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There's a reason why I should cry now and there's a reason I should smile now.. But, you just make me

it just too much... breathtaking... can't hold on any...

A relationship without trust and commitment is like pushing a door that says PULL

the person you love doesn't love you, then pray for someone who will. Be realistic

suddenly, my tears unreasonly drooling because of this.. I try so hard to make you so precious.. but you
make me just the opposite of it.. thank you for all your kindness..

Night with Some Kind Of Wonderful - Michael Bubble (♥-♥)

Now, I feel so dumb.. Crying about unimportant thing like this..
Love the way You Lie !

What kind of a man that you are, if you're not a man at all.. Well, I will figure out on my own..

All is fake... I don't wanna be fake

I think I should know how to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out

really miss you though

the truth is I LOVE YOU

WOY !! I Am not your PUPPET !

I hope you find it.. what you looking for.

let's moving on babe..

I should make a progress to keep loving him (♥-♥

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone.. But though you're still with me.. I've been alone

These wounds won't seems to heal, this pain is just to real, there just too much that time cannot erase..

I just confused what should I do right now..

this shit is just breath taking

I really believe in your love.. Even though I know it's hurt when I know the truth..

so lonely without you.. I miss doing thing with you..

Have you ever loved somebody so much and you can barely breathe

You promised her... You don't get another chance... Life's no Nintendo game.. But you lied again... Now
you get to watch her leave

show me that I'm important for you..

Easy come, easy go..

where is my girl

Listen ! now I'm dont believing you.. You don't know what I'm feeling

I Learned From You

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