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                                                                    STORY PAGE 14

                   Creating Holiday Houses3
                                      DETAILS PAGE
                   Published Monthly by LaFayette Central Schools
A.I.M. for Excellence   From the desk of the Superintendent
                        “I’m proud to be a Lancer!”
                            It’s been one year since                                                     again. Sarah had the numbers I needed
                        I joined the LaFayette                                                           and I wrote them down as I sat in the parking
                        community as Superintendent                                                      lot of Dunkin’ Donuts. There were three or four
                        of Schools. Some of you may                                                      key people I needed to call in the morning to
                        remember my auspicious (or                                                       gather weather and road information. Instead
                        inauspicious depending on if                                                     of waiting for the morning I called them from
                        you are a parent or a student)                                                   the parking lot. Dan Sawkins (LaFayette
                        start, here’s how my first day                                                   Transportation Supervisor) and Kraig Pritts
                        went…                                                                            (Tully Superintendent) agreed to call me early
                            I worked a full day on                                                       the next morning; they did.
                        January 31, 2008 in Portville,                                                      As you may remember, February 1, 2008 was
                        my former district. As I
                                                             Peter A. Tigh                               a snow day in LaFayette. My first official act
                        jumped into my truck to drive
                                                              LaFayette                                  was to cancel school!
                        east to LaFayette I received
                                                            Superintendent                                  Time has passed rather quickly since then.
                        a phone call from Sarah at                                                       We have gone around the sun one more time.
                        the District Office, “It’s snowing here and I                                    We have accomplished a lot. There is more to do
                        just wanted to let you know.” Naturally my                                       and together we’ll do it.
                        first questions were, “How do I get accurate                                        I am proud to be a Lancer and will do
                        information in the morning regarding road                                        everything I can for the students in our district.
                        conditions? If I need to, how do I cancel
                        school?” She agreed to call me back with                                         Dr. Peter A. Tigh
                        phone numbers.                                                                   LaFayette Superintendent
                            I was in Bath when the cell phone rang

                                                  FREE                                                      Private & Parochial
                                                  DENTAL HEALTH                                             Transportation
                               Saturday February 7th
                               10:00am-2:00pm                                                                  If you will require school bus
                        Where: Kinney Drug Stores                                                           transportation for your child to
                               (see locations listed below)                                                 a private or parochial school for
                             February is Children’s Dental Health Month. Kinney Drug stores, in
                                                                                                            the 2009-2010 school year, you will
                        conjunction with local volunteer dentists, are offering free dental health          need to submit a written request
                        assessments for children. A law passed in 2007 in New York State encourages         to the District Office no later than
                        parents to submit a statement of dental health at the same time state-              April 1, 2009. The school you are
                        required physicals are due (grades Pre-K, K, 2, 4, 7, 10 and new entrants).         considering should have forms for
                             At the time of the dental assessment the dentist will determine if the         this purpose. The deadline date
                        child has any condition that would interfere with school activities or require
                        further treatment (i.e., a cavity). If the dentist determines your child is in      is set by the State of New York.
                        good dental health, you will be provided with a certificate you may give to         Requests received after this
                        your child’s school. This is a great opportunity, and hopefully many of you         deadline may be denied.
                        will be able to take advantage of this at the following Kinney Drug locations:         If you have questions
                        Tully                596 Route11                          315-696-8796              concerning private or parochial
                        Syracuse             104 LaFayette Road                   315-492-0248              transportation, please contact our
                        Cortland             3666 NYS Route 281                   315-753-9359              Transportation Supervisor, Daniel
                        East Syracuse        7065 Manlius Center Road             315-656-9925              Sawkins, at 677-9700.
                        Liverpool            7608 Oswego Rd. Suite 19             315-652-6584
                        Camillus             4202 W. Genesee St.                  315-487-0326
   A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                                                                  February 2009

PRINCIPAL                                                                           Yearbook News
COMMUNICATION                                                                            2008-2009
Dear Parents and Students:                    Jr. & Sr. High School
  Testing! Testing! Testing! From midterm exams to the 7th and 8th
grade ELA assessments, our students have worked hard to successfully
complete these important exams. That being said, we are now half way
through the school year. January 30th marks the end of the first 20
weeks of school. Every day counts, and attendance continues to be an
important part of your child’s success in school. Thank you for making
sure your child(ren) are in school and on time.

Important dates to remember:
        February marks the beginning of Black History Month
        February 16th through 20th is our Winter Break
        February 26th is our Jr./Sr. High Parent Meeting
        March 9th through 12th is 7th/8th Grade NYS State Math Assessments
                                                                                       Show Your
                                                                                     LaFayette Pride!
  As well, this year’s drama production Pirates of Penzance will be
performed on March 13th and 14th. Make plans for a family outing
and attend the play featuring the musical and dramatic talents of our
students. It is sure to be an excellent production!!!

Again, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
                                                                                    WHO HAS THE MOST
                                                                                    SCHOOL SPIRIT?
Paula Cowling            Jennifer Blossey                                           EACH CLASS HAS BEEN
Principal                Assistant Principal                                        ASSIGNED A COLOR
                                                                                    SENIORS – BLACK

                                     LaFayette                                      JUNIORS – LIGHT GREEN

                                                                                    SOPHOMORES – YELLOW
                                                                                    FRESHMEN – RED
                                                                                    8TH GRADERS – LIGHT BLUE

                                     EMAIL RULES                                    7TH GRADERS – WHITE
                                                                                    FACULTY – ORANGE
                                      LaFayette District student email is
                                      to be used ONLY for educational               WEAR YOUR CLASS
                                      purposes and school related business.         COLOR EVERY FRIDAY IN
I will send only to people I know.                                                  FEBRUARY— BE COUNTED
I will get teacher permission to mail to people I do not know.                      AND WIN POINTS FOR
I will keep my message short and to the point.
My messages will be polite and friendly and contain no offensive language.          YOUR CLASS.
I will have a reason to send a message.
I will put in a subject in the subject box.                                         ANY CLOTHING ITEM
I will use the proper greeting and sign my name.
Name of the receiver of the message.                                                WILL COUNT BUT COLOR
                                                                                    WAR T-SHIRTS CAN
Sign my first name only                                                             BE PURCHASED FOR
I will double-check my message before sending.                                      $10.00 THROUGH THE
I will double-check my address box before sending.                                  YEARBOOK.
I will delete unnecessary messages in my in box.
I will notify my teacher if I receive junk mail or offensive messages.              SEE MR. FOX OR MRS.
I will not send any software (games, programs, etc.) through e-mail.                FLEMMING FOR DETAILS.
I will get permission from my teacher before sending any pictures through e-mail.
I will not allow anyone else to use my account.                                                                    A.I.M. for Excellence

COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES                                          Financial Aid Night
Congratulations to the following                             SUNY’s Statewide Student Financial                  SCHOLARSHIPS
students who have been accepted                              Aid Days are offered as a service to                All scholarships that come to the guid-
to colleges for the upcoming 2009-                           all prospective college students and                ance office are listed online on the
2010 school year:                                            their families. The programs are                    guidance webpage. Click on scholar-
                                                             designed to answer questions and                    ship opportunities to view. Most you
Joe Coffey         College of Environmental                  provide assistance regarding the                    can apply to online; some you may
                   Science and Forestry                      financial aid application, types of                 have to pick up an application for in
                                                             aid available, and the award process.               guidance.
Kim Henderson Wells College                                  Most programs will be offered across
Kirsten Lyons      Syracuse University                       New York State on February 21. You                  ATTENTION JUNIORS
                                                             need to go on-line to find out what you             Beginning in late January, the school
Brittany Miller    Russell Sage                                                                                  counselor will meet with juniors and
                                                             should take with you and to register
                   Elmira College                            at or by                 their parents/guardians. The purpose
                   St. John Fisher                           calling 1-800-342-3811.                             of this meeting is to schedule for the
                                                                 Finally, as a follow-up to the                  senior year and discuss preparing
                   LeMoyne College                                                                               for college or other post-high school
                                                             Financial Aid Night, the LaFayette
                   York College                              Guidance staff will host two evening                plans. If you would like to make an
                   Siena College                             programs for parents of seniors to                  evening appointment, call 677-7849 to
                                                             assist in completing the FAFSA.                     set up a meeting on Tuesday, March
                   Cansiuis College                                                                              3rd (see below).for college or other
                                                             Representatives from SUNY Cortland
Mike Tassini       Syracuse University                       Financial Aid will come in on                       post-high school plans.
Holly Santimaw LeMoyne College                               February 10th and February 26th at                  STUDENT SCHEDULING
                   Cansius College                           6:00 p.m. in the Computer Center.                   Students are signing up for their
Nicholas Schrader College of Environmental                   Please contact Bill O’Leary at 677-                 courses for the upcoming 2009-10
                                                             7849 if you would like to attend either             academic year. Please call the Guid-
                   Science and Forestry                      session. Detailed information will be               ance Office at 677-7849 if you have
Gerrit Vanderwerff Cazenovia College                         mailed home prior to these evenings                 any questions or would like to set up
                                                             for those who sign up.                              an appointment with Mr. O’Leary, Mrs.
                                                                                                                 Cool or Ms. Rourke regarding student
                                     New Wellness Center Hours

                                                                                                                    Parents of 8th and 11th grade
                                                                                                                 students are invited to sign up for
                                     This is a joint effort between of the Town of LaFayette and the             scheduling meetings with their school
                                     LaFayette Central School District to provide this opportunity               counselor. This is the time to plan and
                                     to families of LaFayette.                                                   learn about high school and gradua-
                      The deadline   Monday                3:30-8:00 PM                                          tion requirements for your student
                      for the        Tuesday               3:30-4:30 PM & 6:00-8:00 PM                           and we encourage you to attend. Mrs.
                                     Wednesday             3:30-5:00 PM & 6:00-8:00 PM
                      March 2009     Thursday              3:30-5:00 PM & 6:00-8:00 PM
                                                                                                                 Cool will be meeting with 8th grade
                      Newsletter     Friday                3:15-4:15 PM
                                                                                                                 families, Mr. O’Leary will be meet-
                                     Saturday              8:00-10:00 AM (Beginning 1/10/09)                     ing with 11th grade families and
                      is Monday,                                                                                 Ms. Rourke with 8th and 11th grade
                      February 9.    The Wellness Center use is free of charge for all                           families from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
                      Please         residents, students, and employees of the LaFayette                         on Tuesday, March 3rd. Please call
                                     School District                                                             677-7849 to set up an appointment
                      send all                                                                                   for these evening meetings by Febru-
                                     The Wellness Center is closed whenever school is closed– check the
                      information    local media for weather related closure.                                    ary 25th. Students must attend these
                      and pictures   LOCATION: The Wellness Center is located in the basement of the             meetings with their parents.
                      (in jpg        LaFayette Jr. /Sr. High School. Park in the NORTH parking lot & enter the
                                     farthest door to the left. You will go down the stairs and take a right.
                      format,                                                                                      UPCOMING DATES
                      please)        Wellness Center Volunteers Needed                                             SAT
                                                                                                                   Test Date   Deadline         Late Fee Deadline
                      to the         In an effort to increase the number of evenings the Wellness Center           March 14    February 10       February 24
                                     is open for community use, we are looking for volunteers to help              May 2       March 31          April 9
                      Newsletter     supervise those evenings. All volunteers must have updated First Aid/         June 6      May 5             May 15
                                     AED and CPR certification. Supervisors will also be trained on proper
                      editor at:     use of all equipment.                                                         ACT
                      ritabush@      If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mark Wilson at 677-
                                                                                                                   Test Date
                                                                                                                   April 4
                                                                                                                               February 27
                                                                                                                                                Late Fee Deadline
                                                                                                                                                 March 13
                  3131, ext.105, or email at                          June 13     May 8             May 22

 A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                                                                       February 2009

                                                                                      4       A.I.M. for Excellence

7th Grade
High Honor
                      Amber Griffin
                      Leigh Hubler
                                             Tyler Verzosa
                                             Noah Walburger
                                                                      Lauren Connelly
Kaitlyn Agedal        Cassley Jackowski      Stephanie Yacco          Kayla Cornelius        The Cornell – LaFayette
Halee Beebe           Ashley Jarvis                                   Jerome Gibson          Tutoring Program will resume
Chloe Blaisdell       Savannah Krigbaum      10th Grade               Christopher Klaiber    on Wednesday, January 28,
Bryce Haynes          Kayla McElhannon       High Honor               Nicole Lees
                                                                                             2009. We meet in room 123
Leann Lambert         Christopher Mueller    Abigail Adams            Melissa Peterson
Eric Liddy            Jamus Mulholland       Victor Dupuis            Christopher Plumley    from 3:30-5:30 p.m. every
Alexis Manley         Christopher Sargent    Shawn Evans              Emily Reiss            Wednesday. There is always
Elliott Mueller       Nina Schaefer          Daniel Hughes            Nicholas Seiter        plenty of good food, friends
Alexa Peebles         Christopher Wheeler    Devon Knapp              James Turner           and fun!
Daniel Prince         Christopher Williams   Daniel Murray            Amber Vanderwerff
Krysten Robinson                             John Schneible           Matthias Vesterdal
Skye Schumacher       9th Grade              Evan Terrell             Nicholas Wheeler       Have a great semester!
Paige Skinner         High Honor                                      Jarrett White
Jennifer Spelder      Monica Blaisdell       Honor
                      Sloane Ferenchak       Lina Akl                 12th Grade
Alexandria Amidon
                                             Jesse Blum
                                             Stefan Curtis
                                                                      High Honor
                                                                      Allison Camilleri
                                                                                            We are currently
Zachary Anthony       Alexander Jones        Nadine D’Agostino        Madalyn Dorward       searching for a
                                                                                            parent member
Cole Brunet           Courtney Lyons         Stephan Dodge            John Greeley
Kaitlyn Dodge         Julia Martin           Gavin Gretsky            Cassandra Haight
Dalton Houde
Abbey Hoxie
                      Brenna Murray
                      Emily Peebles
                                             Logan Kinney
                                             Kevin Klaiber
                                                                      Kimberly Henderson
                                                                      Judson Knappen        to serve on S.I.T.
Mikhail Kenealy       Thomas Sargent         Zachary Leblanc          Robin Loughlin        Since its inception in 1994, S.I.T. has been very
Patrick Liddy                                Jeremy Mitchell          Kirstin Lyons         influential in the decision making process.
Stephanie Macmackin   Honor                  Daniel Moltion           Brittany Miller       In an input and advisory capacity, S.I.T. has
John Miske            April Aungier          Kelsey Nash              Devin Murray          contributed to the overall well-being of our
Douglas Myrdek        Raymond Barclay        Scott Phelps             Daphne Palmer         students ranging from academic to social to
Valeria Robinson      Allena Barrett         Aliza Potter             Ashley Steinberg      emotional growth. Most recently, S.I.T. has
                                                                                            provided direction regarding the high school
Ainsley Smith         Shannon Barry          Elaina Powless           Gerrit Vanderwerff    schedule, supported the creation of driver’s
Bailey Storrier       Matthew Beebe          Alieshaia Rosinsky       Bryan Verzosa         education, guided code of conduct additions/
Aidan Tinelli         Elise Camilleri        Ryan Scholes                                   revisions, supported school & community
David Turner          Alyssa Cosentino       Jacquelyn Sutton         Honor                 efforts to curb drug and alcohol abuse and
                      Cody Custer            Rena Thomas              Lucas Amidon          provided significant input with regard to rank-
8th Grade             Kacy Gardiner          Ashley Travis            Eric Bonawitz         ing and weighting of student performance.
High Honor                                                                                  Increased communication between home and
                      Louis Geswaldo         Jessica Wilson           Shauna Bort
                                                                                            school has always been supported by S.I.T.
Nabil Akl             Edward Gibson                                   Joseph D’Agostino     resulting in parent access to online student
Jessica Baird         Christopher Grzymala   11th Grade               Valerie DeDell        grades, a marquee featuring upcoming events,
Laura Favreau         Allison Hughes         High Honor               Amy Evans             and a LaFayette Junior Senior High School
Allison Field         Thomas Kotapka         Ryan Anthony             Kelsey Gates          website which contains all school relevant
Megan Field           Karli Kott             Kyle Barry               Jay Gould             information including the Student Parent
Shannon Knapp         Ashley Maloney         Nicholas Grzymala        Merle Hermneuwohner   Handbook and staff e-mail.
Ryan Miske            Jillian McKee          Taviot Jackowski         Trenna Hill           Please consider serving our school
Sadie Ramie           Caitlyn Merwin         Nicholas Lamson          Caitlyn Mitchell      community . Meetings are held
Ivan Schneible        Ross Mohr              Daniel Liddy             Jamie Plumley         once a month, 2:00-3:30 pm at the
Ashley Scholes        Emily Moltion          David Martin             Holly Santimaw        LaFayette Junior-Senior High School.
Kelsey Terrell        Ryan Ochsner           Keegan Mulholland        Nicholas Schrader     If you are interested in filling one of
                      Paige Palmer           Caroline Myrdek          Bobbie Steeprock      these vacancies please contact Paula
Honor                 Anna Prince            Shannon Walter           Eric Stroup           Cowling, Principal at 677-5506 or via
Blake Christiana      Patrick Ready          Cynthia Westcott         Dana Taylor           e-mail
Matthew Corby         Ryan Skeval            Rebecca Wolf             Jacob Ternosky
Wyatt Esposito        Trevor Spratt                                   Gabrielle Ubieta
Zachary Gretsky       Jamie Stirner-Moore

