   hen	 strolling	 around	 the	 HIS	 campus	 after	 school,	 one	 is	
                   likely	to	hear	a	latin	beat	from	the	dance	studio,	or	even	
                   a	loud	“hai-ya!”	from	the	Karate	kids.	The	campus	is	alive	
                   with creativity and activity!
     	 In	 this	 past	 session	 of	 after-school-activities,	 we	 added	 K-2	 soccer,	
coached	 by	 Mr.	 and	 Mrs.	 vandereyken.	 	 Karate	 was	 also	 a	 popular	 new	
class	led	by	a	local	community	member	and	Karate	instructor.
     Mr.	Weinberg	and	Mr.	Bailey	have	started	a	new	after	school	robotics	
class	for	middle/high	school	students.		If	you	hear	“Fore!”,	duck	and	run	
because our new elementary golf class with Riverside Golf Course has just
started,	and	they	are	really	“putting”	their	best	foot	forward.
     	Other	new	ASA	activities	this	session	have	included:	board	game-both	
playing	and	making-	with	Ms.	Campbell;	Origami	2	by	Ms.	Josie;	Home-
work	Club	by	our	beloved	Mr.	Steve;	French	Club	by	Ms.	Jackie;	and	Span-
ish	Club	by	Mr.	vandereyken.	
     Walking	down	the	hallways	every	Tuesdays	and	Thursdays,	you	might	
also	hear“你很漂亮”or“我们学校是最好的,”	because	our	awesome	Manda-
rin teachers are teaching adult Chinese language classes for new teachers
and	parents.			Ms.	laura	Fendt	will	also	be	starting	a	social	skills	class	called	
“Peer	to	Peer,”	which	is	a	peer	mentoring	class	helping	our	HIS	kids	to	com-
municate	better	with	each	other.		
     Our	arts	program	is	also	off	the	charts	here	at	HIS.		Mrs.	Hah	has	been	
directing a performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that will premier
on	December	8th.	Our	music	department	will	also	be	taking	students	to	lo-
cal hotels for their Christmas tree lighting ceremonies where our students
will	entertain	the	community.
     Sports	are	always	an	important	part	of	our	after	school	activities.		Ms.	
Ember,	Ms.	Dehner,	and	Mr.	Bailey	have	been	coaching	the	middle	school	
soccer	teams.		Mr.	Hudson	coaches	our	boys’	basketball	team	and	Mr.	Rooth	
has	been	coaching	our	girls’	team.			The	coaches	are	full	of	optimism	for	the	
coming	season	and	we	thank	them	for	their	hard	work!		
     Hangzhou	is	full	of	surprises	and	full	of	energy.		Anyone	who	thinks	
Hangzhou is a city where we only sip tea and enjoy the scenery are sadly
mistaken.		The	Hangzhou	Dragons	are	soaring	high	and	are	setting	the	cam-
pus	on	fire	with	excitement	and	activities!!

  Hongqiao activities – Many and varied
  by JEff MartIn, athletics and activities Coordinator, Hongqiao

  ON	 THE	 HONGQIAO	 CAMPUS	 there is no shortage of re-                           Swimming	is	always	a	popular	activity,	and	the	Aquatics	Co-
  warding	 and	 entertaining	 activities	 for	 students	 to	 take	 part	     ordinator and fellow teachers did an excellent job of overseeing the
  in	outside	of	the	school	day.	With	69	different	after-school	ac-           swimming	for	the	semester,	and	our	thanks	go	out	to	them.
  tivities	on	offer	in	Semester	1	,	Monday	through	Saturday,	stu-                  We were able to offer more recreation and sport-based activi-
  dents	had	a	variety	of	options.                                            ties	by	having	teacher-run	sporting	events	including:	Mini	Basket-
        One of the high-lights for the semester was the new Saturday         ball,	 classroom	 games,	 field	 cricket,	 touch	 rugby,	 indoor	 cricket,	
  sport	program,	which	4	teachers	stepped	up	to	facilitate,	incorpo-         flag	football	and	dance	sessions.	
  rating	Grade	4-5	Basketball,	T-Ball	for	K-2	and	Kinder	Soccer.	This	             We	are	ending	the	activities	on	a	positive	note	yet	again,	and	
  was a wonderful opportunity for students to enjoy themselves and           look	forward	to	an	equal	amount	of	choice	and	enjoyment	in	the	
  stay	active	even	when	in	a	metropolis	like	Shanghai.                       second	semester.

