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					Powerpoint Warm - ups

           Grade 6
         Math Class
 Cape Hatteras Middle School
    Expectations: Warm ups
• You will create a slide show that contains
  two end of grade test style questions.
• Each slide will contain the question and at
  least one graphic that is associated with
  the question.
• You will have the correct answer and the
  ability to explain how to get to that answer.
  Joke/Image and Biography
• You may have one school appropriate joke
• The last slide will contain a short
  biography of a famous mathematician.
• The biography will contain when born/died
• What the person is famous for.
• An example of how the math of your
  person would be used in today’s world.
         Grading Methods
• You will be given a date in which you will
  be responsible for teaching your warm up.
• Your warm up will include questions from
  the North Carolina Standard Course of
  Study for Sixth Grade. You can find that
  information at the website:
• Assessment Rubric on back of this page.
       References for project
• You could use your textbook for ideas for
  word problems to use.
• Website that I use is listed below: this site
  has questions for end of grade tests for many
  of the states in our country.

• Due: Wed. January 7th, 2009

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