A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                                                  February 2009

LHS Student Council Members Attend State Conference              On November 23rd, six members of the high
                                                              school Student Council and their Advisor, Mrs.
                                                              Palmer, left for Saratoga Springs. Their destination:
                                                              Saratoga Hilton and the NYSCLSA Council on
                                                              Student Leadership and Activities conference.
                                                              The conference was three days long with various
                                                              workshops, presentations and speakers to help the
                                                              leaders who attended bring something back to their
                                                              schools around NY State.
                                                                 The workshops consisted of student members
                                                              of the state board sharing what their Councils did
                                                              in various activities within their schools. Later,
                                                              students from all the schools were able to present
                                                              at Round Tables and everyone rotated between the
                                                              different tables gleaning as much information as
                                                              possible to take back to their schools.
                                                                 There were four main speakers at the
Student Council members at State Conference                   conference: Micah Jacobson, Mawi Asgedom, John
(l-r): Tom Kotopka, Alieshaia Rosinski, Lina Akl, April       Morello and Jill Esplin. Micah wanted everyone to
Palmer, Shannon Walter, Nick Lamson and Tisha                 understand people should start asking meaningful
Knickerbocker.                                                questions and care about the answer. Micah’s main
                                                              message was being R.E.A.L.: Responding with
                                                              Enthusiasm and Acting with Love. Let people
                                                              know you see them, hear them and value them in a
                                                              positive loving manner.
                                                                 Mawi, who fled civil war in Ethiopia and lived
                                                              in a Sudanese refugee camp for three years, spoke
                                                              of reaching out to others and using your personal
                                                              situation to your advantage. John acted out as a
                                                              “single man show” how different people, who were
                                                              involved with drugs or had other personal issues in
                                                              a ‘high risk’ situation, may survive successfully. Jill
                                                              talked about how everyone should be fully present
                                                              in everything that they do and not to wait to do
                                                              something they want to do.
                                                                 The conference wasn’t all work and learning.
                                                              The first night there all the students from across
                                                              the state were set loose, with their advisors, on
                                                              the town of Saratoga for a scavenger hunt where
                                                              they had to find items relevant to Saratoga such as
                                                              a horse statues, pizzerias, and the health springs.
                                                              There were also different icebreakers and games
                                                              at different points throughout the conference. We
                                                              will never forget the elevator rides or hiking up and
                                                              down five flights of stairs repeatedly throughout
                                                              the conference! And everyone enjoyed the semi-
                                                              formal dinner and dance the final night of the
                                                                 The students had a ball and learned a lot.
                                                              Congratulations to Tisha Knickerbocker who was
                                                              elected to be a student delegate board member for
                                                              District 10. She was elected by students from area
                                                              schools: Central Square, CNS and APW as well as
                                                                 Those who attended the conference will always
                                                              remember: “I see you!”

                                                              Submitted by:
                                                              Shannon Walter- StuCo V.P.                                                                     A.I.M. for Excellence

                                           UPDAT E
                                              In late November, we finished up our first round of
                                           exhibitions. Lenny and I were proud of all of our students.
                                           It really was an awesome step forward for all of them.
                                           Imagine standing in front of a panal of 6-10 people and
                                           explaining and sharing your learning of the past 10 weeks.
Open Enrollment for                        It would be intimidating for anyone, but overall these guys
                                           did a good job. We are also thankful to all of the parents.
the Big Picture School                     Each student had at least one family member in attendance
                                           for their exhibition. Parents were able to contribute
   The enrollment period for the           feedback on the students learning.
LaFayette Big Picture School begins           Students were required to get back and refine their
February 1st. There will be two
Information Nights:                        Quarter 2 goals. Parents then came back again for the
                                           2nd Quarter Learning Plan meetings. The exhibitions are
Thursday, February 5th at 6:30 p.m.        scheduled for the last week in January and the first week of
Thursday, February 26th at 6:30 p.m.       February.
                                              Our students have begun to work within the WORK KEYS
  The meetings will be held in the         and the Virtual College and Career Center. Talk about
Grimshaw cafeteria.                        RELEVANCE. There are many categories (Reading for
                                           Information, Applied Mathematics, Teamwork, Listening,
The Agenda will be:                        Observation, Business Writing, etc.) The testing allows the
  • Introduction to the Big Picture
                                           student to see their current skill level and the required skill
                                           levels for a particular career cluster or specific career. Our
  • Overview of our Structure              students will be able to use this information in their search
                                           for LTI’s as well as portfolio building.
  •	 Year 1: Lessons Learned and              Big Picture students are also exploring the Why Try
     Successes                             program. We discussed the Reality Ride, which compares
                                           life to two roller coasters: one track takes you on a fast
  • Questions and Answers
                                           and interesting ride, but includes a crash, while the other
   Applications and other materials will   track is much more mild but leads to Opportunity, Freedom,
be available.                              and Self-Respect. The students reflect on their own life
                                           experiences, journal and plan. In addition, students
   Applications will be accepted from      participate in adventure activities to reinforce the ideas
current 8th grade students from the        discussed in the lesson. We continue to mentor, and the Big
Onondaga Nation School and the             Picture students will begin to complete Why Try activities
LaFayette Junior-Senior High School.       with their grade 4-5 mentees.
Who should attend this meeting?                Katelin Reusswig and Priscilla Cronin led a campaign to
  •	 Students and parents of current       collect donations of money and toys for the Pediatric Unit at
     8th graders interested in learning    Crouse Hospital. They requested $1 donations at the Dollar
     more about the Big Picture.           General and Grimshaw. The girls raised $220 and toys.
                                           They delivered the toys to the hospital. They still had many
  • Any parent or community member         stuffed animals left. The girls then took it upon themselves
    wanting more information about         to plan a Saturday visit to Iroquios Nursing Home. They
    the Big Picture.
                                           spent time with the residents and gave them the stuffed
   The Open Enrollment Period ends on      animals. The residents loved the gift and the girls enjoyed
Thursday, March 19th. If we have not       the time they spent there.
reached our enrollment capacity, we will      To end 2008, we held a Holiday Breakfast. Lenny and I
open a secondary enrollment.               acted as short order cooks providing bacon, sausage, eggs
                                           and toast. The students were then supposed to provide
   If you have any questions: contact      lunch for us—let’s just say we are still hungry!
Susan Osborn at 677-5509, or sosborn@

A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                       February 2009

PRINCIPAL                   NURSE
        Grimshaw School Grimshaw School
Dear Parents and the LaFayette Community,
    January is a very busy month. Our students and teachers return to school      Dear Parents,
from our holiday break and need to be ready to take the New York State               I hope everyone is having a healthy
Assessments in ELA in grades 3,4,5,6. Isn’t that a wonderful welcome! In         winter! We’ve had the usual viral ill-
March we will be doing the Mathematics State Assessments in grades 3, 4,         nesses at school (upper respiratory
5, and 6. Remember – these are state assessments all students in grades          infections, stomach bugs, conjunc-
3-6 must take to comply with federal requirements in NCLB (No Child Left         tivitis). Please be sure your child is
Behind). It is very important that 95% of our students take these assessments    dressed for the cold weather, as most
so we are in compliance with state and federal requirements.                     classes will play outside if possible.
    Parenting requires many judgment calls and homework is a topic I hear            As many of you know NYS is now
about often. We stress that it is very important for parents to be involved in   requesting parents to submit a certifi-
homework but we don’t want parents doing students’ homework for them;            cate of dental health at the same time
you already went to school! Homework should be something your child can          a required physical is due (Pre-K, K, 2,
do on his/her own with a minimum of assistance. Parents need to provide          4, 7 and 10). In honor of February be-
encouragement, a calm place for kids to work that allows them to focus on        ing Children’s Dental Health Month,
the assignment, a set time for doing homework on a regular basis, and a firm     local dentists are partnering with
commitment to knowing what homework is expected. Our older students              Kinney Drugs to provide free dental
each have planners they should be bringing home nightly. We provide the          health assessments. If your child is in
planners so kids can be organized about their assignments. I also do a           good dental health you will be pro-
lunchtime homework room (grades 4-6) for those kids who are behind or            vided with a certificate you may give
simply missed an assignment; it provides another time for kids to catch up so    to the school. These assessments will
their grades aren’t affected by missed homework assignments. I have noticed      take place on Saturday, February 7th,
that when faced with no alternative, most students have little problem doing     10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. at your local Kin-
their homework quickly and well. It is usually a matter of just doing it.        ney Drugs. You will find the addresses/
     Our Community of Caring assemblies have been fantastic, so many of our      phone numbers of local Kinney Drugs
students have worked hard to earn recognition for respect, responsibility,       printed elsewhere in this Newsletter
caring, trust, family and perseverance. We are so proud of all of them!          with more information regarding this
Our December assembly had a special visitor: Beca Lloyd came to accept           free service.
Grimshaw students’ letters to Santa on behalf of the MACY’s - Make A Wish            There are just four students who
program. MACY’s donated a dollar to Make A Wish for every letter our             have not submitted a copy of their
students generated. Beca made us aware of this program and contacted us          required physicals for this year. If you
to see if our students would care to participate. Ms. Ginsburg organized the     are one of these, please get them in
effort and Mrs. Long set up the Community of Caring presentation. Students       to me as soon as possible! You may
wrote almost 300 hundred letters to Santa.                                       fax a copy to 677-3154, if it is more
    We also had an assembly to promote our recycling initiative at Grimshaw.     convenient for you. If you are plan-
Mr. Tigh, Mr. Kesler and Susan Stewart from OCCRA attended our pledge            ning ahead for next year, students in
kickoff and were the first to sign our pledge. We are asking all of our          Pre-K, K, 2 and 4, as well as any new
students and teachers to redouble their efforts to recycle at school and at      students, will need a physical exam.
home. Each classroom has a special pledge poster for students and teachers           Please remember: if your child
to sign and display.                                                             requires any medication at school,
    Monday, March 2nd we will celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. Our K – 3 students        including OTC meds, a doctor’s note is
and staff members look forward to this every year. Get your Cat in the Hat       required, as well as a parent request.
books out!                                                                       Also, please notify the school if your
    If you know of anyone with a potential kindergarten student for next year,   child is absent for any reason. One
please have them call the office to register for our screening/registration      more reminder -- if a doctor puts your
week. We also are looking to continue our Pre-K program next year; children      child out of PE, we require a writ-
must reside in the district in order to be eligible for the Pre-K lottery        ten note before they can participate
drawing. If you have a district student you believe would be a candidate for     again.
our Pre-K, please call Cindy for the information and paperwork. Remember             Thank you for your cooperation
our Pre-K currently must be transported by parents and the day goes from         on the above and please keep updat-
8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.                                                           ing your emergency information. As
    We have a significant number of items in the lost and found, please check    always, call me with any concerns, and
it out when you come to school for any reason. It’s HUGE!                        have a great winter break!
    As always, call us if you have a concern or an idea to share.
Dona McIntyre                                                                    Paula Bush, Grimshaw Nurse
Grimshaw Principal                                                               677-5501                                                                      A.I.M. for Excellence

   S AY
    On Tuesday, Decem-
ber 23rd, Grimshaw
Elementary School held
the DARE (Drug Abuse
Resistance Education)
Program graduation
ceremony for our fifth
grade students. Mr.
Risavi taught the multi-
lessoned curriculum.
The program included         DARE Graduates
weekly topics such as
defining what drug abuse     buttons on their remote.    her personal bout with       some strategies on how
is, the consequences of      She gave each student a     cigarettes and how that      to insulate themselves
using drugs, dealing with    small remote and asked      experience impacted her      from the negative effects
peer pressure, learning      them to carry it with       life then and now. She       of substance abuse.
how to “say no,” and         them as a reminder to       went on to mention how          I would like to thank
understanding what           make good decisions         she lost a close personal    Mr. Tigh, Mrs. McIntyre,
it means to be asser-        throughout their day.       friend and a family mem-     and the fifth grade teach-
tive. Fifth graders also        LaFayette Superinten-    ber to lung cancer. She      ers whose flexibility and
learned about tobacco,       dent Peter Tigh rein-       stressed the importance      cooperation make this
marijuana, alcohol, and      forced the metaphor of      of educational programs      program happen despite
inhalants. Students          the remote control and      like DARE to help our        the loss of State funding.
learned about the nega-      stressed that children      students make good           Special thanks go out to
tive effects of the media,   ultimately have control     choices.                     our parents for their sup-
how to take safe healthy     over the choices and           Each fifth grade          port and to Mrs. Skeval
risks, and then discussed    decisions they make, and    student wrote an essay       and Mrs. McElhannon
the benefits of having       to look at the potential    about how the D.A.R.E.       for their help with the
positive role models in      consequences those deci-    Program impacted them.       DARE T-shirts and the
their life.                  sions can bring about in    Three students were          graduation programs. I
    Parents, students, and   their lives.                selected to read their       would also like to thank
staff listened as keynote       School Safety Office     essays to the audience.      Mrs. Cowling and Mrs.
speaker Debbie Howe          Gary Oelkers told the       Mallory Edwards was          Amidon for allowing
Tennant (Coordinator         children how intimidat-     selected to read her es-     student role models from
of Youth Development         ing it can be when you      say from Mr. Fox’s class,    the High School to visit
at OCM BOCES) talked         are in front of a large     Samantha Claffey was         and talk with our fifth
about how students ulti-     crowd, especially when      selected from Mr. Ma-        grade students. Special
mately have control over     you have to make diffi-     honey’s class and Jackie     thanks go out to Mr. Be-
the decisions they make      cult choices. He entrust-   Rutter was selected from     dell for all the prepara-
regarding drugs, very        ed each student to make     Ms. Ginsburg’s class.        tion work he did for the
much like they have con-     the right choice when       After listening to the es-   event.
trol over what channel       the time came.              says, it was obvious that
they select to watch on         Principal Dona           each student enjoyed         Submitted by Bob Risavi,
TV when they push the        McIntyre talked about       the program and learned      Grimshaw Counselor

