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                  LOCAL PLANNING POLICY

Title:               Dog Kennels

File No:             RS.AC

Minute No:           13.07.33

Statutory            Shire of Ashburton Town Planning Scheme No. 7
Environment:         Planning & Development Act 2005

Adopted:             Adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 16
                     June 1998
Last Review
Date :               Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 17 November 2009


Local Planning Policies are guidelines used to assist the Shire in making
decisions under the Scheme. The Scheme prevails should there be any conflict
between this Policy and the Scheme.

2.0 SCOPE:

A Local Planning Policy is not part of the Scheme and does not bind the Shire in
respect of any application for planning approval but the Shire is to have due
regard to the provisions of the Policy and the objectives which the Policy is
designed to achieve before making its determination.


3.1      To set regulations and specifications for the management and control of
         dog kennels throughout the Shire of Ashburton.


4.1 Policy Statement

In setting regulations for the provision of dog kennels the Shire of Ashburton will
be guided by the “Guidelines and the Conduct of Boarding Kennels and
Catteries” produced by the RSPCA in addition to regulations outlined in this
4.2 Specification for Kennel Establishment

In considering an Application for Planning Approval, the Shire will require the

   Each kennel shall have a yard appurtenant thereto.
   Each kennel and each yard and every part thereof shall not be at any less
    distance than 6 metres from the boundaries of the land in the occupation of
    the occupier.

   Each kennel and each yard and every part thereof shall not be at any less
    distance than 24 metres from any road or street.

   Each kennel and each yard and every part thereof shall not be at any less
    distance than 10 metres from any dwelling house, church, schoolroom, hall
    or factory.

   The walls shall be rigid, impervious and structurally sound.

   The roof shall be constructed of impervious material (or other material)
    approved by the local government.

   All untreated external surfaces of material shall be painted and kept painted
    with good quality paint.

   The lowest internal height shall be at least 2 metres from the floor.

   Each yard shall be securely fenced, a fence not less than 2 metres in height
    constructed of galvanized iron, wood, galvanized link mesh or netting, or
    other material approved by the local government.

   All gates shall be provided with proper catches or means of fastening.

   The upper surface of the floor of each kennel shall be set at least 100mm
    above the surface of the surrounding ground and shall be constructed of
    granolithic cement finished to a smooth surface, and shall have a fall of not
    less that 1 in 100.

   The entire yard shall be surrounded by a drain, which shall be properly laid,
    ventilated and trapped, and all floor washings shall pass through this drain
    and shall be disposed of in accordance with the health requirements of the
    local government.

   The floor of the yard shall be constructed in the same manner as the floor of
    a kennel.

   For each dog kept therein every kennel shall have not less than 2 square
    metres of floor space and every yard not less than 2.5 square metres.
    Each kennel shall be constructed so far as is practicable with materials,
     which prevent or minimise the emission of noise therein.

    Shade shall be provided to cover no less than 75% of each yard.

    Every approved kennel establishment shall be provided with a reticulated
     water supply in the form of a supported standpipe and hose for the hosing
     down of the kennels and yards.

4.3 Keeping of Dogs in Kennels

The Shire will require that where an Applicant seeks to keep dogs in a kennel,
the Applicant shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Shire:

    that the yards appropriate to the breed or kind in question, sited and
     maintained in accordance with the requirements of public health and
     sufficiently secured;

    the means by which dogs will be prevented to escape from the kennel or
     yard in which it is kept nor wander at large except for the purpose of
     reasonable exercise whilst under the control of a person;

    how the Applicant intends to:

         maintain all pounds and yards and all feeding and drinking vessels
          used by dogs therein in a clean condition and cleanse and disinfect
          them when required to do so by an Authorised Person;

         dispose of or cause the disposal of all refuse, faeces and food wastes
          daily into an approved apparatus for the bacteriologic treatment of
          sewerage; and

         ensure that noise, odours; fleas, flies and vermin are effectively


The Shire of Ashburton Town Planning Scheme No. 7 and the Planning &
Development Act 2005.


Register and further authority is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer.