2011 HKIS – US Sale Horses Special Notices

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Special Notice On Late Arriving 2011 HKIS USA Sale Horses

Due to their late arrival, the USA Sale horses will still be under
quarantine restrictions at the time of the Sale. They will not,
therefore be available for close inspection before the Sale.
The International Sale Office has worked out a special arrangement
with the Veterinary Clinical Service Offices for these USA horses
(except Lot 13) and they will perform their Breeze-Up after horses
from Australia, New Zealand and Europe have completed their
Breeze-Up on Sunday 13 March, please note the following:

- An area has been designated for viewing of the USA Sale
  horses by appointment between 13 and 18 March, 2011 except
  16 March between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Interested Permit Holders,
  Trainers and Agents please contact Mr MA Siu Chuen at
  95291673 or Mr LUI Chi Keung at 93397734 for appointment.
  Inspection of Sale horses from the other three regions, namely,
  Australia, New Zealand and Europe will take place at the
  Temporary Stables as scheduled.

- A separate Breeze-Up for USA Sale horse Lot 13 will be
  conducted and video taped at some point before the Sale at Sha
  Tin Racecourse. On the day of the Sale, this special
  Breeze-Up footage will be shown on the Diamond Vision at the
  Parade Ring.

- At the time of the sale of the individual USA Sale horses, which
  will be conducted according to their assigned order in the
  Catalogue, their live images will be broadcast on the Diamond

-   All Trainers who visit the USA horses must abide by the strict
    quarantine regulations.