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									You can’t take the elevator to success; you              Go to the next level and take someone with you.                  Don’t wait to invest in Real Estate,
have to take the stairs – one step at a time.                                                                             Invest in Real Estate and wait     .

                                                        Investment Model
                                                                                                                Using this investment model we simultaneously
                                                        Our business model is similar to flipping properties.   have REHAB WORK and BUYER SEARCH going
                                                                                                                on immediately following the purchase. Rehab
                                                           • PURCHASE: We buy 75% or more using cash            teams can usually do major work in less than 2
If you’re exactly where you want to be with                   – which allows us to close quickly                weeks while our Agents complete a tenant search
investing your money, then congratulations!                                                                     to find potential buyers who can get credit repaired
                                                           • REHAB & CREDIT REPAIR: We have multiple
                                                              teams who obtain best price for construction,     within 6-9 months. In our “worst case scenario” we
If you're not, I'm going to take a wild guess and say
it's due to one of the following factors:                     credit repair, and property management.           have hundreds of dollars of positive cash flow until
      1. You don’t have enough time.                                                                            the lease option is exercised.
      2. You're not sure if you have enough funds.         • LEASE W/OPTION: Our credit repair partners
      3. You aren't sure of the exact steps to take.          can quickly place potential homeowners who        Win-Win With WILCO
                                                              can’t initially qualify for conforming loans
                                                                                                                “Unless everyone makes money, we don’t do the
If these sound close to home, we have a great
solution for you. WILCO Hawaii invests for you –           • INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT:                   deal” has always been our motto because we
using our in-place power team who buy, rehab and              We provide high incentive payouts for short       believe that a one-time event does not make a
sell properties in one of the best emerging markets           term investments and solid cash flow options      relationship; in business or personal life. Its respect
in the USA – Indianapolis.                                                                                      and trust that builds a lasting relationship – and for
                                                                                                                that to happen everyone has to win.
You make money – we make money – and new
homeowners save money. It’s a win – win – win !                                                                 We Give You               Benefit
                                                                                                                Professionalism           Managing Acquisitions
Market Research
                                                                                                                Respect                   Honoring Your Opinions
WILCO Hawaii's strategy is to conduct market
research and apply a proven business strategy                                                                   Responsibility            Guarantee Individual Portfolios

   • In the right place                                                                                         Loyalty                   Continuing Opportunities

   • At the right time
                                                                                                                Best Emerging Market
   • With the right investment choice
                                                                                                                We have conducted our research in Memphis,
If you want to make money off of your investments,                                                              Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Dayton and Indianapolis.
do you really care if its from stocks, bonds, 401k                                                              All things considered, Indianapolis has the greatest
plans, real estate or hitting it big in Las Vegas?                                                              possibility for our investment model at this time.
                                                                                                                Articles are available in print or on line defining its
 Of course not – you just want the money! With
                                                                                                                place in:
WILCO Hawaii you get huge dividends that are
guaranteed and back by liens against solid real                                                                    • “Best Places to Live”
estate portfolios. Get a copy of our business plan or                                                              • Housing Outlook 2010
ask for a free presentation where we can answer all
of your investment questions.                                                                                      • Job Growth
                                                                                                                   • Diversification/Stability of Industry
                                                                                                        WILCO Hawaii
Customer Incentive Programs
If you’d like to make 20% Annual Percentage Rate
return on your investments in 6-month increments we       “We’re making 40% APR on
can guarantee that – and we do – with liens against       our first year investments !”
existing real estate properties in Hawaii.                                        John & Flo, Kauai

As a new investor, we offer “partnering” programs and
increased percentage returns for 6-12 months – just
                                                          “We’ve made over 30% every
to show you how quickly and repetitively you can
have your money - make money - for you.                   year with WILCO !”
                                                                       James & Emelie, Elberta, AL
For “Alii Partners” we offer higher percentage rates of
return for long term investing – our books are wide       “We’re doing multiple
open – and all documents will be emailed or mailed to
                                                          investments and always have
you as they are signed and executed.
                                                          access to our cash !”
                                                                   William, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

                              Down                        “WILCO showed us how to
                             Market                       make high positive cash flow
                                                          for a 15 year investment !”
                                                                           Jim & Terry, Esmond, ND
                                   Investor               “I’m getting high returns that
                                                          replace recent 401k losses!”
                                                                               Mark, Gunsan, Korea

     “Summarily, the current market
     downturn, coupled with a challenging
                                                               Wilco Hawaii
     oversight and lengthy process for
     conforming loans, combine to make the
                                                                 98-410 Koauka Loop                     INVESTMENTS
                                                                    Aiea, HI 96701
     Indianapolis area a golden opportunity
     to invest in real estate at this time. “                       (808) 282-1090
     WILCO Hawaii Business Plan, Pg 21 para 4.2.2

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