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									Making Connections
How to Make Your Physical
   Education Program

        Presented by

       Bob Fitzpatrick
       Debbie Gorman
          Making Connections
             Top Ten List
•   Quality Instructional program (Best Practices)
•   Enlist help/support
•   Don’t assume anything
•   Sharpen your marketing, sales and investigative
•   Success leaves clues; see what others are doing
•   Networking
•   Opening doors
•   Committee work
•   Parent advocates
•   Cumulative effect of many pieces
Get District
 Staff to
             Faculty Wellness                   Triage Projects
                   Days                             Parents)

  Parent                                                        Community
In-service                         How to                        Service
                                  Make Your                      Projects
                                 PE Program

 newsletters                                                 School/District
                                Professional                   Advocacy
        District Initiative
      Faculty Wellness Day
• Sell idea to administration
• Garner ideas and support from
  wellness staff (physical activity and
  wellness components)
• Logistics for Wellness Day
• Distribution of agenda to staff/faculty
• Wellness Day
• Evaluation/Presentation of Wellness
  Day happenings to faculty
Faculty Wellness Activities
       Triage Projects
• Multi-level Students and Teachers
  – High Five for Fitness
• Student-Teacher-Parent
  – Appalachian Trail Adventure
  – Parents in PE Days
  – Family Fitness Nights
  – May family Fitness Logs
         Multi-Level Projects
               High Five for Fitness
1.   Administration Approval
2.   Logistics
3.   Letter exchange: Elem. To HS
4.   HS students make Friendship bracelets.
5.   Meet for fitness workouts
6.   Letter exchange: HS to Elem.
7.   PowerPoint Slide Show
8.   Future thoughts
      Triage Project
Appalachian Trail Adventure
 Community Service Projects
• Jump Rope For Heart/Hoops For
• MS Ride
• Walk for Hunger/Breast Cancer
• Relay for Life
• Kid’s Night Out
• Run for Reed & Rob
     District/School Initiatives
       Advocacy Initiatives
•   Project ACES (also Advocacy)
•   Cup Stacking
•   Leicester Schools Triathlon
•   Dribble Marathon Fundraiser
•   Staff/Parent Adventure race
•   March Madness Walk-off
•   AT Program & JRFH (Advocacy)
 School Initiative
A.C.E.S. (students)
Project ACES

        Legislators &
     School Initiative
         March Madness Walk-off
Outgrowth of PD Course
  (fitness/walking/pedometer use)
Sign-ups in February
Tournament Ladder on Bulletin Board
Choose walk-off Day
Bracket Challenges
Inexpensive fitness prizes
Faculty Adventure race
Professional Development
• Lifetime Fitness Skills Workshop
• Strength and Conditioning (Core
• Learning Movement Connection
• Technology in your personal fitness
  regimen (HR Monitors/Pedometers)
• Establishing a healthy environment
  in the classroom
School/District Newsletters
• Announce monthly happenings
  (curriculum, special events and
  community service opportunities).
• Parent resources for Physical
  activity and wellness links
• Recognition-students/parents/staff
• Awareness of staff professional
• Link to parent volunteers
Parent In-Service Workshops
• Young Athletes Bill of Rights
• Sports Medicine Implications
• Social-Emotional Development of Young
• Chemical Substance use and abuse
• How to start an exercise program
• Lifetime Fitness Activities
• Sensitive issues
       Parent In-Service
Social-Emotional Development
      of Young Children
        NASAPE Standard # 5
    Plan a Course of Action
•    Evaluate/Add/Create
•    Media Coverage
•    Documentation
•    Utilize Your Network
•    Research Published Studies
•    Three Must Add Resources
    – Murray Banks
    – Dr. Robert Gilbert
    – Roadblocks to Quality Physical Education
•    Three Must reads
    – FISH
    – Revved
    – Who Moved MY Cheese?
The Pinnacle of Success!

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