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					BAH Data Collection Process

        Geographic &

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 The Organization & Geography
• Each ISC AOR contains several Sectors
  View ISCs with Sectors

• Sector subordinate units are located in either a MHA or CCGs.
  CCGs do not use the same BAH rate setting process. There are no
  data collection responsibilities for units in CCGs.

• The MHAs have one or more MHOs responsible for data
  submissions. Some MHOs have Primary responsibility for data and
  a few have secondary responsibility (very similar)

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                          LANTAREA Sectors

Several sectors
fall within each
ISC’s AOR.                         ISC

                            ISC AORs fall along district
                            boundaries. D8 is divided into Upper
                   St. Louis(formerly D2) and Gulf.       ISC
Now let’s take a look at The AHOs have regional           h

Sector - MHA/CCG          management responsibilities within
relationships.            the BAH data collection process                          TRACEN
                                                                                   Cape May
                          along these NewISC
                                      boundary lines.
Click here for a closer look.


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                                Sample ISC AOR
 Sector Upper
                                             = CCGs
IA331       MN159                            = Sector MHAs

MO161       NE192                            = Non-Sector MHAs

IL090        KS105
        (not Sector)      Each Sector contains                          Sector Ohio Valley
                          several MHAs.                                 KY109     PA250
                                                                        KY112     TN266
                          Those areas not within
                                                                        KY430     TN269
                          a MHA are defined as
                          CCGs. lookClick here
                                       at ISC of
                            Let’sto view eachSt. the
                                                                        OH228     WV322

                             Louis’s AOR as an
                                   ISC AORs
                          All Sector subunits and
                                 example… fall
                          within a MHA or CCG.

             Sector Lower
          AR011        AR012
          MS170        TN268                                     Next           Home         4
                                ISC Boston AOR

                      Sector Boston              Sector Northern New England
                      MA125 Essex/Boston         ME137 NNE/Limestone
                      MA120 Boston               ME141 SWH/Rockland
Sector NY                                        ME139 Portland
NY215 Albany                                     NH194 Portsmouth/Kittery
NY445 Saugerties                                 VT305 Burlington
NJ201 Perth Amboy
NJ200 Monmouth
                                                         Sector LIS
NY413 Staten Island                                      CT050 Hartford
                                                         CT051 New Haven
                                                         NY218 Long Island
                                                         CT049 Academy/New London
   Sector SENE
   MA119 Nantucket
   MA151 Martha’s                                         =CCGs
   Vineyard                                               = Sector MHAs
                                                          = Non- Sector MHAs
   MA121 Cape Cod
   RI256 Newport
   RI257 Providence                               Next              Home       5
                             ISC Portsmouth AOR
                                                  Sector Delaware Bay
        = Sector MHAs                             WV454 Martinsburg
        = Non- Sector MHAs                        NJ196 Atlantic City
                                                  DE055 Rehoboth Beach
                                                  PA 248 Philadelphia
                                                  NJ204 Ft Dix

Sector Hampton Roads
VA297 Hampton/NN
VA298 Norfolk/Portsmouth

                                                              Sector Baltimore
                                                              MD129 Baltimore
                                                              MD135 Patuxet
                                                              MD128 Annapolis
Sector North Carolina                                         MD432 Ocean City
NC181 E-City
NC176 Cape Hatteras/OBX
NC177 Morehead City
NC178 Camp Lejune
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NC186 Wilmington
                                   ISC Miami AOR
       =CCGs                                         Sector Charleston
       = Sector MHAs                                 SC262 Georgetown/Myrtle Beach
       = Non- Sector MHAs                            SC259 Charleston
                                                     GA077 Savannah
                                                     GA074 Brunswick

Sector ST Petersburg
FL066 Clearwater
FL424 Ft Myers

                                                          Sector Jacksonville
                                                          FL058 Mayport/JAX
                                                          FL070 Ponce de Leon
Sector Miami
                                                          FL059 Port Canaveral/Patrick
FL423 Ft Pierce
FL067 Lake Worth/West Palm Beach
FL061 Ft. Lauderdale/Miami
                                                          Sector Key West
                                                          FL069 Key West

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                                      ISC NOLA AOR
  Sector Houston-Galveston
  TX282 Houston                               Sector NOLA                      Sector Mobile
  TX273 Port Arthur/Beaumont                  LA118 Morgan City/Lafayette      MS410 Pascagoula

  LA370 Lake Charles                          LA326 Houma/St Mary and          AL004 Mobile
                                                                               FL056 Destin/Eglin
                                              LA114 Baton Rouge
                                                                               FL064 Pensacola
                                              LA116 NOLA
                                                                               FL063 Panama City
                                              MS168 Gulfport

Sector Corpus Christi
NM209 Las Cruces
TX281 Padre Island/Brownsville
TX275 Corpus Christi
                                 = Sector MHAs                                                      8
                                 = Non- Sector MHAs                         Next           Home
                               ISC St. Louis AOR
 Sector Upper                        = CCGs

IA331       MN159                    = Sector MHAs

                                     = Non-Sector MHAs
MO161       NE192
IL090        KS105
        (not Sector)                                            Sector Ohio Valley
                                                                KY109     PA250
                                                                KY112     TN266
                                                                KY430     TN269
                                                                OH228     WV322

             Sector Lower
          AR011        AR012
          MS170        TN268
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                         ISC Cleveland AOR
                                                       = Sector MHAs
                                                       = Non- Sector MHAs

                                                                             Sector Detroit
                                                                             MI157 Alpena
                                                                             MI156 Saginaw
Sector Sault Ste Marie
                                                                             MI149 Port Huron
MN158 Duluth
                                                                             MI142 Detroit
MI143 Marquette
                                                                             OH232 Toledo
MI145 Sault Ste Marie

Sector Lake Michigan
WI412 Sturgeon Bay
WI358 Green Bay
WI317 Milwaukee
IL092 Great Lakes
                                                 Sector Buffalo
                          NY444 Massena/Potsdam       OH229 Cleveland
IL325 Chicago
                          PA253 Erie                  NY216 Buffalo
IN099 South bend
                          NY221 Rochester             NY223 Seneca/Syracuse/Oswego
MI148 Grand Haven
                          NY225 Alexandria Bay
MI146 Traverse City
MI434 Charlevoix
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                 MHA Boundaries
The MHAs represented by dots on the previous maps have boundaries
determined by groups of zip codes. A MHA’s boundary may contain
several units (CG and DoD).

Of those units within the MHA, one will be designated with primary
responsibility for BAH data collection and reporting. This is called a MHO.

Where there is more than one unit in an MHA designated as a MHO, one
will be designated primary and the others secondary for this process.

This will be discussed in greater detail throughout the course.

Let’s look at an MHA with a primary and secondary MHO.

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Example MHA Boundaries with
 Primary & Secondary MHOs

MHAs contain one or
more military units and
one or more of those
units have BAH data
reporting responsibilities.
Where more than one
unit has MHO reporting
                              You’ve reached
responsibilities, one will     the end of this
be designated primary          module. Click
and the other(s),                 “Home” to
secondary.                    review or return
                                to Chapter 2.

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BAH Data Collection Process

        Geographic &

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