                                                                                                                  December 2010 | COMMUNITAS               21

      Pafa news                                                             Pafa news
      Pudong                                                                hangzhou
      by RENAE DARliNg, Pafa Officer, Pudong
                                                                            by franCIS SPIEkErMan, Pafa Officer, Hangzhou
      BINGO	NIGHT	WAS	HElD	ON	FRIDAY,	November	19                     th
                                                                            IN	DECEMBER,	OUR	SOCIAl	COMMITTEE	has	invited	Dr.	
      at	the	Upper	School.		A	great	big	thanks	to	everyone	who	
                                                                            livingston,	well	known	for	his	knowledge	of	Traditional	Chi-
      helped	to	pull	together	this	fun	for	all	ages	event.	
                                                                            nese	Medicine.	His	presentation	will	be	followed	by	a	potluck	
           The annual Winter Festival was held in the Lower
                                                                            lunch.	Also,	in	December	we	will	have	our	farewell	lunch	for	
      School Gym on December 4th	 with	 crafts,	 photos	 with	
                                                                            the	families	who	are	leaving	Hangzhou.
      Santa,	 live	 performances	 from	 the	 upper	 school	 band,	
                                                                                 We	have	started	a	charity	project	called	“Give	A	Smile”.	
      choir	and	dance	groups.	
                                                                            The goal is to organize 414 shoeboxes with gifts for a local mi-
           Also,	a	big	thanks	to	the	volunteers	who	worked	to	
                                                                            grant	school.	Students	and	teachers	have	been	approached	to	
      help	begin	the	“leveling”	of	the	lower	school	library.		It	
                                                                            help	achieve	this	goal.	The	first	15	boxes	have	been	financed	
      was	a	great	start	and	Mrs.	Togneri	is	thrilled	to	be	off	to	
                                                                            by	students	who	participated	in	the	West	lake	MUN	in	No-
      such	a	wonderful	beginning.
           SAvE	THE	DATE!		SCIS	Pudong’s	Annual	Art	Auc-
                                                                                 Our	Holiday	Celebration	with	an	international	buffet,	live	
      tion	 will	 be	 on	 March	 19,	 2011.	 	 We	 are	 now	 collecting	
                                                                            music	by	our	School	Band,	School	Choir	and	Adult	Choir	was	
      ideas	 for	 our	 class	 art	 auction	 projects.	 	 Please	 contact	
                                                                            held	the	first	weekend	in	December.	There	was	a	bazaar,	sec-
      a room parent or PAFA member with ideas or sugges-
                                                                            ond	hand	sale	for	uniforms	and	toys,	games	for	the	children	
                                                                            and	 raffle	 draws.	And	 of	 course,	 Santa	 Claus	 was	 a	 big	 part	
           Questions?		Please	contact	SCIS	Pudong	PAFA	con-
                                                                            of	this	great	event.		A	perfect	opportunity	for	all	to	enjoy	the	
      tacts	at	lower	School	PAFA	Chair:		Renae	Darling	(dar-
                                                                            holiday	spirit	among	the	HIS	families.	 	 or	 Upper	 School	 PAFA	 Chair:	            	
                                                                                 If	you	are	interested	in	the	HIS	life	of	our	parents,	please	
      Karla	Quartuccio-Kluessendorf		(
                                                                            do not hesitate to contact PAFA at

       Pafa news                                                                                     Community
       hongqiao                                                                                      Partnerships
       by gaylE tHaMS, Pafa Officer, Hongqiao