A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                           February 2009

 D.A.R.E. program

                                              High School Role Models (l-r): Shannon Walter
                                              and Rebecca Wolf

                                              LaFayette DARE Program
                                                  On December 16th, Devon Knapp, Melissa Peterson,
                                              Nick Lamson, Shannon Walter, and Rebecca Wolf from
                                              LaFayette High School visited Grimshaw Elementary
                                              School to assist our fifth grade students with the
                                              LaFayette DARE Program. Thanks to the efforts of
                                              Heather Amidon, these students were able to take time
                                              out of their busy schedules to talk candidly with fifth
   DARE Essay winners (l-r): Samantha         grade Grimsahw students about such topics as: how to
                                              choose your friends; why it is important to be drug-free;
Claffey, Mallory Edwards, and Jackie Rutter   how to say no to drugs; and how they handled problems
                                              in their lives when they were confronted with them.

   Y S
                                              The high school students talked about whom their role
                                              models were and how to obtain help and support when

  A    AY
                                              you need it.

 S O ces
                                                  Several fifth graders wanted to know what it was like

                                              going from elementary school to high school. Grimshaw

  No i O
                                              students asked what future goals and plans the high
                                              school students had, and learned about the importance
                                              of education relative to achieving those goals.

                                                  Fifth grade students have been learning about the
                                              dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and what
                                              it takes to resist the temptations associated with these
                                              drugs through the DARE Program offered at Grimshaw

  D.A.R.E.                                    Elementary.

                                              Bob Risavi, Grimshaw Counselor                                                        A.I.M. for Excellence

Grimshaw Student COMMUNITY
                   of                                                                          Caring
Council News
Raffle Winners
                        Grimshaw Student
                     Council would like to thank
                     everyone who bought raffle
                     tickets to support Student
                     Council. The camera was
                     won by Beth Thomas, the Lia
                     Sophia jewelry set was won
                     by Natalie Adamczuk and
                     Chloe Terrell was the winner
                     of the drill.                                  The following students were nominated for COC caring
                        With the money that
                     was raised we were able to                     for December: Nina Schaefer, Kaylie Marnell, Nick
                     help provide gifts for toys                    Lamson, Judson Knappen, and Dan Liddy. The $20
for Crouse Hospital and buy materials to create                     Target cards were given to Kaylie Marnell and Dan Liddy.
snowmen pins for the staff to wish them all happy                   The others will be in a drawing at the end of the year.
holidays from Student Council.

  LaFayette Central Schools LaFayette Central Schools
            Krysten Robinson, Grade 7                                               Laura Favreau, Grade 8
Where do you think you will be in 10 years?                         Where do you think you will be in 10 years?
I will either be in Law School to be a                              I’ll be in college either singing or studying to
Guardian ad litem, or a high school Math                            be a radiologist.
                                                                    What is your favorite subject?
What is your favorite subject?                                      Science, because the teacher makes it fun
Math is my favorite.                                                and interesting.

Who in the world inspires you to do your                            Who in the world inspires you to do your
best?                                                               best?
My teachers (Like Derb, and Fox…), my                               My mom, because she taught me to do my
Mom and my Dad.                                                     best.

What hobbies or special interests do you have?                      What hobbies or special interests do you have?
Sports – Softball, Soccer and Basketball. Reading is a big one      I love reading and writing. And sports
for me too.
                                                                    What is the secret of your success?
What is the secret of your success?                                 I always do my work, and try to get high honor roll.
I turn in my homework on time, and I make sure that I think it’s
the best it can be.                                                 What advice do you have for others to be successful?
                                                                    Do your homework, and you have to be a friend to get a friend.
                                                                    The Golden Rule.

A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                                                  February 2009

Onondaga Nation School News
Kindergarten Dragons
    The Kindergarten Dragons at the
            Onondaga Nation School
               entered a unique
                gingerbread creation
                 to the Gingerbread
                 competition at the Erie
                 Canal Museum. The
               creation had a gingerbread
             longhouse, gingerbread
people with traditional clothing, two
dogs, a canoe, water made out of candy,
a fire and a turtle family. The creation,
titled “Canoeing Down The Canal”,
placed third in the youth division.
    Congratulations to the Kindergarten
Dragons on their yellow ribbon!

                                            Can You Help?
                                            The students in the LaFayette Big Picture School are looking
                                            for shadowing and internships in the following Career Areas:

                                            Creating Music and Learning about all aspects of careers in
                                            Veterinary Science
                                            Auto Mechanics
                                            Welding and Construction
                                            Careers in Photography (all forms)
                                            Careers in Law Enforcement
                                            Careers in Nursing/Pediatrics

       LaFayette Lancer                     Careers in Aviation
                                            Careers in Early Child Care

     License Plate Frames                   Careers in Cultural Studies specifically Onondaga
                                            Careers in Computer Gaming/Software Design/Modeling
                                            Careers in Early Education

  The Grimshaw Student Council
                                            Share Your Knowledge
  has license plate frames for              We are in need of shadowing and internship experiences
                                            on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays between 8:00am – 2:30pm.
  sale. We have them available              The school district will provide the transportation to
  at the front office of Grimshaw           your workplace. We can provide you with guidelines and
                                            additional information upon scheduling a shadow.
  Elementary School. They are $5.00
  each. Get yours today and show            Contact Susan Osborn at 677-5509 or 952-6145
  your LANCER PRIDE!!!!!!                   or email at                                                             A.I.M. for Excellence

Paul Henry and his mom work on a snow-frosted house.

Special Holiday Project
   Second graders at Grimshaw enjoyed a special holiday         Charles and Thomas work on their snow-frosted houses with
project in December. Parents and grandparents joined us         their mom.
to work with their children as they made candy houses.
The houses were built on square half-pint containers. After
covering each side of the container with icing, students
placed pretzel logs to create little log cabins. Children had   Note: This activity is repeated annually, so please, please
a wonderful time decorating their “snow”-frosted houses         save all your square half-pint containers for Grimshaw
and yards with candies. Fun was had by one and all!             second graders! Thank you!

Robotic Refreshment for
the Holiday Concerts
By Stephen Young
   In spite of the shortened holiday music concerts
last month at the high school, the audiences enjoyed
both shows with punch and cookies afterwards. The
refreshments had a new twist this year. The punch
was served by a robot arm ladling the punch into
cups automatically.                                             Future CIM student watches as the robot arm ladles punch.
   Project Lead The Way engineering students,
who are enrolled in the Computer Integrated
Manufacturing (CIM) class, attached a ladle to
a robot arm and wrote a computer program that
enabled the robot to scoop punch from a punch
bowl and pour it into cups. It took repeated tries to
perfect the programming, and a number of problems
had to be solved before the process was ready.
The CIM students solved all of the problems and
completed the assignment very successfully.
   The CIM students set up the robot arm in the
auditorium lobby before the concert, along with
appropriate holiday decorations. When the crowds
appeared after the concerts the robot was ready.
   The robot served punch nonstop both nights and               CIM student Matthias Vesterdal stands by the robot display.
everybody had plenty of punch to drink!                         Matthias is our exchange student from Denmark.

