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									                                A DOLLS HOUSE

 Noira        Childish, Naïve, of the        Torvold “my little             She is the catalyst, and the action
              world, careless with           featherbrains been out         evolves around her.
              money, wants to live life.     wasting money”                 She explores the issues of gender,
              Wife of Torvold, treated                                      inequality and oppression
              like a doll                                                   Main character, some people could
                                                                            relate to her.
 Torvold      Conservative, shallow,         Noira “very well if you        Is the opposite of Noira and this
              lawful, by the book,           say so. When he’s so           propels story forward, though
              Treats money with more         strict about that sort of      indirectly.
              care than Noira                thing…..has his pride”.        He shows the oppressive nature of
              Extremely proud                                               men, life at that time to women
              Noira’s husband                                               and how they think nothing of it.
                                                                            Another main character, people
                                                                            can still relate to some of his ideas

 Krogstad     Lawyer, average Joe. See                                      Is the one that lends Noira money.
              opportunity with lending                                      So vital character.
              money, has children, no                                       Shows how people have to fight to
              wife.                                                         survive
              Struggling abandoned by                                       He is a single parent, relative to
              Mrs Linde for                                                 some people today
              Been made redundant

Dr Rank         sick, doctor, in love with    “What a shame that all nice         Reveals torvold’s inability to
                  Nora, torvolds friend,      things should attract the “                witness ugliness.
                          dying                                                 Nora is able to talk to him like she
                                                                                 was able to with the help of her
 Mrs Linde      Friend from Nora’s past           “Poor Kristina you’re a        She is a free women, who works
                Widow, used to be with                widow now”                      for a living like a man
                        Kingstad                                                She has the life that Nora wants to
                   Works for a living                                              live, educated of the world.

Technique: These show Nora’s                  “macaroons, I thought             They are a symbol of her only
Macaroons character, that she is              they were forbidden               power of her husband,
(illustrative) childish, rebellious,          here?..”                          represents her unconscious
               and deceitful to her                                             rebellion and need for
               husband                                                          independence
Appearance      Nora is not as silly as       Nora borrows money from            The director has tried to deliver a
and reality     what Torvold calls her in     K. From this incidence we          message to the audience that
                the play.                     sensed Nora is actually an         sometimes what we see may not be
                Torvold is not a loving       intelligent girl as she knows      true as what it is in reality.
                husband that we sensed at     all the processes of financial
                the start of the play. He     transactions as well.
                is actually a selfish man.
Freedom to be   Nora doesn’t want to be a     “Before everything else I am       Nora’s fight directly causes the
   yourself     doll wife and a play thing    a human being”                     final result in this play.
                for her husband anymore,      Nora borrows money                 It’s warning the audience to realise
                she wants to live for         without telling Torvold.           the importance of being one
                herself                       This is the start of Nora’s        individual self.
                                              revolt. Although she doesn’t
                                              really realise that at the time.
Social Law      The unequal relationship      “my little squirrel” “song         It shows the contemporary social
                between a wife and a          bird”                              problem in Victorian times. The
                husband is shown by the       Nora acts like Torvold’s           unequal relationship can still be
                war Torvold refers to         subordinate and entertains         seen in some under developed
                Nora as an object.            him. Torvold: “Your duty is        countries.
                                              to your husband and

At start        Childish, happy silly girl,    She responds affectionately       To action – she is hiding from
                not wise with money                in Torvolds teasing,          herself. Doesn’t have a strong
                                                     Excitement about the        moral sense.
                                              money his new job will             Play’s Purpose – It shows how
                                              provide and takes pleasure in      superficial or shallow women are
                                              the company of her children        those days. The role of women are
                                              and friends.                       unequal to men.
                                              “Oh do, torvold please do!         Audience- It opened their eye to
                                              Then I will wrap it in pretty      the truth, that they are being
                                              paper and hang it on the           controlled by their husbands (then)
                                              xmas tree, wouldn’t that be        Women are now free to do what
                                              fun?”                              they want (now)
Flashback   Independent   She is able to find a way to    Action – Nora is treated by Torvold
            Intelligent   borrow money without her        like a child. Her unconscious
            Liar          husband      knowing,     she   rebellion and need for
            Secretive     forged a signature and she is   independence.
                          able to keep all of this a      Purpose – It’s important because it
                          secret for 7 years.             supports the idea that women are
                          She’s      secretly    hiding   intelligent and can be independent.
                          macaroons        from     her   Audience- It gives the women
                          husband. “macaroons, now I      inspiration or strength to break free
                          thought they were forbidden     (then)
                          here! Yes but these are some    It is important because it gives
                          that Kristina gave me”          women strength or determination
In middle   Worried       A lot of times she thought      Purpose – It shows her true self,
            Suicidal      about killing herself like      that she is not always happy and
                          when just before Torvold        childish. That she could get
                          read the letter, And since      serious.
                          Kingstad blackmails her, she    Audience- Suicide is not an option
                          kept talking to herself and     (then)
                          doing things to prevent         Every problem can be solved, stop
                          Torvold from knowing. “Do       being suicidal (now)
                          you think so? Do you think      Action – She doesn’t want Torvold
                          they’d forget their mama if     to know the truth.
                          she went away altogether?”
At end      Stranger      She left Torvod at the end      Action – Nora has made up her
            Sad           because he isn’t who she        mind, the role she is now set on
            Alone         thought he was, and she         playing has no room for Torvold.
                          wants to find herself. “I       Purpose – Nora realises that their
                          believe      that      before   marriage is a scam and full of lies
                          everything else I’m a human     and that there is no miracle.
                          being”                          Audience – It’s okay to leave
                          “That our life together could   someone you love or your present
                          be a real marriage”             life to look for yourself because it’s
                                                          important to know/be yourself.

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