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									University of Richmond - Graduate and Undergraduate Certificates
and Concentrations/Associate and Bachelor Degrees

The School of Continuing Studies at the University of Richmond offers a full
range of Internet based, undergraduate emergency management degree options:
a Certificate (18 semester hours), Associate's and Bachelor's of Applied Studies
in Emergency Services Management, and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (18
hours). Certificates and Post Baccalaureate Certificates are available in
emergency management, business continuity, and homeland defense. The
Associate's and Bachelor's degree program are degree completion programs,
accepting up to 30 (Associates) and 60 (Bachelor's) semester hours in
transfer. Courses in this program approach emergency management as an
integrated effort of emergency managers, fire, law enforcement, emergency
medical services, business continuity, and major voluntary agencies. The
curriculum has a strong service-learning component.

At the graduate level, the University offers a Graduate Certificate in Disaster
Science. The Graduate Certificate consists of a minimum of four 3-semester hour
courses, with the option to take up to six. The program expects students to do
original research and is theory based, with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary
nature of disasters, to prepare students for further graduate work. The University
has an agreement for transfer of this Certificate as a concentration in a distance-
based Masters degree program at a partner college. The Graduate Certificate is
delivered completely online.

Excellent student work is published in the School's two online peer reviewed
journals and its electronic encyclopedia. In addition the School hosts the first
chapter of Rho Epsilon Mu, the academic honorary society for emergency

The University offers two professional certification programs: the Certified
Recovery Planner for business continuity professionals and the Certified
Technologist in Emergency Management certification program designed by the
State and Local Emergency Management Data Users Group.

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