       WE	ARE	HAPPY	TO	REPORT	our International Food Fair held in October and
       our	Holiday	Bazaar	held	in	November	were	both	huge	successes.		A	big	thank	
                                                                                                     for learning
       you	to	the	hard	working	and	dedicated	volunteers	who	worked	to	make	these	                   SCIS - HIS recognizes that creating part-
       events	so	wonderful.                                                                         nerships for learning establishes a climate
            We	proudly	see	our	Annual	Giving	Tree	Project	concluded.		This	year	337	                of involvement and interaction between
       bags	were	filled	by	the	Hongqiao	families	and	delivered	to	a	local	migrant	school	           our internal and external communities
       in	time	for	Chinese	New	Year.                                                                and	 our	 schools.	 	 Research	 in	 education	
            As	the	first	semester	draws	to	a	close,	some	SCIS	families	will	be	leaving	             will	 confirm	 a	 direct	 correlation	 between	
       us.		PAFA	would	like	to	remind	departing	families	as	well	as	current	families	               strong community involvement and im-
       that	the	PAFA	Used	Book	Fair	welcomes	your	donations	of	gently	used	books.	      	           proved	 student	 learning.	 	 Our	 strategic	
       Collection	boxes	will	be	the	in	lobbies	of	the	lower	school,	upper	school	and	ECE	           plan currently targets the development of
       campuses.                                                                                    partnerships in the areas of community
            Due	to	parents	moving	back	to	their	own	countries	there	are	openings	in	                education,	 learning	 support,	 nutritional	
       the	Parent	and	Friends	Association,	PAFA.		Have	you	wanted	an	easy	way	to	                   education,	 service-learning,	 athletics	 and	
       get	to	know	more	parents	in	the	school?	Are	you	looking	for	a	way	to	contribute	             activities	 extensions,	 and	 family-school-
       more	to	SCIS.		Here	is	a	great	way	to	get	involved.		For	more	information	please	            community	partnerships.
       contact:	Angela	Anderson	 at	 or	 Gayle	 Thams	 at	                   This month our featured partner is                                                                           the	Dutch	School,	The	Orange	Dragons.

22   COMMUNITAS | December 2010

the orange dragon School for
dutch language and culture
by CAROliNE DE WilD, Directeur De Oranje Draak (Director, the Orange Dragons)