A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                                        February 2009

                         LaFayette Central Schools
                          Food Service Program
                                                             February 2009
    Chicken Nuggets w/ Roll      2
                                      Hot Meatball Sub            3
                                                                      Toasted Cheese Sandwich     4
                                                                                                      Mini Corn Dogs              5
                                                                                                                                      Stuffed Crust Pizza         6   A La Carte
    Sides:                            Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          Breakfast    $1.00
    Seasoned Corn                     Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        Tomato Soups w/ Crackers        French Fries                    Tossed Salad w/ Dressing
    Salt Potatoes                     Steamed Broccoli Cuts           Green Beans                     Sweet Peas                      Carrot Coins                    Lunch        $1.65
    Fruit Cocktail                    Cinnamon Applesauce             Sliced Peaches                  Apple Crisp                     Assorted Fruit Cups             Milk           .60
    Milk Choice                       Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Reduced Meals .25
    Entrée:                           Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:
    Hot Dog on Bun               9    Cheeseburger on Bun        10   Soft Taco                  11   Chicken Patty on Bun       12   Personal Pan Pizza         13   Menu Subject to Change
    Sides:                            Sides:                          w/ Lettuce and Cheese           Sides:                          Sides:
    BBQ Baked Beans                   Potato Gems                     Sides: Seasoned Corn            Cut Green Beans                 Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        SANDWICH MENU
    100% Juice Cup                    Carrot and Celery Sticks        Steamed Brown Rice              Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy        Steamed Broccoli                Monday- Sliced Turkey
    Chilled Pears                     Mandarin Oranges                Fruited Jell-O                  Sliced Peaches                  Assorted Fruits
    Milk Choice                       Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Tuesday- Sliced Ham
                                                                                                                                                                      and Cheese
    PRESIDENT’S DAY            16                                17                              18                              19                              20   Wednesday- Egg Salad
                                                                                                                                                                      Thursday- Bologna and
    NO SCHOOL                         NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                       Cheese
                                                                                                                                                                      Friday- The Yogurt
    Entrée:                           Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:
    Brunch for Lunch             23   Chicken Fingers w/ Roll    24   Fish Nuggets w/ Roll       25   Turkey w/ Gravy            26   Personal Pan Pizza         27   Sandwiches will be made
    French Toast Sticks (4) w/        Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          on whole wheat bread
    Sausage (2)                       Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        Potato Gems                     Mashed Potatoes                 Tossed Salad w/ Dressing
    Sides: Hash Brown Patty           Seasoned Corn                   Seasoned Green Beans            Sweet Peas                      Steamed Broccoli                Peanut butter and
    Fresh Fruit     100% Juice Cup    Assorted Fruits                 Chilled Pears                   Apple Crisp                     Assorted Fruits
    Milk Choice                       Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     jelly, yogurt and pizza
                                                                                                                                                                      available daily.

                                                                                                                                                                      School closed for
                                                                                                                                                                      winter recess the week
                                                                                                                                                                      of February 16-20th.

                                                             February 2009
    Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll      2
                                      Toasted Cheese Sandwich     3
                                                                      Hot Meatball Sub            4
                                                                                                      Deli Day w/ Sun Chips       5
                                                                                                                                      Stuffed Crust Pizza         6   A La Carte
    Sides:                            Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          Breakfast    $1.00
    Seasoned Corn                     Tomato Soups w/ Crackers        Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        Pasta Salad                     Tossed Salad w/ Dressing
    Salt Potatoes                     Cut Green Beans                 Steamed Broccoli Cuts           Celery Sticks w/ Dip            Carrot Coins
                                                                                                                                                                      Lunch        $1.75
    Fruit Cocktail                    Sliced Peaches                  Cinnamon Applesauce             Apple Crisp                     Assorted Fruit Cups             Milk           .60
    Milk Choice                       Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Reduced Meals .25
    Entrée:                           Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:
    Cheeseburger on Bun          9    Hot Dog on Bun             10   Soft Taco                  11   Chicken Patty on Bun       12   Personal Pan Pizza         13   SANDWICH MENU
    Sides:                            Sides:                          w/ Lettuce and Cheese           Sides:                          Sides:
    French Fries                      BBQ Baked Beans                 Sides: Seasoned Corn            Cut Green Beans                 Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        Monday- Sliced Turkey
    California Blend Veggies          100% Juice Cup                  Steamed Brown Rice              Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy        Steamed Broccoli                Tuesday- Sliced Ham
    Mandarin Oranges                  Fruited Jell-O                  Fruited Jell-O                  Sliced Peaches                  Assorted Fruits                 and Cheese
    Milk Choice                       Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice
                                                                                                                                                                      Wednesday- Egg Salad
                               16                                17                              18                              19                              20   Thursday- Bologna and
    NO SCHOOL                         NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                       Friday- The Yogurt Lunch

                                                                                                                                                                      Sandwiches will be made
                                                                                                                                                                      on whole wheat bread
    Entrée:                           Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:
    BBQ Rib Sandwich           23     Turkey w/ Gravy            24   Fish Sandwich w/ Cheese    25   Chicken Patty on Bun       26   Personal Pan Pizza         27
    Sides:                            Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                          Peanut butter and
    Tossed Salad w/ Dressing          Mashed Potatoes                 Potato Gems                     Steamed Brown Rice              Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        jelly, yogurt and pizza
    Seasoned Corn                     Sweet Peas                      Seasoned Green Beans            Carrot Coins                    Steamed Broccoli                available daily.
    Assorted Fruits                   Pineapple Tidbits               Chilled Pears                   Apple Crisp                     Assorted Fruits
    Milk Choice                       Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice
                                                                                                                                                                      School closed for
                                                                                                                                                                      winter recess the week
                                                                                                                                                                      of February 16-20th.                                                                                                                                A.I.M. for Excellence

Football                                                                                            Girls’ Soccer
Tim Printup                             First Team                                                  Rebecca Wolf                         First Team
Nick Farruggio                          Second Team                                                 Kim Henderson                        Second Team
Kyle Barry                              Second Team                                                 Nadine D’Agostino                    Honorable Mention
Jeremy Beresovoy                        Honorable Mention                                           Katie Sofranko                       Honorable Mention
Taylor Dwyre                            Honorable Mention                                           Taviot Jackowski                     Honorable Mention
Ryan Kellogg                            Honorable Mention                                           Melissa Peterson                     Honorable Mention
Jamie Plumley                           Honorable Mention                                           Kirstin Lyons                        Honorable Mention

Boys’ Cross Country                                                                                 Girls’ Cross Country
Tom Sargent                             First Team                                                  Emily Peebles                        First Team/qualified for States
Dan Moltion                             Second Team                                                 Amy Evans                            Second Team
Mike Tassini                            Second Team                                                 Kelsey Nash                          Second Team
                                                                                                    Holly Santimaw                       Second Team

