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					rowland luxury homes

   actions and words               from the beginning, rowland
                                   Luxury Homes staff have been
                                                                             up through the trade as a finish
                                                                             carpenter, doing a lot of hands-on
              by Jennifer Kirkland listening to what their customers         residential work early in his career.
                                   say. When Bill Rowland first started      Tuning in to what customers
                                   his work in commercial building, he       wanted most of all—high quality—
                                   quickly began to attract attention from   Guy never moved away from the
                                   industry leaders across the country       core of good building. Since he
                                   who asked him to build their homes        assumed the position of chief
                                   as well. In answer to their call, he      leadership, he has led the company
                                   established Rowland Luxury Homes          to great success, represented by a
                                   under the umbrella of Rowland             doubling of business over the last
                                   Companies.                                year and projected earnings of $30
                                                                             million for 2007.
             Above: Dramatic patio with   Guy Loisi, Managing Principal of
                   hand-carved columns    Rowland Luxury Homes, came         What keeps Rowland at the top

26 american builders quarterly summer 2007
    of the market more than any             fires out later.”
    other factor, Guy says, is the open                                                                                                 rowland
    stream of communication they            The Rowland team is available to         Below: (left to right) Outdoor kitchen             luxury homes
    nurture with all their clients. He      clients around the clock. Every          complete with 4000 lb pizza oven and “Casa
    explains that business relationships,   week, they send out project              Far Niente” in Fountain Hills, Arizona
    just like any others, need great        updates via e-mail, including
    communication to thrive. “We are        pictures showing progress. “These
    very focused on building strong         updates remove any out-of-town               top three strategies
    relationships with our clients,”        anxiety and let the clients see
    he says. “We have to have a close       exactly how the work is coming               1. Communication: The company is available to clients
    connection to them to understand        along,” Guy says.                            anytime, day or night. Quick communication of
    what they like and don’t like.”                                                      concerns saves time and money and builds a strong
                                            A unique niche company, Rowland              sense of trust in the client.
     The upfront investment of time         Luxury Homes builds four to
     in immediate problem resolution        six high-end custom homes each               2. Diversification: The luxury home branch takes on
     makes everything easier, for the       year, design-builds, and works on            commercial work that’s too small for the larger parent
     client and the company, in the         developer projects, such as the              company. They are also hired to complete framing and
     long run. “If there’s a failure in     Paradise Valley Montelucia Resort            carpentry work for other companies—even direct
     communication between the home         and Spa, which features luxury               competitors—because of their reputation for quality
     owner and builder,” says Guy,          hotel rooms, 34 resort villas, and           and speed.
    “that’s when all the major problems     a 28,000-square-foot, world-class
     start. They start small and they       spa.                                         3. Marketing: Guy credits Marketing Director Chas
     become bigger and bigger as time                                                    Sinquefield with doing a tremendous job of keeping
     goes on. We try to stay at the         Much of Rowland’s success in creating        the company name in the marketplace and making
     forefront of the team and be very      communities, Guy says, comes from            Rowland’s work widely visible.
     in tune with what’s going on so we     their diversity of expertise. “We have
     can avoid problems rather than put     the ability to put the roads in, build

“    it’s a great feeling to walk into a room and have
     your clients want to introduce you as their builder.

                                                                            american builders quarterly summer 2007               27
                              the gatehouse, and put up the sticks
    rowland                   and bricks, all in one package,” he says,                                                            rowland luxury
luxury homes                 “so the developer doesn’t have to go                                                                  homes at a glance
                              beyond us for anything.” While growth
                              has been anything but conservative,                                                                  location:
                              Guy says they are conservative in their                                                              Scottsdale, AZ
                              business approach. With the level
                              of demand from their main areas of                                                                   area of specialty:
                              expertise, there’s no need for them to                                                               custom homes
                              take big risks in new territory.
                                                                                                                                   annual sales:
                             Guy says what gives him the most                                                                      $16 million
                             satisfaction in his work is the thrill of
                             accomplishment, and the knowledge                                                                     sales growth in
                             that the home owner is excited and                                                                    last year: 50%
                             happy about the home.
                                                                                                                                   employees: 107
                             “It’s a great feeling to walk into a
                              room and have your clients want to                                                                   employee growth in
                              introduce you as their builder,” he says.                                                            last year: 25%

                            “        we try to stay at the forefront of the team and be
                                     very in tune with what’s going on so we can avoid
                                     problems rather than put fires out later.

                               His ultimate vision is “to grow the
                               company to a stable point at which
                               it’s profitable and at which it allows
                               employee participation of ownership.”
                               In addition to branching out further
                               into urban condominium building,
                               Guy says green building is in the
                               company’s future. They’re in the
                               process of attaining LEED certification,
                               and some of their staff are already

                                                                                                      Alliance Lumber
                               LEED certified for certain aspects of
                               their work. “We certainly see green
                               as the wave of the future, and we’re
                               taking action to make sure we’re                            Serving Commercial Contractors and
                               moving toward that,” says Guy. As
                                                                                          Professional Homebuilders Valley-Wide
      Above: Duomo entryway they progress, they will stick to their
       with ornately designed blueprint of success, framed by quality                                    Glendale
     handpainted italian tiles and communication. abq                                                          6770 W. Northern Ave.
                                                                                                                Glendale, AZ 85303
                                                                                                     Ph: (602) 971-0983 • Fax: (602) 997-6144

                                                                                              Queen Creek                          Scottsdale
                                                                                        24610 S. Rittenhouse Rd.                7400 E. Adobe Dr.
                                                                                        Queen Creek, AZ 85242                 Scottsdale, AZ 85255
                                                                                           Ph: (480) 987-0094                  Ph: (480) 502-8318
                                                                                          Fax: (480) 987-0059                  Fax: (480) 502-8233

                                                                                             Casa Grande                  Engineered Wood Products
                                                                                           1450 N. VIP Blvd.                1800 W. Broadway Rd., Ste. 2
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