             ne of the biggest challenges for any parent moving           cultural
             to	 Shanghai	 is	 education.	 There	 are	 international	     Programme
             schools	 galore,	 but	 keeping	 mother	 tongue	 edu-         Twice a year there is
             cation	 going	 is	 often	 a	 headache.	 Fortunately,	 for	   a Cultural Awareness
Dutch	speaking	children	in	Shanghai	-	whether	Flemish	or	from	            Day - one at the Pudong
Holland	-	the	solution	is	on	your	doorstep.                               Campus and one on
     Established	 13	 years	 ago,	 the	 Dutch	 School,	 "The	 Orange	     the Hongqiao campus-
Dragon",	 offers	 high-quality	 education	 in	 Dutch	 language	 and	      which helps children deepen
culture.	With	almost	180	students	between	the	ages	of	3	and	16	           their appreciation of specif-
years	old,	the	school	is	one	of	the	biggest	in	the	world	of	its	kind.	    ic aspects	 of	 Dutch	 and	 Belgian	 culture.	 These	          Satur-
Eight	 professional	 and	 dedicated	 teachers	 assure	 that	 all	 chil-   day events are whole school events for The Orange Dragon.		
dren receive the best language and culture education possible                  last	 November,	 the	 ECE	 on	 the	 Hongqiao	 campus	 was	
through	2	or	3	hours	of	lessons	per	week.                                 bursting	at	the	seams	as	Arend	van	Dam	and	Alex	de	Wolf,	re-
     The	 school,	 accredited	 by	 the	 Dutch	 government,	 adheres	      nowned	Dutch	author	and	illustrator,	visited	the	school	and	per-
strictly to the National Dutch curriculum and employs well-               formed	in	the	gym	in	front	of	an	audience	of	almost	300	people.	
known	textbooks	and	regular	independent	tests	(CITO).                          last	year	in	Pudong,	we	put	on	a	fabulous	show	by	a	Dutch	
                                                                          artist	who	performed	in	the	theatre.	Other	cultural	themes	over	
dutch educational Programmes                                              the	 years	 have	 included:	the	 Queen’s	 birthday	 with	 a	 big	 flea-
SCIS	is	keenly	aware	of	the	importance	of	mother	tongue	edu-              market;	 “Water	 and	 the	 Challenges	 of	 keeping	 your	 feet	 dry”;	
cation.	 Only	 children	 with	 a	 well-developed	 mother	 tongue	         and	“Art	with	capital	A”	in	Belgium	and	Holland,	in	which	we	
learn	 English	 quickly	 and	 well.	 	 SCIS	 has	 demonstrated	 its	      transformed	the	SCIS	cafeteria	into	a	real	museum.
commitment	to	mother	tongue	education	by	kindly	hosting	the	                   The partnership between SCIS and the Orange Dragon has
Dutch	school,	and	our	mutual	commitment	means	that	The	Or-                truly	strengthened	in	recent	years,	and	as	a	result	Dutch-speak-
ange Dragon can offer Dutch language and culture classes at all           ing children in Shanghai are able stay in close contact with their
three	 SCIS	 campuses	 in	 Shanghai.	 The	 Orange	 Dragon	 is	 now	       mother	tongue	education	and	culture.	Thank	you,	SCIS!
collaborating with SCIS Hangzhou to explore setting up a Dutch
language	centre.		
     The majority of the Dutch school’s pupils are native Dutch
speakers.	The	parents	of	these	children	move	to	Shanghai	for	a	
period	of	time	and	want	to	keep	up	their	mother	tongue	educa-
tion.	The	programme	at SCIS ensures	a	smooth	transition	back	
to	the	Dutch	or	Belgian	curriculum.	
     Another	group	of	pupils,	which	we	call	“second	language	
learners”,	 are	 children	 who	 would	 like	 to	 keep	 up	 Dutch	 lan-
guage	but	speak	another	language	at	home	as	well	because	one	
of	the	parents	is	not	Dutch-speaking.	This	group	is	growing	rap-
idly	 as	 the	 number	 of	 so-called	 “mixed	 marriages”	 increases.	
Students of The Orange Dragon hail from 10 different schools
and	all	attend	Dutch	lessons	at	SCIS.
     The	Orange	Dragon	offers	a	choice	of	programmes:
     The	 so-called	 “integrated	 programme”	 in	 which	 Primary	
school	children	get	Dutch	4	or	5	times	a	week	at	SCIS	HQ	and	
ECE	(4	to	12	years).	These	children	do	not	attend	Mandarin	class-
es.	SCIS	offers	The	Orange	Dragon	their	own	Dutch	classroom	at	
these	campuses.
     		An	after	school	programme	for	all	grades	at	SCIS	HQ	on-
Monday,	 and	 at	 SCIS	 Pudong	 on	 Wednesday,	 where	 SCIS	 has	
made classrooms available so that children from other inter-
national	 schools	 can	 also	 attend.	At	 SCIS	 Pudong,	 The	 Orange	
Dragon	also	has	two	classrooms	of	its	own.

                                                                                                            December 2010 | COMMUNITAS              23
SCIS Cheerleaders
Representing traditions,
Fostering competition,
Inspiring spirit

          Inspiring Lifelong Learners

 S  hanghai Community International School is a place where old
    traditions are cherished and new traditions are welcomed.These
 traditions are upheld and encouraged through our school spirit,
 which is shared by the students, the faculty, the administrators and
 the parents. It is displayed at the sports competitions, the drama
 productions, the music performances, the awards ceremonies, and
 any of the school events. They cheer for traditions, they cheer for     The International School of Choice
 the community, they cheer for SCIS.
 Visit or call our admissions office 6261-4338 today to tour our state-of-the-art facilities.

  HONGQIAO • PUDONG • HANGZHOU Pre-School to Grade 12

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