                         LaFayette Central Schools
                          Food Service Program
                                                                    January 2009
     Chicken Nuggets w/ Roll      2
                                         Hot Meatball Sub            3
                                                                         Toasted Cheese Sandwich     4
                                                                                                         Mini Corn Dogs              5    Entrée:
                                                                                                                                          Stuffed Crust Pizza         6   A La Carte
     Sides:                              Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                           Sides:                          Breakfast    $1.00
     Seasoned Corn                       Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        Tomato Soups w/ Crackers        French Fries                     Tossed Salad w/ Dressing
     Salt Potatoes                       Steamed Broccoli Cuts           Green Beans                     Sweet Peas                       Carrot Coins                    Lunch        $1.65
     Fruit Cocktail                      Cinnamon Applesauce             Sliced Peaches                  Apple Crisp                      Assorted Fruit Cups             Reduced Meals .25
     Milk Choice                         Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                      Milk Choice
     Entrée:                             Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:                          Entrée:                         Menu Subject to Change
     Hot Dog on Bun               9      Cheeseburger on Bun        10   Soft Taco                  11   Chicken Patty on Bun       12    Homemade Pepperoni Pizza   13
     Sides:                              Sides:                          w/ Lettuce and Cheese           Sides:                           Sides:                          SANDWICH MENU
     BBQ Baked Beans                     Potato Gems                     Sides: Seasoned Corn            Cut Green Beans                  Tossed Salad w/ Dressing
     100% Juice Cup                      Carrot and Celery Sticks        Steamed Brown Rice              Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy         Steamed Broccoli                Monday- Sliced Turkey
     Chilled Pears                       Mandarin Oranges                Fruited Jell-O                  Sliced Peaches                   Assorted Fruits                 Tuesday- Sliced Ham
     Milk Choice                         Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                      Milk Choice
                                                                                                                                                                          and Cheese
                                 16                                 17                              18                              19                               20   Wednesday- Egg Salad
                                                                                                                                                                          Thursday- Bologna and
     NO SCHOOL                           NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                       NO SCHOOL                        NO SCHOOL                       Cheese
                                                                                                                                                                          Friday- The Yogurt Lunch

                                                                                                                                                                          Sandwiches will be made
     Entrée:                             Entrée:                         Entrée:                         Entrée:                          Entrée:
     Brunch for Lunch              23    Chicken Fingers w/ Roll    24   Fish Nuggets w/ Roll       25   Turkey w/ Gravy            26    Personal Pan Pizza         27   on whole wheat bread
     French Toast Sticks (4) w/          Sides:                          Sides:                          Sides:                           Sides:
     Sausage (2)                         Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        Potato Gems                     Mashed Potatoes                  Tossed Salad w/ Dressing        Peanut butter and
     Sides: Hash Brown Patty             Seasoned Corn                   Seasoned Green Beans            Sweet Peas                       Steamed Broccoli                jelly, yogurt and pizza
     Fresh Fruit     100% Juice Cup      Assorted Fruits                 Chilled Pears                   Apple Crisp                      Assorted Fruits
     Milk Choice                         Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                     Milk Choice                      Milk Choice                     available daily.

                                                                                                                                                                          School closed for
                                                                                                                                                                          winter recess the week
                                                                                                                                                                          of February 16-20th.

A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                                                                                                 February 2009

News &Views
At the Grimshaw School
   We were very excited to have
                                                                                     The cold winter months keep us inside
                                                                                     looking for ways to beat cabin fever. This
                                                                                     may be what drove Mr. Milton Bradley when,
                                                                                     in 1860, he bought a printing press and
                                                                                     began printing a board game called The
Mrs. Leslie Porzio, from the                                                         Checkered Game of Life. In honor of that, this
LaFayette Public Library, share                                                      month’s Top 10 contains books that have
holiday stories from several cultures                                                some tie to “games” with a board game, a
with students in primary grades.                                                     video game, or a “life” game. Check this
Classes learned about Christmas,                                                     month’s Top 10 books with games. (And,
                                                                                     be sure to check out this month’s “Did You
Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa through                                                        Know…” It’s all about games!)
stories and activities. Mrs. Porzio
brought a dreidel, which PreK                                                        10   Trouble by Jane Kurtz – grades K-2
students enjoyed taking for a spin.
                                                                                      9   Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg –
At the Junior/Senior High School        Jessica Hart, from Mrs. Nicholson’s Pre-K,        grades K-3
   Our 7th graders have just finished   plays with a dreidel with Leslie Porzio
up their annual Revolutionary           from the LaFayette Public Library.
                                                                                      8   Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg –
War research project. They                                                                grades K-3
learned about online databases,         Appelt. A departure from her
taking notes, creating Powerpoint       previous cheerful picture books,              7   Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley-
presentations and citing sources. We    Ms. Appelt’s novel brings together                Snyder – grades 5 and up
can now call them true researchers!     a canine-feline team, an evil bayou
   Please remember to donate your       hunter, and a mystical shape-shifting         6   Chess! I love it, I love it, I love it! by
old jigsaw puzzles to the JSHS          snake. The animal characters                      Jamie Gilson – grades 3-5
library. We have some very serious      exemplify perseverance through
puzzlers who enjoy them very much!      their attempts to stay together               5   The Game of Sunken Places by M. T.
Thank you to all who have made          despite seemingly insurmountable                  Anderson – grades 5-7
donations in the past. We use them!     odds. Readers in grades 5 and up
                                        will find this National Book Award            4   Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park –
At the ONS                              finalist hard to put down.                        grades 3-7
   Mrs. Fisher enjoyed celebrating          The Jr. High Book Club read
the Winter Solstice with the K-3        The Tale of Despereaux by Cornelia            3   Epic by Conor Kostick – grades 7
graders. Thank you for having me        Funke this month. Mrs. Mann                       and up
read my two favorite winter stories     had never read it and thoroughly
as we enjoyed the special day.          enjoyed it, cover to cover! It’s a            2   Only You Can Save Mankind by
The children drew their favorite        wonderful story about a very brave                Terry Pratchett – grades 3-7
winter scenes and participated in       mouse who triumphs over great
other fun winter related activities.    odds. This book can be enjoyed by             1   Parasite Pig by William Sleator –
This great celebration was put on       readers of all ages, as a read-aloud              grades 7 and up
by the primary grades and I had         for young readers, an independent
a fantastic time participating.         read for middle and junior high
Thanks for the invitation.              readers, or a great story for anyone!
                                            Mrs. Fisher read Welcome Comfort

                                                                                     Did You
What We’re Reading                      by Patricia Polacco This beautiful
   Miss McQuiston just finished         Christmas story is a must read for

reading The Underneath by Kathi         all ages who believe in miracles.

               Yearbook News
 LET YOUR SENIORS KNOW HOW PROUD YOU ARE OF THEM!!!                                  On March 7, 1933, the game
 Black and White due date February 12, 2009                                          of Monopoly was invented.
                                                                                     Monopoly was created by
 Payment in full upon approval of ad. Any questions – e-mail Joe
 Full page BW - $150.00                Fox                     Parker Bros., which is owned by
 ½ page BW - $85.00                    or Amy Flemming                               Hasbro. Hasbro also owns the
 ¼ page BW - $50.00                              Milton Bradley Co. Small world!                                                                           A.I.M. for Excellence

                                                                           Yearbook News
   The LaFayette Athletic Booster Club supports                     MARCH 28, 2009!
   all district athletic programs. Parents, coaches,                Personalized yearbooks must be purchased
   students and community members are invited                       by February 21, 2009
   to participate. Our next meeting will be held                    There will not be any extra copies of the 2008-2009 Yearbooks
   on Tuesday, February 10th at the LaFayette                       for sale on Picnic Day!
   Community Center. Hope to see you there!                         ALL ORDERS MUST BE PREPAID
                                                                    To purchase a yearbook go to:
                                                                              Buy a yearbook (left side of page)
                                                                              Fill out the form.
                                                                              Pay by credit card or e-check
                                                                              or by phone – 1-866-282-1516
  For up-to-date information, visit the Athletic Booster            This year will never happen again: Don’t miss out on the memories!
  Club home page, which can be accessed through the
  LaFayette web site under High School Athletics.                   Any Questions contact Joe Fox – or
                                                                    Amy Flemming –

                LaFayette Public Library
   In the last article, we encouraged you to contact                to do any one or all of those things, please ask the staff
your local legislator to show support for the library. It           when you come in about that service.
is not too late to do so. The state cuts in library funding             We have a list posted at the circulation desk
are still disproportionate to other areas in the state              and by both of the public access catalogs, called
budget. It is that funding in part that allows us to                “Automatically Yours Authors”. This is a list of popular
provide the goods and services for you:                             authors whose books we automatically have gotten or
     Assemblyman Stirpe                                             will get as they are published. The list has the author,
     StirpeA@                                  title, and the date it came out or is expected to be out.
     5720 South Bay Road, Cicero, NY 13039 (315) 452-1115           Here are some more examples:
     Senator DeFrancisco                                            February, 2009                                     •	 Green,	Tim	–	Above the Law
     800 State Office Building                                       •	 Michaels,	Fern	–	Under the Radar
     333 East Washington Street Syracuse, NY 13202 (315) 428-7632    •	 Bunn,	T.	Davis	–	Centurion’s Wife
                                                                     •	 Parker,	Robert	B.	–		Night and Day
   Speaking of programming, we have M. Beau the
Clown returning to the library during the winter break:                Speaking of favorite authors, you can get an RSS
   Mr. Beau will appear on February 18, at 10:30 a.m.,              feed for new titles coming out by your favorite authors
in the library. Mark your calendar!                                 via the new online catalog. Go to and
   As always, we would like to remind all of our patrons            click on ‘Catalog’ and then ‘search’. On the search page,
that we have eight computers that have Internet                     in the left hand column there is an explanation about
access, as well as a full Microsoft Office package. We              RSS feeds and how to get them sent to your email.
have wireless Internet as well. We also can arrange                    If anyone is interested in putting a display in
to set up a connection in the community room for the                our display case, please contact Janine Baker at the
Internet to suit your group’s needs. And don’t forget               library: 677-3782.
that we have color scanning, printing and copying! We
also have a wireless hookup connected to the copier so              Story hours:
you can print in color off of the Internet. If you need             Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings –10:15-11:15 a.m.

A.I.M. for Excellence                                                                                                February 2009

       You’re Invited!
              LaFayette’s Adult Prom
                                 Alumni, staff, parents, and
                                 any other adults are welcome
                                 to attend the Adult Prom on
                                 Friday, March 20th from 6:00
                                 to 9:00 p.m. at the LaFayette
                                 Jr./Sr. High School!

                                 Any and all adults are invited
                                 for a night of food, fun, and
                                 dancing! Not to mention
                                 being served by your very
                                 own Student Council!

                                 Join us to spend time with
                                 old friends, or come and
                                 make some new ones!

                                 The costs will be $10.00
                                 per person, but if there is a
                                 financial problem, please let
                                 us know and we will do our
                                 best to ensure that you can

                                 Tickets are on sale now
                                 through March 6th.

                                 To purchase your tickets, or
                                 if you have any questions,
                                 please contact April Palmer,
                                 Advisor, or Shannon Walter,
                                 Student Chair of this event,
                                 at the High School: 677-3131
                                 x 206                       A.I.M. for Excellence

  Important Dates
   Please check your LaFayette Central School District Directory/Calendar for the many activities going on
   in the month of February 2009. Particular dates to note are:
              Thursday, February 5                        Big Picture School Information Night, Grimshaw Cafeteria, 6:30 p.m.
              Saturday, February 7                        Free Dental Health Assessments, Kinney Drugs, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
               Monday, February 9                         EARLY DISMISSAL – All Three Buildings – for CASL
                                                                                  JSHS at 1:45 p.m.
                                                                                  Grimshaw and Onondaga Nation at 2:00 p.m.
            Tuesday, February 10                          Financial Aid Night, JSHS Computer Room, 6:00 p.m.
            Tuesday, February 10                          Booster Club Meeting, LaFayette Community Center, 7:00 p.m.
           Thursday, February 12                          Board of Education Meeting, JSHS LGI Room, 6:30 p.m.
           Thursday, February 12                          Black and White Ads due for High School Yearbook
            Monday, February 16
                          through                         SCHOOL CLOSED – JSHS and Grimshaw – Winter Recess
              Friday, February 20
              Friday, February 20                         EARLY DISMISSAL – ONS, 11:30 a.m. – Community Give
             Sunday, February 22                          Toolon Tigers’ Pancake Breakfast, VFW, 8:00 a.m. until Noon
            Tuesday, February 24                          JSHS Parent Group Meeting, Room 117, 6:00 p.m.
          Wednesday, February 25                          GAPS Meeting, Grimshaw School Library, 6:30 p.m.
           Thursday, February 26                          Board of Education Meeting, District Office, 6:30 p.m.
           Thursday, February 26                          JSHS Parent Group Meeting, 6:00 p.m.
           Thursday, February 26                          Big Picture School Information Night, Grimshaw Cafeteria, 6:30 p.m.
           Thursday, February 26                          Financial Aid Night, JSHS Computer Room, 6:00 p.m.

                   Yoga and Aerobics: Classes are currently in session.
                   You may join in at any time. Please call 677-7272 to discuss.
                                                                                                                                                                                                TOOLON TIGERS!

                   Baseball and Lacrosse Registration: AVL (Apple
                   Valley League) baseball and softball, and ULA (Upstate
                   Lacrosse Association) lacrosse registration, will be held                                                                                                             The Toolon Tigers cheerleaders
                   in the Grimshaw School cafeteria on Thursday, March
                   5th, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Notes: You need to pay for
                                                                                                                                                                                         are hosting a Pancake Breakfast at
                   lacrosse registration and uniform that night. Age limits for                                                                                                        the VFW on Sunday, February 22nd,
                   baseball/softball are: T-ball-- must be age 6 by April 1st                                                                                                       from 8:00 a.m. until noon.
                   or currently in Kindergarten; Rookies -- typically 1st and
                   2nd graders, can’t be age 9 before August 1st; T-shirts/
                   Bantams -- typically 3rd and 4th graders, can’t be age 11
                   before August 1st; and Minors/Intermediates -- typically
                   5th and 6th grade, can’t be age13 before August 1st.
                   3rd Grade Boys and 3rd/4th Grade Girls Basketball:
                                                                                                                                                          Cub Scout News
                   These will begin after the February break. Flyers will go                                                                           Upcoming Scout events include the Pinewood
                   home from school. Please call 677-7272 if your child
                   does not attend Grimshaw and you’d like the information.
                                                                                                                                                    Derby (build and race your own car) and the Klondike
                                                                                                                                                 (outdoor events at Highland Forest). The older Cub
                   Parents of Players: Please put children first when it
                   comes to playing sports. We run any given program for the                                                                  Scouts will be staying overnight at the MOST.
                   benefit of the program itself (to ensure its productivity) and                                                       Future months activities will include sledding, a maple syrup
                   for the benefits to the participants (fun and learning). It may                                                   demonstration, and camping. For more information please call Steve
                   not necessarily match an individual parent’s wishes. We
                   ask that you involve your child for the positive experience to                                                    Robson (677-1054) or Gretchen Gretsky (677-3896).
                   be gained and that you remain helpful and cooperative.

                                       Central Schools                                                                                                                                               Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                                                                                                                        CAR-RT Presort
                                                                                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Permit #3
  Nurturing Academic Success and Community Spirit                                                                                                                                                  LaFayette, New York 13084
  5955 Route 20, West
  LaFayette, New York 13084
                                                                                     Rural Route/Boxholder
                                                                                   LaFayette, New York 13084
                                                                                                 NYS Income Tax Code: 325
                                                               Peter A. Tigh, Title IX Compliance Officer, LaFayette Central School, 5955 Route 20, West, LaFayette, New York 13084
                        The LaFayette Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, national origin, race, sex, or handicapping conditions in its employment practices or educational programs.